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Mark on Coming Events After 12/12 Occurs


December 11, 2009

Can you give us an idea on when the mainstream media will start to cover what is now taking place?

I try to stay away from the mainstream news as much as possible but once in a while will tune in to see if there are any signs that the “veil” is dropping on their coverage. So far, it’s the same ol doom & gloom with the same players.

Also, can you comment on Project Bluebeam and do you know of any plans to use this weapon now that everything seems to be coming to a head?



‘Gag’ orders on reporting the truth have been modified since Sybel Edmonds gave 6 hours of recorded testimony about 911 as an inside job 8/8/09. The Gag order preventing discussion about NESARA will remain in place until the Announcements. After that the media MUST report the truth or be gone.

WorldWide Peace will be declared in the coming days of this year. ALL the troops will come home, permanently.

Within the next 36 hours, all the DarkHats will be leaving (1.4 Billion of them, + another 1 Billion laggards & .5B Helpers=2.9Billion) while all the rest of us (4.69 Billion) will be upshifting to 5D Terra Nova.

Project BlueBeam’s satellite weapons support system has been removed by Ashtar and the GF forces along with transmitters on the darkside of the moon and in underground facilities on earth. In addition, the Black Ops folks don’t understand nanites and the 5D nanites won’t support any commands to destroy people on the ground or benevolent star nations. All communications satellites–including secret military ones–have been uploaded with nanites and will upgrade themselves to 5D levels and will contact the bridge of the New Jerusalem if given orders to fire on the planet or launch offensive weapons.

In short:

Project BlueBeam technology will not function as desired. They do have holographic projectors which were used over Malibu, CA recently. They used platforms with holographic projectors to simulate the look of negative alien craft seen in StarWars/StarGate1/Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe and other movies. The platform ascends by use of anti-gravity technology…now in its 5th Generation of development. So, the whole thing is illusion.

The honest media–mostly alternative and internet–will have their gag orders removed with the Announcement of NESARA, after Decloakings occur over 120 countries.



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  1. Normand Dionne says:

    1.4 out of 7.59…..that’s more than 1 in every 5 persons on Earth was a dark hat. Wow! No wonder we had a hard time.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, not very easy, eh?

  3. adrian says:

    Mark –

    Thank you so much for this exciting message. I will savor the remaining days of this year!

    Would you be willing to give us some links for the honest media?

    Love and light.

  4. Richard says:

    Excerpt from on Bluebeam failure in 1983:

    “The plans for Project Blue Beam have been around a long while. I believe, the first attempt to do it by the U.S. Government in cooperation with Billy Graham was in 1983. The project failed when Hatonn had the Star People turn the 30 plus satellites a quarter of a turn off position that were in orbit around the planet. Horrible evil-looking images were created in the clouds, and the controllers immediately shut the system down.

    The Blue Beam Project is still viable and the technology much improved. I have again written in a recent “Hello, Central!” of how to protect yourself against any and all mind-control technology, or any other Darkside technology being used against us. (“Hello, Central!” I Need Help Out of a Psychic Attack!” )The intent is to use Project Blue Beam to help create a one world religion, but Hatonn has assured us that this shall not be allowed. The One World Order shall not prevail against the Light.”

  5. admin says:

    There is more info along with your links about Project Bluebeam on the internet, but rest assured, MANY Galactics have pointed out that it is NOT going to occur.

  6. S.C says:

    World peace within 12 days time!?

  7. Raven says:


    Sounds wonderful and this outline stretches credibility to the limits. I know that the media is a censored propaganda machine, but how could 20% of the earth’s population disappear without me or anyone I know noticing anything? When and how will me know who was “removed”?

    I am thrilled at what you are doing and I am longing for corroboration and confirmation.

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