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Saul: The Tide of Negativity Has Turned


12/23/2009 by John Smallman

If you could perceive all the wonderful and urgently needed changes of attitudes occurring throughout humanity at this point in your illusory reality, you would be amazed and delighted.  There are, and have been for so long, a vast array of damaging negative attitudes that have been rebuilding and strengthening the illusion, and now, due to the sterling efforts of so many light workers over just the last few decades, the tide of negativity has turned.  Love on a gigantic scale is flowing across the planet and engaging humanity worldwide, as more and more of you begin to feel it, sense it, and work with it to restore your sanity and awaken you from the dreadful nightmare in which you have been slumbering.

Always you have been infinitely loved and cherished by your divine Father, which is why He created you.  Nevertheless, you chose to fall asleep and build an illusory reality of apparently enormous, almost infinite dimensions in which to play some rather unpleasant games.  The result has been your sense of separateness, abandonment, fear, and anxiety, and the belief that you are bodies, that you will become ill, suffer pain, and die.   Nothing could be further from the truth.

In comparison to the infinite, limitless Majesty that is God, your eternally loving Father, the illusion in which you have chosen to hide and play your miserable and hurtful games is like a drop of water from the ocean.  The divine Reality, from which you chose to depart into that insane illusion, offers you eternally, and in every moment of time, the most stupendous possibilities for sublime joy and happiness if you would only awaken from your slumber and engage with them.  There is no more perfect time than the present to wake up and start enjoying the entrancing surprises that your Father has prepared for you.

Always they will be there, waiting for you to avail yourselves of these heavenly gifts.   But why would you continue to sleep and suffer the horrific experiences to which the nightmare seems to expose you, when you could be awake and gloriously alive in Reality, the divine Destination, at which you cannot avoid finally arriving?  To delay your awakening is painful and unnecessary, and yet you do delay, apparently only to engage in further identical examples and repeat performances of these insane games that produce only misery and depression for all involved.

Love is surrounding you, cloaking you in raiments of light and beauty, yet you refuse to see it, focusing instead on your mean-spirited desire to see others punished, and you, justified and pronounced to be in the right.  But righteousness is divisive, separative, lonely, and joyless.  Open your hearts to the Love that envelops you and see it in everyone.  It truly is present in every one of you just waiting to be acknowledged, a brilliant symphonic collage of harmonious sounds, colors, and sensations of breath-taking perfection awaiting your pleasure.  Wake up, look around, breathe deeply, and enjoy the infinite explosion of amazement and delight that will fill your hearts.

With so very much love, Saul.



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  1. S.C says:

    “Wake up, look around, breathe deeply, and enjoy the infinite explosion of amazement and delight that will fill your hearts.”

    easier said than done buddy

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