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Saul: Imagine the Most Pure and Brilliant Light Shining Down on You


12/09/2009 by John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening into full consciousness is an awakening into life — a cooperative, creative, integral life at one with and intertwined with God.  It is life as God has always intended it, filled with joy, delight, and enthusiasm that is limitlessly abundant.

This is where humanity is headed as it moves out of the illusion and into Reality.   Your presence is requested, expected, and awaited with fond anticipation, in the joyful knowledge that you are on your way and that there is absolutely not the slightest possibility that you will fail to arrive.

Without all of you Heaven would be incomplete, bereft, and that is another impossibility: If it were possible, it would not be Heaven.

Release your fears and anxieties; you have no need of them because in every moment of your existence you are divinely loved and cherished.   It could not be otherwise because you were divinely created by God and are consequently perfect, as is God.

Relax, sit quietly and comfortably, and allow your hearts to open and feel God’s Love for you; it is with you always.  You are and never can be alone, because wherever you are God is with you, enveloping you in His loving arms in an eternal and divine embrace.

As you sit, imagine the most pure and brilliant light shining down upon you, as from an extremely powerful spotlight focusing only on you, and know that God’s Love is focused on you infinitely more intensely than that.   And as you sit imagining it — not trying to imagine it but imaginatively accepting it — other thoughts will fade from your awareness and you will begin to feel, to experience the warm glow of His Love for you.  It is your right to experience it because that is why you were created.  But in your illusory reality it is necessary to let go of thinking about it, of wondering if you are doing it right, of seeking it out; because doing any of that creates blocks by filling your mind with distraction so that you cannot see or experience the smooth continuous flow of divine Love, which is life itself, and in which you are eternally immersed.

You need do nothing, which means you need to not do or think anything. Just relax into that space between your thoughts.  As thoughts arrive — and they will — acknowledge them but do not focus on them, develop them, or follow them.  Just let them pass.  Notice that they do pass, to be replaced by others, and let those pass.  As you become more accustomed to doing this you will find that the space or interval between your thoughts increases, and during those intervals you will experience the peace that God’s Love, your awareness of being, the life force flowing through you, offers you continuously.

Sitting daily, making space for yourself, just yourself, to be aware of this peace which is ever-present within you, greatly strengthens your desire and intent to awaken, and brings to you the most effective assistance of your spiritual guides who are with you constantly for this sole reason.  You are loved and helped in every moment, when that is your intent. Make it so!

With so very much love, Saul.



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