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Saul: Your Destiny as Welcoming Hosts to your Galactic Neighbors


11/08/2009 by John Smallman

The many changes occurring planet-wide, physically, emotionally, politically, and economically, are essential.   They are leading humanity toward its destiny, long avoided, as guardians of your planet and solar system, and as welcoming hosts to your galactic neighbors. Your times of violent antisocial behavior are coming to an end as you leave your childhood behind and embrace with enthusiastic aplomb and creative skills the far-reaching tasks ahead of you.  As hosts for galactic conferences your welcoming hospitality is crucial to the success of this new era of civilized galactic communication and cross-cultural interchange.  Your readiness for these diplomatic roles of multicultural advisers and mediators has been urgently awaited, as your skills are first class and perfect for the tasks you will be undertaking.

Although your science and technology are ancient and outdated, your people skills are second to none.  Obviously it is hard for you to believe this as you look at your planet and its long history of wars, betrayals, deceits, and arrogant resistance to listening to other view points.  However that long period of unseemly behavior was a result of the fear and sense of unacceptability that has been an underlying characteristic of the human condition for eons of earth time.  As a result you developed considerable intellectual competence in order to further your abilities to survive in such a patently hostile environment.

Now, as you begin to experience the first stirrings toward awakening, those fear-based underlying characteristics are softening.  As you awaken they will completely evaporate, and you will realize that God’s love pervades the whole universe, and the only thing from which you needed to protect yourselves was your own misguided and unconscionable behavior.   You will laugh out loud on becoming aware that you had, as it were, locked yourselves unwittingly in a state that only humanity experiences, namely fear-driven adolescent rebellion.  There were always other older and apparently wiser people whose effect on you was to make you feel foolish or inadequate, although you denied and buried those feelings, and so you were forever striving, forever unsuccessfully, to prove how impressively competent you were.  And of course underneath the brave and fierce expression you displayed, the doubt and the fear remained.

With your awakening, that focus on yourself and on your self-doubts will be gone.  Instead you will focus with great skill and competence on the adult role that has been awaiting your readiness and willingness to take on.  Your life will be one of joy and satisfaction as your egoic drives fade, and you see yourselves as you truly are, perfect divine creations competently carrying out your Father’s will.

With so very much love, Saul.



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