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Saul: The Misery In Which You Have Been Living Is Coming To An End


11/01/2009 by John Smallman

The state of full consciousness is living in eternal awareness of your oneness with God and with all sentient beings.   It is a state of brilliant creative alertness, accompanied by the power and the ability to do anything you could possibly imagine.   No limit is imposed on you — you are free to do anything — and it is God’s will that you avail yourselves of this freedom because He delights in your eternal joy and satisfaction.

It is the state in which He created you and you have never left it.  You never could leave it because it is the boundless infinite Reality, All That Is, God.  There is absolutely no where else you could be.

And in that state of absolute freedom and joy, you built the harsh illusory reality in which it seems that you have your existence.  Your power and intelligence are infinite, and consequently your illusory reality was very cleverly constructed in your minds, and it is not only apparently totally real, but is apparently so convincingly real that you have succeeded in losing yourselves within it and are unable to find your way out.

It seems that you are alone, lost, and abandoned; and so you live in a state of permanent, confused anxiety, sometimes verging on extreme terror.  You know deep within you that you do not belong here because this place — this seeming reality — must be unreal.  And yet here you are!

What did you do to get here? It must have been something very wicked to land you in this state, and yet you have no recollection of it.   And while you remain lost and confused in this weird nightmare, you keep experiencing conditions of suffering and despair that at times assume an intensity so extreme that you can no longer believe it is real.  And you are right!   But your fear is so strong that you dismiss that thought and sink back into the nightmare where you think you belong.

But, enough is enough.  You have spent far too long in your illusory reality, inventing and constructing devices with which to damage and terrify each other.  It is time for you to leave behind this demonstrably insane illusory construct of strife and woe.  The game is over and you will cease feeling compelled to play.

You are beginning to stir.  Thoughts that an existence of joy, peace, and wonder could be possible are beginning to trickle into your mind.  Hope that the interminable pain and discouragement you have been experiencing could come to an end is raising your spirits.  Your awareness is expanding, allowing you to believe that you do have an unconditionally loving Father waiting to welcome you into wakefulness.  You are sensing that there are loving guides offering to take your hand and lead you out of the depressing slough in which you have wallowed so miserably for so long.

And you are right!  This misery in which you have been living is coming to an end.  You are to awaken into the brilliance and bliss that God created for you, and which it is His will that you experience eternally.  The wonder of your awakening will engulf you with joy because that is your Father’s will for you.

With so very much love, Saul.



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