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“The Tyrant Should Be Overthrown…”


November 25, 2009

In Sweden, created the movement “against Karimov, which collects the statements of claim to the Hague tribunal against the President of Uzbekistan. Representatives of the movement intends to submit to him in court in Europe.

He founded a movement of activist and lawyer, Mark Rupert, who lives in Sweden. He collected more than 300 legal claims tribunal in The Hague against President Islam Karimov.

According to the Uzbek service of Radio Liberty, under the name “Mark Rupert” operates businessman from Samarkand, the victim of the Uzbek authorities and received asylum in Sweden. Mark Rupert said that many Uzbek citizens who are victims of persecution by the Uzbek government of Islam Karimov, are going to appeal to European courts in order to achieve the removal of President Islam Karimov from power.

Commenting for IslamNews this message, human rights activist Bakhrom Karimov (political refugee from Uzbekistan and now a citizen of Russia) said: “I myself am a victim of the Karimov regime. And many well know my attitude to this dictator. I’m first interested in the care of Karimov. However, I think that this whole campaign under the slogan “The tyrant should be overthrown” is only aimed at correcting the damaged reputation of the European Union, the United States and the West in general. I am almost certain that the West has supported and privately supported Karimov’s repression against his own people. See, four and a half years have passed since the Andijan massacre. Then killed more than 10 000 people. What steps have been taken by the West against the bloody tyrant? Yes, no. And imagine that at least one citizen of western countries affected by Karimov’s regime. The reaction of the West are not forced to wait long “.

In addition, B. Khamroev doubt that the founder of the movement could be a number of Uzbek political refugees. Perhaps, suggests a human rights activist in the West are considering whether to replace the aging dictator, a man of his same size, but more “soft”.

“The situation in Uzbekistan can be developed so that Karimov would remove the people. West would be “out of business”, so it must keep the situation under control. Of course, it is possible that the move could be “integrated” (in Western society), Uzbeks, but it is likely, people from the “Karimov’s entourage,” quarreled with his patron, “- concluded B. Khamroev.



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