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Question for Mark Concerning Ashtar…



As events unfold the excitement is building. Back in January Ashtar stated that all the changes would be visisble to the public in 2009. Although no specific dates are given, is this statement still on target as far as you know?   Thanks for all your efforts and that of the A Team.


Many high level meetings are NOW occurring on President Obama’s Asian trip…including arrests…and also discussing…a ‘New Economic System’…never before discussed.

He is scheduled to travel to Copenhagen to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on Dec 10th. Current discussions are dealing how to release the ET Presence Disclosures and outplay China’s attempt to take control by dumping all our debt on the open market. He is in China today where ‘something important’ will occur…that is hoped to make closing of most of the World’s Banks unecessary.

We await these developments which precede Decloakings.



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