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Saul: God Did Not Create Your Abysmal Environment


11/18/2009 by John Smallman

When you wonder why the move into full consciousness is taking so long to occur, remember that many events have to be precisely coordinated in time, which is a very complex organizational puzzle when you consider that time does not exist.  And so humanity will awaken into full consciousness precisely as divinely planned.

The planning for this major development of human awareness, culminating in the moment of humanity’s move into this most wondrous state, has been in process for a very long time, as you experience that condition.  The process is very nearly complete, and this momentous event will awaken you all into a state of astonishing happiness.  You will understand instantly what an amazing achievement you have accomplished, even though you will also realize that no other outcome was possible.  You could think of it as divine paradox insofar as the task you undertook was exceedingly difficult, with many apparent opportunities for dismal failure to occur; and yet because the task was divinely orchestrated, despite alarming difficulties failure was quite impossible.

And while the joy of knowing and fully understanding the wonder of what you have achieved envelops you, all memories of the pain and suffering you endured as you worked on this daunting task will completely dissolve.  There will be nothing to disturb or spoil the supreme state of bliss that is about to replace the unsatisfactory illusory reality in which human existence appears to have been occurring for such an unimaginably long period of time.

The illusion and all that it contained will be no more.  Indeed, it never was.  But to you it seems to have been absolutely real, solid, and inescapable, except by death, which you feared and dreaded.  And that makes complete sense to you. However, a life so short makes no sense at all to any sentient being:  You were apparently born with minimal awareness and abilities, took a considerable time growing and developing sentient competences, all just in time to die and have them forever obliterated!  No wonder anger, fear, and survival anxieties drove your lives.   No wonder so many of you could not believe in God.   What divine intelligence could possibly design and create such an abysmal environment in which to place sentient beings, unless it was a sadistic maniac?

But God, being infinite unconditional love, complete flawless perfection, did not create such a monstrosity.  He created heaven for Him and you to experience eternal bliss.  The illusory, imaginary reality that you are presently experiencing will simply be no more, as you awaken into the divine Reality where you have been slumbering for far too long.  The brilliance of the light and the glory of the music that you will experience as you awaken will be awesome and breathtaking — a most magnificent and well-deserved homecoming.

With so very much love, Saul.



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