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Ashtar Telecall – December 15, 2009



ASHTAR: “Well good evening.  In order not to jar you out of this beautiful space, I am coming in somewhat slowly.  Nevertheless this is a day of days.  We are exuberant.  We are flying literally with you Beloved Ones in the high vibe spaces that you are finding yourselves in, and of course we must thank each other and all of the wondrous ones who have brought us these grand energies and most particularly the energy of 12-12.  This is a time to celebrate and the energies of now.  Each moment that comes and goes as you measure time, is a moment of the most holy time of the year on your calendar.  This is the time of the Christ.  And if you choose to celebrate the birth of the one most often recognized as Jesus the Christ, that is wondrous indeed.  But while you are at it, celebrate the birth that is the coming to Planet Earth along with those Beloved Masters who are now returned and eager to connect with you and the planet even closer.  Let us call this season the Time of the Christ Connection.  And we shall have more on this solemn and sacred topic as we proceed this evening.

“So now that you are all settled comfortably in your places, and now that we have done this rather quiet entry into this loving gathering, let’s have some fun, shall we?   We are going to be somewhat exuberant.  Oh, we have been exuberant all day.  We have been dancing, we have been singing and turning cartwheels.  Reason being, there is so much going on.  There is so much to celebrate.  Do you realize beloved family you have gifted yourselves and the entire planet just by being here and by opening to receive the loving space within yourselves and beaming it forth.  You are radiant, you are shining and all that is going on in what is left of the 3D world in your space, is to be celebrated and rejoiced.

“So we are going to do some Q&A.  We like to do the ‘A’ part first, because after all it comes first in your alphabet, does it not? Well, for most of you anyway.  So here are some answers and we will get to the questions after we get the answers.  So get ready.   Take some notes if you wish.  Here are your answers.  Yes, Yes, and here’s the one we have been doing today, you’ve all been waiting for it …… dum dum da-dum.    The voice was hoping we would not come through with that, but we thought it most appropriate.  We’ll take this one first, the question is, ‘Is this really the end of the era?  Is this really D-Day?’   Demise day, shall we say.  Time to say bye-bye to such institutions that have been created among men mostly, but it’s kinda a male thing you know, but women too (you heard ab out that 50-footer [the dragon lady]), and this is the end of the institution, or shall we say, this is the end of the allowance of this institution to dominate and control and enslave.  Now you know the one we are talking about, don’t you?  Actually there is a whole line-up, and they are going to fall like so many dominos.  Now when we say fall what we can say is, ‘Game Over!’   What has happened is that there has been such an up-raising, upliftment of the consciousness on Planet Earth that these institutions can no longer be tolerated by those of you, and that’s all present here, who are going on to a higher, more golden, more radiant age of being.

“Lifestyles are changing.  Sometimes changes are a bit rough, rugged, difficult and so on while they are in progress. Sometimes it involves a kind of a shake-up which is a difficult kind of an experience for those who are used to everything being the same day after day.  Well, no day is the same, no moment is the same, get used to it.  Get used to the concept.  You, Beloved Ones, are the ones who are changing in every moment, in every fraction of moment in your being.  So just get used to it, be happy with it, be welcoming of change and know that as these institutions and of course we are talking about the one that is most commonly called the Federal Reserve Bank – as these institutions disappear it’s because you are leaving them behind.  You are moving higher, you don’t need them anymore, they are somewhat of a drain and so you will not be required to be in any kind of a mode where you are subject to their rules and regulations.

“Does this mean you are going to do illegal stuff, break the laws?  No, it means the laws are changing because most of them are immoral, unethical and exactly contrary to, shall we say, securing and protecting the welfare of society and of Planet Earth.  And so we are requesting that you minimize thoughts of these institutions and there are others, and a lot of them have alphabet names, they are agencies, they are bureaus, they are departments. Some of them are even on the cabinet level.  How about defense?  That one is changing even now, it’s a done deal where we are, it’s the department of peace. And you all know one or more beings who are staying the course and continuing their discussions and they have worldwide support and galactic support because that is what this season is all about.

“We are talking about World Peace here.  How can there be peace when you have a few ‘yertles’ we call them who hang up on your back and on the backs of all others on the planet, demanding this and demanding that, and oh you get a telephone call and well you are over your limit we are going to charge you, you didn’t make your payment on time, we are going to take more of your money.  Then of course the IRS comes in and is going to take what little you have left and so on and so on.  Now that is not the Golden Age, Beloved Ones, that is not the Age of Aquarius and that certainly is not Christ Consciousness, 5D and above.  You all know that.  Wave bye-bye.  Sing a little tune if you wish.  You might have a jolly one you know.  So long and bye-bye and farewell, and thank you beloveds, remember the thank you’s for the lessons you’ve learned.  They may have been hard, they may have been heavy.  And here’s a biggie for you for this season of the Christ.   Why don’t you take all those burdens and lift them off from yourselves and give them up to the Violet Flame or whatever method you choose to use, could be dendrite clearings, could be some marvelous technology which some of you may know about and you are all going to know about momentarily as it were, and let it be cleansed for good out of your beings, you don’t need it anymore, Beloved Ones, give yourself the gift of freedom.   And see how bubbly it feels and see how wondrous, and you too might be doing cartwheels and jumping for joy because you are.  And you know the rest of that statement.   Powerful statement, based in the most powerful energy of the universe and you know that one too, it’s called Love.

“Anyway we shall have a guest speaker who is going to speak eloquently about Love in this season which calls forth the most highest of love, giving, and giving up that which no longer serves.  So let’s move on.  We gave a couple more answers did we not?   Yes, we did.   So here’s a ‘yes’, that blue light in the sky over Norway that everyone was puzzled about.  Well here is the rest of the story. We galactics have been showing up at various occasions when there has been something a little bit different planned.  When there has been, shall we say, a fear-inspiring incident planned by, oh you know who, the ones we call the dark hats and even though the arrests are, there are still a few loose ends, let’s leave it at that, but for the most part they are accomplished, processing is occurring and so on.  Remember the thank-you’s and give them a big round of applause.  Academy awards for everybody leaving the stage.  Put your hands together and give them a big send off because without them how would you know what it is that you want, what it is that the Golden Age is all about.  So, we started to talk about that blue light, that beautiful spiral, sometimes we show up and create a slightly different ending than what was planned, so let us just say that we super-imposed a beautiful light, a beautiful spiral, a beautiful opening of a stargate where it was planned to do something deleterious (there is a word isn’t it, oh we like that word) to somewhat dim the lights of the Nobel peace prize ceremony and to create a message of hopelessness, ‘There can’t ever be peace on earth.  Humans just aren’t up to it, they can’t be peaceful, it’s the way it is …’ blah blah blah.  We thought a better message could be sent, and we did.  So yes, there was some machinery and yes, it turned out to be a galactic event – an opening – a stargate opening of magnificence and sacredness.

“So as we said before, thank those who had the original program because it was like an invitation we could not refuse, and we RSVP’ed  in a way where the intent was to create joy and knowing, because for every time a stargate opens, Beloved Ones, there are openings of the heart which correspond.  Now as you know the voice is not too fond of science, but just take that as a little piece of quantum physics in your reality.  When stargates open, hearts open, because there is a response.  A stargate opening is after all a ‘yoo-hoo, we are here’ and hearts just naturally want to, shall we ray, rise to the occasion and create welcoming beams of love and joy. So for those of you who looked at that blue spiral and said ‘welcome’, we are honored and we thank you beyond words for your joy and your love at our being with you.  Alrighty.  We have another yes, do we not?  Is anybody keeping track?

“So here is the other one.  Have you been getting flashed lately?  We are here, we are there, we are everywhere, you have heard that before.  And we are beaming more and more, and we are out here in your skies.  You may see actual ships during your daylight hours but come on outdoors.   And here’s something for you.  Those who are in the extremely cold climates where there are no clouds, where the nights are cold and the ground might be freezing you enjoy bundling up and coming on outside because we’ve got some really great light shows for you.  Just come on out and join us and just feel open  and receive the love beams we are sending to you.  It might warm you up a bit.  We are so happy to be here, we are in allowance of that part that you would call the inner child, to come and dance and sing and be with you in exuberance and in joy.  So reach out and join with us and allow yourselves, and if the energies of the 12-12 were somehow side-tracked or you somehow didn’t feel a perking up at some time during the actual 12-12, be advised you may have put it on hold a bit, so no reason to delay because more and more is coming, there is infinite abundance of loving energies, of the joy of the universe and most  particularly the greetings of the Galactic Federation for you. You all deserve it Beloved Ones, it goes way beyond deserving, it goes to your contracts, it goes to your missions here. You are here to be in the forefront of the receivers.  Allow yourself to be there, uplift, be joyful and if you’ve had a busy day and you are oh, so weary, and your bones ache and all of that stuff, go to bed, or sit in your wonder chair or whatever and just breathe it out of your beings.

“Breathe in Love, breathe out stress, and just say, ‘I am ready to receive.  I am ready to receive the abundance of loving energies. I open my heart now that I may receive all that the universe has for me.’  Let yourselves just fill up with it.  Go into your crystal elevators if you desire and take yourself away from where you are.  There are wondrous ones who can greatly assist you in that and they are readily available to guide you, to assist and facilitate your journeying beyond what you call the 3D world.  Take advantage of it, give yourselves the gift of freedom and abundance of love overflowing your beings. It’s the greatest gift that was ever given because you are god/goddess, you are Love, that was all you were ever created to be but you were given the will to express otherwise.  By the way, you have all done so, magnificently, a time or two or more, but that’s all for you r experience and for coming to the wisdom point that you are now.

“So in this season of the Christ, understand the coming of the Christ is not just a Master coming into embodiment, or a Master coming into your own heart, it is You rising into your own mastery, into your own Christhood.  Well, we will have more on that topic.  But you are buzzing Beloved Ones, you are starting to tingle and when you tingle you glow, and you are brighter in every nano-second that passes.  Believe it, because that’s who you really are.  Do you think we see bodies aging, diseased and we are not unaware and believe me the technologies are already here and there is one who has been given some special hint about utilizing those technologies and there are many who have tapped into the inspirations and to literally channel the energy forth and to have it in some kind of physicality, a computer, an energy machine if you want to think of it, that’s really sounding 3D is it not, but be advised these technologies are from the higher dimension.  They are simply contained in cases in computers and so on so that they can be accessed and shared with others.

“It’s all well and good to do an energy exercise, and we are asking each and every one of you to do that yourselves.  Exercises of the heart as we call them.  But it is also marvelous is it not that these technologies can be recreated, duplicated and utilized worldwide and they can be, shall we say, relied upon to work.  You know, if you have a headache, does an aspirin always work?  No, because you are an evolving into  Christhood being.  An aspirin is about as 3D as you can get.  So that part of you that is evolving, that is becoming crystalline may not respond to an aspirin, but we guarantee you that you can respond to technologies from the higher levels because that’s where you are part of the time at least anyway, so avail yourselves,  Give yourselves the gift.   Do energy work and if you have an energy machine available to use, use it.  And those of you who are the shall we say, masters of the machines, the facilitators, the users, the instructors and the directors of the programming and which programs are utilized, open to receive additional information which will expand, update, upgrade, uplift, all these up, up, up directions that the machines can go to if you partner with them.  There you have it, how’s that for some info?  Learn some energy processes.  Oh yes, Marvelous Margaret will be broadcasting tomorrow night; tune in if you can, there’s an energy process you can learn.  Avail yourselves.  We have just given you a whole list of ways you can lift yourselves up.  So what do we see when we look at you?  Radiant beams of love light, because that’s who you really are. So we will suggest one exercise for you to do, and then we have another speaker that we know you will be delighted and shall we say literally lit up to hear from in this program.  Well I am getting a litt le scratching [of a paw] so I believe we will have two speakers tonight.   At any rate what we want to tell you is that this exercise is so simple you can do it.

“When you are going to do any kind of an exercise for the heart or meditations or an upliftment, put yourselves in front of a mirror.  Have you ever done that?  Take a good look at yourself before you start and then do what you are going to do and if you are not looking, really looking, until you have finished, that’s where the biggest result is going to be.  Take a look and look deep into your eyes and see the expanded you, the higher dimensional master you are. It may take some practice, but it is a very quick way to show you what we see when we look at you and when we connect, we communicate and we commune with you.  And be aware there may be subtle changes.  Your eyes may glow brighter, some of you might start seeing the lights of your own beings, whatever you see you may be looking inside, outside and seeing that your chakras are aligned and open, you may see a higher dimensional chakra somewhere in the picture, you may see colors. Look for turquoise –  it’s a great color.   Whatever you see, Beloved Ones, it’s you expanded because you took the time to give yourselves the gift of the Christ.  Be with it, be joyful with it, celebrate the season as family united and as the Christ Master you are. We love you beyond words and infinitely.  Let your love light shine brighter and brighter, Beloveds, because that is who you really are.  And so I shall move over and enable our Beloved Master to come forth and be sharing the joy of the season with all of us, all of you, all of the ones we are. And so it is.  Salute.”

sanandaSANANDA: “Greetings Beloved Family!  It is I, Sananda, and I come forth with such joy.  My heart overflows at this coming together in this holy, holy season. It is holy not because it is a celebration of a birth of the Master in whose body I walked for a relatively short time.  It is rather the celebration of you, of us coming together in the holiness of who we all are.  And so I invite you to come close to hug each other, to send the greetings of this holy season to the world, the galaxy and the universe beyond.  I AM Kumara and I bring the greetings of my family.  We are here as we have been holding the light and never ever doubting that in one day, in one glorious, glorious change- an Upliftment -that Planet Earth would come into Ascension status.   That day is NOW.  And when we say, ‘Day’ we are talking about the age, the era, and yet as you measure time it is so shor t where all of you Beloved Ones, our family, our family from the universe have come together and most particularly in this season that you call Christ-mass.

“It is for you to recognize your mission or your role in all of this, and it is simply to be and express the Love you are in every way that you can imagine and be inspired to do. We are Love, Beloveds, accept it, revel in it, be joyful with it, be as children coming home greeting each other with joy and yes, with passion.  Twin flames, oh yes, and that is a part of your Upliftment of your moving into these higher dimensions.  It is a reunification if you will.  It is a completion, but right now, Beloved Ones, right in this moment of togetherness how could you not feel complete unto yourselves because you are so full of the Love we are?  We talked about connections, we talked about communicating.  This, Beloved Ones, is the season for the communion, the communion of the Christ and that is the Christhood that we all are. Connect with yourselves, communicate within yourselves, and be in holy communion with yours lves, then with your guides and angels who are with you and they will help you to multiply your life, your radiance, and your messages of Love.   Be aware of those who are close to you, your spirit guides if you want to call them that, your I AM presence part of you, for you to enjoy the connections with, especially during this season.  And it is to be strengthened and enhanced so that as this season might come to an end upon your calendar, it never ends on Planet Earth, not really, because you are anchoring the season of the Christ, the season of the homecoming of and to the Christ you are.  You are anchoring it here on Planet Earth for all time, in all ways.

This is the New Earth. This is the planet of the Christ of the Golden Age of the mastery where you can emerge, as it were.  You can keep your human bodies, of course that has been foretold, that is the Ascension process, but your bodies are welcoming this golden white light of the Christ even now, and you are attaining higher and higher vibration that of course is what you might call the science of the Spirit.  They are One, Beloveds, there is no separation, just as there is no separation between us, and between you and the all, the sacred all that you are, and you have gifted yourselves with an entire team: angels, guides, masters, Ascension beings now here upon this planet with you.  And so I, Sananda, invite you to come close and let them hug you, to invite them to come into your beings, into your hearts, into your marvelously opening and expanding brains of knowledge, into your wisdom as you open more and mo re and receive more and more inspirations and loving information.  Walk hand in hand with them. Invite them.  It is not that they are above and you are below, it is that you are partnering.  It is that you are coming together in communion.

“Allow, enjoy and as we have said, come as children.  Leave your doubts behind. Come with your innocence if you choose and your joy because it is a journey of exploration and discovery.   It is a journeying of getting to know yourselves.  It is a journey of knowing your divinity and your oneness with all, because all is divine.   And if there are those that you love and care about who do not seem to be recognizing that, give them their space, beam upon them your Love and your Joy.  Connect and communicate and if they are not ready for communion, allow.  Just allow.  And be who you are in truthful expressions of the glorious and wondrous you that you are.  And we tell you this, you are the greatest healer for each and every one of you that the world has ever known and all of those things I did in the body of Jesus you can do and more.  Open, and know that you have lots of help and technologies and guidance but the director and the one who really has the power to call it forth, is You.

“And the more that you come into the glory of your own Ascension, the more healing you bring unto yourselves as a natural, sacred and holy blessing that you give to yourself.  And as you utilize the energy healings, as you warm your hands and let the energies of Love flow through you, the more effective you can be in helping others, even those who may have some doubts, that may have some misgivings.   Let it not bother you if you send Joy, if you send Love, you are sending the healing, and it is received on some level by the other being.  This and more I have given in the book you call The Course [in Miracles].   If you are not familiar with it, it is alright.  I am condensing it here and this is all you really need to know to continue upon your paths of light, because my Beloved brothers and sisters, my beloved family, this is why we are here.  And so I welcome you into my heart as you welcome me and the other Masters into yours.  Greet us and we shall respond back to you.  Ask a question and we shall answer. That is the nature of our communion, of our relationship, of the One we all are.

“Now please to close your eyes and breathe.  My mother stands with me and she has for you the roses of Kumara.   Smell them if you wish, touch their velvety softness, inhale their fragrance.  However you choose to recognize them, please come forward as she holds them out to you and take as many as you choose into your own beautiful beings.  The roses are Love, the roses are a sign of the bond we share, the bond of Love which is never binding, which is always allowing and which is always given totally free in as much or as little quantity as you desire.  But please do come forward now to receive this Blessing which we bring to this gathering of family.  Keep them in your hearts, Beloved Ones, these roses, and know that they are yours to access any time you choose.  And know that they signify the great Love that we have, that we give and that we receive from you.   All blessings of the season and peace that passeth all understanding.  We are here to recreate as we have done so long ago in the ancient land that lives today.  You call it Lemuria.  You call it a place that you came home to because you created it as home from wherever you came. Blessed, blessed, blessed are you in sharing your beautiful selves in coming to this gathering of family in this season of the Christ.  Love and Joy to All.   And so it is.  Namaste.”



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