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Beth on Twin Flames and Homosexuality


Good morning. I’d like to ask a question about Twin Flames and homosexuality.  I am trying to gain better understanding on what I feel archangel Metatron is trying to explain to me that physicallity of a gender is not necessarily the point but I am not really clear on this. I am in a lesbian relationship now and happen to be female in this lifetime but is there an original gender or are we born having both aspects?

If you are able to shed some light on this I will be very appreciative.

Thank you.



Twin Flames are the same in every aspect but one. One is male and one is female.

There are instances when Twin Flames incarnate both into the same sex and they fall in love and have lives together. This has happened through history. Twin Flames are an original gender.

Inside every man, woman, and child is a divine female aspect and a divine male aspect and we strive to balance these.

Having sex with the same sex, is a practice that, especially in the case of penetration from behind, is not spiritually balanced. Two males or two females, who are deeply in love, may enjoy Cosmic Sex.

The result of this will be an orgasm in the heart. Sit face to face with legs crossed and knees touching. Focus on connecting with the energy centers of the chakras. Men and woman may do this together, as well. It is possible, with practice, to raise the energies to such a level that an orgasm in the heart is experienced. It makes the hands numb and face numb and a deep relaxation, stimulation and vibration in the heart which results in rapid breathing and intense happiness.

Love is never wrong. Balancing sexual practices which are healthy is important.

Twin Flames, no matter what body they are in, are at the core, One Male, One Female.

Much joy and love,



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  1. Andrew Kemp says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for broaching this subject and the questioner who asked the question. I understand your point that balacing sexual energies is key, and that this is an energetic/love act. I must say I am a bit surprised at the singling out of one sexual activity that is supposedly unhealthy or spiritully unbalanced, however it’s done. I’d just like to reflect that, being gay this time around, believe me it doesn’t matter what I’m doing with my partner when what we do results in climax! I remember what it’s like to be a female, but sometimes you gotta use what you got! Thanks, Andrew

  2. Beth says:

    Dear Andrew,
    I understand. There is no judgment here. The important point is remembering how we have all been genetically modified to have traits which are lower density. We have all had our spiritual natures tampered with. We all must be responsible for our own balance. We can look past the illusion in this world. It is not all about following our instincts or being sheep to what we are told by media or our government. It is not about sustaining war above all else. It is about Being One with Ourselves and remembering who we are. It is about Loving Each Other, no matter what.
    We are all One Race, Humanity. The Time For Peace is Now! btw Try the heart thing, it is VERY COOL.
    Much love,

  3. Waabankwe says:

    I have to say I am left shocked after reading this post. I am a lesbian and I take great offense to how you believe “We all must be responsible for our own balance .” How dare you say what is and is not spiritually balancing in terms of sex. Our love and balance of spirituality between ourselves and each other is not contingent upon the gloves or spirits wear in this life time. You are invalidating peoples love and even Twin Flames with this post. I ask you to do more soul searching. Can you be positive that your beliefs are not influenced by society norms? Can you truly say that Queer couples must refrain from sex to maintain a spiritually balanced life? I find it hypocritical that you say in your 1st post,
    “Having sex with the same sex, is a practice that, especially in the case of penetration from behind, is not spiritually balanced.”
    yet, in a later post you try to say you have no judgment, and
    “We are all One Race, Humanity. The Time For Peace is Now!”
    I urge you to look again, the judgment is there. All I’m asking is that you step outside of your box and open your heart. I understand that you want to help others heal, and I think that’s beautiful… I also think you should be careful about the information you throw out there as fact. Queer people are often invalidated and silenced, which cause major trauma and scarring to one’s soul. You are hurting people with this post, and I do not believe that is your intention. We may have a lot of information out there about Twin Flames, and the light, but do not feed into the human arrogance and ego to believe we have all of it and know all it. As a Queer community we are looking past the illusions of the world, we are following our instincts, and we are being one with ourselves, we have to do it everyday, and believe me it does not stop at sex. Please try to expand your mind further.

    With Love,

    • Katherine says:

      Thank you for your response. I sense some queer theory/feminist theory education…..? :)

      For someone to try and label certain sexual acts as balanced and others as not is strange. Sex is sex and of the physical world. I would say unbalanced sex is sex between adults and children or rape or any sexual acts that are unwanted.

      It’s very hypocritical to have any judgement of queer relationships, especially with the knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Through our incarnations, we are many genders and have many paths.

      Personally, I believe us as queers serve a very unique purpose in breaking down norms and allowing others and ourselves to be more accepting and loving. We are raising the earth’s vibrations by being authentic. Maddening to think a spiritual person has such an unwarranted opinion on sex and partnerships. We might as well be in church hearing a sermon on the evils of homosexuality. Same thing.

  4. Mark says:

    It is a far better thing for one to have love than not to have it at all. Therefore if one finds themselves in a sexually spiritual attachment to someone in a same sex balloon and does not have the strength to accept their natural assignment, then please have love…

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Anal sex can be spiritual. it is very unique and I think misunderstood.

    And by One male One female, I think you mean one stands as more dominantly feminine energy, and the other more dominant masculine energy.

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