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Mark on Afghanistan Troop Deployments


Question for Mark:

Mark, I read your post today about troops scheduled for deployment to Afghanistan per Obama’s speech, … and the expectation that events would preclude that from happening.  My son is scheduled to leave for Afghanistan in one week. Rangers.  Replacement troops.  Why send ANY troops now, if war truly is to end this month?

Mark’s Answer:

While I fully appreciate the importance of your son’s well-being as he is preparing to go into harms way in one week, we must try to understand the magnitude of the changes underway.

We are all working to finish this difficult work: making the earth and its atmosphere and inner dimensions and the stargates safe for all those seeking to help rebuild and renew all on the earth, and to ascend. The Annunaki came here as conquerers 65 Million years ago…and with ambitions to take over the whole galaxy.

We have finally cleansed about 99% of them and their ships from our inner planet and skies. We are down to a few that have very advanced equipment that hides them from our instruments. Yet we are thrilled that 70% of our current population on earth will share the joy of moving more fully onto Terra Nova’s timeline–during the 12/12/09 Stargate Opening– and to our own awakenings; Twin Flame reunions, and Planetary Ascension. We will do this together.

Less than a week ago, I was awakened by lights flashing above my house. As I looked up through a skylight, I realized that the source was a dark one of large size…actually 10 miles in length… with advanced equipment. Beth and our Paschat Warrior friend, Tom, arrived in a shuttle craft in response to my request for help. The ship was wanting to remove the 3 of us in my house, and when the shuttle craft arrived, their equipment advised them of Beth’s presence, and they targeted her inside the shuttle craft with a beam weapon.

She was injured and had to receive healing from Lord Arcturus’ medical team on his starship. Mark did not receive much damage, and knew the situation was being taken care of by King of Swords and Ashtar’s forces. We are fine now and that was a great opportunity to remove a major threat to Peace.

The craft involved was a renegade ship from a planet in the Orion system and was one of the two or more still hiding out using their stealth equipment. They were well aware that we are part of the teams that are making it impossible for them to remain here. They were quite unhappy with us.

Mother Sekhmet’s team took their craft out of commission and it lit up the sky for quite a distance as it exploded.  We are all working together and these final impediments are about to be removed. Then we can welcome the Christed forces of the Galactic Federation and have Decloakings and have NESARA, and with all our friends and family, can begin the grand reunion.

Obama has his plans in place and is only waiting for the all clear signal to announce them.  The Terra Nova timeline activation…which will come on 12/12, will free 70% of the world’s population.

It will drop the veils and we will then remember more of who we are and facilitate twin flame reunions; decloakings and NESARA’s Announcement will follow within days of this.

Until then we must hold our faith and know that all is fully being implemented.

I served in the Military for 24 years, so I know about what he faces and share your interest in your son’s safety. We want and will see the return of all of our troops within the coming days. It is all planned and is only awaiting the all clear signal. No one is loafing on the job, and we will see it completed.




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