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Metatron on the Vortex Opening over Norway December 9, 2009


From AA Metatron:

This spiral of light in the sky is an opening through a portal. This is the beginning of the Cosmic Burst of Love StarGate Portal Opening.

This is a 72 hour process which will raise the vibrations of Earth and on 12/12/09 nothing that is not at 5D or above will be capable of withstanding the energy here. Everyone will be able to feel the effects of love and bliss pouring out over the Planet. It will be in this extremely high energy where miracles will occur.

This is a dispensation and it is the largest burst of love energy to be emitted to Earth on all her history. We have been bringing a message to Earth regarding changes in the financial, political, and religious sectors.

This is the Celestial Sign you have been waiting to see.

Decloakings cannot occur until we have PEACE. This burst of Cosmic Love entering through StarGate Portal Opening, pictured here, is the bringer of Peace.

Blessings my Beloveds,

~Archangel Metatron



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