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Saul: Anything That Fades, Dissolves, Decays, or Blows Away is Indeed an Illusion


12/13/2009 by John Smallman

Life, existence, in the divine Reality, God, All That Is, is sublime, beautiful, exhilarating.  And it is where you are in every moment because there is nowhere else.  As you stumble anxiously through the apparent reality in which you are presently experiencing life, it is almost impossible for you to believe this.  Your experience is very strong and intense, and seems more real than anything you can imagine, and yet it is not.  It is completely unreal, a nightmare from which you are beginning to awaken. And as with all nightmares, you will awaken, and then it will be over and your memories of it will rapidly fade away as you really do not want, nor have you any need to retain them.

It has seemed long, almost endless, as you have struggled with the pain, the suffering, and the confusion in which it has enveloped you.   As you stir towards awakening, most of it seems pointless, meaningless, and illogical, as indeed it is.  But still you cling to it, unable to believe that this nightmare with all its extremely intense incidents, events, and experiences is just a passing illusion.

Within it circumstances occur, things happen, time passes, decay sets in, and living things die and pass on.   Nothing remains or stays the same, so how is it then so difficult to understand that it is purely an illusion when all eventually crumbles, turns to dust, and blows away in the wind?  You see this, it saddens you, makes you anxious, makes you wish for a semblance of permanence and dependability, but nowhere can you find it.  You take out insurance, build flood and earthquake proof structures, and in time these expire, decay, and crumble. There is nothing permanent because the reality in which you are experiencing all this is illusory. Only you are real, not your bodies, not your emotions, only the ‘you’ that remains after those have dissolved, blown away.

What God creates is perfect, eternal, and lives always with Him in permanent peace, joy, and harmony.   And He created you, so that is where you are, permanently alive with Him and in Him, there is absolutely nowhere else.

Deep within yourselves you do know that you are eternal beings, one with God, and that anything that fades, dissolves, decays, or blows away is indeed an illusion.   To know that is an incomparable joy that encourages and uplifts you as you struggle to awaken and rub the sleep from your eyes.  The divine Reality, into which you are about to awaken, is a state of glorious perfection that will thrill and delight you in ways that you cannot possibly imagine while you remain asleep.  But do not let that worry or concern you, because that is a hook or attachment that tries to hold you in the illusion.  Let go of your need for certainty, for confirmation, for visions, for explanations, for they too are part of the illusion.

It is all rather like a popular and entrancing TV series, as the end of each episode hooks you in and leaves you waiting anxiously and excitedly for the next one, and that does the same.  It is one big illusion that you need to stop watching, so that you can release all these seemingly attractive seductions that are distracting you from Reality, permanent awareness of your most glorious everlasting existence in the Presence of God, your eternally loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul.



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