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Metatron Answers MORE Questions About 12/12/09 Separations/Overlapping Timelines


On 12/1/09, we [Beth and Mark] noticed one issue was being brought to our attention again and again concerning what happens on 12/12/09.

Today we again asked Metatron to please clarify more about the Opening of the Star-Gate Love Portals:  12/12/09 and 12/21/09. Metatron has asked all of us to meditate together on 12/12/09 as a Cosmic Burst of Love pours out over the Planet as we move into a higher octave wave. We cite other recent statements about these events by several higher sources:

sekhmetMother Sekhmet: “What we have not been talking about is, at the time of decloakings, there will be a half-step increase in intelligence and heart opening for all inhabitants on Earth. This serves the purpose of dropping the veils which stand between you and the other dimensions and parallels. With these veils dropped, you will remember you are a Creator God.”
11/24/09 Beth and Mark

lmnadaLady Master Nada: “In the past, Earth has functioned as disembodied parts with no cohesive connection to Universal Mind. Earth also had a disconnect from feminine and masculine balance. In this duality setting, the financial and legal systems functioned in imbalanced ways. Earth is being formed as Terra Nova, connected to Source, with love consciousness, and acting as One Being.”
11/21/09 Beth and Mark

ashtar2 Ashtar: “..Right now what we are asking all of you to focus upon is your mission here in this phase of Planet Earth’s Ascension. We have already told you many times Ascension is assured. You are all going and it’s simply a matter of knowing what it is that you are here to do to facilitate that Ascension, that’s number one, and number two, what it is that you are here to do in the way of a helping project or mission for the planet….So keep in mind that you have choices and you are not limited you are not restricted.  You are not limited to any particular planet and here is another deal for you.  You are not going to be limited to any particular dimension.

“You can go into any dimension or you can access that part of you that is in a different dimension anyway and connect and communicate and commune and literally put yourself there. Now of course your physical bodies have to be up to speed and after a certain time you will simply not take your physicality there anyway, you’ll just be a body of light.  And that’s kinda fun too.

“We would probably say the best thing to do is just aim high, higher than 3.  You will be leaving 3 anyway.   But you will have the capabilities once you have been to 5 – you will have the capabilities to come back to 3 and be an assistant if you want to do so.  And you can still, let me see, jet out of there any time that you choose.  There will be many, many choices and opportunities.” Ashtar through Susan Leland 11/17/09

guanyinQuan Yin: “Mother Sekhmet works with her Team to see that each one of her children receives exactly what they need. This is the most equitable way to continue with Planetary, Universal, and Cosmic Ascension. The computers at the 172nd Dimension take in all the information to help determine the best outcome possible for All That Is.

Please continue to think of these Ones, in each Tier, and Bless Them as they continue down their next appointed path. Use Ho ‘opono pono in every situation where it is helpful, to yourself, and to others. Forgive all that has happened, and forgive YOUR reaction to these events.” 11/21/09 Beth and Mark

From 12:12 The Parting of Worlds: twyh“The Severing of Timelines. The starbeings have declared that 12/12/09 finalizes the separation of worlds from the lower dimensional reality matrix of polarization and the higher dimensional reality matrix of unification.

This means the absence of discord and the arrival of peace.

This is also the prophesied time for the wayshowers to activate their full potential in mastery and to step fully into their leadership roles…”those who rise to the top will be the new leaders of a divine era and those who follow suit will be well cared for in the realms of new earth.” Pleiadians via Lauren Gorgo: 11/24/09


metatronMetatron, through Tyberonn: On the subject of the separation of the darkhats from the new timeline:

“On the 12-12 they will be received in macro, in group and mass. And as such hold open the doorway for all of humanity to pass through the same threshold.”   Tyberonn 11/08/09

Metatron, through Beth and Mark: 12/12/09 is THE HIGHEST energy wave released to Earth, in all time, ever before.

This energy wave is a Cosmic Burst of Love pouring into the hearts of every man woman and child.  It is in this Cosmic Burst of Love that the core issues will be healed, hearts will open up, old programs will drop, and the merkiva in the crown and the merkiva in the heart will be in hyperdrive, receiving new coding for what is to happen next.” 11/27/09 Beth and Mark

We asked Metatron for clarification and this raised more questions. We decided to take those questions to Metatron and have him explain the answers.

We believe the following Q & A with Metatron answering, gives much better clarity to the whole issue of multidimensionality and ascension.We brought many of the emails we received from GRT Family Members to Metatron and asked for a reply:

Does this mean that once the 2.9B souls that will be ‘walking in another dimension’ leave, we will no longer be able to see or interact with them?  Also, if my daughter is a crystal child, what are the chances that she may be one of the volunteer ‘Helpers’ offering to help these 2.9B evolve and then join up with the rest of us in Terra Nova?

metatronMetatron: The children which have chosen to stay behind will not leave parents who are ascending. The children ‘helpers’ who will stay behind have incarnated into family situations where they (the child) are awake and aware, but their family members are not.

They have agreed to withstand sometimes brutal conditions to hold the light for the ones who may still make it, but have chosen to remain in duality a tad longer.

There will be a moment when there will be no more chance to rejoin the other group, but there is still time for these less mature ones to come into ascension with this current wave.

When we meditate together 12:12 and enjoy the massive waves of love energy which will be felt by everyone, we will tune into the Oneness of All That Is to honor those ‘helpers’, those leaving, and those ascending. No one is left behind. There is nothing to fear and each One has chosen their own experience.

I just read the posting of Metatron’s response to your request about the 12:12 stargate opening. I’ve actually read it four times now. My questions may be similar to questions others may have as well. Please don’t worry about responding to me personally, but please consider chatting with Mark about this. My thought is that perhaps you two may be able to offer some clarification or further refinement.

In a sense, it sounds to me like this. If I wake up on the morning of 13 December, and find myself still in the same house, well then, I guess I just missed the Ascension boat sailing off to Terra Nova. I admit that my mind/heart is a bit limited right now, but I can’t escape the feeling of Metatron’s words which seem to indicate that to me. I continuously pray/ask to be granted the grace for ascension, I am totally consumed by your messages and Mark’s messages and all of the other communications, I jump inside and do triple flips because I recognize, even with my limited vision at this time, that I have been granted an enormous grace by being allowed to be “awake and aware” at this time of a wonderful opportunity that’s ever so close.

If our “veils drop”, as Metatron says, does that mean that decloaking has occurred? I had come to understand that the dropping of veils would be in association with the “half-step” increase in frequency/vibration that we will all experience at that momentous occasion. My interpretation here could very easily be wrong.

“Others will continue in their jobs … and stay in their homes … with their veils intact.” Oh please, I am more than ready to not continue in my job, and I want to be released from economic slavery and the “worry about deadlines and survival.” I want all of those good things you and Mark and the others speak of so lovingly. I want that experience very much for ALL of us. But, it sounds like If I wake up on 13 December at home and on 14 December I slog my way back on the freeways for the 70 mile ride to go to work ….then I believe I will be in a good position to bawl my eyes out because I will know that I am stuck on the “3D to 5D road” for another couple of hundred of years.

I will be immensely depressed to say the least. I will have missed the announcements, NESARA, true global peace, abundance, freedom from worry, tremendous love all around, and finally real freedom. Yep, you can bet that I’ll probably not even want to play my guitar for a long time, if ever again in this lifetime.

I’m actually quite a positive person, and as you know, I’ve been “helping the cause” by bringing the good news about this time period to those I’m drawn to. I’m not trying to be “down” at all. But, this latest message from Metatron makes me ask a lot of questions. Perhaps it’s just me, I don’t know, but I’m suddenly VERY anxious about 12:12 after reading the message. I am diligently avoiding fear, but I am extremely concerned.

Thank you for your time to read this. Thank you for your wonderful work. Greetings to Mark. I don’t know what else to say except thanks and much Love and Light to you.

metatronMetatron: This heart felt exclamation of choosing ascension is EXACTING PROOF YOU ARE ASCENDING NOW. Congratulations. If you were not ascending, you would not be expressing these feelings through your heart. The ones staying behind do not have the capacity, right now, to explore these concepts or have these feelings.

Even if the outer world appears to continue in chaos 12/13 or 12/14/09, it does not mean we have not embarked together down a new timeline. The two timelines will appear similar in the beginning and as linear time continues on there will be more and more differences. We will all be here together. If you are reading this, be assured, you are experiencing ascension NOW. You will also experience your veils dropping more and more.

Thanks for posting the latest on the 12:12 shifts from Metatron.

I do have another question though.  The article states that we will be living on two different timelines simultaneously; Terra Nova & the 3D becoming 5D.  First, is Terra Nova only for the Lightworkers able to contact higher beings and such? Or for all people conscious of what is to happen to us?

What about NESARA fitting into this picture & decloakings? Will only those on Terra Nova experience this? Will the other group living on the 3D-5D timeline remain unaware of NESARA, decloakings and still have to deal with the Dark Hats?

It will be interesting to see defolding, I just hope I will be able to feel/see something for myself…

metatronMetatron: The Dark Hats will be leaving All Earth Timelines and will either return to source, with the assistance of Mother Sekhmet, or will be having an experience befitting them on a different Planet, Herculobus.

The 3D becoming 5D parallel timeline will have heard about decloakings but not ‘buy into them’. They will not accept that as their reality. They will not be prepared to accept freedom for now.

They will choose to continue with duality a little longer.

Ashtar has invited each One to go to 3D and revisit friends and family there and come and go as you please. They will have the information available to them, but will choose not to hear, choose not to see. They will not be awake and aware when the parallel timeline continues. This choice has been reviewed on a soul-by-soul basis. Each one has chosen this for themselves and All That Is honors their right to choose.

I too find it terribly confusing.  If my husband had the choice he said he will ascend but I don’t think he really comprehends what that would mean.  I have had nightmares that I am going to stay wherever he goes and the thought that the only way we would separate has been that one of us is going to die.  While I am not afraid of dying and haven’t been since I read the Seth books in the late 70’s… I know it is going to be traumatic for at least one of us.  I have asked to go aboard the Arcutarian ships for healing and my bad teeth and rotten health are just that much more noticable… I even have a hernia that isn’t healing or going anywhere.  I know fear is how the dark wants me to feel, but the nightmares and the pain are almost too much to bear.  I find myself gulping yet another pain pill and it now takes me two sleeping pills to knock me out.  I personally like the earlier scenario where the mass landings would take place after the people were “dusted” with pink platinum dust that spread the feelings of intense joy and the feeling of love permeated the air!

metatronMetatron: Self-Love is one of the most important attributes of Ascension. Mother Sekhmet has said, in all relationships, love them as they are, give Ho’ponopono to yourself and to your partner. Allow them to be who they are. At the time of landings, those who are prepared, will have reunions with their Twin Flames. There are cases where old relationships will fall away. Open your heart for this potential in your own life. Be ready to Be Love in any case and follow your Inner Guidance on the next steps which are your highest good and the highest good for all involved.

I have an indigo son and a crystal daughter. My son has always been able to “see” and comunicate with his grandfather who passed away when he was a little child, my son was indeed a big help to me through my grieving process when my father passed away. My daughter is what we call our little angel, she has taught us all forgiving love just by being who she is, and I’ve always believed that she came into this world because my son needed her, needed her unconditional love, needed her to complement him.

Just yesterday when I picked my 12 year old son from school he started telling me about his ascension symptoms – he specifically called them that way-, about getting what he’s labeled mini headaches several times a day and episodes of blurring vision, where things tend to disapear from his view or seem to float or twist for an instant while he is sitting in class, etc. Because we started this conversation about ascension, I asked him if he knew if he was to stay and help or if he would be leaving, and he just answered matter of factly that “he thought he would be going back and forth trying to pull as many as he could and take them with him”, I though it was kind of interesting and odd answer for a 12 year old.

Thinking about my son’s answer I’ve concluded that instead of leaving 3D and becoming only 5D, what will be happening is that the ascending ones are becoming multidimensional and can be in 3D if they wish and similarly be in 5D…

metatronMetatron: YES YES!! Out of the mouths of Babes. You are all multidimensional Beings. You are all able to project your physicality onto any dimension you desire at any time. You may come and go as you please. You will continue to come and go from the other timeline as you please. You may stay as long as you like. Some are choosing to stay permanently, everyday, as in the child ‘helpers’ who are indigo crystals and awake and aware of their choice. What is the percentage that you are currently “here” on Earth? Some are only “here” during their waking hours. Certain Ones, like the adept yogis in the Himalayan Mountains also spend a great part of their day “off Planet” in meditation.

Only a tiny bit of their physicality is “on Earth” each day. When you lay down your Earth clothes at night, you too, go “off Planet”. You are not always “stuck” on this timeline, even the ascended Earth timeline. You are now dropping MORE veils and becoming aware of your multidimensionality. You are losing NOTHING.

You are gaining a deeper awareness of how it has always been. Many of you can remember back to a time when you were not awake and aware. Did you not experience, back then, a whisper from an Angel? Did you not become aware through a communication from ‘somewhere else’? Did you not experience a kind of magic which had you remembering your multidimensional origins that brought you to this now? Each One is experiencing this at their own rate. Each One is loved beyond measure and receives help.


AA Metatron.



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