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Without Vaccine, Australia Shrugs Off Swine Flu.


October 27, 2009

By David M. Burd

With no vaccine available for H1N1 flu, Australia recently ended its 2009 “Flu Season” (their Winter in our Summer), with 186 flu-associated fatalities of 36,991 Aussies confirmed having H1N1.

The Australia 2009 stats for regular ‘seasonal flu’ are not final yet, but their Health Dept literature cites annual flu-associated mortality historically has been between 2,500 and 3,000  in spite of universal  vaccination programs for regular flu long being established.  A logical review of these results strongly suggests next year Australia should initiate a “flu vaccination holiday,” promote vitamin D supplements, long known to be effective for preventing Wintertime flu disease, and then compare the outcomes.

Pertinently, experts have also stated that H1N1 was probably already in Australia for their 2008 flu season, but not tested for (which is the nature of the testing world; a great percentage of “flu” cases being presumptive, never tested).  In light of Australia clearly showing the pussycat nature of H1N1, can somebody explain why America’s media willfully ignores the news from Australia?  However, despite the derelict media, I would think U.S. Health Generals would certainly be up on Flu news from Down Under, and certainly from Canada right next door.

Canadian front page news on flu vaccinations has transfixed Canada health authorities, prompting official suspension of regular flu vaccination programs until further notice.  This comes from a sweeping study of Canada by research Doctors Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre of Disease Control and Gaston De Serres of Laval University in Quebec concluding Canadians receiving flu vaccinations have twice the risk of coming down with the flu, compared to those who do not take the shot.

In a bizarre five-hour worldwide teleconference held by the World Health Organization October 4 on the Skowronski/De Serres Study, U.S. doctors offered the opinion that the Canadian doctors’ flu vaccination study was certainly wrong and must have used flawed study parameters, though the U.S. doctors admittedly could not identify anything specific.  To paraphrase the U.S. attitude: ‘Damn the vaccination studies, flu speed ahead!’

In view of all this, America wakes up Sunday, Oct. 25 to headlines of President Obama proclaiming Saturday that H1N1 Flu is now under a National Health Emergency.  Perhaps, Obama’s rhetoric is no coincidence as it is well known most Americans have been rejecting their invitations to show up for their shots.  And maybe, American mothers and fathers realize there are indeed catastrophic risks associated with vaccinations, particularly since CDC says their kids should be marched in for shots, regardless of CDC admitting the shots contain full amounts of mercury preservative.  And, I am not making this up: CDC astonishingly insists that the mercury in vaccines brings no risk whatsoever to kids.

Three related conclusions come to mind:

(1) My hat is off to the public, thinking for themselves.  Huraah!!

(2) Obama’s health advisor Harry Varmus, NIAID chief Tony Fauci, HHS Secretary Sebelius, CDC Director Thomas Frieden, CDC Commander Anne Schuchat are so zealously dedicated to Herd Control of Americans they willfully ignore the honest, financially independent, most available information on Planet Earth: Australia’s just ended Flu Season, and the study in Canada by Doctors Skowronski and De Serres (and other studies that reinforce their conclusion). U.S. health officials promoting unwarranted epidemic fears and manipulation of H1N1 flu deserve permanent mail room duty on the international space station – at best.

(3) President Obama illustrates perfectly the medically-ignorant political animal, craving to be seen as a Medical Hero in the national spotlight, while willfully ignoring abundant proof of brain damage and other permanent disabilities to millions of children by vaccines’ mercury and other toxic ingredients cavalierly injected in such as the H1N1 vaccine.

David Burd  began his career as the first generation of “rocket scientists,” from Northwestern University in 1965, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Astronautical Sciences, with mankind soon bound for the moon.  His most recent work includes fifteen years consulting in patent related surgical application of energy, springing from being a patent examiner at the US Patent Office in Surgery Art.



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