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Metatron: Meditation for 12/21: The Triad Portal of Love


December 21, 2009

I am Lord Metatron.

This third of the Triad Portals of Love opened today. A vortex of energy has opened today which is the final release of love pulsing in from the Central Sun, through each Planet and Star System in your Galaxy. This intense energy will continue over the next three days. There is a burst of energy coming through the Sirius Star System, which is a trinary system which includes Earth. All of the energy pulsing through is being concentrated on Earth from the Suns in our Milky Way Galaxy. This coincides with the Ones leaving through the Scorpi Black Hole. The burst of love will be too profoundly powerful for their low density to remain. This burst of love is the energy necessary to exact such an enormous change. This energy is one which can heal anything which still needs healing in the next three days. If you are still, you will feel it merging with you through your heart.

I will facilitate this healing and you may do this meditation as often as you like to clear all lower energies from your Being as we prepare for the final phase which is disclosure and the acknowledgement that we are a Galactic Society and always have been. We are Sovereign. We are Free.


As this profound portal energy opens up onto everything on Earth, I begin this meditation with a Blessing. Take deep slow breaths and allow yourself to relax. Know that this is a Healing which is available to all who ask and allow.

Be Still And Receive This Blessing Of All Blessings And Activation Of All Activations Now, If You Would Like To Receive It. See Pink Platinum Light coming to you, into your crown chakra. This Blessing is the balance of Love and Wisdom telepathically transfered from Metatron to the 20 + 4 Elders which surround the Throne of Grace. This is done through the Language of Light from the 352nd Dimension, from the Ashram of Metatron.

As this is done, now receive a second Blessing of unfathomable magnitude. There is a Cosmic clearing and purification. We have moved beyond the beyond by the Grace of Metatron.

Feel the deep penetrating love and light in every one of your trillions of cells. Feel the love moving the kundalini energy up through your body. It is complete.

New Earth is anchored in. The crystalline grid surrounding Earth pulses with 5th Dimensional energies. All that have not passed their tests will leave to another place; parallel Earth, another Planet, or out to the Void beyond the Void where all is released back to Creation and is no more. We are on the New Timeline. Be In Joy! Know that the rejoining with your Galactic family is in process and nothing can stop it from happening Now.

With you here are the Angelics, Galactics, and Ascended Masters who have been with you hundreds of millions of years. You have All come together now and completed the Master Plan Together. We will all be back on Earth, together now.

Beloved Presence of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Cosmic Council of Twelve, Twenty-Four Elders that surround the Throne of Grace, the Mahatma, Melchizedek, Metatron, Archangels Michael and Faith, all Elohim Councils of the Light of God, Archangels of the Tree of Life, all the Archangels and Angels of the Light of God, Hyos Ha Kodoish, Paradise Sons, all The Monads and Oversouls of the over six billion Souls incarnated on Earth at this time, Great Divine Director, Melchior, Lord and Lady of Sirius, Lenduce, Vywamus, Lord and Lady of Arcturus and The Arcturians, Sanat Kumara, Atlanto, Adonis, Archangel Sandalphon, Helios and Vesta, Ashtar and the Asthar Command, Archangels Jophiel and Christine, Chamuel and Charity, Gabriel and Hope, Raphael and Mother Mary, Uriel and Aurora, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, Apollo and Lumina, Heros and Amora, Purity and Astrea, Cyclopia and Virginia, Peace and Aloha, Arcturus and Victoria, Mahachohan, Allah Gobi, Lord Buddha, Babaji, Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Zoser, Dr. Lorphan and all The Galactic Healers, Platinum Angels, Sai Baba, Rama, Krishna, Lady Masters, Lady Helena, Isis, Horus, Osiris, Quan Yin, Pallas Athena, Portia, Vista, Lady Nada, Lakshmi, the Six Buddhas of Activity, El Morya, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Djwhal Khul, Office of the Christ, Office of The Divine Mother, all Initiates and Disciples from the Synthesis Ashram and all Seven Ray Ahsrams of the Christ, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, Saint Germain, Eagle Command, Celestial Command, Order of the Golden Robe, the Mountain of Mt. Shasta, the Earth Mother, Dolphins and Whales, Pan, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, the Devic and Nature Spirits, the Elemental Kingdom, Ganesha, the Manifestation Council, Divine Mother, Silent Watcher of the Cosmos, Lady of the Sun, Lady Liberty, Lady of the Light, the Native American Master Elders, Hanuman, Multi-Universal Logos, Interplanetary Confederation of Love and Light, the Extraterrestrial Guardian Alliance, Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command, the Goddess Lodge, the Christed ET Lodge, the Eastern Masters Lodge, the Occult Western Lodge, the Entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, the Core Group and Friends.

We Are One and It Is Done. Peace. ~Metatron

Mark and Beth –


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