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Question for Mark: “Amiable Contact Project”. Deception?


Mark:  The most obvious errors involved:  The Sequential Order of events.

TRUE Sequential Order Facts:

Arrests, Decloaking of Ships, NESARA’s Enactment and…7-10 days later…Landings. The ‘sources wanting this project’ have been known disinformation agents for many years. Their objective is to identify and co-opt as many of us as possible. They also wish to stay out of jail by having Announcement FIRST…so they can still be operating to steal your funds and worse.

This is why arrests must happen first: to protect you and your funds. That is happening now and will shortly be completed. Then comes decloakings to raise our awareness, intelligence and consciousness a half-step so that when the Announcements are made people will be able to remember who they are and fully feel the positive nature of the truly Christed ones decloaking and the nature of the changes required to restore integrity, truth, freedom and abundance to the planet. Then landings will be free of the distortions currently keeping people in the dark.

Don’t mean to diss anyone, just pointing out some things we’ve learned from higher sources over the years. The darkhats know the game is ending and they and their earth agents are providing messages of clever design to try and delay or control the sequence, or, find out who their most gullible ones are and try to keep them going down false trails…like 3 days of darkness, stasis and going to live in the inner earth cities.

A sugar cube laced with arsenic might look harmless although the content is intended to sicken, impair or kill. Think of the purpose of Project BlueBeam.

Why do you think they want your name, email, location, and ‘assistance’?

Galactics don’t need that; just your positive desire for full planetary ascension.

The ‘deceptions’ are within days now of being removed.

All is well. Get ready for celebrations! When you feel the christed ones, you’ll know the truth…7-to 10 days before ‘Landings’.


On Nov 22, 2009, at 9:22 AM, xxxx wrote:

ok- but they seem pretty harmless.

At 11:07 AM 11/22/2009, you wrote:

xxxx, This is Not who or what it claims to be. Think Darkhats/Dark Agendas/Black Ops aimed at you.

On Nov 22, 2009, at 8:47 AM, xxxxx wrote:

just got this!

Greetings and thank you for your interest in our Amiable Contact Project.

A group of us have received messages from Methuselah, Fleck, who is from Pleiades and Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn, who requested that we begin a project called Amiable Contact where our Celestial and ET brethren might greet us.

We are not fully aware of when Amiable Contact will occur.  The timetable that we are aware of, however, is firstly the NESARA announcement, to be followed approximately a month later by First Contact.  As you know, time is a fluid thing in the 5th Dimension compared to our linear time on Earth.  As readers and receivers of messages, we are aware that exact times and dates are not provided in telepathic messages.

To date, there are approximately 30 Amiable Contacts in the United States, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Bulgaria, England, Serbia and France.

We have been advised that the shuttle craft are about 70 to 90 feet in diameter so we are looking at landing sites that will accommodate a craft of that size, with room to spare.  We each chose a landing site and gave it a name, such as Heritage Park Landing Site or we used our individual names, such as Darleneâ•Ë™™s Landing Site.  Choosing an open field seems most appropriate, but some have chosen a public park in the middle of a large city.  Some have large yards and have chosen those.  We used the Google Earth program to find our landing site location and we determined the coordinates for our landing sites.  Some of us learned our coordinates from the local public library and used the Google Earth program to find photographs of the landing site.

We provided vital information as well as a picture of the landing site area taken from Google Earth, marked the coordinates with an â•Ë›Xâ•Ë‡  We also provided a a full length picture of ourselves.

If we like, we can invite as many like minded friends as we are guided to.

During the landing and greeting, we are to take as many photos and video footage as we can.  These will be forwarded to various websites for viewers around the world.  If you have your own website or are aware of other websites that might volunteer to show the photos and videos, please make a list and share with all Amiable Contacts; the more, the better.

A spreadsheet has been created that is emailed to those interested in participating in our Amiable Contact Project for entering your pertinent information.  An Amiable Contact volunteered to relay coordinates of Amiable Contacts to the appropriate Celestials/ETs when the time is right.  One message from a Celestial stated that we can send our coordinates just by using our thought intention at any time.  This way, they will be aware of just who we are and where we are located. In a message from Captain Helena, she relayed to us that â•Ë›We all know exactly who you are.  We recognize each Contact, for you carry a special energy that you are marked with.â•Ë‡

We visualize the craft landing with our space brethren stepping out to greet us.  One message indicates that there is the possibility that deceased loved ones might be some of those who will greet us.

We have created a website called StarPortEarth, which is up and running with parts under construction.  The main theme of our site is Amiable Contact. There are several messages regarding Amiable Contact from Extraterrestrials and Celestials that are enjoyable and interesting reading.

If you are directed to participate, it is because ‘Spirit’ is nudging you and it is likely that you have been chosen to participate.

Thank you for your interest in the Amiable Contact Project.


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