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Question for Mark on Twin Flame Differences when the Ships Land



If Twin flames come at the time of the ships’ landing, and they look young and healthy, what will happen when they see us old, ugly fat and unhealthy?

Answer from Mark:

Good question. First, it helps to remember that they are your indivisible half. They have known you always.

Secondly, they have higher awareness of you in your ‘unzipped’, true form, and have the visual and feeling knowing of you as an immortal one of high value…in many ages, formats and of such inner beauty that they can not be fooled into mistaking this little part of you as YOU. They know you in your resplendent solar beingness.

When we came in here from the higher realms, we agreed to incarnate into limited physical structures of all types, sizes, shapes, ages, etc. As we came to love these as the Temple of the Living God/Goddess that they truly are, they have begun to change.

The soul has always been immortal. As we have now migrated from Carbon-based system to a Crystalline immortal physical-spiritual system, our galactic DNA is becoming primary and we will continue to upgrade all aspects to the higher structures and capacities.

As decloakings occur, ALL OF US will step up a half-step in intelligence, awareness and heart expansion. We will remember who we are and what our higher missions are and we will have uplifted consciousness that includes our multidimensional self. This will bring so much joy and love through our being, from within, and it will be mirrored to us by the ships as well. So much healing will happen in an instant that denial will no longer  dominate our perception.

The physical meeting with our Twin Flames will further accelerate our changes and help to open up our higher perceptual abilities and galactic memories.

You can see that the process has begun and that each new step will only increase our understandings and capacities.


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