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Mark: How Will I Know if I Made it and am On Terra Nova?


December 12, 2009


Dear Mark,

I read your postings and I am wondering how I will know if I will be going to 5D and above?  I am longing to go to 5D and I am on a lot of email lists to do with Mother Earth and ascension.

I try to do good and tell people not to take the flu shot and also what is happening and to look for January or February the latest.

I also dreamt last night about seeing 3 ufos.  I could see the underneath part of them flying above the tree line but there was all kinds of different weather, dont know if that had anything to do with it.

Is there any way that I could make sure and know that I would be going to 5D and above? I would love to see the decloakings of the ships. Just wondering as I really want to go to 5D. I feel that I can’t deal with what is going on in this dimension. Not enough love and caring, and [too much] worrying about jobs, politics and so forth.

Would appreciate and thank you  ahead of time if you could tell me about my going to 5D, I know that you may say that it is a soul choice but I really want to know. I hope that things will be complete and announcements will be made Dec 21.09.

That would be a great holiday present for everyone.

thank you again ahead of time for your help in this matter.



ANSWER: Rest Easy!

YOU ARE DEFINITELY DISPLAYING ALL THE SYMPTOMS OF ONE MOVING TO TERRA NOVA. We wish that more would ask to go with us. This will happen as the Cosmic Wave moves through the different time zones around the planet and the departing ones MOVE away from our reality.

You are not alone. 70% of us are sharing your upshift today.

Today is the date for the sifting of souls which will boost the light and release the drag of density on Earth’s Ascension.

All that is not in alignment with Peace, Love, Harmony and Unity will not be supported on our new timeline.

Congratulations to all 4.69Billion moving to Terra Nova today.

You’re much needed, as our work now takes on a brighter and more joyous aspect. Our veils will be dropping and we will begin to remember our higher identities and our new missions. This will burst into flower when the decloakings occur…between today and 12/21/09. We will ask Mother Sekhmet to talk to us about our New Potentials tomorrow on the MarkHuber Conference Call.

KOS told us that the Federal Reserve will be dissolved by 12/15/09. That means that US Treasury Banking will be effected in the next several days.



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  1. Christian says:

    I really hope to that I am going to the 5D dimension of earth. I must say I am confused about the nature of a lot of things, what is(my) truth and whatnot. But I have the same urge for unconditional love and equality. I tend to take all the pain of the world on my own shoulders, where I see the answer is so simple if everyone just loved not judge. I will find a way to distance myselve from that, and focus on love. And if I got it correctly, it doesn’t matter if you stay or go, since you may (soon) follow afterwards if you are able to forward in spirtual advancement.

    Keep up the good work on this site.
    I send you my light and love.

  2. admin says:

    Christian, I would go out on a limb and say that you made it. Take a read of the Chamuel channel here:

    He says if you’re here – congrats! You made it!

    All of the other questions that you have will have answers very, very soon.

  3. Julissa says:

    I was reading the most recent news on this website and I thought we were waiting for the Health care Bill to pass first and then arrest about half the Congress and Senate, then announcements, then decloakings and a week after that landings, TF reunions, etc. As things are going now it seems the Bill will be dragged ’till 24th…so I’m a little confused, How could decloakings occur b4 the 21st as Mark states above? What about the statement from KOS about the Federal Reserve being dissolved on the 15th? I know we are dealing with potentials here but are we lightworkers not doing enough to bring this about? I am EXHAUSTED!

    Please ask Mark & Beth to post more of Metatron’s Updates. Thanks much!

  4. admin says:


    Take a read at this post that I just put up:

    It may help answer some of your questions. LL, Tony.

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