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Mark: 1.4B=NO “Rapture” (Quite the Opposite) & 1.5B to an Interdimension of Earth



Could you clarify what this experience will be like publically with 1.4 billion physically leaving the planet?  Is this the prophesized rapture of Christianity?

This is beyond exciting and filling me with joy!  It is quite apparent with you and others now giving some clear dates on when things will happen that we will have our announcements no later than 12/21/09.




As I said in my email: 1.4Billion DARK HATS WILL GO TO EITHER HERCULOBAS OR THE SCORPIO BLACK HOLE + ANOTHER 1.0 BILLION LAGGARDS WHO WILL GO TO A PARALLEL TIMELINE ON A 3D to 5D INTERDIMENSION OF EARTH. They will NOT get their veils removed or experience decloakings or NESARA. They can still progress at a much slower pace over the following 200-300 years. Some of these ones who choose ascension could rejoin us. After that time it will be too late as we will have progressed too far for them to share our timeline.

Remember, these are ONES WHO ARE NOT 5D ELIGIBLE. [THAT IS A SORT OF REVERSE ‘RAPTURE’]–the ones leaving failed to pass their tests. The ones staying did.

All the rest of us–70% of earth’s current population: 4.69 Billion–will be staying  and this will become 5D Terra Nova and our veils will be dropping.

The decloakings that will follow the declaration of Peace, will raise all of the remaining 4.69B up a half step in consciousness and we will begin to remember, and our hearts will expand as the Cosmic Love Wave prepares us for these Decloakings and then–7-10days later, Landings; Twin Flame Reunions and more.

No Exact Date/No Nukes/No Flukes as to the date of Announcements. They will ‘follow’ decloakings which must come first.


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  1. LightBeam12 says:

    Dear Mark Huber:

    I have enjoyed this website, “Welcome The Light”. I have enjoyed the Questions and Comments. I am so happy that I finally made my way here.

    Continue to stay well and I will send you continual healing….it has been said that even a thought can heal…..cut those cords of the negative guys draining you…..your good health contributes to us all……

    Since I have been at the GRT Website for a few months, I observed all the work behind the scenes that goes into all the wonderful material which Beth and you present…..

    I ask your permission to send you healing….wait, I am getting that you are totally healed from the health matter in December, 2009…

    I just connected with my ‘Twin Flame’ today through Beth’s Twin Flame Meditation….I preceive that has assisted you greatly…

    Thank you again for all the opportunities you have available for me and for others at these sites..


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