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Media Player Update! GRT Special Telecall – December 22, 2009


[Okay, let’s try this new media player.  Click the triangle (the play button) in the player below.  Because the file is very large, wait UP TO ONE MINUTE for the player to start.  It will start, just give it time.  It may be longer if you’re on dial up or just have a slow connection.  Feedback in the comments section is appreciated! Tony]

This special GRT Telecall (they’re usually on Sundays) was the one given last night. Discussed in the call is Mark, Current Events, Mother Sekhmet and more.

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  1. Betty Oliver says:


  2. Helena says:

    The message of the 22nd does n’t come up either here.
    Can you fix it please, because I think it ‘s very important. Thanks

  3. Helena says:

    thank you. It ‘s ok!

  4. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    thanks for posting this, i didnt get to hear the info after the first hour

  5. I am here with you during this teleconference, praying with all of you for the highest good for Mark and for all. May God bless all of us as we work together toward the transformation our hearts cry for.

    With love and many blessings,

    Lynne aka Rainbow Dancer

  6. sam says:

    Why cant you post the call in words as you usually do? I cant do any thing to get the call.

    • admin says:

      I can only post the transcripts that I receive. Since there are 4-5 calls per week, at 2-8 hours per call, and a limited number of transcribers, those transcriptions are limited.

      That’s why I put this up in audio and will be doing so with others. I just wanted to test to make sure that it loaded up ok. I may replace this player – we’ll see.

  7. Dear readers and auditors of the USAS radio retransmissions

    Dec 24 2009

    Mark of huber this is a bulletin to you man Dutch of Those a lot of contacts ondrhoud with ufos orbs and lichtwezens On mijne webpage which I mention there stand also planets maan top venus satunus Photograph s of life and organic begroeiingen water structures. Ww2 Germaan UFOs Vril Then have I real alien photograph s by nasa itself space UFO s by iss and other flights is made everything where concerning you weet told I also only I makt of and you do photograph there radio retransmission every his task implementation. A cosmological diplomatic ambassador

  8. Laura Ross says:

    Still unable to acess this message. Pse advise how to do it. Prefer written to audio but understand your problem.
    Thank you sooooo much for all your efforts – much appreciated. Seasons’ Greetings to and the WTL family from South Africa.

    • admin says:


      You should be able to just click on the name above that says “GRT Special Telecall – December 22, 2009″.

      I’ve made a couple adjustments. See if it works now. LL, Tony.

  9. Laura Ross says:

    Thanks, but still no message or sound: is there something else I have to do to access the message,as you say it is audio (there is nothing to indicate that)?
    Is it possible to send it out by email, or would that entail a huge amount of work for you? Can’t think of any other way to open the message, and the suspense is killing me!!!!
    Is there any news of Mark yet?
    Lol and gratitude, Bless you for the work you and WTL are doing. Laura.

    • admin says:


      In all of the browsers that I look through, the little triangle (the play button) shows up on all of them. See if refreshing the screen or clicking on the link above in the post will help.

      It is WAY too large a file to email – 70MB.

      Check Mark’s health post for any updates. It’s easiest for Beth to just post on there.

      Thanks for the compliment on the site. Much love! Tony.

  10. admin says:

    Okay, I’ve put up a new media player. Try it out and let me know what you think. Thanks! Tony.

  11. Well-known core physicist assassinated

    dec 28 2009 RISING DISTRICTS – 54 person whose birthday it is city Rijswijker – den haag Netherlands that found the day before Christmas dead became in its Rijswijkse condominium house, prove be the prominent core physicist dr. Antonio Ferrigno. The research worker, head of the European patent office, has come by an indictable offence for living. The ontzielde body of the Italian scientist were found by its family. According to witnesses its hands were tied up and lay he in a large puddle pool blood. Which behind brutal assassination sits there, as yet a large riddle is. Possible forming Ferrigno’ s recent and resounding discoveries in the field of pacemakers the aim. The core physicist, who worldwide particularly high state have been threatened telephonically summoned, the last time regularly, thus an initiate. The assassinated Antonio Ferrigno had been very pleased within the Italian community in the Netherlands, where he several functions fulfilled. Beside its enormous intelligence – the Rijswijker graduated cum laude and have numerous scientific publications on its name stand – the engineer are priced for its warm individuality and benevolence to particularly older people. Thereby he never came to the fore. ” He was terrible on zichzelf” , a neighbour man puts. ” The enigen which came by were its for and this way now and then an antillian woman, suspected is ex. A time had suffered they a banging brawl. There was thrown with stuff and in English to each other was shouted. It went there complete violently to toe.” Ferrigno will be buried in Italy Jacket ethunter observation did not have I of the week lijstje of events of assassinations on research workers and scientists that put iederen to thinking.

  12. Joh Gunner says:

    How is Mark and when will he be released from his captivity. I dont buy the family has already put so many restrictions on him and his friends in such a short amount of time. Even his closest friends like tara beth mariette kos and more wont come out and tell us the truth. Isnt this the ways of the dark hats of dis-info and holding back of the truths. When can we hear directly from mark. He should be out of the hospital by now. How come no-one in the media is up on this story and no -one in the ufo community is not up on this story or being a support to mark.

    • Joh, that’s all I want too…the truth, and so far, mums the word.

      In the last call on Friday, I don’t think Mark was even mentioned…..not even when they announced Mark Huber’s sunday call. They just said that Beth will have a call on Sunday.

      Are they fazing Mark Huber out? Realistically, Mark has been stripped of everything to do with GRT. Beth now has complete control of his web site, his audience and all of the donations.

      I’m not saying she performed a coup on Mark Huber, but things don’t look right to me.

      If all Mark had was a sugar imbalance…that would not keep him from participating on a call 2 weeks later…so what’s the real story? That’s all I want is something that makes sense.

      Oh, but I forgot, Beth said the hospital gave him a shot that made him unable to walk for the purpose of putting him into another facility.

      Please someone…just give us the truth.

  13. UFO Landing and ETs spotted by Military in Iraq

    29-12-2009 om 15:10 uur | 7,001 bekeken | UFO | http://WWW.NIBURU.NL | Print

    UFO Landing and Multiple Entities spotted on the ground by Military in Iraq

    MUFON Report: December 29, 2009

    Case Number: 21209
    Log Number: GR-12282009-0008
    Submitted Date: 2009-12-28 06:26 GMT
    Event Date: 2009-08-15 03:16 GMT
    Status: Submitted
    City: Pireus
    Country: GR
    Longitude: 23.75
    Latitude: 38.717
    Shape: Disc
    Duration: 00:24:00
    Distance: Over one mile
    Weather: None
    Entity Type: Human-like,Insect-like,Other
    Vallee Index: MA3

    Place: Iraq (90.11miles N From Baghdad)
    Region: Salah ad Din Mark: 34*37″17.26″ N 44*30’08.60″ E
    During a search/eliminate mission (i will dined). During marking of enemy patrols(03:05hours).
    UFO spotted: Coming from SE heading NE-E at prox. 34 feet altitude
    Distance: 1mile from my mark, speed:2 80-286m/h
    Size: H’40 feet, L’96 feet Mark for speed/distance/size Azimuth Lake:34*22’59.03″N-44*07’30.16″E).

    Three flashes: 2sec/flash (color of flash unknown do to N.V. goggles)
    Landed at 34*37″17.26″ N-44*30’08.60″ E.Time 03:09hours.
    No visual contact/object cloaked.
    Thermal vision indicate 3 (Three) individuals. 1 (one) human, 2 (two) gray’s.
    Disc depart location at 03:29hours.
    Heading: Vertical Ascend/outer-space
    Speed: Unable to mark.

  14. This is the Crystal clusster on 28 dec 2009, bought that also well for all other lens toes for has been loaded and for cicatrisation and telepathy strengthening jack ethunter it has especially bought for mark Huber to for the lift

  15. EtHunterNetherlandsRotterdam says:

    Information on the ship at Neptune – ‘ The Universal Key’ 16 jani 2010 The next message comes of you want gladly know let someone whom that the ship, what has been seen at Neptune comes in peace. How he this weet? Since august 2009 he has been busy with decoding binary, decimal and punch numbers. He works therefore as cosmic transmitter. (We keep the person concerned provisionally anonymous for well-known reasons.) It concerns all the ” Universal Key Project” , what has been called to ground come, by the ground himself. The communication does not go by means of people but by means of the planets, by the planets themselves. People form the cellular oppergeheugen of the ground. The data of the ASTRE ship is decoded. It comes in on the ULF frequency as from 0.5 hertz up to 512 hertz. ULF = Ultra low frequency. Codes follow firstly which descend of the Universal Key. Binary number 100, right to decimal number 4. At decoding comes tevoorschijn that they 1 are family with us. It are therefore people, but then originating from the ASTRE. Binary number 101 is equal to decimal number 5. Number 5 is a punch number. To only share by itself or by 1. At decoding comes tevoorschijn that they come from 5 large constellations. But they belong also to number 4. Then number 6 comes in. Number 6 stands for the constellation ram. There a large man civilisation comes from. This constellation lies on 65.6 light-year of the ground. The Universal Key asked if I was possible these people encoderen such as the Pharao. It is a code-naam description. A reader gives on this the following supplement: There its several peoples at concerned to save our people and this beautiful planet. From the constellation ram, in the buurt of Hamal, 67 light-years of here, for some time already ships are underway. Tevens have left ships as from Algieba, 150 light-year, Regulus, 72 light-years and Denebola, 40 light-years of here. Several ships have been stationed in a job behind several planets in our scheme, but come in the course of 2010 in visibility of our astronomers (this a lot substance do opwaaien and denies then no more sense has). We keep it slightly high. Then number 7. This is a punch number. Number 7 stands for the constellation lion. There people come from that ground have made. Ground the planet, (defined Abraham in the bible as a patriarch) where they come from, lie on 1500 light-years of the ground, on 9 hours 36 minutes and 15 degrees above the horizon of the sky hemel-equator. This planet lies between constellation lion and the ground. Constellation lion lies on 1700 light-years, distance. As a location the firmanent lie the planet Abraham against the border of constellation crayfish. These border to constellation lion. Other punch numbers that comes in its 3, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 47, 53, 57. Meanwhile the intensity of binary numbers and punch numbers has increased. This means that The Universal Key our side on comes. From the Key shuttles soon 2 with an average length of 470 meters come. They see as a bird and as a tortoise. The request in a recognizable form appear has been granted by The Universal Key. From previous decoderingen the following data have forward come concerning the ship: Their mission is defined as ” The Universal Key”. This code descends of their. Unfortunately is their English very poor. They communicate with music. They belong to one large family with people. People occur in the complete cosmos. The ship sees as a key of a strongroom. The dimensions are 11 km at 23 km at 36 km. They come from the constellation ram and they call themselves ” Pharao’ s”. Three times Councils how they see! The planet where they come from hot ” Ses”. This planet lies in the middle of the constellation ram. Along the sky equator to find on 2 hours 30. They have left on Jewish new year day 27 September 1957 according to our time account. Them must arrive, in a job for the ground, on Jewish Nieuwsjaarsdag 2010 (Rosj Hasjana). From the decoderingen has also become clear that they are only the voorhoede. There come, outside the constellation ram for, from other constellations still four ASTRE ships direction the ground. They take the ” Opperrechters” of the cosmos. They travel with 100 time the lichtsnelheid direction the ground. On 23 December 2012 the new era starts. Not only the era of water man, but also the ground recovers its old name: Atlantis. Atlantis mean: World of cooperation. The none continent, but old name of the ground. And then for 245 thousand years to 503 for the year zero.

  16. EtHunterNetherlandsRotterdam says:

    living beings in the piping of Internet cables connections The magnetic golves of the BEMER (bio-Elektro-magnetic energy regulation)…. That is and is possible fast, energetic oplading of and body (system) – within organisms information is conducted by means of biofotonen to all warrants. and genetic gemodifceerde microcomputer organisms The Deinococcus radiodurans are a malodorous pink micro-organism with where alien have themselves (by means of the Mir of course) in the boardcomputer gebeamd indicator. Suspecting exists that by offering free Internet by means of exactly really Google exist from a profession in which one can type in words

  17. EtHunterNetherlandsRotterdam says:

    UFO landing ring Antwerp (Update 4) 19 jani 2010 Last Thursday got down we by means of the UFO uFO-meldpunt a very particular report of a family from the plaatsje Kloosterzande in Zeeuws Flanders. Friday and Saturday we have had exhaustively telephone contact with these witnesses which coloured lichtbol saw countries along the ring in Antwerp. Then they on 7 January j.l. around an hour or seven ‘ s evening with the car on the ring Antwerp direction the port area reason, saw they in the verte a bulbous blank object which changes in several colours. They decided put the car along the roadside the object improve examine to be able, which zo’ n 100 meters verderop above the country floated. According to the witnesses was then just actual clearly see that the ball was surrounded by a green edge or glow and there to the upper part a rood was itself and to the lower part a blank slightly blinking. The object made up twisting and zigzagging movements and descended and, until it decreased at a given moment and or flat above the country to standstill rose. The ball continued stand there stationary or hangs and the present witnesses had strongly the idea that there a type of door opened because there on that point lichtschijnsel all of a sudden more from the object came. The moment they stood look at, they predominated still to the object walk up to examine it of near, but did not decide do this (afterwards unfortunately) nevertheless but. The witnesses do not say believe also absolute in the existence of UFO’ s, but could explain this in absolutely no rational manner. ” It then nevertheless where would be? ” their response to this unknown object was. They have there zo’ n for 20 minutes to can look at, then it all of a sudden in nothing disappeared. It seemed or it was slightly as it were turned off. The next day drove the man, underway to z’ n work, along the spot where it occurs the evening had taken place and decided now, however, will look at. To its stupefaction he found on the spot where the object had been himself a large black macula in snow, where crow around sat at the table. The object is ‘ s evening filmed with a mobile tel., and the pictures get of this still sent. The dark spot the man by all photograph commotie more or less forgets, but has been promised this dezer summons as soon as to do he drives past there. Because macula hopes we printed drunk in snow, that these see will be thaw then still, because of the momentele. Landing in Texas Particular bijeenkomstigheid are that a similar case has taken place two days later in Texas. On 9 January a blank landed convex or druppelvormig object in the plaatsje Grandfalls. Also these witnesses saw the object already of far and then they once in the buurt of the object came they saw how had descended in the buurt of an electricity maisonnette. The ball stayed away flat above the ground to float and shot vervolgens with an enormous speed. When they walked up to where to the spot the object had hung, also they found a black macula on the ground. Update 2: Response from the MSM After the editorial staff members of the Gazet of Antwerp got above Article under eyes, they have approached our redactie with the question if they can end up in contact with the witnesses Kloosterzande to give attention on this particular event. The family has reacted positively on this and has decided cooperate in Article for the Belgian daily. The redactie of GVA meanwhile Article has let be possible want publish pleasing Tuesday already. Update 3: Article in Gazet of Antwerp Dutch family films UFO in Antwerp port The family Kenter from the Zeeuwse Kloosterzande weet it certainly: near the knowing angle tunnel they saw landing UFO. I have spite that I naartoe have not walked, say tend. Thursday 7 January, 19u: the family drives Kenter on the Antwerp ring. In the buurt of the knowing angle tunnel see the four strange lighted objects to the sky. It blinked and was alternating rood, green and blank, tells mother tend. The object made twisting movements, underwent from left to right and then of above to. We saw UFO landing. I want there naartoe, but my man had to an appointment and we did not have enough time much. There I have now regret of. The bacon hoist lasted twenty minutes. The family made a dark small film with the gsm. To tend: My man believes absolutely not in UFO, but also he doubts now. Our oldest son found it very stretching, youngest was in panic. We want very gladly know what we in the Antwerp port have seen there, but I fear that we will know never. Figment At volkssterrenwacht urania no UFO reports ran on 7 January. I fear that this is a figment, react director Marc of pine Broeck. Source: Note editorial staff: And we fear that ‘ wetenschapper’ as Marc of pine Broeck indeed a telescope necessary has because of serious improvidence. Because a conclusion if these nevertheless testify appetites, without some research, in our eyes of onovertrokken degree of incommodious vision. From responses has become clear that some people think that it concerns red light at the beginning of the small film. This is not the case. Red light is only the reflection of the candle end on the film apparatus against the they square of the car where the witnesses at that moment in to sit. The lichtje disappears as soon as the witness who films the they window (rapidly) down late falls. At slowed down reproduction this is see well. It concerns the blinking object that verderop in the field stands.

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