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Question for Mark on the Disparity of Information


Dear Mark,

I’m so thankful for all the work you’re doing and all that I extract free from your website, for since the beginning of my path towards transformation and ascension I have not had another job and of course no money so,at 61, I’m not able to attend conferences in person, etc.,  and I’m extremely grateful for all the information I can get from your website and other’s available to us all free of charge.

My question is regarding the disparity of information that I receive from many sources, that sometimes I feel is very upsetting. For example, although I read about many messages from A Michael,, A Uriel, Sananda, Ashtar Command, etc., yours is the only one that talks about Nesara, deckloakings and the sort.

I’ve also read about the Earth cleansing itself and the raising of the oceans, the big earthquakes on the Ring of Fire, with some of those incidents happening NOW, probably before the end of the current calendar year. It makes me very worry about those dear to me, and also for other beings around the planet, in human forms and others. Also, about the  three days of darkness, and how we’re going to move from one reality to another.

I’ve meditated on that, and questioned the truth in ALL of them but still no clear answer. Could you please, kindly, explain to me how’s the difference in the messages?

Please understand that is not a matter of me doubting the messages, rather why not all  of them coincide with one another is they come from the same Source.

Please accept my gratitude to you and your team that are offering the information in this website for the benefit of us all.

In all love and respect,


Your question is not unusual. The differences are mostly due to ‘personal filters’ and ‘sources’.

Our information comes mostly from Faction 3,Earth and Galactics at 38 levels ABOVE the President. F1/F2 Rothschilds & Rockyfellers are Illuminati controlled conduits…and their interests are to keep you uninformed, misinformed or lied to so you stay in confusion. Congratulations on doing some research and noticing the differences.

Due to the upshifts in awakening consciousness all catastrophic predictions have been mitigated.
Galactic Family help is terraforming our planet and the others within our solar system back to their original pristine blueprints.

Peace is about to be declared through our heart openings and intelligence upshifts that will come with mass decloakings in the coming days.

There will be no panic and with the increased awareness only loving presence will be experienced, as this is our Our promised Galactic Family Reunion…including our Twin Flames. We will then join hands to fulfill the promised restoration of Atmosphere, Water, Air, Soil and our remembrance of who and what we are and why we returned to complete this story together.

There will be NO STASIS; NO 3 days of Darkness; No living in the Inner Earth and NO Armageddon or World Evacuation. We are divine beings with divine purposes and we are NOW on a new timeline. No need to worry about anyone you care about. All have an embodied soul that is in charge and has a perfect plan for their presence here. When the mass Decloakings occur even those ones will experience a wondrous awakening.

We can not interfere, yet we can wish them all well and honor whatever choices they make. Trust, ask, allow, feel and flow is all you need know.


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