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Ashtar and The Arcadians


Arcadian Elder:

Hello. We are the Arcadians. We are many forms of humanoid and not reptilian. When the reptilian humanoids came to breed with our children, we left and came to Sirius B for refuge. We stay on our Mothership and travel to the places we go in shuttlecraft. We have citizens of our colony who have slate grey skin, very large cone heads and skinny arms and legs. We have those with faces shaped like large chevrons with big almond eyes. There are several others, we have great diversity.

We travel out in orbs to Earth. We are Ones who travel around observing silently and not interacting. We take data back to our Ships about how Earth is progressing. We are Monitors. We collect data and analyze it. We do this to help formulate plans of how to handle certain situations in the best manner. We are physically there to witness happenings and report it to the computers. We help bring data about if a Group is ‘ready’ or ‘not ready’ to proceed with the next steps. By being there Monitoring, we are often able to speed up projects. When we see growth and positive reactions, we feed that back to the computer. The result is the computer is able to reveal the next step. We act as observers and this knowledge is shared with others involved with delegating orders and carrying out the Master Plan.

We are the go between for Earth and the Silent Watcher. We watch and record everything.


I want everyone to see this aspect of the Galactic Federation. I want everyone to know that beaming your light and being in your joy is going to be the most important thing you can do right now. Giving up hope is just what the dark wants. We are going to stand in our joy knowing the changes we seek are happening. Every thought and every action effects everything else.

It is time to understand that there has been a war within the Illuminati to control Planet Earth for themselves and also other Planets as well. This is why the Gaia Conscious Collective called the Galactic Federation with the Secret Forces headed by KOS and working with Korton from Mars. The Planet needed intergalactic help to overcome the threat. Earth has been made into a place where all the finances are hedged on bad paper and the population at large are slaves. The Annunaki were working, up to 8/8/09, hand in hand with Politicians and Bankers around the World, as well as the Biomedical Military Industrial Complex to control everyone. You are now in the process of watching this dissolve. These Annunaki still have Ships in Earth’s orbit. Last week a very large Ship of negative ETs was taken out. They too will be exiting the Planet’s orbit and will not have access to come back. The Earth’s vibration will be 5D or above and their Ships will vibrationally not be able to penetrate the field of the atmosphere. It is the Galactic Federation which has kept the U.S., the Germans [], and the French and Russians from unearthing the Iranian Star Gate. The International forces on Earth are guarding the Star Gates. The Annunaki have had control of the Star Gates. They have been bringing their Mother Ships in and out of these Star Gates on Earth, the ones originally set by the Master Builders [David Wilcock talks about the Master Builders here –  Tony]. They used these to travel to other Worlds as well as to Inner Earth. They kept secret facilities below ground and had scientists working to manipulate every aspect of human life.

There are those who are Galactic Humans working in the Pentagon who are double agents. They are running behind the scenes and are in place and waiting for a signal from the KOS and the Galactic Federation. Until that signal is given, they must act as they are continuing the war machine. They must do this in order to hold their position of rank and be in place to make the changes for Peace when the signal is given.

President Obama has met with the 1st World and 2nd World Leaders in closed door meetings. This is his part of the preparation for World Peace.

They have been informed of their roles. If they do not want to participate in the Master Plan, they have been given their pink slip. They will be removed from their positions and have the corrective action that is right for them, their day in court, and in some cases removal from the Planet.

Not only did we have to arrest and remove any and all working with the Annunaki, we also had to remove the Annunaki Ships. They have been all but hindered from using the Star Gates. They have run out of places to hide. We have used teams from all Star Nations in the local Galaxy and you have met one such Team today. This Colony from Arcadia has been stationed at Sirius B and working with the GF Teams doing surveillance and helping the delegation Teams as well as gathering intel to move the Master Plan forward. There has been much going on that has not been reported to you before.

When the Star Gates are clear, there will be a mass influx of Ships. There are only certain ones willing to work in Earth’s atmosphere with these renegade Ships still here. All the other Member Nations of the IGF will be free to come and go when we give the All Clear.

This day is fast approaching. We ask you to be alert, be in joy, and continue to beam love and light as we finish the final steps in the Master Plan.




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  1. Javonne says:

    So what is this master plan?… the destruction of all humans? I mean how is more war going to bring world peace? If anything the Galactic Federation should step in and help us out! we’re dying here. our children are dying. bankers are insane, taking the wealth of everyone to keep for themselves. How can ANYONE be happy and full of joy? Our world is about to collapse due to financial fraud. We now have hundreds of Occupy movements around the world trying to fight back against what’s happening while being beaten and sprayed down by militerized police officers.

    Will no one help us? It’s extreamly difficult to not loose hope when I take a walk down the street and see homeless men, women, and children, grasping and clinging onto life. with no clue as to where their next meal is going to come from.

    I don’t know if there’s a reptillian race controlling our world or what. But I do know that we can’t go on living like this anymore. the level of stress in the world is overwhelming…

    I’m not asking for much.. Just a little help would do

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