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Stargate Roundtable Call – November 12, 2009


Stargate Roundtable Call
November 12th, 2009


ANGEL SUE: Thank you Marietta and Robert.

MARIETTA: Thank you Angel Sue, and bless you for opening the call and setting the tone and getting us started in a good space, energy space, here. Welcome to everyone, this is Stargate Roundtable. It’s a way that we are practicing how we may be governing ourselves from the future. We don’t have a dictator at the head of the table, we have a round table. We all share our talents, our abilities, and the responsibilities that we are able to contribute to the group. We have our opening meditation and then for about a half-hour here we will have roundtable time. And this is the way we use the ancient custom of “passing the talking stick,” so that the person speaking requests “May I have the talking stick,” and we all listen attentively while they’re speaking, and then when they are finished they’ll say “I pass the talking stick” and it’s time for the next person. There are many things that you can share. This is basically for short sound bytes of information. If you have an article that you’ve found, try to give us a summary of it during this period of time so that we can invite as many people as possible to speak.

We do have a guest tonight, Dr. Roland Thomas, [who] will be speaking on the bio-superfood and, he always has wonderful message, about how the body works, how the mind works, and how this all connects and how we can nourish ourselves and have the best health possible. I’m going to pass the talking stick, first of all to Rama to see what he’s learned out there today, and then we’ll open the line here for the roundtable.

RAMA: Greetings!

MARIETTA: Welcome, glad you are here!

RAMA: We’ve been having a little, I was just trying to get it together here, there is a lot happening across this planet at this time and it is all good, and at the same time the neo-cons in exile are trying to create anything but that goodness coming in, and all the stories today have to deal with one issue in general.

TARA: No, the crystal. Ok.

RAMA: All the issues have to deal with one story, and it’s about racism and it goes back all the way to the ancient stories, legends, of our “US,” actually, coming in and admitting/meeting ourselves at this time space continuum. And it is about healing the trauma. And I mean Stephanie Miller to Tom Hartman to Randy Rhoades to …

TARA/RAMA: “Ron Reagan,” …

TARA: Ronald Reagan, Laura Flanders…

RAMA: Laura Flanders, I mean, the stories are just unfolding like I can’t keep up. And it’s all about the exposure of the neo-cons in exile who have been pulling the wool, they think, over the people’s eyes for the last, quite a few million years, and it’s just about over. Because it’s falling apart at the seams now because all the stories are linking each other up. And on Stephanie Miller this morning she had Hal Sparks on and they were doing comedy and it was talking about these ancient dragons and Hillary and all the other folks in the Senate as well as the House and how they keep going back-and-forth about this health care bill. And the stories are that, you know, at this time 2012 is approaching and maybe it is time, last call, get-on-that-bus-back-to-Nibiru and go home, [and] they were making jokes about that today because the movie comes out tomorrow, 2012, and they’re trying to say that, you know, something not so nice is going to happen…

TARA: Well, you know, there was one man on that 2012 last Sunday, who said that in Maya-land the story is completely different, and that the talking about this humongous, you might say, “Activation,” that allows us to access higher realms…

RAMA: “Activation,” (Marie: Higher Realms) “Regeneration”

TARA: ……of information where we become Galactic Humans as we were in its fullness, with full access to the records.

RAMA: And all the stories are coming out now about the different races that took part…

TARA: Galactic Races.

RAMA: Galactic Races or species or cultures is a better word.

MARIETTA: Galactic cultures where there are quite a few, I think something like ten million Galactic cultures that have some form of our DNA involved, and the descriptions of all those cultures are coming out on the Internet now [and] it’s quite interesting.

RAMA: And it’s coming out in terms of talking about these different hybrids right now who are seemingly making our rules [to] govern us, yet they can’t govern themselves, and what is exposed is the corruption that goes so deep and the bribery where the Constitutional Republic is, in a sense, it is here and it is being brought forth back by this Sirian Commander who just happens to say, “I’m holding off on Afghanistan ‘til I get the higher word, and that word is from St. Germain.”

MARIETTA: Oh, well, did you get the word to find out the name of all the 32 planets before ours to enter into the Federation of Worlds, Lord Rama?

RAMA: I do have that. I don’t have it in front of me, but I have it.

MARIETTA: OK, so, we’ll read that off tomorrow.

RAMA: Yeah.

MARIETTA: Yeah. The Galactic upgrade is what getting prepared for everybody to get, to get to hear, in their ear. And this time it’s beyond, it’s about Soul Love. It’s beyond personal all the way, it’s about the soul family love of all these intergalactic races that have come here to convene together for peace, and it’s amazing, it’s just wonderful, and on the other hand, George Carlin’s sister, [or] George Carlin’s daughter, was on Air America.

RAMA: She was on Stephanie Miller this morning, she was also on a rock station this morning talking about George Carlin, about how he started to expose 9/11 and what occurred and they killed him for it. And they…

MARIETTA: She actually said that, she said that they took him out because he was doing stand-up comedy that was getting the truth out there that, that 9/11 was an inside job. That’s big, that, you know, we all asked or told us all these things, yet this is on a main listening radio station, main media. And on the same note, then there were two daughters that were on Amy Goodman this morning, and their father was William Kintzler. He was a famous lawyer in the civil rights movement, and he also helped the Native Americans, and he also helped with the G8 that became the G7, and he also got involved with this New York rape case and I don’t… you remember the name of that?

RAMA: Mmm…

MARIETTA: There was a big case where…

RAMA: It was about the lady who got mugged in Central Park…

MARIE: And raped.

RAMA: And raped.

MARIETTA: Yes, and they pinned it on this black man. And he spent time, I guess it’s… and after this lawyer who took this man’s case after he died, 7 years later there was evidence uncovered that he was not the guilty person and the actual person who did it came forward and volunteered. They checked the DNA.

RAMA: The movie is called “Disturbing the Universe.” It is an excellent movie to check out.

MARIETTA: Basically what’s being told here, Amy did a special for World Link Television today. And she played clips, many clips, of George Carlin, over the 40 years that this one has his stand up comedy that was informing the people politically, [doing a] reality check, and basically he was talking about Racism, Nationalism, and (RAMA: Fascism) Fascism, and he was saying [about] the sickness of America, [that] it’s time for it to be not only recognized yet for it to be completely healed in order for us to be at 11/11, 11 [2009], and again… I said to someone today that at 11:11 in the morning yesterday and then again at 11:11 in the evening there were 5 elevens at those two times so there were ten elevens all day. You might say “New Beginnings” across the board.

RAMA: This is why Obama said “I’m gonna sit back and think about this one with Afghanistan and not continue to play the game where we continue to fund the black ops any longer.”

MARIETTA: Yes, because that was distinctly reported that it has been found that all these Taliban actions are funded by our government – all of them.

RAMA: And what is unfolding in terms of the final solution, as it were, is First Contact. It is so imminent the way the energies and the messages are coming out, it’s like people are jumping out of their skin. That’s the way it feels out there. And me included, I’ve got the talking stick.

MARIETTA: OK, well, we are glad to hear what’s going on here. We are about half-way through our time, so I’m going to open the line here to Q&A, so we’ll all contribute.

Q & A

MARIETTA: OK, we’re back to Q&A and I apologize for making this announcement, but there’s been two people who have called me and I was to have mailed them the kit to do the saliva tests with Dr. Teresa Dale. And, in moving some office stuff, I’ve lost both of those addresses and phone numbers, so, if you are one of those people, you’ll  need to give me a call 317-773-0061. Or you can email me at So, I apologize for the announcement, but I don’t want people to think I forgot – just misplaced the information.

So, who would like to have the talking stick and has something to share?

PAT In HOUSTON: I just had something to share, more of my Forrest Gumpiness, it turns out that the young girl that stopped and shot that Major Hassan, Hussein, whatever-his-name-was, in Fort Hood, it turns out that she’s a neighbor of mine, and she was a classmate of my son’s, here where I live, and I saw her on the local news this evening and they were interviewing her, and I have to say my interpretation of what I heard is, to me, almost incomprehensible that that was not a planned deal. She was rewarded immediately, she was shot, she had a lung collapsed and a couple of other minor wounds, fairly minor wounds, but she had a fiancé who was stationed in Iraq, who was immediately or was already half-way here right after the attack, she was supposedly on her way to Iraq, for deployment, but all that has been cancelled and now she’s not having to go back there, neither is her fiancé. In just her responses to the questions, I didn’t think she was being very forthcoming and I just don’t think it was an accident that she was from my neighborhood, given everything that’s happened in my neighborhood which is right outside of NASA. So I thought I would share that with…

MARIETTA: Well, thank you for sharing. I also had an email from a friend of mine that’s in Houston, and she has a very military background, and this was a friend that she knew that this guy had written his report of what had happened and she shared it and sent it. He said, well, this is not the final report, but this is what I saw. So it’s quite fascinating all the information that’s coming out that…

Rama, did you hear anything at all on the news about, or any of you, you know Obama is on this huge, important trip, and our media doesn’t even say anything. Has anybody heard anything about this?

RAMA: Marietta, it is not being reported in the regular news in the US, yet if you go to Reuters, you will find more out about it.

MARIETTA: Did you find anything out yet?

RAMA: He’s on his way to Asia, and he was in Alaska, and he addressed the Air Force people up in Alaska, Anchorage, and I heard from the King of Egypt today that he had a little visit with some folks in Anchorage, that area, connected with the Galactic visitors, who in a sense may or may not be sharing the stage [with] him as it were. That is what I have heard. And I don’t know, I am just saying that’s what was passed on to me by Anubis…

UNKNOWN CALLER: …who doesn’t know s*.

MARIETTA: And what did you say about the people that are in Alaska, there was a bleep in the phone here, somebody said something. What did you say…

UNKNOWN CALLER: who doesn’t know s*. [He’s] so…so confused.

MARIETTA: Sir, you are allowed to have your opinion, and you are allowed to take the Talking Stick. We respect each other on this call and if you would like to be a part of this call we would like you to respect people. We will also respect you, we will pass you the Talking Stick and you can take a turn, but please do not interrupt…

UNKNOWN CALLER: Won’t admit it…you don’t know…you truly don’t know…

MARIETTA: Sir, do you have any respect [for] anyone? [pregnant pause] This is not appropriate on this call.

UNKNOWN CALLER: You don’t know shit.

FLORIDA ROBERTS: I’ve got some info.

MARIETTA: Rama, would you like to say what you said about the people in Alaska connecting with the Galactics? I didn’t hear that part.

RAMA: OK. What I was saying…

UNKNOWN CALLER: [interrupts, not discernable]

MARIETTA: Maybe you had better go ‘round the block for this and we can complete.

RAMA: Yes…

MARIETTA: So you can start [over] now, I’ve shifted the mode and we’ll be able to hear you, Rama. And then I’ll change it back, but at least while you’re speaking we can have quiet.

RAMA: OK. Obama is meeting with some of the Galactic folks that are going to be sharing the stage with him at the proper timing, and that is what I heard from the King of Egypt today, Anubis. And the way it is being said out there in terms of the energies, somebody brought this up today, “seven days in May,” and there was a movie about a coup d’état that occurred, and they’re playing with these games and these ideas and the energies are not to be trifled with because St. Germain is calling the shots. And right now it is… the Light has won, and I would not get in St. Germain’s way, on any level. That is how intense it is. It is either this way, or, you are not in this dimension on any level. It is cut and dry. And I pass the Talking Stick.

MARIETTA: OK, well, we thank you, and I will change it back to Q & A now.

[changes mode]

MARIE: We are back to Q & A and who would like the Talking Stick?

PAUL: I was wondering the about the stuff with Chris Story. I mean, is he going crazy? One minute he’s attacking the websites, and the next minute he seems to be telling the truth or maybe not a truth about what’s going on. What about the stuff in his latest “renditions?” Has everybody read it? Is [inaudible] Tara, Rama know anything about it?

MARIETTA: Now remember, they always remind us that his allegiance is to the Queen, and, so, he has a lot of good things but, knowing that, it puts a different light on some of the things he speaks about. I have not read the latest one today. Rama…

TARA: Could you read it? Could you tell us what it said about the renditions -that’s something worthy of noting. ‘Cuz he does report things up to a point, and that point is where the Queen doesn’t want him to go. So, it’s always a good thing to listen to him with that discernment. And what he says vs. what you think the Queen might not like to be said about it will help you to understand where the craziness is. And if you do have that report, it would be good to hear what he said.

PAUL: The report was about… it seems there’s a lot of arrests going on, and that there are agents from China and other countries here trying to get the settlement process done and they’re continuing to be blocked, and military’s on alert, and there seems to be a lot of military action going on in Israel as well.

TARA: OK, my comment on that is that it is true that there are massive arrests that have been going on for weeks and weeks on end here, across the whole world. So his reflections on that I am sure have [inaudible] affirmation to that from many other circles, especially out-of-this-country circles, because they are reflecting that the Chinese Red and Green have been deployed, and Benjamin Fulford spoke about that too, and I haven’t heard anything about what he’s doing over there in the Asian Summit. And that’s gonna be, I mean, when it finally comes out it’s gonna be huge because China wants the dollar to replaced by the Yen [pronounced as Yuan, or Yawn]. That’s how you say that, even though that’s spelled Y-E-N. Yan-e, Yanye…

MARK: Tara – we will, Beth and I, will be having a little bit update later on.

TARA: About that situation?

MARK: Mmmm.

TARA: OK, so there you go. Good question, commander! And just know that the round up for the public is pending, today, what happened today, there’s some more stuff that happened with the media people today. On Keith Olbermann…

RAMA: I didn’t get to see it, you saw it.

TARA: All these people in the media, from O’Reilly…

RAMA: Sean Hennesy…….

TARA: They’re all trying to define Mr. Hassan as a terrorist, that’s what it is. And not as any terrorist, as a Muslim terrorist. That’s what they’re doing again, and this is the repetitive of what they did after 9/11 when none of it was ever true.

RAMA: This is what Tom Hartman wrote in; go and read his blog, and it is a magnificent piece.


JACQUELINE: I don’t know whether you know, but Prince Charles and the Duchess have been visiting all over Canada, and they were in Ottawa for the “Remembrance Service.” And royalty always wears black, and they did, but then it showed on the news about a two-second clip of the Queen at a “Remembrance Service,” and I have an old TV and my color isn’t that good but she was wearing bright purple. And I’m thinking “is this a symbol to the 13 families – this is it, this is over” or what? Tara/Rama, would you comment.

TARA: Well, you know whose color purple goes with!

RAMA: Yeah.

JACQUELINE: I know, this is extraordinary!

RAMA: I would just say, St. Germain has the final say-so because he is the one-and-only Trustee.

JACQUELINE: Well, it was quite extraordinary and wonderful. Thank you, I pass the Talking Stick.

CALLER: I would like to say that we have a famous, so-called, journalist that is leaving CNN, his name is Lou Dobbs. Tara and Rama, would [you] please speak about that? Thank you, I pass the talking stick.

RAMA: I would say that what has to be said about Lou Dobbs is that he…

TARA: He was on CNN from its inception and he tried to insinuate that Keith Olbermann tried to get him fired.

RAMA: And I’ll just say that Lou Dobbs has created the atmosphere and the instability called racism in this country along with Sean Hannety, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, all the other so-called “Neo-Cons” or “GOP in exile,” and the way Tom Hartman said, “if there are real people who support the Republic, take your party back! This is what’s supposed to happen here.”

TARA: No, no, the party system is not the Republic.

RAMA: Of course.

TARA: That’s the veneer.

RAMA: I’m just making a statement of what he said.

TARA: OH, well, that’s really weird.

RAMA: Yeah, it is what he does and it’s not where I go, yet I am just trying to say that he was telling the folks out there to stand up for their rights, [and] don’t let the Neo-Cons walk all over them.

TARA: Who was telling?

RAMA: Tom Hartman was telling the Republicans listening on the radio to take their party back and not allow the ones that are leading it down the road to destruction if you will. And that is what is happening in a sense where on the higher levels this is being taken to the place in which our Galactic friends bring it in and we end the trauma-drama here and now. I pass the talking stick.

[caller announces desire for Talking Stick, Marietta checks for Dr. Thomas, Dr. Thomas is not on, so caller receives Talking Stick]

ANGEL SUE: I just wish to remind you again in these chaotic times, don’t forget about linking up with the crystals. The one that I’m referring specifically to is this one from Mount Ida, Arkansas, that wants to be called “Peace and Comfort.” And whether you’ve ever seen the pictures that I’ve put on the website or not, just know that you can call in Peace and Comfort and it will link you in with any of the Divine Attributes, always, always, always for the Best and Highest Good of all concerned. So, the crystal community, working with the Galactics, are a fabulous tool, the phantoms especially, they magnify your good intents and your prayers, your meditations, and you can receive that extra aid with it and we can help stabilize these times that are so wonky. And with the emotions, and with the crazed mental trauma-drama that people are going through as they’re releasing these deep, inner-core, issues that are generations-old, lifetimes-old, don’t forget to call on the crystals and especially tap into Peace and Comfort. And thank you, I pass the Talking Stick.

DR. ROLAND: Good evening, this is Roland. I just wanted to let you know I’ve come.

MARIETTA: Well, we just asked for you, so Angel Sue was filling in a little bit until you arrived. So, we are so grateful that you are with us again. I think I’ll place you in presentation mode so we’ll have a very quiet time as you begin your talk this evening, and then we’ll go into a little Q & A a little later, is that OK with you?

DR. THOMAS: Absolutely.

MARIETTA: We are now in presentation mode and we are very grateful that Dr. Roland Thomas is gracing us with his presence this evening. He always has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share about how the body works and how the mind and how all of this connects, and how we can have a healthier happier life, and we are just looking forward to seeing what he wishes to share this evening, and towards the end we’ll take a few questions.

DR THOMAS: Well, thank you whomsoever was finishing their talk when I came in; I just came in [at] the last minute and it was a lovely ending, [and] whatever was said before, I missed it. Good evening, family of light, of love. There is nothing but love. The rest are illusions in this place of phenomena, and turmoils that we make up in our minds, games that we play, we might be mundane and call them fear, or confusions, or paranoias, or doubts. But, nevertheless, these are the terms we converse with. We talk about so much suffering and pains and fear and confusion. Most of it is based, derived, from ignorance. But there’s also so many lies – on CNN, on Fox News. Who is the best liar of all? So much violence. “What is one to do?” is what I’d like to talk about.

I am Roland Thomas and I am 60 years old this year. And I have suffered greatly in my life, mostly in my youth, from ignorance, from naïve conceptions of the world, from being unfortunately not led well – misled by the family, by subsequently the schooling, by eventually, the media, and our governments, and various teachings [which] were not taught well. I’m alluding to my Christian up-bringing. Subsequently I was involved in some Yogic studies, various groups, even partially considered sectarians, extremes. And I was also involved in the Hippie Movement. And I’m not bashing any of those things, by the way, I’m just sharing why I think I’ve suffered. And eventually that led to physical suffering because of some of the neglect towards my health, consumption of certain substances, as well [as] mostly the damage was likely from the food that … too much food that I ate in my life, too much of the wrong food and so forth, that actually led to degenerative conditions in my body, the likes of arthritis, and loss of energy, some depression, some bi-polar type depressions, and of course, by the time I was 45 this was getting worse really, even though I had embarked since the age of 28 in a cleansing, in a renewal, in a decision to learn to stop the pain, and a search, very active…yet there were times when I would go back to non-active search for solutions.

I am going to cut really quickly to today. Really, I should mention for the last 10-15 years my life has been but bliss. And as well, I have managed to eliminate pain from my life, certainly the physical pain, and most of the emotional and spiritual [pain], I must say, this longing that I used to have, this mostly from one you don’t know, and I’m not saying I’m the All-Knower, but you don’t know what you don’t know, maybe I should say it this way, it’s quite the life of fear.

Anyhow, tonight I’d like to introduce a concept that I’ve borrowed from many of my experiences as well as from… as far as the terms and the description of it, from many others, other people, other peers, other people on the path, as many of you are. We are all on the path. We are all…I’ll use a, if you wish, a term, an al-bora term from Buddhism, we are all baby Buddhas, and what this means is that we are all on the path and it is not a question of who is ahead or behind.

I’d like to talk tonight about, first, a concept of wellness. A concept of finding bliss. What else is there to do? Longevity comes next, if we can have bliss for a long time. On the other end, by the way, bliss can be boring, so you have to learn to do something with bliss. Which all the great sage[s] and prophets and teachers have realized, that once you achieve knowledge and bliss there’s nothing but to stick around and help others, there’s nothing else to do that’s worth a penny on Earth. Accumulating riches, or even knowledge for one’s sake is pain, [and] eventually will lead to pain.

So I’d like to introduce a concept, a solution that works for me, toward finding this wellness, this bliss, potentially longevity. And I’ll call this learning the art, or the Martial Art of Wellness. And I’m calling it a martial art because it’s an advanced form of practice toward wellness. Just as in the martial art of self defense you know you hear of street fighting vs. professional boxing, or ninja. You have the three levels, you have the brute fighting that would probably lose the fight to a kung-fu fighter. In the same way, toward wellness, you [might] have no clue how to preserve your health, or wellness, happiness, [or] how to gain it. And I…there’s an aspect that relates to a war here as well, that we are under attack. I’ll briefly bring that up. So you have to learn self-defense practices, because we are under constant attack by not only mental pollution, medias, and televisions, or friends, or families, endless proposals leading to doubts, stress, to….. emotions and so forth. But as well as you all know, on the physical plane, from pollutants, from our food, or the air we breathe; we are constantly under attack and it’ll never end. And we are talking about billions of potential viruses. And so-on and so-forth.

So, what is one to do – live in fear? Or hide and wear some kind of mask in your face, on your face? And wear gloves? And wash your hands? All day long? What is one to do? And I propose that we need to become a Wellness Warrior in the world. And by the way we can be [a] silent wellness warrior; it does not have to be a loud affair. It’s really about practicing very basic, very simple concepts that most of us know in the first place, by the way. Another concept that I want to introduce in this practice is wellness at warp speed. And this is a phrase that I borrowed from a very good friend who has passed this past year, Dr. Noah McKay, who had written a book called Wellness At Warp Speed, and I invite you to write [down] the title and read it if you have a chance. In a sense, he used his knowledge and our knowledge of quantum physics to describe that all of us can be well right now. In this present moment, we can be well right away, instantly. In other words we can make a quantum leap into wellness. Not tomorrow, tomorrow does not exist; what’s the use of being well tomorrow? Tonight we can be well.

So I’ll also be introducing along the way a concept that I call Awakening the Genius Within. I’ll not make a big emphasis, nor any product pitch tonight, at all. How do we awaken the genius within or achieve wellness at that speed tonight? First we must know that knowledge is power – we can no longer be naïve, innocently naïve, or naïvely innocent, and expect that the world will take care of us, [that] there are so many loving people out there. And it’s not, I don’t want to paint it to [be a] dark affair, but knowledge frees us from fear so that we can live in love and that is possible right away. Even amidst the turmoil, and the dangers, and the lies, and the wars that lie on the physical plane. Power leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to power which leads to freedom from ignorance.

This is the first point, if you wish, toward wellness. We must learn, we must read, we must constantly be skeptical of any science, of any book, of any product, of any advertising, of any recommendation, to get [any] vaccination. We must look under the hood, we must lift the hood, we can never assume – no more. Never believe blindly. We must verify. There is nothing wrong to doubt, to be [an] eternal skeptic. Please do your research. Trust in your doubts, trust in your instincts, and verify. There’s nothing wrong with that; it will lead to more confidence. Become a researcher; its fun! What else are we gonna do? Become a scientist in a[n] area you feel that you need to learn [in order] to become well, to become healthy, to become happy.

So, just like we do not trust easily, we should not trust easily our bank; have we not found that out, our government, or employers, or doctors, my goodness, etc. So verify, trust, that doesn’t mean to never trust anyone. But trust has to be earned and you must verify – it’s a constant verification and validation. It can be fun. Once you develop trust in someone or a company and so forth, it becomes a bliss, actually.

Number two is we need to in this approach to wellness avoid any act, any substance, any dialog, discussion, any friend that will steal your peace-of-mind and/or of body, your wellness of body. As mentioned earlier, please avoid CNN and Fox News; those are extraordinary stressful pollutants. And avoid other negative TVs, or music, or family members, even friends that you think are your best friends yet really they’re constantly complaining or negative or talking against something, etc. This is very stressful. Avoid on the physical plane foods that are polluted, that are manufactured, anything that lists more than one or two ingredients. As a matter of fact don’t eat anything in a box, in a can, or in a bar. Even though it says “healthy snack mix,” don’t touch it. Go back to basics, go back to real food. Avoid anything that potentially has some pesticides, herbicides. Go out of your way. We’ll talk about a positive aspect to this. Be smart about it. It’s not so much that one item will kill you, it’s just to be smart about it. There’s no reason to tolerate food with pesticide, an apple that is laden with pesticides or herbicides. Get organic apple and wash it; it’s not complicated. This is what being a warrior is about. This is what self-defense is about. And it’s not like you have to learn this; everybody knows what is wrong in our food chain nowadays.

Never over-eat. The greatest killer in America, in the world, is over-eating. This leads to not just weight issues, but dramatic blood sugar issues, acidity issues, and eventually leads to disease, leads to various degenerative conditions, arthritis, and eventually Alzheimer’s, cancer, dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah. Never overeat anymore. Eat…a good way to eat is get away from the 3 meals per day. This was imposed on us back in the industrial era so that we could go to work for the boss and in the factory early morning, and have a quick lunch, then go back home and eat like a pig coming home. No more. Do not accept this concept, this brainwashing, this training that was then formed to eat three meals per day. Eat four to six smaller meals, seven if you wish. Never bigger than the palm of your hand – that’s the size of your stomach by the way. We constantly stretch our stomachs. Let each meal complete. Because a meal, if you think about it, be smart, is a very complex chemistry. These foods we put together in our stomach go through extraordinary transformation; they may be compliant to one another or they may not be, but if you overeat and you have wrong food combination, it’s a disaster. If you eat a small meal, then there will be enough place in your stomach for churning, for air, for some water, for some movement, and that chemistry will pass much easier and much better. We are very resilient. We can eat a lot of wrong stuff and do well if we don’t overeat, first of all, and if we eat in the small meal approach. Eat mostly plants is my recommendation. It’s not complicated, you don’t have to read the last thousand books that have been written on diets and food. What is it, Jane Summer, I think, is on her sixth book, best-seller, in each of her books she has refuted her previous books. She just came out with another one – reinventing diet, and omegas and this and that. It’s not complicated folks. Eat mostly plants. Within that eat mostly greens and fruits. That is the best diet, the best approach, it is very simple. I don’t care which plants you eat, which food you eat, but certainly I did say mostly greens which means the leafy types, the less mucous-forming, in other words not all potatoes, but more of the kale, and the parsley, and the celeries, and those are water foods as well and those are extraordinarily easily digested. And, eat mostly raw. I never say completely. I’m not imposing a raw food diet, I’m not imposing a vegan diet, I’m not imposing, or recommending even, a vegetarian diet. But I am proposing, because most of us on the call are baby boomers, I would think the average on the call, that we stop eating the dairies and the meat, and even certainly the red meats as we come of age. But certainly when I say eat mostly plants and fruits I mean how about 80% of your diet. So what you do with 20% of your diet, I don’t care. If you want to enjoy some eggs, some chicken, and fish, do it, as long as you fill the glass with 80% of the good stuff. Don’t worry about [it]. Worrying is worse.

You need to sleep, you need to rest. Eat organic. Always look for organic, otherwise local and fresh food as much as you can, grow your own. I have, by the way, recently, well, it’s my 3rd year, been growing my own vegetables and I…really I was [a] miserable gardener in the beginning but I’m getting there. Grow your own, grow your herbs. If you can, do it. Drink water. Beverage of choice, there’s no reason to drink anything but water. Fine, enjoy some green tea, high quality green tea, hot beverage is nice. The water is really what we’re after. Simply filter water with a good filter, by the way. I use a Berkey filter as most/many of you probably know. I don’t go for alkalized water, and transformed water, and oxygenated, and carbonated water, and so forth. Listen, water should be, was for thousands of years, a whole food. Water has more than just water in it, as you may know, there’s bacteria, there’s minerals, trace elements, it’s a whole food just like the food we eat. We don’t filter our potatoes, we don’t filter our carrots. We have resilience, we have the body, we have digestive systems to filter the water. But certainly, because of what is put in it particularly by the city, the chlorine level, we need to filter those poisons out. Because… you know… a word about alkaline water, for example. Listen folks, when we drink water, or we eat food, of any sort, it is totally disassembled the minute that it hits our stomach with the acidic acid juices there and then subsequently transformed and mixed with the soup into our blood and passed to the liver for proto-transformation and filtration. Whatever the water was outside of your body, in whatever form it was, it’s dissipated, down to the molecule level. So there’s a lot of businesses out there selling all kinds of magic water, I don’t want to be too harsh here tonight, but, gotta keep it simple. We didn’t invent water.

So, in that sense, there’s a great book that I recommend you read, by Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food. Get it, read it, please. Another book of his is called The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I believe, that’s another great book, but it’s a more hard book to read; it’s about the food industry in America. Which is… basically will take you from innocence to knowledge. And you shall not be naïve anymore, you will never eat corn-fed beef anymore, I hope, after you read this book. But, in essence, In Defense of Food, by Mike Pollan, leads you to understand that we’ve moved from the 30’s and the 40’s and the 50’s when we used to eat food. We’d go to the local store and buy food, tomatoes, and ham, and vegetables, and fruits, etc. We didn’t go to buy probiotics, or omega-3s, or enzymes, or this or that. We have been had by the scientists, mostly the nutritionists, and the vitamin industry, and it’s become an industry. So now you find enzymes in various products or probiotics in yogurt. Yogurt should only have one ingredient on the label, not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – a list.

Eat food, chew your food, take your time, eat slowly, consciously. Be the food when you eat. Bless your food. And all of these suggestions that I’m making will lead to awakening the genius within.

But let me continue with another item. We have mentioned so far to learn, constantly learn, keep learning, keep your brain active, be curious, become a scientist, we have mentioned to avoid anything that would steal your energy, in terms of stress, or friends, or pollutants, or televisions, or the wrong food, too much eating. We have talked about eating pure food, real food, go out of your way. We’ve talked about eating mostly green, we’ve talked about eating small meals. Now, I’m going to suggest an element that is critical: dedicate 5% of your day, 5%, that $5 on a $100, to restoring your soul, your body, and your mind, every day. Whether you are a morning person, do it in the morning; if you prefer in the afternoon, or split it in two. That’s 60 minutes a day by the way. 60 minutes a day – that’s not a lot. You could be done at 6 AM if you start at 5 AM, so you’ve got another 23 hours, how about that. At worst do 30 minutes please. 30 minutes would be 1/48th of the day, 1/48th of the day – that’s a miniscule slice of your pie. Dedicated to restoring your soul, your body, and your mind. Do it through whatever means you can learn, meditation, exercise, yoga, Qi-Gong, walking. The idea is to pacify the brainwaves, which, from the endless chatter, the endless anxieties, and fear, and worry that some of us have a tendency…those types of brainwaves have a tendency to flare up. We need to bring the wave down, we need to pacify, we need to meditate. Stop the chatter. Also, exercise increase the pulse, increase the body temperature, oxygen, bring in some oxygen. Do that for 30, 60 minutes and that will launch you on a wonderful day. The day will not be a loss. When we don’t do that, and I know for a fact that if I don’t do these/my practices, it’s not that I have to every day, but if I don’t do it when I feel the need, my day is a waste. I live in a stressful day. I’m not happy, I’m moody, I’m nervous, and I don’t work as well, and I’m not in bliss, and I’m not enjoying it. What’s the use of having a bad day? Instead, if you do your practice, you’ll have fun, you’ll have bliss, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment.

I’ll be summarizing what I said and then I’ll just open up for questions, if any. But I’d like to stretch a little bit, or explain a little bit, what I mean by “awakening the genius within.” I wrote a book called Awakening the Genius Within, and in the book it describes what we mean by that, but it also describes a particular supplement that can be an ally, support, in that goal. But, I’m not going to bring that up tonight, because everything I mention will serve very well in this awakening the genius within, which will lead to wellness, and longevity, and happiness as well. In essence our body is regulated, 24/7, to the tunes of billions of verifications, of our external perceptions, the external environment; everything, light, sound, movement, taste, smell, is registered. As well all internal activity, temperature, sugar in our blood, heart rate, every hormone, billions of verifications through the nervous system, through the/every cell in the body, [inaudible] participate in messaging towards the brain. The brain, organ, hypothalamus, hippocampus, have constant reception of this information, and make the decisions constantly, you regulate to normalize this activity with billions of messages from nervous system to hormones, peptides, and so forth, via the blood, via the lymphatic system, via the nervous system, and other means that we don’t comprehend yet – that’s the genius within. Which resides in the brain. And, everything that I mentioned earlier, exercising, avoiding pollutants, eating better, will affect positively, or at least will not cause further damage or pollution to this critical mission control area of our body.  If you can increase health, brain health, the rest of the body is a no-brainer. If you can increase health to this region, it’s very smart on your part. Thinking of healing an arm or liver is, if you have pain in your liver, is OK, but if you can restore brain health, restoring your liver health will be much, much easier and faster. Keep your brain active by learning, by reading, constantly, forever. Avoid poisons and pollutants in the form of physical foods or stress or mental or mind pollutants. Increase the cleansing by resting, by exercising, by drinking water, water, water, by breathing at your abdominal region. Breathing is the “first food,” is the first supplement. Without breath, you cannot stand more than a few minutes, as you know – [even] the best of us. Hydrate, oxygen, and hydrate. Bring sophisticated phyto-nutrients, pure nutrients, the likes of the carotenoid, such as beta-carotene, found in…there’s a multitude of carotenoids, as many as 600 that we know, found in fruits and vegetables and plants; that’s why I recommend that you eat more and more of those. And those are brain food, those are food nutrients that have power to elegantly reach the brain and nourish this critical genius within. I’ll end again – if you can increase brain health, the rest of the body is a no-brainer.

Thank you very much! This was put together just quickly tonight, I hope it’s been succinct, and I hope it serves a purpose and I hope it rings a bell, and be wellness warrior in the martial art of wellness. I say become Ninja warriors in wellness, and thank you very much for listening.

MARIETTA: Well we thank you so much. Dr. Thomas, I know that people, many of our listeners, that have been around a long while do know about superfoods, but we have probably doubled the size of our audience here since you were here last, so I do want you to mention about the bio superfoods and where they can find you on the website and your phone number, and if you would please because there’s a lot of people here that don’t know about that yet.

DR: Well, thank you for the opportunity.

MARIETTA: You may come back again, at least let’s give a little information here.

DR: Yes. Well, let me leave the contact [info] first and then give a really brief summary of the product. The contact information would be, the website would be,, and the telephone number is 877-288-9116. On the website you’ll find contact information as well. But my email is I hope that was clear.

Bio-superfood, I call it a kung-food in the art of wellness, the martial art of wellness, because it’s an extraordinarily efficient food, it’s as simple as that. In the realm of food, in the kingdom of food, there’s a scale of efficiency from 0 to 10 or 100. Let’s say from 0 to 10, 0 or even -5 would be MacDonald’s French Fries, not only are they not so efficient, they’re quite deficient, actually they are quite devastating for you; they will not give you anything but salt taste on your tongue, otherwise they’re a terrible food, so they’re non-efficient. Next you might find a[n] 8oz beef steak, which is, may, taste good with a lot of sauce, and if you cook it because I don’t see a lot of people eating raw food, raw meat, but nevertheless, it’s not a very efficient food. It’s very burdening to eat a steak, in that it steals your energy and it lays in your intestines for 24 hours, 72 hours, even more. As we age, ur body doesn’t have the energy so much as when we were young. Another image that I leave people with, recently, in regards to meat, is the image of the snake after consuming a rat or a pig, [it] will lay for a week digesting and sleeping. We don’t do that. We are silly. We go back to work with a full stomach. Because of the industrial era, because we have been trained to go back and slave under the whip. But there was a time when we probably used to eat and sleep for hours. Anyhow, so it’s not such an efficient food, and then you’ll come to let’s say celery or parsley; those foods are much easier to digest. They’re mostly fiber/water and they’ll pass very quickly, like an orange will pass in 15 minutes and [be] ready to be evacuated, whatever was not absorbed in your blood. In the realm of food you can then reach the micro-algae, micro-food, the likes of spirulina, [and] you are entering a domain of foods that are extreme, invisible to the eye at the unit and that have [the] least toxicity, in the form of bulk or fiber or indigestible and that are mostly nutrients, protein, vitamins, carotenoids, minerals, trace elements, etc., that will all be utilized by your body and there will be no waste left except for some, the burning, after forming the energy. In other words, Bio-superfood is an extremely efficient food because it is complete in its makeup; it’s a blend of four micro-algae. It’s also balanced. After 15 years of research of trialing different combinations of different algae in different proportion, different strains and families, the scientists arrived at a blend that achieved balance in that it’s a balance between the nutrients and the protective-type nutrients, the anti-oxidants for example. A good example would be that a green algae, a blue-green algae, is mostly protein and minerals and chlorophyll, but it is lacking proportionately the anti-oxidants. Bio-superfood has been researched to bring this balance, as well a third characteristic [which] is a great synergy – it’s an extraordinary food combination that achieves more than the sum of its parts. You have all heard of this concept that 1 + 1 + 1 equals not 3 but 111. When you are dealing with microscopic foods that are combined in proper way, it’s no longer just an art, there’s a science to it. So, ultimately, Bio-superfood’s main mechanism of action is [its] capacity to reach the brain elegantly without toxicity, without danger, but also abundantly, and bringing in as many as 100 different carotenoids, by the way, [inaudible] beta-carotene, luteine, lycopene, alpha-carotene. I know I’m getting into a little bit of the wordy here, but of course cyanine, corsitene, all those carotenoids have extraordinary ease of crossing the brain barrier, of crossing even the blood-retinal barrier, and bringing not just protection but nutrition. But certainly, in terms of the awakening the genius within, of feeding the cells of this mission-critical organ that are the hippocampus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, which when fed with this food awaken from the energy as well as subsequently increasing their own activity which is of perceiving the external and internal needs, and adjust[ing] in making the decisions to adjust. So it elevates the regulation, the productivity, of those cells but subsequently all cells of your body are affected. And it’s pretty quick, within 20 minutes of consuming a capsule of green powder one can expect a shift.

Let’s pick on a red blood cell. As you know, the blood in our body, in our cardiovascular system, the cardiovascular system is called the River of Health because it transports……our blood transports nutrients and oxygen. Oxygen is a key, key, component of energy and of cleansing and so forth. A red blood cell typically in most people in America tends to be a little sluggish, even flat and deflated when it should be really nice and puffy. Some energy and proper balance of water within it, and oxygen, as compared to the plasma, it will achieve osmosis when the energy is present, when there is a vibrant health of a cell. When that state is achieved then there is more productivity by that cell. That cell’s membrane is more solid, more protective. It will achieve its various roles [in a] more upbeat [manner] just like we are better at our tasks when we have good energy, when we are well rested. How can this be that upon consuming a capsule, 15-20 minutes later one could see under the microscope this effect, but certainly as well one can measure, for example, blood sugar, which was [a] high 300 or 180 in a diabetic person, dropping to 120 or below in 20 minutes? Because when you awaken the brain region you have a regulation effect that takes place via the hormones.

As well, there is energy respiration of the coherence of energy. Energy is not about brute force. It is subtle atomic frequency, and the brain has a critical role in balancing across the body the Krebs cycle, for example, which is the transformation of our carbohydrates, sugar, and protein into ATP energy. It is through the Krebs cycle which is a sophisticated mineral activity, really, of cofactors and enzymes. Very complex photosynthesis via [utilizing?] of course, as you may know, chlorophyll or magnesium. The Shepard of light in that process. So the brain can, when more active, increase efficiency in every cell in the body [doing] that transformation of our sugar into energy. Just one example:  the red blood cell will suddenly become more energized and will [adhere] more easily to oxygen molecules that are required at the hydrogen level. A red blood cell is called hemoglobin which is some globin [which] in acquiring iron becomes hemoglobin. But without 2 oxygen molecules it is pretty much anemic. What you want is those 2 oxygen molecules to……for the cell to become oxyhemoglobin.  Oxygenated blood cells. That is power. That is energy and that will serve a purpose in your body. I will leave you with that.

When we consume a small capsule of bio-superfoods throughout the day in regular intervals we raise the regulation, the energy; we awaken the brain organ. We can [inaudible] increase all metabolism across the body. It does that very simply, without toxicity, as a food. It is not a complex scary chemical proposal. It does not require 5, or 6, or 10 supplements. Just one, actually not even a supplement, one food. So it is a very simple approach. Extraordinary body research supports this product as well as an extraordinary amount of cases and testimonials that we have available. This product has been available in the United States for 10 years now and I invite you to read on the website, [and] to send me an email for further information. Thank you very much.

MARIETTA: Well, we thank you so much, Dr. Thomas. I know the amount of research that was done in Russia is 10 times more than what we ever do here on this country on the animals and the benefit even on them. Dr. [inaudible], all of them, which is very well documented. We thank you for the spiritual side of looking at life as well as helping us understand how some of the physical part of it works and a very simple approach. I know a lot of us are not eating nearly as much as we used to as our bodies are shifting and changing. This is a wonderful way to help support ourselves. Thank you again and we look forward to having you back another time.

DR. Thank you very much. Goodnight, I love you and goodnight.

MARIETTA: We love you back. All of us.

DR. Thank you. Bye-bye.

MARK: Thank you Marietta. We have a little late, actually very late afternoon updates from both the KOS, which Beth will share with you first, then I will share a short message from Ashtar. Beth, if you would like to take it over we will prepare this and see what MS has to say.

BETH: Hi everybody. This afternoon we talked to the KOS and he had a message he wanted to share.

kosKOS: China has purchased a great deal of America’s debts. They are aware that the arrests have happened. They saw this as a potential for the last few weeks. This is the change they have waited for. The Chinese are aware the truth will be revealed about 9/11. They are also aware that the Galactics are waiting for disclosure. This combination of potentials will have the Chinese leaders demanding a call-in of the loans given to the U.S. They mistakenly believe this will turn them into a super power. The Chinese have been plotting this plan a long time. They have been encouraged to make this mistake. They have been deceived. No one would gain from the chaos that would result with all the banks publicly closing. As we speak, actions are being put into play which will change the outcome of the meeting. The Chinese do not yet know it, but the agenda of the meeting is going to change far before President Obama reaches China. In Tokyo he figures joining with the President and Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, including President Medvedev and Chancellor Merkel, and others. This meeting will bring out truths into the public spotlight. There will be some surprises. At the Singapore meeting where 21 world leaders will be gathered more surprises will come down. As the APEC summit convenes there will be talk about an economic plan not discussed before which will affect the entire world. This news will overshadow China’s plans for calling in loans. As the puzzle pieces move into place, a plan is made to reveal Galactic presence. How this happens no one at this moment can guess. ~ KOS

MARK: Thank you Beth. Now I will share a following message from Ashtar.

ashtar2ASHTAR: There are meetings tonight north of Alaska with a large portion of the Galactic Federation members. Final plans are being agreed upon and arrangements are being made. The news is not covering this leg of the trip. Some members of the press will be there. This is the beginning of disclosure. It would not be fair to have one world leader responsible for the news. It might be more fair to reveal it at a place where more than one world leader has gathered, like Tokyo. If disclosure occurs with the President of the United States out of his office, it will fend off any chances of accusations against Mr. Obama. With a large number of world leaders together, unity as one race begins as it should with everyone in it together. The time for peace is now. ~Ashtar

MARK: I want to ask Mother because I believe I peeked under the [tent flap] and that place where they are meeting north of Alaska fells like it is…like [inaudible].

TARA: No, it is south.

MARK: South pole, excuse me. Ok then, so that was wrong. [Laughter] But it could be in the north pole. [Laughter] It is either north or south. Flip a coin. Sorry about that folks. But that is the nature of our report and we will leave that, and ask MS to come in and make any comments she wants to on this information about what is happening as outlined by the KOS and Ashtar.

TARA: Ok everyone, I think Mother is growling in the background. Are you here Mother?

sekhmetMS: Greetings in the light of the most radiant one. In the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ we invoke loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame. We ask at this time for a [quick rest], birth, and death of understanding again to expand all of us to the highest good of all concerned with the highest energy of love that we can hold together and then add more.

[TARA: More! We want more, Mother.] May we continue to remember to love these ones who are coming into their accountability, as if it were us. And to have the humility right now to understand that we are threading the needle of the reversal through the eye of Ahn, where that which we are and always have been returns here in our hearts together and thank you Mother. I am sure that the heart of the mother is ready to speak.

MS: Greetings children of Ra. Indeed these energies are high for this moment what you have been waiting for where we all share together and not have to talk in this funny way. What is occurring that we can concur with, what the Commander said, yes, we believe the Sirian commander may be in the Fortress of Solitude with the others of the various nations.

TARA: You mean Barack?

MS: Yes. To discuss where do we go from here? How do we get to the level of you and I? The circle can interact and get everyone on the story and how that heals all of the stories throughout eons and eons and eons of time. Hmm. More time than we have for this little conversation. It is with great pleasure, we must say, that you are so close to this day that has created quite a stir amongst those that know the hour is near where the last shall be first, and the first shall be last, in the sense of what is occurring in this planet. Her people are moving into higher octaves as we have said. Time to meet the Scorpie black hole, where this …….. began is where it ends. The time is now for peace as it has been said. This planet, her people! They want peace. It is time for the races who are choosing it, for the cultures that still have a way which they wish to continue whatever they are continuing [in] another time, another place at the other side of the Scorpie black hole. That can be arranged. It is up to them as they make their way through that dimensional vortex. Yet, what is occurring all around you, the awakening of all the matter/antimatter in giant flux, that has created quite a stir amongst the cells of this organism called humanity. It is at this point in time we are on the eve of what you could say where we no longer have to talk like this and you can meet us with our tail. Then we will have the real tale to tell and all of you will get to pass the talking stick and share your part of the tale from your side of the cultures. This is how we heal the story and then get it right for the first time in maybe 450 billion years. All the cards on the table so that…hmmm, nothing to hide. Balls of light we are, that is what we are returning to. In that sense it is how we go from that day into this day, and remember, when we came all of what has encompassed the timelines that we have created in this story from the beginning where we said we would fall with grace. Grace had nothing to do with it, meaning the one on the floor over there.

TARA: Oh, there is a puppy here that is called Gracie. [Laughter]

MS: That is what we mean. No offense to Gracie. We are saying we did this with divine grace. It has been quite a dance to get it right. Now we have. What is occurring, cooler heads prevail! Do not rush headlong into Afghanistan with more troops. Time to talk about the massive lie that was said to the people [re the] morning of 9/11 [which] had nothing to do with the people of the giant Buddhas [name inaudible] [all they want] to do is live in peace. Continue to grow their plants which help the people. When the land prospers the people prosper. Has nothing to do with opium. That has been there for millions of years. It is only when your Black Ops came in and said Ha! We have a way to make you richer and us richer. This is the heart of the story [name inaudible], his brother, all of these ABC agencies that have preyed for how long?  Your OSS came into being and then other ABCs where you had to hide your Nazi warlords. Interesting how America could not make it on her own after the war [and] had to take the ones in. [inaudible] the others do it, Operation Paper Clip, in the sense what was said got you to the place in which you are now. If the timeline had been changed and Tesla had his way, we would not be having this conversation. There would be already peace. Yet timelines got changed so we are here to correct it with all of you! Mr. Tesla and Mr. [Markelmi?] and the others will be back to share their part of the story as well. That might shock a lot of people and maybe even Mr. HH, Howard Hughes! [Laughter] Think about that one. He never died, just like Elvis never died.

TARA: Oh my.

MS: It is all part of how we have to share it with you. Like what you saw in Spielberg’s movie Amelia Earhart. Flight 21 or was it flight 19? Cannot remember my numbers. I think it was flight 19 over Bermuda Triangle. All of the pieces are coming back where everybody will get to share their piece of this. How Hyperboria fits into the story. Of the Sinthians [?] that lived, all the different cultures, the blacks of Greece. How much your planet got changed after Poseidon went down. All of it is rising again. At this time all the stories have come back full circle with the accountability that has to be brought back. The ones that perpetrated the destruction of Atlantis [and] Lemuria [are] trying to perpetrate it now but they have been caught with their pants around their ankles and it is over, folks. What we are looking at ain’t too pretty. This is why we have to say it is a Scorpie black hole that is the next step for these ones. At the same time the arrests continue [inaudible]. Yes, it is high time the Hong Kong, the Red and the Green right their society and bring in the wisdom of the Buddha Quan Yin rather than this so called… people’s revolution was not a revolution. It was a way in which to grab power, hold on. The real people’s revolution, you say you want a revolution, well you know it has to do with peace, peaceful solutions come out of revolutions. The biggest one is called respect for all life. This is what is going on. A different kind of revolution. It is the one in which now is the time for peace. She has called for it. Gaia/Vywamus. Their voice speaks for most yours next in that sense the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the 1% called the billionaires for prosperity.

TARA: The billionaires for prosperity?

MS: Billionaires for Bush is what they are calling themselves now. Billionaires for Wall Street, the yes men have all been running around in the head here. Making the point that the 1% gangsters of Wall Street, C Street, T Street have nothing left. The end of the Monopoly game.

TARA: The Vatican Bank was at the top of the poles [?], Mother. The beam poles [?].

MS: Yes. This is not what the man, the admiral, came and shared with the disciples, how to rip the people off and rip their heart out while they are still living. Don’t think so. This is over. NOW.

MARIETTA: We thank you for sharing that, Mother. Mark and Beth, did you get your questions answered or did you have something specific you wanted to ask?

MARK: As Columbo says, I just have one teeny more question. [Laughter]

MS: [We can do it]

MARK: In the end of the KOS message he was talking about…suggesting that maybe the banks do not have to fail to close their doors. As you well know we have been a part of putting out information which was repeated and repeated and repeated, about 2 weeks of banks closing. This would suggest, Mother, that we were sort of encouraged to share that information so that the Chinese could be deceived in believing they had a bigger trump card than maybe they hold.

MS: Yes. Banks do not have to close their doors, yet at the same time there are [inaudible]. Maybe a few banks may close their doors and a few stay open to serve the [fathers?]. It would not be what you say, doom and gloom.

MARK: Well, that should be cheering to an awful lot of people out there. Maybe not the Chinese in particular because their plan depends upon that and putting that trump down…

MS: They want their gold plated platinum and they want it NOW.

TARA: They do not just want that, they want total power. There is going to be a basket of currencies. Nobody gets to exclusively take over the dollar, and that is what China wants to do right now.

MARK: Mother, there was also a suggestion that maybe several countries not mentioned might show up at… well maybe tomorrow in Japan, maybe in the APEC meeting…

TARA: What do you mean by several countries? You mean leaders of other countries?

MARK: Yes.

TARA: You mean like we are not invited or something?

MARK: I am not going to even debate that one. If they are there they will probably be there invited, right? So question is: many, many may check into the Roach Motel but how many check out?


MS: Yes. That is the $64,000 question. [Laughter]

MARK: I pass the talking stick.

TARA: Ok Mother, thank you.

BETH: This is Beth. May I ask mother a question please?

MS: Speak up.

BETH: Yes mother. The news is saying that our American President is the first one with Asian-specific ties. I was wondering if you were able to comment about how the unity is happening in the one ray.

MS: We can say that he brings the understanding that we will negotiate/mediate. We will not preemptively strike out. It is about talk and bringing us all together, about a peaceful way, a very calm way, where we can iron out our issues and bring an understanding to all the parties involved. At that level enlightenment can come in, and he has the articulation to bring [that] about when he talks. it creates the openings in the neural pathways that are spoken about, that trigger the theta brain waves. It is part of what he knows as a Sirian Commander.

BETH: Thank you so much Mother.

MS: Yes.

MARIETTA: Ok, now we have a few questions that were sent in this week. One of them talks about: Mother, how much longer will there have to be killing of animals and getting a license at a State Department of Wildlife and calling it hunting? The second part of this question; A few weeks ago you talked about amino acids necessary to maintain good health. Please expand on that. I do not quite understand what you meant.

MS: We would say that…turn it around. How soon are we going to be able to get a license to hunt the gangsters on Wall Street? [Laughter by all]. All the ones that took the money.

TARA: Well Mother, In Williamsburg, Virginia [inaudible] involved the rights of the animals. They cannot be licensed to kill. And they cannot cut down trees either. How soon after that will they be pulling these things up to the surface?

MS: We will just say that as NESARA is announced all of these things end immediately. Even right now there are ones that are bringing forth legislation to STOP all hunting. On a level in which [to] allow that which is part of nature and nature’s God to rebuild itself. You have no idea how many different cultures or species or light forms are here today that are not here tomorrow. You have no idea. You have never heard [that] there are light forms in the canopies of the rainforests that can cure every disease on the planet. Yet with every acre, every minute being gone, no way to know. This is why you have a movie out there. It is called Fern Gully. I will say it again. It is about the truth. [Have] to bring back that energy of that which is all the kingdoms that heal all the other parts of the story. This is why we are all connected. All levels from Archangelic realms down to the ones in a Petri dish that work at the level of mitosis or even the particles that move at the speed of light. It is what we are all part of.

How we fit together in this is amino acids, you asked about this. Amino acids make up the universe with the geometric forms that are the sound frequencies that make up matter/antimatter. As they interact with each other different light, colors, sound create form, shape, depth, width, breadth. It is a way in which you take on a form if you want. [inaudible] like you could say a hologram. You take a hologram, give it those parameters, they take on fully developed life forms that you can taste, touch, feel. We may leave it there. It is about the realities in which how your shape, your world [is] changing in the sense that as the life forms are evolving, taking on higher octaves of frequency, they will no longer be allowed to be hunting. They are already. In the sense of going away, not coming back because they are being lifted up off the planet in certain areas. The animals are, let us just say, asking to be taken up on the ships and be brought back after the predators are taken to the Scorpie black hole. Then the animals will be brought back so they can live in peace.

MARIETTA: Thank you very much. It sounds a little bit like you are talking about some of the work that our friend [Nicola Tesla?] did with all of the sound frequencies as well. One of the questions has come in recently here. They want to know what is Scorpie black hole? [laughter by all]

MS: The Scorpie black hole is, you might say, interesting. It is what is lining up with December 21st, 2012. You might say that is the rift, the dark rift. It is the opening to, you could say, the other side of the dimensional vortexes where we take our Wayward Children home for the last time. That is the best way we know how to describe it. We entered through the Scorpie black hole…

TARA: Aren’t all black holes transport tunnels between different universes?

MS: Yes. The Scorpie black hole in particular is the trail of breadcrumbs that leads back to the antimatter section of the universe which is a parallel of this universe. It is where we came in 450 billion years ago with all of you.

TARA: Came through the Scorpie black hole from the antimatter to the matter universe?

MS: Yes.

TARA: And then the first of the Galactic beings from antimatter came as Pleiadeans into [Callowell Valley]?

MS: Yes.

TARA: On the continent of Mu [Lemuria] before everything went [mumu] bye-bye? [Laughter]

MS: No more box moves.

MARIETTA: How will we be going to know what to do when all of this shift happens? I know we have been over this before, but maybe we have some new people here that are just questioning: how will we know what is the right move for us to do? There are questions also about: should we take our money out of the stock market or out of the bank so that we have cash? There is a lot of concern about this.

MS: We would just say that it is not a time to go taking a run on the banks. What we do like to say is what Randy Rhodes has said. Get some $20 gold coins. That is what he has recommended.

TARA: $20 gold coins. Are there such an animal?

MS: Yes. There are

MARK: Yes there are but they do not sell for $20.

MS: No.

MARK: They sell on the basis of both the collector value as well as the amount of gold and what refinement it is.

MS: Yes. He said maybe have 4 or 5 of them around to cover the basics.

MARK: That is like $5,000.

MS: Yes. That is not a [inaudible] that is too huge.

TARA: That is if you got that to put it in.

MS: Of course.

MARK: We will go borrow it from the bank. [laughter by all]

TARA: [Laughter] Go borrow from the bank! You have to go Michael Moore style, take a big bag, everybody.

MS: That is right. Where is my money?

TARA: I mean, Mother, in the meantime the vast majority of people have no way to do that kind of suggestion. So I just want to say that the King always told us there would be no need to do any of that stuff. Not at all.

MS: We would also just say, all of the events that we are speaking about, and how this creates stress in the body and ideas in the mind, you work with energies inside self, and remember to breath and understand that this is happening at a level in which it is affecting the whole globe. We are one family. It is happening at the right moment. There will be 36-40 hours of news and information. How our world will be redirected in another way with the alignment of the Galactics.

TARA: Then that gets repeated over and over again for weeks on end.

MS: It is not the story of the visitors coming and offering universal healthcare [inaudible]. We do not think so.

MARK: Mother, on the subject of how the people will know what to do, which was the first part of that question, correct me if I am wrong but I believe that we have been told by several different ones in several different ways that when the ships decloak, forget the other item. Because this will come first as far as changes and your internal awareness. When that happens EVERYONE dark and light alike go up a half step. From 5D to 5.5D and in awareness and also in heart opening, which is the most important of all. Then, internally, the understanding of what all of this is about and how to proceed will be in place, so that when the announcements are made, instead of confusion there will be just the opposite. There will be clarity, understanding, and the religious right who almost everyone has given up on, well, they may decide not to give up on themselves at that point because they will suddenly see the germs of the truth that have been in all religions of all times, and all philosophies have all been actually telling a common story.

MS: Yes.

MARK: And that will be lifted up to where they see how it all connects. Then they will say, Ahh, I have always felt that, but it was not allowed.

TARA: Except that the ones in the know, they know all that and they have not wanted that at all.

MARK: Right. But those ones we are not concerned about because they have already made their choice to…

MS: They are making the transition now. It is an ongoing process, mind you.

MARK: They want to catch those early trains that go to the Scorpie black hole. [Laughter by all] Before it gets too crowded.

MS: Yes. You will get your pound of flesh.

TARA: Oh Mother.

MS: What we can say in these transitional moments of great energy shifts, remember peace and harmony and that energy of what Angel Sue spoke about, from the crystal kingdom.

TARA: Well Mother, maybe we can get Angel Sue’s pictures up on GRT.

MS: We will put them on our page, the pictures.

BETH: They are already up there.

TARA: Oh, they are already there! Ok sorry. I am glad to hear it. Thank you.

MARK: Just remember.

MS: Yes, energy of the crystalline kingdom along with all the other kingdoms right now. All the way up to ones that sit before the throne of the Father and beyond. We are to say all is in readiness now. For the understanding of what has been asked by the molecules. You might even say the Force itself. Ask for peace. Now is this time that is just coming about where it is being manifest in [and] of itself, so to speak. Because it is time in the sense that the [inaudible] has already begun. Yet the few [inaudible] remnants of the [inaudible] going out towards the last stage of the back door of the stage, and we will get on with peace and harmony. So be it.

TARA: So be it, Mother. I just wanted to say it is very exciting because we are about to meet many different galactic cultures. I mean formally. They are…

MS: They are here and we are here, if you will, and it is all of us how we unlock that little part of self. As it is shown in the Golden Compass the magic that unfolds when we get to see who and what we really are.

TARA: Oh my gosh. Yes.

MARK: Mother, I would just like to ask a question. You gave me the perfect opening for it with that comment. Yesterday Beth and I took a trip with a few other friends and we gradually ended up on Jupiter. At that point Mercury Hermes had a crystal and he showed it to Beth and said, look inside here and see what you see, tell me what you see. There was this group of people all dressed in western clothing but they were obviously smooth skinned, green humanoids, not scaly but smooth skinned, and they had an origin, part of which was Hebrew, part of which was Pleiades, and the other part of the hybrid appeared to be maybe a type of amphibian from the sea. We were wondering if…….and they had a crested center ridge, a bony ridge that went up there, but it did not look like anything else that I had seen.

MS: A black mohawk types…

MARK: Not that pronounced. A little less than that. It is kind of subdued. About 8 inches long.

TARA: Did it start at the third eye? What is that, a Kardashian?

MARK: No. One of the things is that they have blue skin.

MS: Not scales.

MARK: Not scales. And they are green like forest green. But they were dressed just like we are and they know us. They are 9th dimensional I believe.

TARA: You know, I know there are Arcturians that look like that.

MS: There are also Pleiadeans that come from the oceans on Pleiades.

MARK: Ok. So they wanted to deliver a message to the people but we can not figure out exactly who they are. Except that they are 9th dimensional.

MS: Well, we will get a picture of them for you.

MARK: Thank you. The reason I mentioned that is because they say they have been here all along, and many others. Not just them. Many others are now reacquainting us with them from very, very ancient times, and that more are here than we know. They look forward to including, meeting and engaging more family.

HELEN: May I have the talking stick? Ok. The reason I wanted the talking stick is because, Mark, I resonated so much with…you were talking about amphibians and the greens, because I have such a need for water. I put water in my mouth and I just want water in my mouth all the time. And maybe I am part of that. What do you think, Mother?

TARA: You have to also remember that every single one of us were fish people before we came to the land.

HELEN: Well, but I resonate with this.

MARK: We all have sea water in our veins, we call it blood. [laughter]

MARIETTA: Mark you said you have a message that you said they had.

MARK: Thank you for asking. That is to be continued. As soon as we find out how to contact them, they said come to us and we will deliver the message. So we need a little help from Mother in finding what their name is, [what] their grouping is and how to contact them.

TARA: I have a page of a whole bunch of new beings and I am going to go study it, too. Mother do you have anything to say?

MS: We will just say that [there] are so many races that are cultures you are about to meet that have not been discussed yet. They are all on the benevolent side of the Force. It is that place in which what we can say is, welcome home. [inaudible]

MARIETTA: Well, we thank you Mother for all your insights and for answering all of our questions. We are very grateful for you, for Mark, Beth, Tara there and for Angel Sue and all of our listeners and those who have participated in our Q&A, and for our great meditation tonight by [inaudible].

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