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Maitreya, Mother Sekhmet, AA Metatron and AA Michael – The 4 Ms

Mark and Beth go to The New Jerusalem to meet with the 4M’s Lord Maitreya, Mother Sekhmet, AA Metatron and AA Michael.

Each One of Them Would Like to bring a Message to Us All:

Lord Maitreya is known as the Planetary Buddha and the Cosmic Christ. Mother Sekhmet is the embodiment of the Divine Mother God, her Twin Flame, Alcyone is Divine Father God. Archangel Metatron is the King of Angels and Archangel Michael, his son, is the Prince of Angels and the Guardian of the Spiritual and Galactic Realms.

Two Galactics and Two Angels and all on Earth are one of the hybrid group; Angelic/Galactic/Human.

maitreyaLord Maitreya

Greetings! I am Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ. I will come to Earth, from my StarShip, within days to bring a message on the Television, on the Radio, printed in Newspapers, and to any out of range of these things, they will hear the message telepathically in their own language.

Each One of you will know with your hearts that it is I and I have returned at what is known as the second coming of the Christ. But what it really means is that I will be there to open your memory and remind you that YOU are the Christ. Each one of you is a Christed Being.

What does that mean? I am also known as the Planetary Buddha. It is the Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Consciousness. It is Mastery on the 5th Dimension and above. I work inside the Office of the Christ which is an Inner Planes government where I work with St Germain and others to formulate and carry out the Master Plan. Each one of you will remember you Are Ascended Masters.

We have come together to form a World of Peace. It is happening Now. This is the end of duality for Earth and the beginning of Terra Nova, a new 5th Dimensional Earth. A World of Peace and an end to duality means all are equal and all will have the same abundance. One cannot come without the other and I am here tonight to tell you, it has happened. When the signal is given, from the Admiral Sananda Kumara, the decloakings will begin.

Krishna, in his teachings said: “In profit or loss, pleasure or pain, sickness or health, victory or defeat, praise or criticism, remain the same! Remain evenminded!” This is key to being an Ascended Master. Hold this thought in these last final moments as we watch all that will not remain wash away and dissolve. I continue to work with the Galactic Federation and watch over and assist those Galactic Humans on Earth who are working at unravelling the dark and bringing the Master Plan to victory.

Blessings Each One, Beloveds!
~Lord Maitreya

sekhmetMother Sekhmet

Greetings, Children of Ra. There are many of you who feel you cannot hold on one more week or even one more day. Those who feel this way have so much more than many on Earth who truly have nothing. Whenever you feel this way, forgive yourself, redirect your thoughts. Think about the meek of the Earth.

As you wait for the great change point, continue to go inside and heal your Self of anything that is lingering there. Call on me and I will help you. Have compassion for those struggling now with these major changes. Allow them to have their experience and simply hold light and love for them and show them the lighted path, they may follow you down the path. Telepathically tell them, you love them even more, they will hear you.

We all work together for the awakening and healing of all on Mother Earth. We remember all Life, animals, plants, elementals, divas and spirits, and the magical realms. We invite all of these into a World of Peace. You will all make it and we will join you in the grand celebrations of Peace around the World.

Bless you.
~Mother Sekhmet

metatronAA Metatron

You Galactic Human Angels have waged the final battle. I with my Twin Flame, Neptha El-Ra, have Guided all the Forces in All That Is to be here now and bring this change. There has been help from the Angelics, the Galactics and the Humans working together on endless projects for many decades.

I want to thank you all. I want to congratulate you. I wish to acknowledge the sacrifices you have made and the suffering it has caused. Bless you, each one, for hanging in through the tough times, with veils in place, and playing your part, to the “T”. You all agreed to be on Earth now, and you all volunteered for the arduous work.

Each one of you have gone past the point where you felt you could make it and hung on anyway. Each time we reminded you again, we never said it would be easy. Millions of you, whether you remember or not, have been touched by my whispers heralding you on. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the personal battles you waged.

Now I am sending to Earth the Greatest Energetic Burst of Cosmic Love the Earth has ever received. Each one of your heart flames is blazing with love and receiving the fine tuning needed to move forward a half step. You are moving into the Golden Age of Earth. Join together in remembering who you are, Ascended Master, Creator Gods and everything is Now possible.

With profound gratitude

aamichaelAA Michael

I am Archangel Michael. I have known each one of you on a personal level. I and my legions of Angels have worked protecting you as you wound your way back to remembering who you are.

I have worked closely with those in government and business who work as double agents, making the change possible. I have been there every step of the way, working with Ashtar and the Galactic Federation. I have worked with the arrests and with Lady Master Nada and the King of Swords on all of their projects.

The only way this Master Plan could be in place is if each sequential step were protected and carried out just when it should be. I continue to work with the Galactic Forces from other Star Systems, the Leaders of Nations on Earth and each and every one of you to carry out the Master Plan. With Excalibur, the The Master Plan comes to fruition and more so each day. The dark will not have to wait anymore. They will be removed and there will be Peace.

In service, with my Twin Flame, Hope – Heal Our Planet Earth. What we have all accomplished together effects all of the Spiritual Realm and all of the Galactic Realm as we return to One Race, One Love.
~Archangel Michael

Mark and Beth


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