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Saul: The Final Stages of the Preparations are Almost Complete


11/21/2009 by John Smallman

As you are well aware many changes in the way you experience life are soon to occur. Before they do so a very large number of preparations have to be completed to ensure that all are ready to participate. The final stages of these preparations are almost complete, and it gives me great joy to tell you this because you have been waiting so patiently for so long.

I know you have many doubts about the validity of our communications, and so I shall be greatly pleased to see your happiness as all the things about which so many of us have been informing our earth-bound channels for so long come to fruition.

Light, happiness, laughter, and jubilation will burst forth across the planet as peace is declared in the places that are presently waging war or threatening to do so. The divine energy that envelops your galaxy has been strengthening and intensifying over the last few earth months, and it is this energy that is now pouring into every heart and starting to dissolve all the fear, anger, hatred, and resentment that have been deeply burried there through countless lifetimes.

Truly a time of heartfelt joy is about to envelop humanity, as age-old feelings of bitterness and mistrust evaporate, and the realization that all your needs and desires will be abundantly fulfilled becomes apparent to all.

All thought of conducting trials to judge and condemn those assumed to be responsible for the tribulations, deceptions, betrayals, and suffering of humanity, and leading to possible recompense, will fade rapidly away. It will be apparent that all needs have been fully met by the new age that has dawned so brilliantly. Trials and the consequent judgments will be seen to be – like the witch hunts and inquisitions of the past – inappropriate, unneeded, and unwanted in a society ruled by unconditional love and forgiveness.

The fresh and brilliant environment, filled with joyful, newly enlightened beings, will sweep away your present realm of antagonism and mistrust, resulting in a massive laying-down of arms and a coming-together of all warring factions in a never-before-seen sunburst of affectionate mingling, acceptance, understanding, and reconciliation. It will be akin to a magnificent wedding celebration where the uplifting generosity of the love of the bride and groom for each other is reflected and shared by all present. The very palpable presence of this energy pervading, enveloping, and suffusing everything in an overwhelming and delectable experience of vast and immeasurable quantities of divine love will astound and delight you all.

This is God’s will for you. It is your divine right and heritage, created for you by your ever-loving Father, and at last you are coming home to claim it. And when you do you will reclaim with wonder the memories of your real existence, which never ceased and which will continue uninterruptedly for all eternity – memories of which very small sparks even now are lighting up brightly, deep within you, to show you the way home.

With so very much love, Saul.


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