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Hard News Telecall – November 20, 2009


RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: Aloha everyone! I’ll tell you it’s fun fun fun right now in a certain way because we are really giving these ones a run for their money. Let’s put it that way. I’ll pass this to Lord Rama.

RAMA: What I have been hearing from everyone today is the fact that they got the wrong guys they’re putting up on trial in New York. And everybody is starting to talk about it.

TARA: Yeah, that’s a good comparative analysis.

RAMA: Yes. At least 3 people today, I don’t know, maybe more. I didn’t get to hear all of Stephanie Miller but at least 3 people called up this morning and said they have the wrong guys on trial. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed never did 911. He was the fall guy where he extortion[ed] Cheney and Ms. Connie Rice and Mr. Rumi, and all of this has been going on with the stories about the health care bill, and yes, I do believe we will have universal health care. And I do understand that they want to play games and try to make people pay penalties if they don’t get a policy. I don’t have one. I don’t want to touch anything they have until Nesara is announced. I’ll say that right now.

TARA: What do you mean?

RAMA: In terms of insurance policies.

TARA: Oh that. This is only [the] process of which people see and hear from all the different Congress and Senator seats, and believe you me this is all it’s for because when they arrest, they’ve already arrested all of these head CEO’s and they’re already gone, everyone.

RAMA: And the way it’s been set out there, I mean, Bernie Sanders says, you know, they are working through the weekend. They [are] set to do a… the way Randy Roast described it as she knows the ins and outs of the Congress and more the House than the Senate, and what she described was that they are coming together by six o’clock tomorrow night to being able to have the votes to even have a debate about it. It hasn’t even gone that far. And at that level what she is also saying is there are a whole lot of people that are very upset, [including]  the born again Christians over there with the right wing. Abstinence, no sex education for our young Indigo Crystalline children who already know about the Tantra. All they have to do is look it up on the internet. And go to the holographic programs like Mark and Beth and all of us know how to do. And our kids can teach us a thing or two about the Tantra and the Tacchini [sp?], I’ll put it that way. And Ms. Stephanie Miller was laying this one out in lavender this morning saying, don’t give me anything about abstinence. It is part of the games where they create illusion and try to give you this religious ideology that is based on fake religion, and all of this ties in with what the Annunaki did long ago where they rebuilt our history. The Moorish people fit directly into this, and this is an uncomfortable subject for a lot of folks because that part of the history seems to get covered under the rug. Don’t talk about them, folks. Well, I’ll tell you my older brother and sister were both black as coal and you know I’m not afraid.

TARA: And they’re no longer on the planet either.

RAMA: It concerns this money and this game that’s been going on way too long and this is why Mother is here on all fours.

TARA: And Rama is connected to St. Germain’s lineage. Countess Cosel and well as Anastasia from the Romanov family. His concern here is his brother and sister and mother and grandmother being gone. Four members of his family over this month because it brings back the equality.

RAMA: And it’s not about the money. It’s about the feelings. The feelings. And this is why it’s at a level of a fever pitch. Now everybody’s talking about these things [that] have to be hung out to dry. Quite literally. Even Tom Hanikin [sp?] in his whacked-out way is saying they need to be hung out to dry. Tim Geithner is hanging by a single thread in terms of the said tyranny. And the way it is all being just said, it all goes back to what you said so eloquently, Angel Sue, about loving these energies in the most intense of times, and right now we must remember more than anything else we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, because we asked for this in every stature of whatever it brings up. And it has brought up a lot of uncomfortable stuff. But for trillions of folks they’ve come to the place where it has come full circle. And we can heal the feelings.

TARA: Just to say full circle, Thom Hartmann said I think it was the day before yesterday that on part of his show that was on free speech, he referred to Benjamin Fulford

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: And he said that China wants the United States to throw the Federal Reserve out and go on Treasury Banking. Then he mentioned Benjamin Fulford’s updates. Now this is really making a lot of cross-referencing. Of course he can say a lot more on Free Speech then he was able to say on Air America except now the people from Air America are also getting the input because he comes on Free Speech as the same last hour of the time he’s on Air America, so that means there’s an elevation now of the consciousness of the people. Cross- referencing of people who are well educated from the Free Speech networks. That’s just like bringing us on to Air America. I mean really is helping. A whole bunch of ??? all of a sudden.

RAMA: And it’s a high frequency of people waking up and understanding that our Republic is hanging by a thread but it is one of superman’s hairs. So I’ll just say that that’s a very strong thread. And St. Germain won’t let anything happen to it here. This is why all these events are occurring for us to become awake and aware of the fact that we are one family called Humanity on this planet, that are doing this together, not separate, and as Bernie Fitz [sp?] calls them, our friends on the right side of the aisle will wake up when our Galactic friends land and that is so close I can spit on it. It is that reality where the stories keep coming out in various ways where it’s just being brought up. Sometimes just in comedy or just everyday talk on the radio about our Galactic friends, and in a sense what has been occurring for the last 8 or 9 years till Obama got in. Now Obama’s having to deal from day one [with] whatever this Bush/Clinton crime family created. Yet at the same time everyone has to genuflect to their right masters, and at the same time they also know who holds the real gauntlet and that is beloved Ascended master St. Germain. He calls the final shots with Lady Master Nada and these are their folks and their timing is right now. The energies are leading into this. I mean it’s already happening. Where magical events are occurring all over the planet. Just the little moments that people are sharing and you gotta kinda be there to hear it. One of the things I heard, Randy Rhodes was rattling off this afternoon, [about] Miss Oprah, the Oprah, she’s leaving and that show is no more. I think the 9th of December is her last show, and [now] only to find out she is buying the Discovery Channel.

TARA: Oh that’s great!

RAMA: And this is also tied in with other philanthropic adventures and realities she’s choosing to work with. She’s also a co-owner of MSNBC along with Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Phil Donahue and Rosie O’Donnell.

TARA: They never told us that until just now, [and] the keepers say that’s another signal that Oprah was part of this 30-year deal, everybody.

RAMA: And that also maybe Rosie will have this show in the afternoon instead of Oprah.

TARA: And that’s even wilder! Woohoo!

RAMA: This is what’s being talked about and Rachel Meadows might be on that as well.

TARA: Oh my gosh! Get a bunch of women like that together.

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: You know that’s another thing; Rachel Meadow had a round table discussion. It’s the first time she did it and she made note of that. There were 3 plus her and they were going around. It’s a pretty good show tonight too. I wanted to just go back and say that Thom Hartmann also said it’s been said that there were one in six Americans going hungry everyday. Amy, the day before yesterday said, correction, it’s one in four. That’s means ¼ of the United States of America’s population is going hungry right now. And he also, in alignment with this reference to Benjamin Fulford, Thom Hartmann also went on and said that where were the Democrats when everyone needed them? And in terms of one in four Americans going hungry everyday, that we should just kick out the Federal Reserve and have a two-week banking holiday. Close the banks for 2 solid weeks. Audit the feds, well it’s already been done so they can do it. You know everything’s ready so they can just go around and tell everybody and introduce a new monetary system and have a few designated banks left open so things can process.

RAMA: The rainbow money is already in the banks and Thom Hartmann mentioned this.

TARA: Today?

RAMA: Well, he did sometime during this week. It was a casual, just…

TARA: You can’t remember which day.

RAMA: I don’t know what day. He let it roll out that the Rainbow money is in the bank.

TARA: Yes, and he also said that no corporations, and access to common law for everyone. That’s Thom Hartmann for ya. There was this one little piece that was at the end of a Dennis Kucinich and Thom Hartmann one-hour long….. (we can play it). I’m not sure if we’re gonna do it tonight or tomorrow. It’s called Strength through Peace [and] Abolish All Nuclear Weapons, those two things. Strength through Peace and Abolish All Nuclear Weapons were the key things to these two, Dennis Kucinich and Thom Hartmann speaking. Ok. Rama anymore?

RAMA: I’m trying to think of between yesterday and today what I have heard on the larger scales. I did speak for a moment today with the King of Egypt, and what he was telling me was that things are incredibly intense over there in the EU. And they have a new Belgian man [who] has taken up the role head of the EU at the moment. And what he said is that there are amazing things going on with the European space agency and other galactic races that are not being discussed with the United States. Like Mr. Sarkozy is involved in this. And there are other British ministers from the Parliament that are involved in this. Some Irish ??? from the former IRA that want to see the openness of the galactic first contact shared in every sector of this planet, and it’s just quietly being done right now to get the exposure out there, and still and yet every day the crafts keep showing up all over the planet and it just can’t be hidden anymore. I mean they’re coming out with a kid movie this weekend something called Planet 51, I think. And it’s about these beings that are from a different world, look a little different. And it’s time for the openness of how we interact with each other of different cultures. This is the premise of the original Star Trek series, with Gene Roddenberry and his life, and it’s coming to that place where it’s time. I pass the talking stick.

TARA: Ok everybody you can certainly unmute yourselves. Ask a question or comment, whatever you would like.

BILL from Minnesota: Jesse Ventura is starting his first TV information on conspiracy and everything else on December 2nd.

RAMA: Is is on the TV or the radio?

BILL from Minnesota: On Tru TV. That’s channel 51 here on the cable.

TARA: Tru Tv do we have that on Dish?

RAMA: I don’t know. It’s possible.

BILL from Minnesota: It’s Tru/TV, Tru/TV.

TARA: Commander, before you go, what day and what time? December 2nd. Do you know what time?

BILL from Minnesota: No. There was no time. He’s been advertising on air for the last month or something and all it said was it premieres on that date.

TARA: Well, everybody that get’s that station [channel] you’ll have to look around and see, and if you find out you can come and tell us. Ok thank you, and if someone has a way to go forward and look you might even be able to [tell] us today if it’s there. It should be. Somewhere.

BILL from Minnesota: Will mention who and why Jesse Ventura is, and what he’s doing?  Can you say a few things about him? You or Rama?

TARA: Yeah, and who is Jesse Ventura? Let me just say that Jesse Ventura has been friends with a lot of people that are going to get it. Let’s put it that way. Although he’s been able to, just like Oprah Winfrey, just like who else? You can weave your way through. For instance, he’s been friends with Alex Jones, and remember we played stuff where he came on air, yet Alex Jones, you can see over the time since that happened, got quite compromised in between, because the Catholic church through his wife really clamped down on him, and another good friend of his is Al Gore and Al Gore is in trouble. Let’s put it that way. Although he’s done a lot of things to try to help. Like he got going. Al Gore did that. So I would say he’s been able to…he’s also a White Knight faction 3. So that’s why this is very important to know. In other words he works right beside the King of Swords, that’s his number one role and as a Navy seal [Jones], once a Navy seal always a Navy seal everybody. I wouldn’t want to get in his way.

RAMA: No, I wouldn’t either.

TARA: So does that help a little bit? He really does help to address things from his position because he always tells everybody I never to get a college degree or anything like that.

RAMA: He flew by the seat of his pants.

TARA: Right. And he joined the navy seals and he’s been working with the King of Swords helping out to take people, bye bye, for quite a while now.

BILL from Minnesota: Do you know how he’s advertising? He’s calling it Government Conspiracy. That’s the name of his station. Government conspiracy.

TARA: Oh that’s really good, because it’s going to familiarize people like we’ve been getting familiar and I’ll bet he’ll have a lot of influence. Especially with the military families. And 9/11 and the military families and all the gold??? Mothers that lost their children over there in Iraq. And all the people that lost their stuff like the Jersey women. The Jersey Girls were on 9/11.

RAMA: The Jersey Girls were on Stephanie Miller this morning. And they were basically just saying, come on guys you got the wrong folks in jail. It’s Bush and Cheney. They gotta be up there.

TARA: I haven’t listened to anything in the last week where it wasn’t obvious that everybody was exposing these guys. Not just you got the wrong guys but you got the wrong story on every count, because these guys have been pretending to be the good guys. It’s really getting hairy out there. I’ll just say that if you’re on the wrong side of the fence.

DEE from Tuscon: I wondered about President Obama going on this trip, and he was going from what I understand you folks said was to tell everybody to be prepared for the Nesara announcement. Am I wrong?

TARA: Well, Rama made a comment that wouldn’t it be nice if things would come down while he’s away because the burden here cannot be on one man. Not at all. Like we know there are close to a thousand or more indictments for war crimes against these guys by 30 or some more other countries. You see this all has to be brought in now, because remember Lady Master Nada is in charge of Nesara’s announcement process. And she works directly with her twin flame who is the King of Swords, and who is the full template for Sananda Kumara on the planet, so those things combined with economic treason is the biggest issue here; that’s why this health care issue has been the number one thing to pin them down lately, because all these characters that are acting irrational and are just poo-pooing everything that comes up and trying to make Hitler out of Barack Obama. I mean it’s absolutely off the scale, yet it’s their lies. They want not to die. And they are thinking the only thing they can do is get that whip out and and whip all their whipping boys. In other words there’s a pecking order going on. Hillary’s whipping them harder and harder. And then these guys are going faster and faster to try to work this thing for cover-up, continuous cover-up. I mean every time I watch this thing go with Afghanistan I look at Hillary and she’s really good. She acts like she never had anything to do with anybody’s death anywhere. It’s just absolutely astounding.

DEE from Tuscon: You folks said yesterday that there were 7 arrested where Obama was. There were 7 of the leaders of different countries. Do you remember saying that yesterday? Or hearing that?

TARA: On the Benjamin Fulford thing you mean?

DEE from Tuscon: No. I don’t know where it came from. That was the answer that was put out.

TARA: Oh yeah Rama, I remember the ones. There were 7 arrested. I have to find that article that states that. I don’t know if I can pull it right back right now. Anyway, whatever’s been happening, remember, all of these characters are already dead. So whatever they’re doing to keep a holographic image out for whenever these people need to show up, and even though they’ve arrested them, they’ll do it. They’ll do it till the right time to tell everybody. Just we know every city and town and village, every country on earth right now, they’ve been arresting these people by the gobs. I mean by the gobs! We don’t have 20 million White Knights. What do you call these groups? The Sovereign World Militia Force. You don’t think they’re sitting on their hands all this time. They have been arresting people all over the planet. And these are the people that are all dead. Even the people that have been getting these guys, [these guys] are all dead before now. Remember they will always do what’s needed to keep what’s needed to stay out there, looking like nobody’s going to get a prime time seat on their personal private time. In other words that’s why they’re not doing this until they get everybody on the edge of their seat, and being basically led by these people in our media like Thom Hartmann, like Bernie Sanders, like Naomi Klein being on Rachel Maddow. I mean this is informing the public befor the public sees the whole arrests happen. The scholarship of Naomi Kline single-handedly, and the intelligent mind, laying it out in laven[dar]. Jeffery Scahill is another one. All of this stuff is coming to people. It’s upper-arranged timing. Before jumping, I just want to get confirmation that I was able to answer your question, Lady Master.

DEE from Tuscon: I don’t know. It just seems like we’ve been told the before the end of December that things would turn around and we would have our…it hasn’t come out that we’d have Nesara but that’s what it was pointing to. So I just wanted to find out

RAMA: Ok. What we did say and what David Wilcock said and what Richard Hoagland and all of these people said, is that disclosure of the presence of our galactic brothers should show up either by the end of December or sometime by the beginning of next year. That is the word. And that will be a simulcast in that same time frame between now and January, beginning of January. That we will also have these guys in the limelight, I would say. We’re almost close to full tilt boogie right now. I mean the people are on the edge of their seat ready to watch them get arrested. I mean yeah, they want to have them for dinner. And leave no dates out. Watch today. Today is the 20th right? Tomorrow’s the 21st Saturday. 22nd Sunday right? What’s going to be on the show on Sunday? There’s going to be something at night on Sunday. Thom Hartmann and his friend Lamar Waldron, conspiracy theories, and Thom Hartmann and Lamar Waldron go into their book, The Long Shadow, the JFK Conspiracy. The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy Sr.

TARA: Ok, there you go everybody. That’s another full disclosure about them being murdered. Political murder.

RAMA: Richard Nixon, if you can imagine at that time, Richard Nixon orchestrated the Bay of Pigs to take out JFK along with the mafia and the Vatican, and they were planning to use nukes and Ashtar stopped them.

TARA: That’s absolutely right. Now the other thing is that we were told, I think Beth and Mark went up on an A-Team adventure and who mentioned this? Sanat Kumara? No. I can’t remember who mentioned it. None the less, starting on Sunday that we need to celebrate Thanksgiving for all four of those days. From Sunday until Thursday, and that means with getting our freedom back with getting our President and the true story of JFK’s Assassination disclosed to the people; and don’t worry, they’ve got all the footage. They’ve got George Bush Sr sitting right there on the steps of the library or something. It was right there on the Stulles [Dallas?] Square, and that was the same time period when Bush Jr actually told a taxicab driver that his real father was JFK Sr. He was telling a taxi driver after JFK was murdered. Right after, like a few days after. And that all got documented. All these things that we think [are] preposterous now, [being told with the] enactment of the law itself. I’ll just tell you, it will be 100 percent thorough. Which means that 100 percent of everything that’s in every area will be exposed fully and connected. So listen to Tom Hartman on Sunday night, and it’ll give you a better picture of what we mean. And remember, we will never get a date, and remember also at the same time that this is 30 years of every step of the way being planned as to what they were gonna do and when they were gonna do it. So we are reaping right now a very good result. And the result is not about when, it’s how are we changing this. How are we bringing the consciousness to meet the changes without going into complete…    You want a civil war by the people in the middle of the street? It’s gone way beyond that. Now I mean the success of meeting the challenge of this bunch of murderers that are still acting like they’re good-standing members of the family. Has had it’s day now, and it’s going all through the way of the process. I’m going around the block just one second now.
Remember everyone, this is well in the hands of the Light and there’s no need to worry. Please don’t worry, be happy, and please have faith and common sense to start out with. It’s water under the bridge for these characters and there is no mistake in the timing. Everything that these guys plan gets exposed by them attempting to do something, and getting themselves exposed by themselves. And you know just like Barack Obama told us, “Push me.” Well guess what? They’re getting pushed too. Those guys on the other end are getting pushed.

RAMA: Pushed out.

TARA: Pushed with love and with patience and with kindness and with understanding and with teachings that this is the only mission really. There is everybody working together to make sure that everybody’s safe. That everybody lives together in peace, and then making sure that you stay an active, involved community-minded person and take your love to everywhere that it’s needed, without having any fear of having to go run to do this and that and the other thing, to do everything for the man. No more leaky energy going to that kind of work, and that’s why I mean I have not heard anyone. I heard Thom Hartmann say [the] end of corporations, no more corporations, and full access to common law for all people. The only way that people can access common law in the United States is that the Constitution is reinstated, because remember we have not been living inside the Constitution as a Republic since 1933, and that means they have to change, [how] they’re doing their congressional work, and that has to be exposed. That means people have to know that these guys have been running the country with a lobbyist group from the Mossad controlling how it goes, by paying people off, and insurance companies [give] the biggest payoffs ever to our congressional leaders. Believe me, they make money off of us and then they put it in those hedge funds again, and then they roll it some more and some more. And that’s another thing today, Thom Hartmann said that today. He said cut [it] off at the balls. All hedge funds, goodbye. That’s another first; I haven’t heard it that solidly said [elsewhere].

RAMA: I’ve heard him say it that way in the past, and I’ve heard Bernie Sanders say, that is what got us into this mess, and he brought it up, and he said, “Remember arbitrage, everybody? 9 ½ weeks?” And what they tried to nest their head [in] with 9-1/2 weeks? With the sex and the drugs and the money? Think about it.

TARA: Yessireebob. Power to the people. Ok, I hope that’s good now. We’ll just go from there and I don’t know what to say. I’m just bursting at the seams because I know I can know, because I’ve been working Rama and I’ve been working with all these people knowing the King of Swords together behind the scenes, everyone. I mean we talk to these people. We’ve been doing it for 20 years and I’ve been doing it for 35. And Rama’s been doing it really since 1980 when he first met the King of Swords, so I guess I can say 30 years.  Rama’s been doing [it for] 30 years.

RAMA: Yeah, I’ve been getting out there talking about the ships and the wild conspiracy theories in my own way,
and I’ve lost many jobs talking about this and putting myself on the line, just being able to get it out there and say that, yes, I have met Galactic individuals and I’m not afraid to say it. I sit with them; I have broken bread with them. They are our brothers and sisters. If we don’t get that one what are we doing here, doing this mission? It’s time to, like Lord Kryon said, “Call in the bogone [sp?] constructions and make way for hyperspace bypass.”  I pass the talking stick.

TARA: Yes sir, Commander, sir. Ok Big Will.

BIG WILL: Thank you much, Tara and Rama. As you all know our President is traveling to Oslo, Norway, to receive his Nobel prize on December 10th.  I understand lots of the presenters will be our alien brothers. Am I correct on that? I pass the talking stick.

TARA: An alien?

RAMA: We can’t promise that.

TARA: What makes you think…who told you that?

BIG WILL: That’s just what I’m feeling.

TARA: Oh, that’s just something you think. Well, you know we did hear that Ashtar could show his face or have someone to represent……., yet I don’t think they’re going to introduce the people like that. Like someone like the King of Swords, people like Tom the Ringtailed cat, would show up as an ordinary human being as a member of the secret service.

RAMA: That’s right.

BIG WILL: And that’s what my clairvoyance is saying.

BIG WILL: That’s the impression I’m getting. I’m getting that one of the presenters will be one of our alien brothers. I pass the talking stick.

TARA: Oh, ok. Well, all I can say is that we’ve heard many things. I mean there have been aliens on-screen. I know, I remember from God-Like Productions, there was a 7-foot tall CIA bodyguard standing. He was at least 6’ 8 inches or something. He was standing next to John Fitzgerald Kennedy way back in ’62 or something, and there was a special camera that photographed the bodyguard, and you could see that he was a Sirian Reptilian. Very tall and obvious, so that’s not going to be the first time and that’s not going to be the last. It’s just not going to be the way you think it is. And just know that. Just know any of the KOS’s people who are from the Ashtar Command can show up there. And the KOS is definitely going to be up there. He’ll probably have one of his alien compatriots…

RAMA: You might call this Galaxy Quest.

TARA: You know our friend Rowana Mu. I mean we see her in the grocery store everyday. She’s almost a midget. She’s a Pleiadian from 175 million years from the future and she’s integrated into society. She works for the Department on Warpspeed Platforms and Interstellar Travel. Right up here up the mountain. At one of the DOE places. This is not unusual. There are tons of ET’s on TV. There are tons of them on television and radio, and just remember [we’re] all ET’s. Every last one of us and people like Rama, there a lot of people like Rama that can beam in and out of here on a ship. We met another Pleiadian lady that…

RAMA: At the Awake and Aware Conference. Miriam Delicado.

TARA: She’s author of a book called Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy. That’s about the Kachinas and the Hopi.

RAMA: The Blue Star Kachina and the Hopi, they came with the Pleiadians. And they were the first people to come here. Remembering that Hawaii was not separate. Hawaii was not separate from the mainland. All of that stuff was cataclysmic events that separated that out. Yet remember ………. valley. Well, the Hopi Cuchina people came from the ………….. valley first.  There is so much coming forward, I mean you can’t even keep up with it much less what’s on TV. I mean this internet is gonna give you a run for your money. You could be listening to new documentaries coming out about ET presence all day, all night, from now until next week and you still won’t get it all in. It’s coming out that fast, everyone. This lady too, she says here…

SONIA: Hello this is Sonia. Can I have the talking stick? If Obama ordered the execution of Hillary Clinton and 10,000 bankers the day of the Inauguration…

TARA: No, no no. Not the day of the Inauguration. The day of his election on November 4th, 2008.

SONIA: And then I remember hearing on some other occasion that she was in a solitary prison in the Hague already waiting to be prosecuted.

TARA: No no no. That was in 2007. In June 2007 the real Hillary Clinton was arrested and sent to the Hague and she was left there in solitary confinement, no phone calls, no lawyers, no nothing. No bail and nothing, and she was left there to contemplate her execution coming up for a year and a half, and then Barack Obama ordered her execution.  In between those times a clone of the original Hillary Clinton was doing the primaries the whole time, and then on November 4th when the real Hillary was taken out [the clone] lost its source of operative and it was shut down, and then a look-alike with DNA that looked like Hillary was created. And that one came out and that one was taken and removed again, somewhere, February [or] March, and it went right along with Barack Obama exposing her right in front of everybody. She looked like she swallowed a frog standing behind him a little bit to the left, and everybody, [it] looked like she was going to throw up all over everybody. She swallowed one, I’ll tell you that. And he was saying that that whole Afghani theatre of war, that they were going to have to amp it up, remember that? And they were gonna go back and slow it down on the Iraq thing? And that was the first indication. That was why she looked sick as a dog because they were [going] after her because that’s her war.

RAMA: And Ron Reagan said today Obama is not making any decisions about Afghanistan till after Thanksgiving, and it might even be he may not even make a decision about Afghanistan until after December 7 when he goes to Copenhagen. And Copenhagen’s an interesting city, so is Amsterdam. I have been there to both places.

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