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David Wilcock: Disclosure Endgame


[It has come to my attention that, for some reason, people aren’t able to access this piece.  I have put it in PDF now that you can download to your computer.  It’s just a print out from the website so the videos won’t work and the formatting is not that great, but at least you can read it.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF. Tony]

David has put together an amazing piece here surveys the incredibly wide-ranging evidence — including video — that certain insider factions are pushing for UFO/ET Disclosure very soon. The Norway Spiral is only the most recent attempt to ‘force’ the issue — after the US failed to deliver on November 27th.

This is a very long post – 4 parts (as of December 26) – so you’ll want to have some time on your hands to read through it.

BUT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THIS! The information in here has staggering proof that Disclosure is imminent.

Click HERE to go to Part I.




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  1. S.C says:

    Wilcock couldn’t release a bad article if he tried.
    This is one of his best in a long time, but requires time to read.

  2. May - Norway says:


    I’ve tried to tell you this before: The famous picture is NOT taken in Tromsø – it’s from SKJERVØY!!!! Jan Petter Jørgensen took it, and it show’s where he works, Lerøy Aurora – located at Fiskenes.

    The direction of the spiral is east,north-east – towards Kvænangen.


  3. Nuriel says:


    agreat articel, a must read !
    a lot of love light and hope in this final times
    thanks david and my deepest blessings for you Mark
    be well,happy holidays and for all of you :
    all the best for 2010

    see you at the finish line … :)

    love and light

  4. Jane says:

    Yes, read his article and it is really very good. Thanks for posting it here.

    And Merry Christmas to you and thanks for all you are doing on this site, and all the time and hard work to produce this kind of info.

    Hope Mark is doing better.

  5. Jane says:

    Especially loved the idea that the good would come from Russia and USA being friends. That is completely a delightful idea.

    Loved how he said that Kennedy and Kruschev had been becoming friends too.

    Also, makes a lot of sense, the idea that the military is really in charge and Obama has to do what they say. He is really in a tough spot. Seems soon things will turn around and he will be able to do all good.

    Underground, things must be churning to make it so, as per the posts we’ve seen here.

    And just for the record, when it is mentioned that the galactics can read minds and know our thots, seems what they are really talking about is the celestial level, what we normally think of as angels, etc, because, let’s face it, the way that Mark is seeing them, on the celestial level, the out of body, that’s celestial.

    Galactics seem to be an alternative name for heavenly/celestial beings. David Wilcock mentions that in the Ra materia, that these beings are 4,5,6th density beings. They really are what we think of angels or spirit guides, especially the 6th and 7th density beings.

    Even in Vedic literature (ancient Indian writings) they talk about the gods (what we think of as angels) having their heavenly cars and vehicles. These could easily be what we are seeing as UFOs?

    Why not? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi always said that heaven is descending on earth.

  6. RANDY says:

    Putin was definetly Illuminati, I have seen his handshake many times with the “boys”. If putin was still part of this organization the controlled media would have gone along with these events and played it out…they did not. It must mean he broke the ties and switched hats, a good sign.

    The only one who can order the disclosure announcements is KOS [if This is an accurate statement]. Putin is being impatient and should not have been allowed to have these events occur [but this is a free will zone]. There may be many more layers to this story than we think. The Illuminati could have broken into two groups, meaning Putin has not switched but trying to give a warning.

    These images in the skies may be a message for Obama or for the other side, meaning what, hurry up with disclosure or look at what I got? Something is missing here. 7/
    / …my cat just jumped on my keyboard and this appeared, any ideas?

  7. RANDY says:

    Did some research on number seven.

    All that we said so far shows that the number 7 is so spiritual, that it appears as if it is not from this world. The number 7 radiates a strong spiritual light, but this number is not at all confronting the material reality. Quite the opposite – it envelopes it and reveals to it its higher spiritual purpose. Under the influence of the number 7 the material reality is often subtly changed and transformed in such way that it starts to glow itself with some spiritual light.

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