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Saul: Your collective Spiritual Research has Precipitated the Vast Increase in Divine Energies


11/15/2009 by John Smallman

Humanity is moving most satisfactorily toward the great moment of its mass awakening.   Make no mistake, it will indeed be a moment of awe-inspiring amazement.  To awaken into the knowledge of who you really are and instantly understand what that means will overwhelm you with love and gratitude.  As you are apparently living at present – in your painful and restrictive illusory reality – it is impossible for you to imagine or comprehend what that means.

Over the eons, during countless lifetimes, many of you have attempted to lead spiritually oriented lives.  A very few of you have been remarkably successful and, while remaining in human form, have been blessed with an ecstatic experience that demonstrates to you, in a fashion that excludes even the remotest possibility of doubt, that you are eternally one with and unconditionally loved by God.  The effect of that experience is totally overpowering.  Those who have it lose all fear and accept themselves and all others as eternal expressions of God.   In so far as is possible they have described and explained their experiences to help others also achieve that blissful state, but very few manage, as these sages have, to see beyond the veil of your illusory reality to the divine one beyond.

The testaments to these ecstatic experiences have been collated and written down, so that now you have a considerable number of sources available, offering succinct guidance on leading an effective spiritual life.  The guidance provided is excellent, but mostly those who read these sources attempt to interpret them intellectually – and intellectually they are indeed uplifting and inspiring – but thought and discussion distract from practicing and living the guidance, and practice is the only way forward spiritually.

Consequently the vast majority of humans attempting to lead spiritually satisfying and uplifting lives find it effortful and not – apparently – entirely successful.  However, the effort you put into living a life based on spiritual ideals is always of great value, and the benefits derived from those efforts will become abundantly evident to you when you return home.

Over the last fifty or so of your earth years, those testaments have become far more widely available as humanity’s thirst for spiritual information has intensified.  Just this search alone for guidance and information brings with it enormous divine blessings, encouraging the seeker in her search and leading her ever more directly to the right source at the right moment, as many of you have been delighted to discover.

It is this spiritual searching, by ever increasing numbers of you, that has precipitated the vast increase in divine energies that are enveloping and suffusing the planet at this time.  It has always been the divine Intent that limitless energy be available to the beloved children of God when they were ready and willing to accept it.  That time is now, and you are beginning to see the wonderful results that this inundation of Love is achieving.

Your continuing efforts to understand God’s Will for you, followed by your unwavering endeavors to carry it out, creates an additional energy field of enormous strength and influence that surrounds your planet and melds perfectly, beautifully, and harmoniously with the divine energy field already in position.  The effect is of a most gorgeous, shimmering wave of multicolored light that is sweeping continuously across and around the planet and filling all who will open themselves to it with a perceptible radiant glow, which they can share and extend everywhere effortlessly.  You are truly divinely loved and honored, and it shows in your radiance.

With so very much love, Saul.



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