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Saul: Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together


11/29/2009 by John Smallman

The human condition – living in the illusion you have made – is very stressful.  The apparent separation was a breaking asunder of God’s Son into billions of imaginary individuals, each seemingly with his own mind and identity.   They compete with one another for love and attention, not realizing that they are permanently one with God and have His undivided love and attention at all times.  So they fight, argue, and disagree; and to strengthen themselves, focus great intensity of purpose on their individual sense of identity.

To attempt to reachieve oneness with God may sound foolish — like putting Humpty Dumpty back together — but it is the sanest thing you can do, as the breaking asunder never happened.  You are simply playing games with yourself.  It is a bit analogous to one diagnosed psychologically as being a multiple personality, where a number of seemingly separate personalities share one body.  Only one is apparently present at any moment.  They each have very definite and different characteristics, and the goal of psychotherapy is to help them understand what terrified them into splitting apart, show them that it cannot harm them, and thus enable them to reestablish themselves as one.

The illusory reality you have made for yourselves has caused a similar effect, and the fear you are refusing to acknowledge is the belief that God is angry with you and seeks to punish you.   Nothing could be further from the truth.

You are infinitely loved; you did nothing wrong; and you are still one with God.  Separation was and remains impossible because there is nowhere to go in order to be separate.  This apparent judgment and condemnation of one another is part of the illusion – the actuality of which is impossible — and yet you believe it.

The way out is to forgive one another for what you have not done.  As you forgive, love seeps into your hearts, squeezing out the fear, until you become aware that there is nothing to fear because there is nothing except God, who is Love, and you are One with Him always.

So when the illusory inhabitants of your home-made illusory reality seem to threaten or attack you, realize it is a dream world that you are making, inhabited by your multiple personalities, suitably disguised to make it all seem real.  Don’t attack them, don’t defend yourself, just forgive them and yourself for what has not occurred, and let peace, instead of stress and anxiety, fill your life.

There is only God and you, united as One.  The billions of apparent others are also you.  To attack them or defend against them is total insanity, which you see all around you while you believe in and accept the dream as reality.

When you forgive all, and release all grudges and resentments, you will awaken and find yourself in the divine home that you never left.

With so very much love, Saul.



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