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Did Anyone Else Think This Would Be Easy?


December 27, 2009

Holy crap.  I just gotta say that I need to write something down.  Part of me is sometimes fearful to write, as not only is it personal, but I have friends that have found out about this site and what I write in “My Two Cents” posts are not something I always share with them.  The other fear is that when you wear your heart on your sleeve and wear it for all the internet to see, it can be a little overwhelming.

The other thing is, I’m not versed in any new knowledge.  I have read many things and learned many lessons, but I don’t OOB on a whim nor can I channel.  As a matter of fact, I am in AWE of what you people write me.  It’s a gift hearing experiences from you guys.

Well for me, the best way to conquer fear is to prove it doesn’t exist – live in love – and for me that is posting my thoughts, feelings, and concerns for everyone to read and comment. You’re my family so you’re stuck with me writing on my site.

Did anyone else think this would be easy?

I “woke up” really only in 2006 and even since then, it’s only been since mid-2007 that I have concentrated my thoughts (and even beliefs) in channeling and the stories that are ringing true about our Earth’s history – our history. 2008 was a year of filing against the system – through the US Treasury, Birth Certificate, Promissory Notes, Bonds, OID, etc…  2009 was the year of finding out what we really are – and how we are here by choice, for a reason, and to learn the last vestiges of whatever it is each of us need to learn.

I heard people mention that “it’s hard to be a starseed” and “when this cycle ends in 2012, we’ll have stripped all of our ego and fears, etc…”

This is a piece of cake

I thought them all to be crazy.  In 2006/07 I had a good 3D life – good job, fancy car, awesome girlfriend.  We travelled and bought… stuff (including a townhouse and trips to Vegas).  Life was grand.

Me in 2006=Materialism at its finest.

Open to “Happy New Year 2009″ and things started to fade.  Um, excuse me – get stripped out of my life.  Problems started to arise with my girlfriend.  Money started to disappear.  The fancy car left.  Everything was becoming more and more bare as I researched more and more about the changing energies and I realized I was being led down a path on my own volition – a path that was getting me ready for ascension.

Relationships – My God they pull the heartstrings

Has anyone else had issues with their relationships recently?  In the past couple months, I have AT LEAST 10 couples that I know of that have either broken up after long term relationships (me) or even marriage and others that have just gotten together to start a new life together.

In my case, my ex and I were together for a reason and “time was up” for our lessons, but my attitudes and dealing with the changing energies was hard on both of us.  I still love her, of course, as we need to love ALL of our past and present relationships as they made us the people we are today.

I will repeat that – we need to love ALL of our past and present relationships as they made us the people we are today. That soul across from you offered his/herself up to you to help YOU learn a lesson.  Some lessons are MUCH harder than others but in this game it’s all about learning.  And those souls helped YOU become a better person.  You have to thank them tremendously for that.  I have told 3 or 4 people that advice and they have either found peace in their relationship or were able to forgive past ones and move on.

Excuse me, I’d like the insides of my chest back

Earlier this year, my ethereal heart opened up.  At first I just thought it was something I ate.  Then it was a little persistent.  Ok, ok… it must be the coffee.  Those Americanos can pack a punch.


The feeling in the center of my chest became more regular.  It was getting more and more regular as I started WTL in February, then following channels, and once I started to hear Mark, Tara, Rama, and Beth’s experiences, it opened it up even more.

Now I have that pulse in the middle of my chest almost all the time.  Spikes happen occasionally and I know something major has happened.  I’m used to it now and it’s really quite a joyous feeling.

12/12, 12/21… Man, they’re only numbers, right?

But 12/12.  Alas, 12/12.  I watched that day come and the Galactics talking about energies knocking your socks off and never being this much love EVER beamed to Earth, I figured I could be in for a biggie. Maybe.  Then 12/21 hit and I figured it would be even bigger.  Maybe.

I was right.

For me, there seems to be a 7-10 day window where the big day goes by and then by the end of about 10 days, I’m reeling in issues.  I’m up and down like an elevator – moody as a rhino with a thorn between his toes.

It is safe for me to say that since December 12th, the feelings that I have been trying to clear have been the HARDEST thing for me to EVER get through.

Does anyone else have these feelings?  Does it hurt for you too?

Behind Door #1 is… nothing!  Door #2….. nothing!  And finally Door #3…. nothing!

I agreed to this?  I laugh to myself.  I have ridden my Indigo Warrior Starseed status to the hilt.  I fought the system and all the while explained it to friends and family (who gloriously lived vicariously through me).

As you step out of the 3D world, the 3D world closes hard and fast behind you.  You “take” something of theirs, they “take” something of yours.  I “took” a vehicle, they “took” my credit rating.  Hmmm… fair trade?  For the lessons, sure.  For the 3D kick-ass lifestyle that I mentioned above that now just slipped even faster through my fingers?  Nope.

But that’s the thing.  Progression out of that 3D binding was necessary – and most likely pre-programmed to boot!

So the stripping continued.   Slowly but surely, 3D took all that it needed as I walked through the proverbial doorway into 5D thinking.

Now I’m just about through that door.  And it HURTS losing a lifestyle and everything you’ve ever known.  This is good, I understand, but I’m not finding this as easy as I had thought.

So now I sit waiting for everything to come down.  Waiting.  I’d say waiting patiently, but then I’d be lying.  Owning nothing, being single, inbetween jobs, and co-signing to have a car to drive.  All the issues in the 3D world that would classify this thirty-something as instable and “He’s not so good on paper, dear”.

Why do I write this?

I needed to get this off my chest.  Once I hit that little “publish” button on the right hand side there, I will have mentally and spiritually pushed myself into 5D.

And you’re all here to witness it and hold me to it.

Physically, we’re still in 3D.  But most of us only have one foot left in it.  Some may only have a toe in it – like me.  Once disclosure hits, we’ll be COMPLETELY free of all these binds that are causing chaos on us now.

Did that little birdie just put all his eggs in one basket?

Wow.  How many of us have asked THAT question?  How many people have thought this:

“Here’s a good one – hahahaha – I’m shitty on paper in 3D but once we get disclosure and announcements, I’m gonna be at the head of the class! Now where’s that disclosure?”

I have my hand up.  Oh, and I see a couple of you have raised your hand as well.  Glad I’m not alone.

So what.  I followed my guidance and did the unspeakable in 3D terms.  I sit here on a Sunday night confessing my thoughts to the world – and feeling better for it.

I want to hold my head high.  I want to be proud of where I am.  I want to make a difference in the New Earth.  I want to physically hug our celestial brethren.

I want to be in joy.

And I want all of you to join me.  Because this family, including you right here right now reading this, are going to make a difference in the very near future.

…………….. I pause.  That publish button is a looming little button.

I’m diving head-first into the water and pushing it now.

Aaaaaaaahhhhh – the water’s beautiful.

Jump in.

Much love,


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  1. John says:

    Truly awesome. I have been feeling many of the things of what you speak and it is great to hear another speak out and say such things. I am truly grateful that you have offered yourself to all of us through your website. The information you post is the best i have found. I find myself coming to WTL every time i get on the computer. Thank you so much for what you do and all the hard work.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thank-you for these Beautiful, & oh-so-relatable thoughts. I feel connected : ).

  3. Wade says:

    You said it all my friend.

    Nothing has ever been so hard.
    Nothing has ever made more sense.

    One love

  4. Quia says:

    Ha! Are you me? LOL I think that patience went out months go too. Each new “dateline” with the promise of more before–WHAM–stuck again at the core. We have been stretched and soldered to the limit, have we not, and now the 3d world doesn’t seem very real anymore. Just today I was asking who am I? and I don’t mean in the astral sense. Nothing to relate to here anymore and am really too detached to care. On with the 5d show I say! Andiamo! Full disclosure time, please. :o)


  5. Yonatan says:

    Hi Tony, AWESOME. I liked that post (:

    Waiting-not so patiently.. 😉

  6. Mil says:

    Thanks a million for having hit the Publish button!!!

    This is beautifully written Tony, and thanks for having confessed your feelings! It makes me realize I am not alone in feeling these things too!!!

    My awakening only happened 6 months ago and I feel to be completely estranged at times from friends & family. I feel to be living in a completely new dimension in my thoughts and it hits me hard when I walk away from my pc into that 3D again to pick up on daily activities…..

    It is hard to give in to your feelings when others around you do not believe but I stand strong and this time no one will change my thoughts and beliefs!

    I am glad to have found this site!

    Love & Light,


  7. Saffier says:

    Hi Tony….I Am with You in Heartsembrace…


  8. Kirsten says:

    Dear dear Tony
    That’s the way it is.
    I am older than you and have been on my way for years and years, but I didn’t realize untill april 2008. Around my 60 years birthday I had a period where I was very sad. Life was over. I was dying. One certain day I could have left, but I didn’t. I said YES to life.
    Then I read that going from 3-d to 5-d actually can put you through the death process in your body, but you stay alive.
    I said goodbye to my old life. And had to start a new life – only I didn’t know what to put instead. I was empty.
    Then I thought I must be like a newborn baby. Start filling up my life by learning things again in a new way. But it’s a HARD job.
    I 96 I left a good faithfull husbond,(after 29 years) couldn’t stay any more, but I still love him.
    Got myself a new husbond where I got all the challenges I had ever asked for. Had to leave him in 04. I still have to deal with that.But I asked for it myself.!
    I bought me a new little house where I had 3 good years. Then I ran out of money – had to sell the house. Had to sell my car.
    Now I am on my own in a small flat in the middle of a town.
    Luckily I have a job, where its possible for me to sit at the computer and read and read. (Guardwatching).There I have got my education for the past 2 years. That’s why I have been allowed to stay there.
    Beeing alone was/is my biggest challenge. I know that I am not alone – but in the physical I still AM alone.
    I also know that I couldn’t have come that far if I had a family/husbond to think of also.
    I have had my hours alone to think and feel.And meditate.
    The last year, or perhaps since March, everything has become better. I am almost free of fear and panic. I am calm and in peace. And throughout december I really have felt VERY much LOVE comming in. It fills my heart. It’s really wonderfull, so I think we are on the right way – ALL OF US TOGETHER.

  9. Alison says:

    Dear Tony,

    That was… aaaaaaahhhhhhh ummmmmm… VERY BRAVE of you!!! WELL DONE AND BIG HEARTFELT THANKS FOR SHARING!

    Been there, done that, got several T-shirts… and it is oh, so nice to hear stories from fellow travellers with similar experiences. A salutary reminder that we are all in this together.

    The one thing I would add that I have struggled with, is challenges with my birth family… it is comforting to realize that it’s not me! OF course I do my best to take responsibility and practice my Ho’oponopono and all that jazz but boy, oh boy, wouldn’t it be nice if everything was hunky dory in the garden?

    Anyway, back to the ironing but thank you for posting and giving us all the chance to compare notes on top of your bravery.



  10. Jill says:

    Tony – you deserve a medal! What an awesome article you wrote, and I bet every reader could identify with at least a part, if not all of it!

    You are humble, you are a writer, and you have a grand sense of humor. What better to prepare you and all of us for ascension?

    Thank you and God bless you, J

  11. Aang says:

    Thank you so much for the post Tony, we can so relate to you. As with so many others, we have been completely stripped of all worldly possessions. On some level I do believe that things are going to change but how long can we continue going through this…

    With Love,

    Aang :-)

  12. Tina says:

    Just wanted to pop in and give a BIG hug to you Tony, from a snowy Helsinki.

    I found this site few days ago and “my two sents” is definitely THE part I resonate an feel connected. Thank you for your courage and willingness to share your thoughts. There are a lot of people that are helped by that.

  13. Lucy says:

    Tony I looove you. Dear you said all. Enough is enough.
    I am read to get out of 3D too. You made me feel I am not alone. I connected with every word and the energy created.

  14. Mike says:

    Wow, I think we are on an identical time line. I too was at a sort of peak in my 3D life in 2006 and as I opened up to my spirit, my finances have been on a slow and steady decline – no matter what I try to do! I had to laugh when you made the comment about your heart opening and the coffee – just this week I have been thinking I need to drink more decaf. I work in real estate and have been helping people recently sell their homes as “short sales” – I really have to counsel people that their self worth is not based on their credit rating – we’ve all been brainwashed into living in fear of a stupid number just so that we can borrow more money. It has taken me over 3 years, but as I am finally moving out of fear, I am starting to feel some relief. I don’t want to get lulled into thinking that I am going to be some sort of guru/rock star in 5D because of the work I am doing now – I sometimes think this is the ego’s trick of taking you out of the present moment. All our power is in the present moment and I know I do need to figure out how to make that work. Spirit knows that the best way to get our attention is through our wallet so I guess we are fortunate to have much of this lesson behind us. My hunch is that many more still have to learn this and in that sense, we are ahead of the game. Thanks for all your great work!

  15. Rodrigo says:

    Thank you very much, we are not alone! 2005 changed my life forever, now i really feel like 5d, and not 3d anymore.

  16. Family of Violet Flame Warriors says:

    Awesome Tony:

    Thank you very much for the countless hours you putting and updating WTL site for US to read.

    Keep the good works.

    The feeling you have you’re not alone, I have the same feeling too. Nobody beleive me, but I just respect them, even my own family and friends.

    I will be head of the class too when the Disclosures will took place very soon. I create “Love Society International Club” it will be either in Vancouver, Canada or Philippines the group meetings, and to be in service with others like our brothers and sisters as we are all ONE.

    When Our Galactic Family will govern US / they are our new government the theme will be is “Uncondtional Love to all ONES” everyone is created Equal, no more, pain and sufferings, peace, prosperity and abundance to everyone no one will be left out.

    Everyday my dreams little by little became reality pretty soon to happened as Earth will be a paradise to all inhabitants.

    Much love and blessings to all.

  17. Betty Hill says:

    I can just repeat what John (last post) said. Thank you, Tony!!!!!! You are definitely not alone, even though it can certainly feel like that.

  18. Sathia says:

    Thank you Tony for yor heartfelt views, as again it resonates with me. Hey many are making the shift from 3d to 5d, and it is good to get feedback from other beings going through this process.
    However like high school, 3d life is one where we will miss it when it has gone (or been completed), so enjoy 3d while we are in it, for who knows how long it will last.
    I am sure I will miss the 3d life here, so I plan to pursue joy whilst here, and keep my focus on this moment now. (Isnt that what 4d or 5d is all about?—Being present now, and creating our reality in the moment)
    So keep it coming Tony!

  19. jackpotlady says:

    Beautifully written! Thanks for hitting the “publish” button. I once had a website and wore my heart on my sleeve… leaving me vulnerable. My awakening started in 2001 with Sept. 11th. I was in the heart of the casino business. And with the events of Sept. 11th I was blown into bits. I lost my house of 17 years. All my stuff in storage… all 3 bedrooms and 2 baths… all the memories and 35 years of collectibles and antiques were confiscated and sold at auction. Leaving me with my memories. It culminated on the day I was fired from the job I loved and it took me 8 weeks before I had a stroke. That was 8 weeks from losing the job and having my stuff sold at auction. Synchronicity is a wonderful thing but also an earth shaker! It has been a heckuva journey since Sept. 2007. I can’t look back. I must look forward.

    I am with you on this!

  20. Evo says:

    Tony, thanks for writing a great article. I have been going through the ringer these last few years, and it has led me to understand exactly what is going on…….and that would be Cosmic Ascension. Not that life was ever really easy, but I had almost every material thing that anyone could ever want, the girl, the house, the car, the job, the money… name it I had it. I now rent, have an old used car, just stepped into a new and very healthy relationship, and am free and clear of all that old stuff (especially the money and material crap)….which was nothing more than lessons for me. Every soul and situation I come into contact with in this reality has been my teacher and mentor. Every single one. I am so grateful not only for having these lessons and teachers, but I am most thankful for actually being able to understand and implement this now that I am on the way to 5d minimum. This WAS going to be easy I thought, and if you would have told me that I was going to be fighting to get rid of everything I had accumulated (mentally and physically) I would have told you your crazy. But here I am, almost completely stripped, and it feels soo good (though it is anything but easy)…..I just cant wait to get stripped of the rest of it, and actually exist. Thanks again Tony, your on the mark.

    • admin says:

      Wow, Evo. Your comment hit home with me. Sounds like we’re carbon copied brothers! You’ve got a kick-ass attitude and I’m glad things are working out with you.

      Let’s keep our head up, man, and rock this party. A Canadian “Cheers!” to you! Pints are on me when NESARA hits…

      Thanks for your comment. LL, Tony.

  21. Lona says:

    Hello Tony

    Very nice message. Thank You for sharing it with us:)
    Don’t forget you alreay are a god. You already Shine. We all are Light. We are One dear brothers and Sisters. May you feel all my light and love,may you feel your heart singing :)
    I love you everybody
    …..Je vous aime….
    Have a beautifull day
    <3 <3 <3

    Ps:By the way Violeta,could you tell me for your love society international club?? Because I live in Vancouver right now….

    • Family of Violet Flame Warriors says:

      My Dear Lona:

      God is Love. The “Love Society” is derived from 1 Corithians 13:4-8, ( Holy Bible, New International Version )

      This is the Gifts that our Almighty God The Father, The Creator of All, give to me, since I born to growing up, he give me trials of my life, my hobbies and interest, financial sucess and failures, HE MOLD ME, so that he will use me, so that I will be a service to other brothers and sisters for the good of all humanity, and I pass all the test, life on Earth is a school room for souls lesson growth, even our Galactic Family are here too for that purpose, he give us FREE WILL to choose GOOD OR EVIL / From Darkness or Light. Each of us have gifts, you will know your gifts of what you are good at, and you enjoy and have fun of what you are doing, with no monetary value at all, you will never get tired of it, and you have contentments in life. So explore those gifts within you, I bet you, you always have internal happiness all the time and only always focus on positive peoples and positive thought and things, stay away from negative energy because it will drain your energy battery, because that is the Law of Creations, what you sow, what you reap. I just share to you my life lesson after you pass the test their is new challeges. And until you are perfect re-incarnated angelic spirits souls within you.

      I am Filipino / Canadian living for 20 years in Vancouver, Canada. Right now, I am just a Snowbird staying in tropical weather ( Philippines ), I love it here, it is not cold weather unlike in Canada.

      Please visit Galactic Roundtable website for the very latest news and their is very huge news story in the U.S. behind the scenes. We almost there. Go to HOME page to met some of our Galactic Family.

      You sent me your email for privacy so that I tell you the secret of my life why I’m out of Canada and many things. You contact me through Galactic Round Table website.

      Hug and hug, love much and blessings,


  22. Love you brother=) We’re all in this together!!!!!

  23. April Rand says:

    Oh Tony, did we all just drink a sparkling cocktail of the Ruby rays of Love? Your whole writing is glowing crimson rays, your Heart song is just bringing us closer and closer, I am so amazed at all of us, how we keep scaling the clifs, only to soar higher. The Love and Light and Angels flight, is so all around us. I Love you, all and all………….April

  24. Maskell mary says:






  25. robert benner says:

    Nice work there Tony and thank you. My awakening began about five years ago when my health started to fail, had to change my eating habits and get the mercury out of my mouth. Then one night I feel something trying to come out of my eye ball, by 6 am I had to go into the bathroom and remove this metal(mercury) object. Got both of them out after a good struggle, hit the light switch and then hit the floor. Out for 10 minutes, wife thought I was dead. Could have been a walk in since my soul was floundering a bit? Anyhow , I began to really meet a lot of new people , mostly spanish and somewhat of the spiritual sort. Began to find and look for truth in all things, many of my friends thought I was becoming crazy. Last spring I really had the big wake up with voices in my head(Hello There) and feeling like every one was out to get me. Realized the money scam and wanted to ring up all my cards and not pay them off. I figured I had dished out about 400,000 in interest over about 20 years of playing the 3D credit game. I decided not to do this until my guides brought me to the galactic sites and I some how found out about NESARA and the other stuff. So then I am about all payed off on my debt when I am told to take the gifts that are being offered to me. In the mail comes all these checks for the cards enough to total about 100,000 dollars. The scared part of me said no, but the light being in me said you deserve this. I used the money to fix up our house so we are not so upside down and also to by some land. I timed this for November since this is what I was feeling all along. Well we are now at the threshold of 2010 and nothing in the news yet(MSM). I now have hardly any work and cannot keep up with the payments. I have no money to Tithe and or pay for the vehicles I have given to my new friends. SIx thousand in bills sits in my house with no relief in sight, yet I feel great. What is up with this? My birthdate numbers tell me that I am a number eight which has to do with abundance and power. Do I now stand up to these companies and tell them how I feel and what I know about there practices? Sorry about the venting, it is just sometimes hard to hold all this in since most of my 3D buddies will not understand this and I cannot talk to them about it. Glad to see and hear that I am not alone in the struggles, I just always wanted something more, like an equal world for all.
    Love and Peace to the world(even you Bush JR.)

    • admin says:


      Amazing story! Unreal!

      How did a hundred grand show up in your mailbox? I wouldn’t complain if that happened to me!

      I’m an “8” as well so I know EXACTLY how you feel.

      Hang in there – we’re not that far off. Thanks for posting your thoughts. I like reading where everyone else is at.

      Much love, Tony.

  26. Jo McCoy says:

    Bravo! Such Joy in being vulnerable as we have nothing to fear.

    When one is harmed, all are harmed.
    When one is helped, all are helped.
    When one is vulnerable (fearless), all are vulnerable (fearless).

    Thank you for the beautiful post.

  27. sangeeta says:

    Great article…..thanks a lot…it is just another reminder that many of us have been travelling this journey to 5d/ascension for some years now and all that has been left behind was a huge part of where we all are today…after being stripped of almost everything, I still might not know my purpose/true calling but I have no doubt that divine clarity will emerge when I am ready…I wish everyone bundles of joy and love in 2010…and keep the words flowing Tony…you are a star!!!!

  28. Deano says:


    I am a 30 something who has walked your journey exactly. I don’t mean similarly, i mean EXACTLY. 2008 cracks started to appear, then october while waiting for blossoms ships to appear, the cracks came wide open and my life as i knew it slipped right through them. 09 continued to take everything of my 3D comforts and escapes. I sit here with nothing. No job, no relationship, no partner, no $, all my old friends seemed to have drifted away like like we were in some sort of ship wreck and we clung to pieces of wood drifting in different directions out to sea.

    I sense something new on the near horizon but it’s kind of blank.

    Waiting patiently

    • admin says:


      Ya, man. Sounds like we’re on the same page. Maybe you, me, and Evo should hook up for a beer when NESARA hits. I bet we’ll have some good stories to tell.

      Hang in there – we’re close. I can feel it.

      Much love, my friend. Tony.

  29. daniel says:

    WOW you hit the nail on the head and along with everyone else’s comment my life has been stripped of all things material. It’s as if I have just stood there and observed it while it was happening. Living on the aussie sea side, home, relationship, car, job, fear of loosing it all, keeping up with the jones. Well now that I have lost the lot I am certainly not alone, not by a long shot, all my mentors, angles, guides, spirits are certainly making themselves known, especially when I go deep within my heart.
    My ears are constantly ringing loadly, as if someone is knocking at the door, we are here, let us in. Well I say bring disclosure on, we are all intune with our past lives and have following our inner guides as we will continue to do so until ascension.
    Stay within that place that is pure, that is silent, that is ME. Thank you so much for posting your heart felt words for all of us to know that we are not going NUTS afterall.

    May your every moment be filled with the most treasured jewels of your Soul and Devine Source.

    Be True To Your Soul Always!!!

  30. Anita says:




    SEE YOU IN 5D!

  31. Angie says:

    Hey Tony,

    That’s my same story too. I hope soon we’ll feel like it was all worth it. I’m barely hanging on over here.



  32. ahmo says:

    Dear Tony,

    Another wonderful sharing from you. Thankfully you haven’t lost the ability to write and make space for these open-hearted commentaries. And keep up this very beautiful site for all to visit.

    My big losses began in 2003 with a chronic fatigue condition. The huge bonus is that compared to a lot of other conditions, this is relatively painless. But no more fast lane, multi-tasking, writing, thinking. In with the re-wired heart (the palpitations 2007 Easter pushed me into heart meditations and then galactic meditations), painfully re-constructing an extremely difficult 28-year relationship, living life really close to the bone. Discerning This is what matters, That is peripheral, and hence I have no energy to spare it. From early on in this condition, asking, “Where do I find my Joy, now?” Body has trumped all the years of building friendships, as relating revealed itself to be incredibly energy-intensive. Just as well, as all those with whom I shared galactic info backed away fast. Now, the absolute Blessings of being a recluse. Alone, and less alone than any other time of my life. Joining together with all of us as the wave builds and we prepare to catch this big one and ride it Home.

    Welcoming the Light and Love shared by all, I Am ahmo

    • admin says:


      Thank you for sharing. It is difficult to share sometimes, because once you’ve tried to explain multiple things, multiple times, to multiple people, you get tired when they just don’t seem to “get it”. You do end up feeling alone – you against the world.

      I can say that because I do feel alone. But with that being said, it is nice to relate to others like you that are also stepping up, putting their hearts on their sleeves, and facing their issues. We need to do this and it’s hard as hell.

      Thanks for stepping up and I hope you feel better releasing your thoughts on WTL.

      Much love,

  33. Nadia says:

    Hi Tony,
    I appreciated your honesty, as I am an occasional poet/writer, and in my later years, find it more difficult to be totally honest. I am a healer and channeler, but have to work in 3D, until I catch up with my debts. However, I have put out my gifts of spirit, so expect to have more work in this field. I have lived as a sole parent on my own for 23 years now, so I enjoy my independance, but it would be nice to have a special friend. Don’t despair about not having a partner, as it is a good time to get in touch with your inner self and spirit. If you can possibly do what makes your heart sing, things will just fall into place. Love and Light, Nadia

  34. Cristina says:

    Dear Tony,
    Thanks a lot for this post !
    It has been very hard for me too after 12/12. I reexperienced things I thought I’m over with, things I thought I forgot….every single day a major issue would come up and fill my whole day and get me depressed and as soon as I would get over it another issue would come.
    I also don’t relate to this world anymore and I feel very guilty cause all the stress of the world is on my husband’s shoulders and I can’t help himbecause I’m getting more and more into my own fantezy world. About relationships…yes, I started having problems with him. He doesn’t think like me and we want totally different things in our lifes. Now I have to deal with my feelings toward my mother in law. I thought I was OK with her but I guess I’m not since yesterday and today I’m bombarded with memories and not so peaceful feelings I had toward her in the past. The thing is that she is in another country and she wants to come again to visit us and if she does it she would stay for more than three months with us (cause this is how their culture is) and I don;t know anymore what I should feel about this. I know that I have to clear my karma with her cause the last time she came it ended really bad….but in the same time I know that she has God within herself and I should love her unconditionally. To what extent does somebody have to be good and unconditionally loving ?! Should I just surrender and accept whatever comes to me (even if it’s my mother in law) or what ?!
    Anyway, thanks a lot for everything, it’s so nice to see that we are on the same page !

  35. BrunoSmith says:

    hello tony….i understand what you are saying and what you are feeling….my awakening began in 2006 i would say …ive watched the battels rage on from 2006 forward and read about the struggles betwen the light and dark intensify since then…by envisioning and living in new earth in my mind, i have neglected my physical avatar and living situation to some degree but some one has to dream the dream that will manifest Terra Nova right?…i give up on impatience as it has got me no where in the last 4 years lol…but you are not alone…we ARE in the “head of the class” and will be great bringers of knowledge after announcements and disclosure,decloakings ect….its not for nothing…..this avatar,incarnation,and mission…as the bringers of the dawn….star seeds tony…i often remind my self that i chose to come here and and many others stepped aside and said “no you go ahead” so that we could be the “ground crew” on this mission/incarnation….thank you for your site and thank you for sharing your personal thoughts….i admire your effort and gifts you are bringing to humanity by sharing the knowledge you are gathering from all around the web…..thank you … seed…

    peace and Terra Nova


  36. Traveler says:

    hi… very interesting.. I guess I am new to this.
    From what I was learning recently we just need to imagine “abundance” (car, job, etc) & it would appear..

    Sorry I have no thoughts that may help at this juncture..but seems things are so rapidly changing you’re here/now is most likely something different.
    oh my, Sweet dreams to all…..

  37. Cathrine says:

    I’m new to 3D to 5D and cosmic ascension but enjoying it very much and feeling hope for the first time in a very long time.
    A year ago I changed jobs and took one at a lower level. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Instantly my stress was reduced dramatically and I am working with people who are great to work with. My boss is appreciative and kind. Now, in retrospect, I realize I did this so I’d have the energy at day’s end to explore the Galactic Roundtable and sites like this one. I’m sharing it with my boyfriend and he’s open to it which is nice. But even if he weren’t I’d still want to learn more and meditate on it, etc.
    I learned about doing ‘night work’ recently and have asked to do that twice so far. It really feels good waking up knowing I’m doing something so productive while my 3D body sleeps.
    So very glad to have found this community. :)

  38. deepthi rangan says:

    your story. my life. 2009 begining began to change. relationship issues…haha ha…yes. i have gone through big time. now iam alone. and learnin to love myself completely. diggin deeper and deeper within me ..releasing all that is old…especially the concept of lack and victim energy…attuning myself to creator reality. where i am learnign to balance self love and power of choice to create. deep stuff.

    and yeah . i have seen 5 or 6 couples whom i knew personally break up. in 2009.

    i went through two breakups. one from my marriage . another with a person whom i thought was my man of dreams. but i guess indeed he was a dear soul on the other side to me ..coz he was the one who gave me haaard lessons to learn. “loving myself”.

    change of place and job? yes. i sold my house . cleared my loan. moved to another place . another house.. another job. left all the old friends for a while . now one or two like minded ones contact me….but now iam my company. and getting to know my own soul.

    and yes it is hard. and at the same time .. feels powerful and strong from inside.

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