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Fulford: All the Top Nazis are Under Arrest


The money sprinklers are running scared as the new financial system looms.

All those little old men who ran the world by sprinkling illusory funny money are running very scared now. Their system of control lasted so long, they thought they were above the law and above God. They are now getting their come-uppance. In Japan all they had to do was hand out a few billion in bribes in order to steal trillions. The people who worked for this system (mostly gangsters and politicians) are all worried about their futures. Only a few of the top traitors like Nakasone need to worry. Japan will be getting back its trillions so we can pay all the subordinates double what they used to get if they promise to never again betray their country.

On a different note, there are logistical and technological issues to deal with before the new financial system can be launched. The best guess is January 2010 at the earliest. At that point people will get their money back.

On a further note, we are hearing that all the top Nazis in the US, from Henry (Heinz) Kissinger on down, are now under arrest. When people find out what these criminals did to the people of the world there will be a lot of anger. Despite the huge injustices that have taken place, now is a time for forgiveness, not revenge.



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  1. Joe says:

    Yeah right, just like you had the Power to knock off Rockefellar on your Turf, or that Gore would take over as president.

    So the top nazi’s are under arrest? I did hear any such thing and what about Obama?

    Time to get back on your meds Ben

  2. Of course the people got mad when they found out about them , particularly Henry. Why are we not being presented with any pictures or photograph of mr. Kissinger being arrested if this is in fact the case?
    Where exactly did the house arrest take place and exactly how? How many people were involved with the house arrest? Who orchestrated the house arrest? Most important – who benefitted the most from the house arrest? Is there any proof to date so far that mr. Henry Kissinger is associated with the Nazi movement , or the German Nazi Party? Did Henry or your ´Heinz´have any link with Adolf Hitler? If so , what link or links?
    What special interests or non – special interests did the people who arrested him represent?
    Finally , where can I get the original source of news on Henry Kissinger´s presumed house arrest?
    If none of this happened it makes a very interesting case for a gedankenseksperiment or thought experiment. If it did happen , then it makes a very interesting case for justice.

  3. Kate says:

    People actually pay this guy money for his “expertise”? WOW! What a gig! I see this didnot come to fruition either. Need to get them NINJAs after these evil treasonous cretins like Kissinger etc..

  4. Bob says:

    I have only recently heard of Ben Fulford. I had so much hope, but just not seeing any evidence to backup his claims.
    So looks like we stuck with been murdered and micro chipped

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