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Saul: You Are Returning Heroes of Incomparable Skills and Abilities


11/25/2009 by John Smallman

On the earth plane things are definitely coming to a head.   Changes to your reality that have been planned and in preparation for eons are imminent.   The joy and excitement in the spiritual realms as this stage in God’s plan approaches fulfillment is very noticeable. Occasions like this are reason for the most extravagant celebrations.

You are coming home!   It’s a done deal!  Heaven on Earth awaits your pleasure!

Home-coming is something you have all experienced as humans at some time in your earthly existence, and you know that it is a moment to be cherished and celebrated as loved ones are reunited.

Well…the homecoming you are about to experience bears absolutely no resemblance to those human reunions!   The infinite Love of your divine Father will shortly wash over you like a fragrant and soothing balm, as all your fears, anxieties, and pains dissolve back into nothingness whence they came.  It was a nightmare; it is over; and you are about to awaken.

The most rapturous welcome has been prepared for this monumental occasion.   Heaven will come to a momentary halt as it delivers a monumental and duly deserved standing ovation to all those returning souls who have worked so hard and unceasingly to create this moment which marks the commencement of perpetual unbounded joy for you all.

God’s Love — which deep within yourselves you have always known — envelops all sentient beings in His divine embrace.   Now you are about to experience the reality of that most exquisite sensation which is your heritage, your divine prerogative, and your birthright.   It has been lovingly prepared for you and maintained in a state of absolute perfection in the certain knowledge that you would return to claim it, and that it would be ready for you at the appointed moment.

You are indeed returning heroes, of incomparable skills and abilities, who will receive the infinite approbation and appreciation that is your due and just reward for the demanding tasks that you have undertaken.  You knew full well the difficulties involved, and surmounted them with inordinate success, which was your intent.

A gala parade to recognize and honor your most glorious and triumphant return has been arranged, and the joy of those who are here to welcome you will match your own as you awaken into the effulgent Light that is the Presence of our heavenly Father.

With so very much love, Saul.



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