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Chemtrails Predict Peace?


[December 27 – I just came across this link in RumorMills News whereby someone else is seeing interesting chemtrails in the sky: She talks of three lines being formed as well. Tony]

Now before people jump and say that this is not a peace symbol, it is a peace symbol turned upside down.  Upon further research, this is the proper way that the peace symbol was to be written.

As far as this specific symbol is concerned, please notice the familiar looking central portion of the figure with what appears to be our own familiar peace symbol turned upside down. According to the Plejaren, it is actually our peace symbol that is upside down, effectively creating a more martial, upraised sword-like image, the very antithesis of peace. This may help to explain why many “peace protests”, with protesters carrying placards with the familiar peace symbol, often have a more agitated, militant (rather than truly peaceful) feeling about them.

The central portion of the Salome Peace Symbol, inverted from our own, is more representative of a “Tree of Life”. In fact, the entire Salome Peace Symbol can be seen to convey an upward and opening energy, a more all-embracing, peaceful image. Consider what might be possible if millions of people who sincerely desire peace were resonating with a more harmonious image, and internal sense, of true peace. How much more “powerful”, in a non-aggressive way, might the collective energy be for peace when people embody the energy, essence and understanding of peace?


Also noted in this article titled “Peace Sign History”:

Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970), a philosopher, historian, mathematician, and a member of the Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War, supported Holtom’s claim. Russell wrote, “It was invented by a member of our movement (Gerald Holtom) as the badge of the Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War, for the 1958 Aldermaston peace walk in England. It was designed from the naval code of semaphore, and the symbol represents the code letters for ND.’”

Ken Kolsbun, author of the book Peace: The Biography of a Symbol, reported that Holtom expressed regret in not designing the peace symbol with the joyful lifting of arms towards the sky. For most of Holtom’s life he would draw only the upright peace symbol. Holtom requested that the upright peace symbol be placed on his tombstone in Kent, England. As shown by the picture of his tombstone, his wish was unfortunately ignored.

When you see the peace symbol, I encourage you to see the person displaying it as communicating a message of love.

If you display the peace symbol, my recommendation is point the arms of the peace symbol toward the sky to honor Holtom’s wish, address historical objections, and communicate love of all people.


I just finished reading David Wilcock’s piece (HERE) about the Norway Spiral and how it most likely was created in part by a HAARP-like facility in Norway.  To tie into that, Ashtar mentioned on the last telecall (HERE) that:

So yes, there was some machinery and yes, it turned out to be a galactic event – an opening…

It seems to be that this HAARP-like facility could be the machinery that Ashtar was talking about.

Keeping that information in mind, I had an interesting occurance today.  I had some running around to do today and throughout our beautiful blue skies here, there were planes spraying chemtrails.  They typically stay in bar-like formations around here and don’t criss-cross like other pictures that I’ve seen.  I noticed on the way home that there were three planes flying in the sky and were heading towards one another.  I found that odd, as I hadn’t seen them do that around here.

Just before we got to the house, my grandmother pointed out the “beautiful clouds” in the sky.  Well, it was the chemtrails – but the setting sun was reflecting beautifully through them.  She didn’t know what she was looking at was chemtrails.  She just knew that they looked wonderful.  I thought, “How interesting that someone without knowledge can find something so terrible, so beautiful.”

When I parked the car and went to head into the house, I had a rather unusual feeling of peacefulness.  I looked up and saw this formation of chemtrails:


Maybe I’m stretching things a little here, maybe I’m not.  Either way, I found it interesting and odd at the same time.  The thing that I can’t get onto this post here is the feeling that I had.  For once I looked at chemtrails and didn’t feel ire towards them.

Is even the “negative” technology that was supposed to be used against us, showing us something positive?

Feel free to comment!



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  1. Jane says:

    Auspicioius to see positive signs. Shows a kind and good heart.

    What you see, you become.

    Someone else may see something else, but when we see it as positive, that means we are generating positive.

  2. Alexandra says:

    Hey Tony!
    I am a frequent reader of this website and couldn’t resist responding to this article. My husband and I are avid viewers of the sky, focusing intently on each day’s chem-trail activity to get a bearing on the “political motivations” of the day so to speak.

    Well, we experienced the same sort of “sensation” as you are suggesting from this latest bout of chem-trails. We left our homes days before Christmas only to see blatant spraying in crosses, X’s, and even an infinity sign!(my husband has a picture but I am not sure how to upload it from his phone)

    Now, I stopped to think for a moment as to why this would be. During the Bush administration, they started to spray at night while all of us were slumbering, as to not take on too much heat from citizens…I find it interesting how chem-trails have significantly declined since Obama has been in office and now, have just recently increased in practice for the last week through Christmas. Could it be as was said before? Is this possibly The Galactics using something malignant and converting it into something beneficial for us to experience/decipher? Just a thought. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

    • admin says:


      Thanks for taking the time to comment! It’s nice to hear that there are others noticing a bit of a change.

      If you can find a way to download that pic, feel free to email it to me and I’ll put it up here.

      Thanks for stopping by! Much love, Tony.

  3. aquarian heart says:

    Please pray to the Sylphs, the wind spirits to destroy the chemtrails. They are the only things that can help us. Native Americans would dance for them to bring the rain clouds, but we have forgotten them. Avatar is attempting to enlighten us about our own latent abilities and connection to nature.

  4. toni says:

    Chemtrails were all over the sky in Las Vegas this winter. (I saw a local chemtrail peace sign last week like the one featured here.) It’s been two days since Haiti’s earthquake and I haven’t seen a chemtrail during the day at all. Strange in a good way… I suppose they could be spraying at night…hope not. btw, has anyone else noticed the sky looks much blue-r these days? Also, clouds here have been characteristicly “different” of late. I wouldn’t classify them as cloud ships exactly…more like clouds behaving strangly.

  5. toni says:

    Bummer. They’re back. But I have the Violet Flame. Flame on!

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