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Opportunities for Mission Upgrade Training Alpha Centauri Holodecks 11/18/09


Note from Beth and Mark:

For the last several nights we have been visiting an unpublicized super-training site. We are encouraged to share a short series of informations that are NOW available for YOUR New Mission Training and Upgrade opportunities…on Alpha Centauri. We found these visits very exciting. This is the first of these. We hope you will consider these as a very safe way to practice some skills you will be needing to have honed when the imminent decloakings occur.

Cdr Soltec, who is in charge of ALL galactic communications with earth, comes from Alpha Centauri, so we asked him if he could arrange a meeting with the High Council there to obtain a message for all of us. Here’s a brief introduction to what we observed on our visit to this binary sun system, where the population is in the 8th Dimension, on the 4th planet from the brightest sun.

Beth’s skills at typing on her laptop computor keyboard while she is OOB is evidenced here. Mark


When we arrive at Alpha Centauri I see very large, high peaked white snow covered mountains.

I am awed by the landscape. Next I see a white ring tube with white ball StarShip come over the Mountains and hover by Soltec’s Craft.

I see a platform descend from the very large Ship. This Ship is a very large City.

A Centaur comes down to greet us. We are lead to white-winged horses to fly up into their craft on.

We get there and the people here are human. It is notable how each one stands out as being very beautiful. The men and woman are wearing skin tight suits. Everyone has athletic builds and all the qualities of what we find beautiful in our society. I am surprised again and again how beautiful everyone is. Some here are Bird People. They have bird heads and human bodies.

This is a bustling City and we walk through it on our way to the Meeting. We are with Soltec and Hatonn and our Twin Flames. We are walking through the City and me and Mark are invited to sit in a chair. These are like mini-massage chairs. We sit down and have our ” systems” checked for imbalances and have all things restored which are missing and any imbalances in our system corrected.They also scan for needed nutrients and replace or provide what is needed.
Everything here is joyous. There is a quality of magic here. When we arrive to the room where we are gathering, there are tiny fur-covered beings flying around, checking to see if anyone needs anything.[These are service androids and are stunningly magical] They remind me of Gremlins. We see Rama is here also.

There is a Bird Person who would like to share a message from the Alpha Centauri Council.

Those from Earth have visited Alpha Centauri in ancient times. Alpha Centauri is a place where one may go to experience anything which is desired. We hold the programs for the holodecks which may be designed to fit any need. We are a mixture of fantasy and science. We are able to program any climate, any terrain, any companion, any variable component of experience you can imagine.

We do this for the purpose of rest and relaxation. We also do this for the learning experience. It is much easier to learn in a controlled environment. All of the programs used for training came from our main computers. We are masters of illusion. Often you will come back from a dream that “felt so real” and it is likely you were on a holodeck at Alpha Centauri for training.

Earth is known as a place to experience things which cannot be experienced any where else. This was do to the fact that so much interference with the ‘human experience’ had taken place. Earth was a place one could drop down into the lower dimensions and wear heavy veils. Earthlings have grown weary of this kind of learning.

Now, we from Alpha Centauri, bring holodeck technology for the purpose of accelerated learning for anyone who wants it.

There is no end of topics which may be studied with us. There is nothing else to compare to learning on a holodeck. It is as if you are there. You may simulate life on other Planets, StarTravel, Being in Nature of All Kinds, joining with the Magical Beings of All Kinds, Meeting hundreds of thousands of different races and experiencing their cultures. All of this and you need not leave the spot where you are to have the experience.

Everything happens in an enclosed room and the computers are programmed to show you the experience and it is a perfect match to the real experience. The possibilities are endless. This is how training for the New Missions will happen.

It will be available to all who ask, and it is unlimited as to the numbers of experiences and the type of training One may choose.

Receiving this kind of training means a super fast change over of Earth to higher technologies. There will be many with the new training and it will be a rapid upgrade for life on Earth in every area imaginable.

These holodecks are not only for training. They are also able to simulate any sensual experience you may imagine. You can go with friends to foreign lands to sample the food and entertainment. You may take your children into the tropical rainforest to meet tame animals. You may adventure into the magical realms and meet unicorns and fairies under controlled conditions. One minute you are there and one minute you are back.

This type of sensual learning will free Earth Inhabitants up from their emotional states.It will bring an emotional maturity that will help in ascension greatly.

It will be a form of relaxation and it will spur growth and understanding of other ways of living. It will be through these experiences Earth humans loosen up and explore new ways of living.

This will play a pivotal role in them learning they do not need money at all and there are unlimited possibilities for co-creation. Earth will never be the same again. We Bless You and Celebrate these changes with you.

~Marsden from the Alpha Centauri Council


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    My mind is an open book. So looking forward to learning this way!

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