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Master Hilarion: December 27, 2009-January 3, 2010


Greetings and Salutations, Dearest Lightworkers,

Each of you have been undergoing rigorous cleansing and purifying procedures in the last several weeks that has had each of you wondering if you  will ever get through this process into the next step. Know that it is an ongoing process and that it will continue until one day you will stop and realize that you are in a different place in your life now, a place of balance and equilibrium, a place of greater clarity and perspective. Gone will be the confusion and doubts, especially self doubt and in its place will be the surety and understanding that you have passed through the valley of the shadow of self and into the Light of your greater Self, the essence of your true Being.

This will enable each of you to walk each day in greater ease and grace, for having cleared and embraced the parts of you that still needed to be looked at and addressed, you arrive at a place where you can fill yourselves with greater Light and radiate that greater Light out into the World. As this happens, more and more of this Light will grow and expand outwards to enlighten those around you to an awakening of awareness and this will in turn awaken more and more individuals to their greater truths and so on until a point is reached which will be a place of common thought and purpose and the path that each of you walked will be traveled more easily by those who come after you.

This is one of the reasons you came, because you had the strength, inherent understanding and capacity to always remember your Source no matter what transpired in your lives. Living upon the Earth at this time and blazing a trail of Light is not for sissies. It requires great commitment and intention and also great Love for Humanity and the Earth. Most of you reading this message have undergone some of your greatest tests recently and are now ready to move forward into greater ease and expansion of your abilities and gifts that you can share with those around you. There will continue to be great need for your gifts and abilities in the days ahead and there will be many more of you now out in the field, working on behalf of your brothers and sisters.

Strive to go within and connect with your essential Self, your Higher Self, for the integration and alignment will continue to occur and requires conscious participation and intention and every day persistence. What you envision is what you are creating in every moment of your life. Give yourself a break when needed after a strenuous releasing has occurred and reward yourselves by doing something enjoyable and that gives you pleasure. Passing through the valley of the shadow and emerging into the Light beyond is a great accomplishment and deserves acknowledgment and the honoring of your Greater Self. Each time you reach a higher and higher level of conscious awareness, your load on Earth is lightened and your daily walk on Earth becomes more joyous and blessed. Keep on keeping on, Beloved Ones. You are most deserving of the greatest good and blessings that you can allow into your lives each day. The well of Creator’s infinite Love is bottomless and there is more than enough for all.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff



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  1. laura VandenBosch says:

    Thanks for that. I have been working on myself for 25 years and I thought i had released most everything. That was a big joke on me. This last month has been a big wave of releasing, crying, anger, blame (which i don’t usually do), etc… Another big thing that I practice is taking 100% responsibility for my life. Well I think at this time some things are out of our control and that we need to give ourselves a break. Not excuses but a break. So I decided too and it does help. Sometimes it’s hard to remember I came here because I am strong. But by God we all must be. Peace and Love Happy New Year


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