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KOS: Health Reform Copenhagen Summit and the Master Plan – 12/18/09


It is very disconcerting to see the closed door meetings of important political meetings, but not yet see arrests of key political leaders who we know are guilty of mass genocide war crimes.  We also expected the FED to be dissolved by now. Are there any explanations we can share?

Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet and KOS have all said these things are in process. We heard a week ago we may start seeing new technology in the sky. We have seen one craft above Red Square this week. It is hard to see the whole picture from our standpoint. The mass news media does not typically share real news. We also see the battle between Senators getting to the point of ridiculous. Most all of us want to know-What gives?

KOS: There are times when the ‘film star versions’ of people (Hillary) are brought out to be a place holder and a pigeon. In these cases, like the QEII for example, these holograms are there to make a common thread. There are international negotiations of monumental proportions being struck here. In these cases, the ‘film stars’ are used in their roles to put forward parts of the Master Plan. There is another reason to have the ‘film stars’ there, at the Copenhagen Summit; this is done to instill confidence in the Players from far away countries, as well as have them help in negotiations. When this happens, it appears that ‘nothing is changed’. That is not true.

There is much confusion about the Health Care Reform Bill. There is an expression ‘The Truth Shall Out’. The long winded explanations, failed filibuster on the Defense Bill in the middle of the night, the games they play stalling, the reversal of votes, the chaos of it all, feels unbearable. Cigna, United Health Group and Aetna made tremendous profits in the third quarter. Cigna made a 92% profit in the third quarter of 2009 [HERE]. There are those who will be arrested in the Insurance companies, as well as the Fat Cats at the Banks and the members of the House and Senate who are guilty of Economic Genocide. By using the Banks and the Insurance Companies to turn profits, this money is being siphoned from feeding the poor, education, and adequate housing. This is only naming a few. This not only continues in the US, but in areas such as Congo, Dafur, Sudan, Gaza, Zimbabwe, not to mention in all industrialized nations and also the Native Indigenous Nations. Economic Genocide is a Worldwide problem. Only by highlighting the atrocities in the news (such as the flip flopping of the Senate on the Defense Bill) or the massive gain of Health Insurance Stocks, as well as the entire medicare/medcaid system being corrupt, do we finally make the necessary changes in fundamental needs for World Peace.

Why bother waiting? If the Ships are out there and we have healing technology, why go through all this? The answer is: WE MUST DO IT OURSELVES. WE MUST HEAL IT FROM INSIDE THE MATRIX. If you have not yet called your Senator Today, do it now. We must join together and take actions to cocreate our consensus reality. We must take action steps to show we are together working on the Master Plan. Forward the news articles to friends who do not believe in the Galactics and talk about the behind the scenes issues you have heard of. There is proof of high level arrests out there. We are wrapping up the final ones. In order to finish the very High Level indictments we must first ferret out every player who will be invited to answer for War Crimes charges, down to the last worker in any company who conspired on illegal acts. None of these will remain here. As this takes longer than was first expected, it also serves as a spiritual test. The test? Surrender.

Surrender to Love on every area of your life. Be Love. Be Peace. Do not just sit there with a few hundreds in your pocket waiting to drink champagne together. Do not just sit there expecting financial freedom any second now. Do not just sit there bemoaning the fact that it has not happened. Get excited, be inspired, start a new spiritual service to the world. It can be as small as forwarding emails to friends and beginning conversations. Ashtar has said it is important to begin that now. It can be as simple as speaking to the neighbors about current events and slipping in ‘your two cents’ a slightly different view. As Ascension continues and we raise our love quotient and light quotient, we effect every living cell around us. You will be given a new meditation to do together for 12/21. Continue to work together as a Group and raise the energies to Love as we move forward with the tedious multi faceted, almost humanly impossible task of dropping every last vestigage of the old criminal war lords and bring forth the Master Plan.

The Time For Peace Is Now, and it Begins With YOU.


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  1. Mr. Gulable says:

    Welcome Ladies and Gentelman to the 2009 Blossom Goodchild award show.

    As Barney would say from “How I met your Mother” wait for it. Wait for it. We have a winner. KOS!


    Great show everybody, I’ll see you all back here next October.

  2. Smelly says:

    Exactly my point from yesterday Tony

    Do a random act of kindness All!

    “Slip some money or a cheque in an envelope with a little note & leave it somewhere in a train or wherever,
    the note saying:
    >may it bring you joy
    with love & light namaste<


    I am doing this 2morrow & Im already excited


  3. jackpotlady says:

    I know it is up to us… it has always been up to us. Seems like all the hope I had in the galactics has diminished and the words are just to string us along. I once had hope in Blossom Goodchild’s channelings too. I do hope that I will still see it all come to pass in my lifetime though… but I think it was safer to leave us with the words “no dates, no nukes, and no flukes” which was more believable to me in the first place. I really feel let down by KOS! “Soon” just no longer cuts it for me!

  4. Iris says:

    KOS, I understand that it is up to us. WE must be the change that we want to see happen in this world. I still have hope, however the longer things are delayed, my hope will start to diminish.

    You know that 4 billion humans want change and are ready to ascend but unfortunately, we are under the rule of a few hundred leaders whom probably half of them or more is either darkhats or their clones/holograms who want to stop all of this from happening. No matter how much protesting, writing letters/emails to our elected leaders, no matter how much meditating, sending out love and weeping and gnashing of teeth we do, it’s not going to change that fact.

    KOS, With all due respect, we need help now. We need the motivation to help us keep going. Please, send us some lifelines, something that will help revive the hope that many of us are losing/lost. Personally, I would LOVE to see some of these media outlets taken down permanently.

  5. Jaymes says:

    I will begin embracing all lessons and energies ascension…quickening my transformation from a 3D rascal to acsended mastery. It seems like the right next step.

    As for as contacting perhaps the bigger/badder political 3D rascals, perhaps the corporate illuminati scoundrals, or protesting…e.g., HAARP, which infuriates me and sends my 3D rascal meter through the ceiling, and in my weaker moments I may wish them erased by the creator, period!

    I still know all is, and will be well.
    I know all will become Love, Peace, and Wonderous to no end. These things have been brewing for decades.
    That is as it ought to be…we will intend that, create that idealistic existence. The world has waited eons of time, you have too. It’s not too good to be true; those potential and possibilities are Truth.
    I plan to develop a bumper sticker with the following I wrote:

    “You are the Peace You are Missing.
    You are the Missing Peace the World awaits now.”

    It’s all about Now. So much has supported us to this point. The courage, the committment, the sacrifice; so many beautiful Human beings have contributed. I am grateful. It’s my turn too, it is!

    Put on some music you love, sit back (and like an Irish mentor of mine once told me: ‘Cool your fire Lad!’), know who you are, ask if need be, and reveal in it all . ‘Dig it’ all Now.

    I wish you all calm blessings, filling you and yours to the top this magical December.

    ST. Louis.

  6. Toni says:

    “If you have not yet called your Senator Today, do it now…” You have GOT to be KIDDING!!!! What is a hologram suppose to do for us?

    • admin says:

      I take calling your senator as the IDEA for reform. The IDEA that we make a concerted effort. WE make the call. It’s the action that is created – and that is positive creation – of which we need right now to finish everything off.

      I hope that makes sense. Much love, Tony.

      • Toni says:

        Thank you for your response, Tony. (Much love right back to you) I can see your point;
        and I was very frustrated when I wrote the comment above. I am by no means giving up on the amazing phenomenon of ascension which I truly believe in. I pray for world peace each and every day, I meditate in still quiet moments for my own guidance and connection to divine intelligence. I do my very best in daily actions to treat others as I would like to be treated. And I have patience. However, my sense of discernment informs me that no senatorial reptile is going to respond to any appeal from me or the multitudes.

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