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Ashtar Notes and Tara, Rama & Mark Update on Dec 29th Call



Rama:  Greetings!   Beth, I pass you the talking stick.

Tara:    Yes we are going to start with Lady Master Beth.  We are thankful, pass this talking stick.

Beth:  Hello everybody this is Beth, thank you Susan, Elise, Fran and Mary, thanks for inviting me tonight.  I want to give everybody an update on Mark. We understand that Mark is doing fine, he is not in danger, he is getting better and we expect him home very soon. And I was asked tonight to share with you what St. Germain had to say about the situation and they asked if I would read this to you all.  This is just going to be very brief, I am just sharing a short part of it. Here it is – this is St. Germain speaking:

stgermainSt. Germain:  “Mark and Beth did not know how the events of the past two weeks would play out.  They had been prepared and in the end realized it was something they both asked for – a profound healing for all involved including Tara and Rama and this group.  They both have been on the inner planes to experience it this way as a loving and compassionate act.  They were supported by their guides as they asked for support every second of the night and day.  This support is available to every man, woman and child on earth now.  Please ask. These two ones were asked without prior knowledge to demonstrate their mastery and be grace to this hard time.  After the initial confusions, they both were able to suss out what had happened and finish the long way home.  Please do not think this was easy.  It was just these two agreeing to be the light warriors they are in front of a very large and very public audience.  This example is not a personal pat on the back, not at all.     This is a wake up call to you cosmic masters – no one is free from this cleansing and clearing now.  You all are every bit of the light warrior. Come into your fullness now – remember who you are.  On the day of announcements, these ones will be sipping champagne, hugging and laughing that they made it through. They have worked on themselves on the inner planes again and again and again. They have brought back to you their adventures for your perusal.  They have had the attitude of love – take what you like and leave the rest but above all know that you are multi-dimensional.  Know that there is much, much more of your truth of who you are, where you come from, than what is before your eyes.”

So that’s what St. Germain had to share about this whole experience.  I just want to add that I have received countless kind and generous e-mails of support and I can’t thank you enough, and many of you have been very concerned about Mark, and your love and light and support and addition of the Violet Flame has been felt. And my voice is a little shaky because I miss Mark and I am honored to be here with the family tonight.  I want you all to know that I have been very happy today because Mark is very soon coming home and I don’t want you to mistake my shaky voice for being worried, because it’s not that at all, it’s a lot of joy, and this is just about behind us.  And I will keep you updated on the website [GRT and WTL] and I will keep doing the work, so I think ..oh there is one other thing I want to say ..several of you have donated money to Tara and Rama and they have good news to share with you tonight, and it has come to the donation button on the Galactic Roundtable and I am in charge of that through my bank account, and I have sent them their first amount today and I will be getting the rest of it to them.  It is very much  needed and appreciated and I also want to thank the people who continue to donate to the Galactic Roundtable to pay for the air time on BBS radio.  It’s invaluable. We know that the need for that donation will end in the very near future, but it’s still very much needed.  So thank you everybody for your support.  Blessings and have a good night.  I pass the talking stick.

Tara:  Greetings, everyone.  I think we should share first what Beth was saying here earlier that you didn’t hear.  Beth was saying we have something to share, something big to share.  And we have a home everyone!  We have a new home. We have quite large needs yet in the sense that we have not ever had credit anywhere, so we are having to put up to a total of $839 down to get the lights, and we have $100 or more plus other things and it’s that much, so we are in, and we have two of the fixed different bills that you get every month.  My God, everybody, God bless you for all you do when you’ve had to go through this, and the sadhu path has been our way this time.


“Well good evening everyone!  It is so delightful to be here in this company of love and family.  Great news, is it not?   Great news for everyone.  Change is in the air, and if it has taken a bit of effort on your part to participate in the changes that you’re feeling, now is the time to get on with it.  The year 2010 is very close as your calendar says and we recognize, even though we tell you all the time there really isn’t any such thing as time, it’s just a convenience that you humans have in 3D.  And we can see your entire timeline if you want to call it that, your past, present, future, parallel and dimensional selves and of course all of your beingness from your physicality out to and including your spiritual being.

“Well, this is it!  This is what you call the 11th hour.  This is get ready, fasten your seatbelts, but you might need to change the chair you are sitting in because change is what this is all about.  And if you have any concept, inspirations, a feeling of a nudging from your own guidance team or your angels that you need to make some changes in your life, listen up, because you are not imagining things, as long as you are discerning, as long as you are willing to take a moment, to call forth the highest of truths, go ahead – wave Archangel Michael’s Sword Excalibur, the blue sword of Truth, let the blue waves fall upon whatever it is that you are considering.   Call upon any one of your Guides, your Angels, your Masters.   Call upon the greatest adviser you’ve got – that’s you, Beloveds, in your higher-self form. Get that connection going and get on with it.

“Now you’ve just had a probably stupendous example in the Masters who have spoken to you already this evening.  We shall not take time for details here, but let us just say that advice was given to our Beloved Ones Tara and Rama from many places including Mother [Sekhmet] herself, who just dropped in as she likes to do, and just know that they moved quickly.  It was only, well we don’t go into dates too much, but let’s say it was only a couple of days ago that they didn’t have a clue what they were going to do, and everything fell into place because guess what?  They listened.  They had their own guidance.  They had a little drop-in visit.  They had all kinds of encouragement and the support that you have given to them Beloveds, the wondrous gifts that you have given to them have been literally powerful enough to remove some great blocks that stood in their way.   Understand your empowerment.  You can do whatever it is that you choose to do.  Just be sure your heart’s in it. Be sure it’s your highest truth for your highest and best good.   And just, oh, you can take any number of easy to follow statements.   How about treating everyone else the way you want to be treated.   Just think, if everybody did that, there would already be a grand celebration of peace on earth in 3D, because it’s already being celebrated everyplace else.

“Oh there is a few ones still wearing the dark hats. They haven’t celebrated much.   But they are in understanding that it’s time, and they are being moved off the stage as rapidly as you can imagine it.  And yes, we know there are some glitches, have been some glitches along the way but, we want to point something out to you that you may have already realized, but nevertheless this is a little bit of insight into the news.  Specifically, you know about the plane and the person on the plane who tried to bring it down by lighting some kind of incendiary device. Now you probably already discerned that he was perhaps under some kind of guidance of a dark nature.  Correct. But what you need to look at is the rapidity at which the action was stopped.  This is no 911.  This is no disaster.  This is no taking of 300 lives or more.  The whole action was stopped, no one left their bodies, no one was harmed appreciably and it was stopped. Now you can say, well, the one who stopped it had courage.  But the one who stopped it had also the consciousness of all of those who were on the plane, and that helped him to come forward. And it was not just one person, because others followed.  Now this is quite a difference from history/herstory that you have been hearing about recently.  When we say recently, you know, 10 years or less or more, that is just like a nanosecond in the time of the universe.  It was stopped.  No one was harmed.  You want to talk about change, Beloved Ones, there you have it. That is a shining example of the kind of change that is coming to Earth. And why was it stopped?   Because the consciousness said ‘No more Violence’, ‘No more War’, ‘No more Jihad’ or whatever you want to call it; you know that’s just something that’s very convenient for the ones who wear the dark hats to promote.   No more dualities.  And the individual who tried to ignite the firecrackers or bombs or whatever you want to call it, was not beaten.  He was restrained and stopped for the good of all including himself. His life was saved too, and it was a group consciousness that accomplished that in the most peaceful manner possible.  Now those are the great wisdoms to come out of this.

“Oh yes, we know that homeland security is going to take that as an excuse and so on and so on, but, Beloved Ones, take it as a triumph of the human spirit or the spirit in all humans because that is what it represents.  And of course, there will be follow-up and more and more news items and details and so on and so on, but that is not important.  This was an event that was truthfully an act of war in the mind of the perpetrators, but it was designed to distract you and instead it served as a symbol of the very thing that the dark hats don’t want you to have, which is Peace on Earth.  How about that?  Ha!   The tables got turned again, didn’t they, and you can see how unsuccessful all of their last minute efforts are in this one event.  And if that doesn’t show to you how close Planet Earth is, then take a moment out of all of your busyness and reflect upon it. Go within, ask yourself if this is not an indication that the Earth is so close to peace upon the planet, and that of course, is why we’re here.

“Peace, abundance and just plain joy and happy times, that’s what we are here to help you to achieve, and because you are standing so tall in your courage, and because you are opening your hearts so beautifully, you have but a nanosecond in time.  Of course, no dates.  Just reach out and feel it because it’s evident everywhere.  Look at the children upon the planet and send your love to them, particularly those who are still living in the midst of war.  And yes, they know, as children do, that that is not their reality, it’s just at the moment and that all is really well, because that, Beloveds, is what you called forth and that is what you have ordained.  And so it is.  There’s just no question anywhere in the universe about the success of this mission. You all came here to be part of the bringing of peace, to be part of the end of any kind of enslavement, the end of any kind of blockages to your health, your well-being, your happiness and your joy.  So the big news about changes is the world is coming to Peace. And what that means for each and every one of you is that you need to come to Peace with whatever changes you are feeling.   And if it seems difficult for you, if it’s unhappy for you, if it’s a situation where you are causing or feeling that something is causing a separation for you from someone you love, connect with them in their spirit world, or in their sub-conscious.  There are many ways that you can do it.  Use the ‘Ho’ponopono.’  Sit down and talk if that is indicated but if you are feeling that it is time to move on or to change, then do it.   You have the love of all of the universe with you, and it’s simply that your time together may have come to an end in this lifetime on Planet Earth, but it doesn’t mean that you ever have to be apart because We Are All One anyway.

“Now let’s talk about something that we know is very, very important to you and it’s coming and we have told you this before.  For those of you who have not yet united with your Twin Flames, that is a part of the Ascension process and if you are anxious to have your Twin Flame a little bit sooner than when you become the crystalline, ascended being in the Christ-consciousness dimension, then call him forth or her forth, because you all have one. There isn’t anybody who doesn’t have one, whether you are on Earth or not.  And if you just detected or noticed someone else speaking with me, you are right.  We are here gathered this huge assembly of loving beings here to tell you what you already know in part of your being, and just simply to offer some reminders as this year of 11 comes to a close on your calendars.  This has been the year for heart connections. 2010 is going to be even more magnificent if you allow it to be.  It’s that simple.  Now is the time where you will find that there will be more who will be open to hearing from you about these matters anyway.   If you want to talk about it with someone near and dear to you, go ahead.  You will be amazed at how far they have raised their vibrations so as to be able to meet you, perhaps not in perfect harmony, perhaps they are on a different path or time-line than you are, nevertheless they will be more receptive to hearing what you have to say because their consciousness is in the same place yours is.

Peace is the number one priority for this entire planet.  Peace that is based in Unconditional Love. And there are many outgrowths of that if you want to hear them – loving your neighbors and coming together in community, helping each other out, being there for each other, opening to new ways of healing and receiving healing, and don’t forget each and every one of you is as powerful a healer as anyone else, if you are open to allowing it, and these gifts that you have are going to be called forth in 2010.   So you might want to spend a little time thinking about what gifts it is that you have that you are not accessing fully yet or have yet to try out.  Go ahead, take it out for a spin and see where you end up because you are going to be delighted.  We can guarantee that.  And if it seems a little slow at first, keep working on it.

“If you have people that you feel as though it’s difficult to communicate with, keep working on it.  Do so subliminally or from your higher self to their higher self or how about just wonderful ‘Ho’oponopono.’  You really can do that with anyone you know.  Just go out in the marketplace and spread it around.  Oh, my goodness, we have technical adjustments, oh wondrous indeed [Elise adjusting the phone].   I, Ashtar, can do these things you know, but I don’t have to and that is so delightful because we work together here.  We are a team family.

“As we were saying, if you really are feeling as though you are ready for your Twin Flame to come in then start greeting, start welcoming, start allowing and if you have a relationship that is undergoing change, get it done.  Now let us talk about New Year’s resolutions, shall we?   Instead of making a list for next year, we would advise you to make a list of all that no longer serves you in this 2009 year because there’s still some Q-tipping to do.  There isn’t a single human being, unascended human being, who doesn’t have a little something in the very back corners of their closets or whatever.  Get your projects finished up.  Get your vibrations raised and get happy and excited, because this coming year is going to be unlike any other year you have seen. This year has been a real doozy as you might say.  So much change, so much joy, so much love has been welcomed to Planet Earth and you, Beloved Ones, have been magnificent in your openings to receive.  So just take a moment to make a little list. Now here’s a little tip for you.  Out here there is no time.  So if you feel as though you can’t quite get everything completed by the first day of 2010, then just call for a little 2009 to cover whatever it is that you haven’t accomplished.  So you can be with one foot in 2009 and one foot in 2010 and operate according to what it is you are doing.   If you are Q-tipping, clearing out, cleansing, call forth 2009 so you get it done, you see?  It’s a little bit of magic and we always like to share all of these little insights about time and the lack of it.

“And then when you are doing your new ventures, you’re in 2010 or you can be wherever you want to be.  Now we have just one other important little tip for you.  In some cases it is extremely necessary to cleanse, clear, transmute or Violet Ray whatever it is that you feel the need to clear.  For instance, if you keep getting some anger and you really want it to clear it out, you might say ‘all anger,’ be sure you clear it out from all of your beings.  We shall repeat for emphasis, ‘your past, your present, your future, ah-ha and your parallel and dimensional selves in all of your bodies,’ because it may be that you think it’s a past life but it might be something that has yet to come in your reckoning, in your being, as a future.  You realize what we are telling you is that you have the power to head off any future unhappiness or disappointment or whatever, by simply taking a now moment and cl eansing it out of everywhere. How about that?  That’s a real biggie because that’s going to save you a lot of time and it’s going to save you from a lot of recurrences.  And you can do the exercises that marvelous Meg guides you to do, or you can use whatever technique or method you want to do.  You can call forth your guides and just say, ‘Alright, here’s the program, we’ve got some work to do, we’re gonna clear out,’ whatever.  Whatever works for you, Beloveds, if you haven’t found a technique yet, tune in.  Marvelous Meg will be on the airwaves tomorrow night.  She can help.  And there are many, many helpers and many, many books that have been written, and there’s all kinds of beautiful websites and we just recommend that you not spend the next 6 months in 2009.  You are going to want to be ready for 2010, so do whatever you feel to do.  Do it with Love and when we say do it with Love, who are we talking about, first in line for the love that you beam, oh you all know it, and that’s you, Beloved Ones, your beautiful magnificent selves.

“Be the Love and be the Joy for you and when you do beam it out for everyone and as you know when you beam, the whole world gets it and the universe beyond.  You would not be so triumphant in bringing about the Golden Age and the changes, you would not be so close if you had not raised your vibrations sufficiently to overcome the dark energies that used to be surrounding you.  Now they’re not. They try a little something here, they try a little something there, they live on your fear.  Starve them.  Don’t feed ‘em.  Give ‘em Love and some are already responding and changing their hats, some are not.  Just Love ‘em.  Send them some ‘Ho’oponopono’s.  Be compassionate observers and love yourself because your deserve it beyond any words that I, Ashtar, can find to give to you this time or at any other.  Remember who you are Beloveds, you came here with mission and purpose and as long as you are in that loving state, mission is accomplished.

“And so I, Ashtar, say to all of you Happy New Year!  Enjoy it, live it, love it and we love you, Beloved Ones, beyond all words.  Just feel the Love, allow it in and enjoy all of the Golden Age because it’s here and it’s now.  And so it is.   Salute.”

Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this timely transcription.
Copyright Susan Leland 2009. All rights reserved.


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