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Saul: To Move Out of the Nightmare into Wakefulness is your Task.


11/04/2009 by John Smallman

As you move ever closer to full consciousness, experiential awareness of your oneness with God your divine Father, you will start to feel lighter, safer, and far less anxious.  It is an indication that you are, as it were, moving away from the dark center of the nightmare, where the pain and suffering you experience is most intense.  By moving away from it you weaken that center, hastening its demise, and giving strength to others to help them also move away.

That center has passed its darkest and strongest hour, and no longer has the power or energy to continue intensifying.  There was a stage when those who were most gleefully building your illusory nightmare of an environment believed that they could strengthen and intensify its darkness indefinitely.   Now it has become apparent to them that that is impossible.  Nevertheless many who held that intent are still attempting to prevent its inevitable dissolution and collapse in any way that they can imagine.  They still have power, but, to their dismay, it is steadily weakening as more and more of you discover that you yourselves have the power to move away from this cataclysmic disaster area and toward the loving arms of your divine Father.

To move out of the nightmare into wakefulness is your task.  It sounds simple, and it is simple, but it is not easy because of the strength of your conviction that the nightmare, the illusion, is real.  You have spent eons attempting to convince yourselves of its reality, and it is the changing of that mindset that is so difficult for you because it is so deeply ingrained.  That is why there are so many guides and teachers available and willing to assist you in your awakening process.

And despite your long running efforts to convince yourselves that the illusion is real, doubts remain in your minds.  How could it be otherwise?  Reality is your oneness with your divine Father where He created you in perfection and provided you with an environment of perfect peace and harmony.  There is no way you could forget that, however long ago it might appear that it happened, and however far away it seems that you have moved from that idyllic state.  Deep within you the light of that memory continues to burn, and it can never be extinguished.  It is forever there reminding you that you are a divine creation of inestimable value, and if you will pay attention and respond appropriately it will show you the way home, because that is its sole purpose.

You are all eternally infinitely loved by your heavenly Father, and He will not permit you to be eternally lost and miserable in the crazy illusion you have built for yourselves.   He is your Father and therefore His overriding intention is that you live in eternal joy, totally blissed out in His divine embrace.  He knows that that is what you want more than anything else, because, as your Father, He knows and understands all that you are and all that you want, and desires only that you have it.

Turn to your guides and teachers and ask them for the help that they so lovingly wish to provide, that you may commence the awakening process that will lead you out of the depths of that dark and unhappy nightmare, and start you on your journey home.  It really is not far at all, because truly you are already there – there is nowhere else. You just need to completely change your perception, and it is with that task that your guides and teachers are most ably qualified to assist you.

With so very much love, Saul.



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