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Saul: You are Quite Ready for this New Age in Which None will be Disadvantaged or Discriminated Against


11/11/2009 by John Smallman

For humanity great change is in the air. There has been so much conflict, judgment, and condemnation of self and others for so long that it would seem there is no viable solution for bringing lasting peace to mankind. But this is most definitely not the case. Enormous progress has been made during the last two hundred years in the way that you treat each other. Yes, there have been terrible wars and frightful slaughtering rampages, but they are the last desperate exertions of a very old and misguided order whose time is at an end.

Humanity has, over these last few decades, become increasingly conscious of the rights that all people are entitled to, and which were so wisely spelled out in the Constitution of the United States of America. That Constitution has not always been respected and honored; nevertheless, it has and still does provide a grand wisdom by which to live, honoring and respecting others. When it was introduced it appeared revolutionary and unworkable. But new philosophies are never easy to introduce and are frequently extremely unpopular when first unveiled. Gradually they become grudgingly accepted, and then later the full meaning contained within them starts to become apparent. The wisdom of the thinkers who developed them is finally seen, and the great changes they heralded start coming into effect.

All now accept that every individual has a right to be free and to have the opportunity to experience that freedom in daily living. However there are still very many on your planet who do not experience these basic rights, as small powerful cliques or families continue to withhold them. This state of affairs is coming to an end because it is no longer possible for anyone to hold out against the divine energies that are enveloping the planet.

It may well be that these few will not wise up and change their attitudes, despite knowing that they are completely untenable; however, their power base is irrevocably evaporating as the power of unconditional love envelops mankind and dissolves the chains in which it has been bound for so long. Unquestioning acceptance of the rules and regulations imposed by authoritarian bodies and corporations on their subjects is at an end. Instead, all will participate in creating new, transparent codes of conduct which will apply to all, without exception, and which will be grounded in loving kindness, honesty, and integrity. You will all operate with increasing wisdom and compassion as you learn the joy of friendly cooperation and respect.

You are quite ready for this New Age in which none will be disadvantaged or discriminated against, because all will understand, recognize, and honor the unique talents that each one possesses in abundance. And the honor and respect that all will experience will provide boundless satisfaction with life.

With so very much love, Saul.



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