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Emmanuel: Moon, ET Races, Archangels, Human Origins, Love & Life


Questions from readers #1

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, I AM Emmanuel and I welcome you to this moment.

Questioner: In your last contact you mentioned that our Moon shows only one side to us because it was ‘artificially’ balanced to rotate around the Earth in the same time that completes one full revolution on its axes.  After posting this information I have received an email from Germany saying that the same phenomena of synchronicity between rotation and revolution is natural and can be observed in other moons throughout our solar system.  Could you please elaborate on that?

Most of the moons of your solar system have been modified in one way or another. Out of the 173 moons known to you, 46 have been balanced in the same way that your Moon was balanced near one million years ago.  Some of the moons are hollow and atmosphere has been created in the inside. And also there are objects known to you as moons that are in fact large spaceships.

Questioner: It is said that many extraterrestrial races have visited our planet in the past, a reader from Mexico asked if could you tell us how many and where they came from?

Many, many races have visited your planet. Most of them were explorers and scientist; however, seven of those races have claimed ownership over your planet by means of establishing colonies. The Galactic Records shows that the first extraterrestrial race to arrive on Earth was the Draconian Federation from the Alpha Draconis star system, but they failed in the attempt to shift the Earth’s eco-system from oxygen-based into hydrogen-based, so they left and later a different fraction of the Draconian Alliance came back to set-up the Lemurian collective in cooperation with other two races from the Alpha Canis and Taurus constellations. The Lemurian collective lived on your planet for approximately 40.000 years of your count, until it was destroyed in war. However, not all individuals were killed and many of them moved to other parts of your planet, where they still live.

From all extraterrestrial races, the one that have had more interaction/intervention with earthling humans is the Anunnaki from Nibiru, and theirs first arrival happened near 500.000 years of your count ago. 75.000 years later the Anunnaki crossbred the existing Human DNA on that time on Earth with their own. The first genetic modifications were made in laboratories based on Mars, later the new hybrid DNA was implanted in the Homo Erectus DNA, starting the transformation process of the earthling Human race.

Many of you could see this as a violation of free-will or a ‘negative action’ against a young/undeveloped race, but we of the Higher Realms see it as an important part of the Divine Plan for Mankind evolution. Even those against the Creator’s plan are part of it.

Questioner: You have mentioned that you are a hyper-dimensional consciousness from the 6th density, a reader from the USA asked if you are an Angel, or an Archangel?

I am neither an Angel nor an Archangel.

Angels are powerful beings of light from higher planes of existence, which have chosen the service-to-others as their own evolution path. They are luminous beings working for the One God’s Devine Plan.

Archangels are either individuals or collectives functioning under one single consciousness. The same way that your body has many parts –arms, legs, cells, blood, etc- all being coordinated by your consciousness, Archangels have many parts acting together under the awareness of one super-consciousness. These parts may include powerful energies, legions of Angels and armies of the Light, Starfleets, ultra-advanced technology, and even whole planets. The Archangels are so powerful beings that they can create a complete star system with a single thought.

The same creative power lies dormant within you. The only thing needed to awake this power is a strong and constant belief in yourself and your connection with All That Is. This is what sets all the creative energies in the Universe into motion to materialize your visions into existence.

Questioner: I have a question from a British reader: is it possible to remember our origins?

Remembering your origins is an energetic process; the whole history of the Universe is encoded in your energetic structure. Your consciousness can access this information through the etheric resonance of your chakras. You posses more than 300 energetic centers, however 10 of them are linked directly to remembering your origins. Your first seven ‘remembering chakras’ are your well known 7 major centers located within your physical-self, and contains all history of Mankind, in addition you have 3 more ‘remembering chakras’ outside your physical body. In the past only a few enlightened human beings were able to sense these centers, but in your present state of evolution the vast majority of your collective is potentially capable of activating these centers. The 8th ‘remembering chakras’ is located around 11 kilometers above your crown chakra; this is the energetic center that connects you to all human existence. Your 9th ‘remembering chakra’ is located in the center of your Galaxy; it contains all Galactic history and links you to every single one of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters regardless the race they belong to. And your 10th ‘remembering chakra’ is located in the very center of the Creator itself. This is the Universal chakra, also called in higher realms ‘Mother/Father’ chakra.

The location of the Universal chakra of every living being in this universe is exactly the same. We of the Higher Realms believe that exist only one ‘10th remembering chakra’, shared by every single living soul in this Universe, hence we are all One.

Third-density human consciousness can access the first 8 ‘remembering chakras’ directly and the 9th chakra through the Higher-Self. The access of the 10th ‘remembering chakra’ is a mystery (as is God) and cannot be explained, only can be lived. We of the Higher Realms believe that only the purest/undistorted high vibrations of pure/unconditional Love can unlock the knowledge encoded into the Mother/Father chakra.

When you live in a state of unconditional pure Love, you simply know who you are and where you come from. That is the power of Love. In some ancient languages Love means God. Throughout the ages your people have made all sort of efforts trying to understand Love, and all those efforts proved futile. That is the paradox of Love, if you stop trying to understand it the secrets will unveil.

In addition to your 10 ‘remembering chakras’, you have another energetic center approximately 30 cm above your head; it is shaped like a bright silver star. This center is shared by you and your Higher Self, and represents your future Consciousness. Your Higher Self is an aspect of your consciousness in the future, connecting to it will bring much light into your present state of awareness and you will be able to understand why things happen the way they happen in the present. Your Higher Self is your inner Gold; It is wise beyond words and is your most trustworthy ally; It power lies in the awareness It creates within you. Accessing the power of this energetic center through unconditional Love will reveal your origins instantly.

The groups fighting for control over your planet understand this, and are using your ignorance against you. All their strategies are designed to deprive you from accessing your Higher Self by blocking your energy flow in your lower chakras. They do this by blocking the higher vibrations of Love through keeping you in a permanent state of fear. They also know that the destiny of Mankind depends on the vibratory rate of the human collective consciousness, therefore they do not need to control every single individual, but simply large groups of unaware individuals.

They use two simple ways to deprive you of the highest vibrations of Love. The first one is creating fear around you, and the second one is setting your mind in the future. In the Now fear does not exist.

As I have said before… you are afraid of a possible nuclear war, you are afraid of martial law, you are afraid of being micro-chipped, you are afraid of losing your job, you are afraid of not having enough food, etc. Can you see the pattern? All those things you are afraid of belong to the future.  Every negative thought of fear sends your attention into the future, and if you act in the present with your attention on the future, your present action will be no effective, and unconditional Love will not flow through your energetic grid.

Questioner: You have mentioned that Love is our natural state of being; a reader from Brazil asked why is so difficult to achieve Love?

Love is what your consciousness is made of, and it exists beyond duality, hence is neither difficult nor easy. The absence of Love is nothing but fear. When you live in fear Love is not there and seems to be ‘difficult’.

The groups in power know this, and they have been generating fear in the human collective for thousands of years, through wars, diseases, chaos, collective panic, etc. And now they plan to use the so-called disclosure for their final stand. The groups in power will give you their version of disclosure; they will reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life in such way that many individuals of your collective will voluntarily give up their free-will to them. The groups in power (which are not your governments) knows that open/public contact from benevolent races is month away, so they are accelerating the agenda of disclosure to use it in their favor.

Do not be fooled once again. The groups leading the ‘official disclosure’ parade are the same groups who possess alien/advanced technologies for the last 60 years and kept this knowledge away from the public. They are the same groups who have made treaties with the draconian alliance, exchanging human life for silly military technology. They are the ones responsible for engineering viruses with the only purpose of stopping your collective evolution process, turning you into slaves. They are the ones who have built enough depleted-uranium weapons capable of destroying your planet 900 times.

These groups do not have your best interest in mind, and they will use disclosure as the final steppingstone in their attempt of global domination.

But they do not know that with all these negative agendas they have created a unique opportunity for you to be free, for you to break free of your present state of consciousness. After all you were born free, it is just that they have conditioned you to forget it.  Freedom is the remembering process of being Yourself.

These negative groups are powerless in the presence of Love, and their agendas can be stopped instantly by the Love of the collective.

Remember, never try to be free ‘from’ them, this is another trick; the freedom ‘from’ something is not true freedom. Can you see it? The freedom ‘from’ something will not be freedom at all, because it is given to you. And if it is given to you, that freedom will contain the same vibrations that have conditioned you to forget your original freedom in first place. Your real freedom will come only from awareness and Love, and is the ultimate experience of life. There is nothing higher than that.

Questioner: A reader from Canada asked: what can we do from our side to push a massive shift consciousness?

You do not have to ‘do’ anything. All external help needed for a massive shift in consciousness to occur on Earth is set in place, now you simply have to allow it to happen. Allowing does not mean ‘doing’; please try to understand this deeply. When I talked about ascension, I said: ‘Do it Yourself’, because ascension is primarily an individual process. Sometimes the word ascension may confuse you because the word ascension implies moving upwards, when the real movement in ascension is inwards.  Now, when comes to consciousness shift the opposite is thru, the movement is outwards in all directions and you must allow it to happen to you. One of the greatest secrets of all ages is allowing something to happen without doing it. It needs great comprehension and awareness to allow things to happen this way.

Questioner: Another reader asked what is life?

Life is a miracle, the consciousness that understands the preciousness of life in any of its expressions, is the consciousness that is open to the miracle of life itself.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, celebrate Life! Every single moment in life has to be celebrated! If you go on celebrating every moment, the sum of all your celebrations is what Life is!

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa


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