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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – November 5, 2009



MARIETTA: Give us a report Rama on what you have heard out there today.

RAMA: OMG, what the stories have to say! It’s like Angel Sue said, happiness and joy. At the same time, all of the stories going on have to do with the total exposure of the original story called 9/11. I heard many various pieces today of the larger story that fit in with the small picture concerning how peace is declared and NESARA is announced. Let’s just say St. Germain divvies up the World Trust to the folks across the planet who are building the light cities and that is what is occurring. Nothing is going to stop it. From the talking heads today to Lady Master Nada and the King of Egypt. All they are saying is the agencies of the ABCs are falling apart at the seams. As we have been told for many moons now, as NESARA is announced all the agencies get dissolved and it is happening. 23-24 CIA agents have been, let’s just say, some are getting 5 years, some are getting 8 years.

TARA: That’s not anything about what they are really participating in, because these guys did 9/11, so that is just one count. That’s not the whole thing, that’s just to introduce the people to a World CIA 9/11 operation.

RAMA: That is correct. Obama was doing some kind of gathering, I think it was in DC, I’m not sure, but it was dealing with the Native American people across our planet. I was listening to Native America Calling on PRI. A woman called up and she said that she was in Building #7 on the morning of 9/11, and she worked for a firm and she didn’t want to say exactly what kind of firm she worked for, yet it was in the basement of Building #7. She got out a half hour before the building was “pulled” as Larry Silverstein calls it. This lady describes that she has been lying low since that day, and she knew about the Reformation Act and what was supposed to happen that morning. She felt as though it was time now to come forward and share her story and say it is time for accountability for the war criminals that did 9/11. It is coming to pass that all the pieces of this are fitting into place, where the total exposure of the intergalactic race that are also intergalactic war criminals that are wanted in many systems as they broke through the Scorpie Black Hole. Now it has come full circle where Mother is sending them back through the Scorpie Black Hole.

Lady Master Nada talked about an interesting piece today, to this story that there is a Monolith on Mars that is an exact [copy] you could say for all intensive purposes, it is like the Monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey and it is a star gate. Very soon our folks in the proper circles called Leon Panetta, Barack Obama, Dr. Stephen Bassett, Dr.Greer. He was on Coast to Coast last night, I understand. They are all saying Galactic First Contact and they are going to talk about it and nothing is going to stop this. All of the other pieces to what is going on, from what happened at Fort Hood today, and the Violet Flame and Mother [Sekhmet] are going with all the families on all sides with what has occurred and….

TARA: And that has to do with Dick Cheney. That’s what is called Black Water Black Ops that was another Oklahoma City bombing routine on the base of the largest air force base on the land. This is a drama that is just what we might see as these ones make their Hitlerian last stand.

RAMA: Yes.

TARA: While they keep calling Barack Obama Hitler, it has just become quite a dichotomy.

RAMA: And the stories are unfolding where we are going to see peace declared, NESARA announced and our Galactic friends are showing up.

TARA: I wanted to also say that the name of the place where Obama addressed the shooting was the Department of Interior’s Tribal Nation’s Conference. That is what the name of the place was. You know the other thing I wanted to say, too, is that remember we’ve been telling everybody that Angela Merkel is a double agent inside the G20 and has really pulled it off in terms of some of the things she has been able to do to help the KOS behind the scenes. She knew about these 24 in Italy before she addressed our Congress, and I’ll just say that there is another indication there because over there in Ireland, you know, remember a year or two ago, a Lisbon Treaty was voted on. Then Czechoslovakia joined. That was back then and now it has been approved by both of those countries which is another bigger story because Tony Blair was arrested. Remember KOS talked about that through Beth and Mark and a few other folks [like] Ashtar. That Tony Blair and Gurlin Goney (sp?) have been arrested, and these guys are being arrested for 9/11.

RAMA: And there were 14 more billionaire hedge fund managers that were arrested today along with other pieces of this falling into place. It is just beyond treason.

TARA: Okay, I just want to add one more thing. I don’t know exactly except that we are being told that the European Union (EU) is going to be turned around just like the United States, because it was a hijacking by the same criminal Cabal, and there is a double agency going on behind the scenes. I just wanted to say that in a big way. So the five that have been arrested have been confirmed:  Hillary, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Tom Daschle, and Joe Lieberman. Tom Daschle represents the one on the Democrat side that went in on the deal on 9/11 and Joe Lieberman on the Republican side.

RAMA: There were 10,000 people who are following the conservative right, showed up with Michele Bachmann in DC and it turned into a fiasco. The way the talking heads on the radio were saying that this is a distraction from what is really going on. Where it is time to bring the troops home and deal with the war criminals that started the mess 9 years ago called 9/11. People were talking about this today. Randi Rhodes was on a roll and oh my.


EHAHA: I have a guest that is listening tonight. His name is Mark White Eagle. He is a Native American Shaman Herbalist who had a part in some of the events that Rama is referring to with some of these agencies coming down. I wonder if he is listening. Mark, if you could come on and perhaps share a little bit or make a comment.

MARKWHITEEAGLE: I am one of the first persons that went ahead to cause the breakdown of the State of New Mexico, and I put forth all of the energy to follow through with all the other states. There will not be a lot of announcements of what I have done, but you can look me up on You Tube as to what my cause was. So find me at My Space under Mark White Eagle and you can read what I followed through with in criminal complaints against the government associations throughout all the states, and it will be involving about the Black Foxtras [sp?] being forced on all children of the United States. [Inaudible] by kidnapping by UFD and you will see the final breakdown of UFD in every state, state by state. [Inaudible] Racqueteering and so forth, fraud and embezzling funds. I caused the stoppage in the State of New Mexico of their federal funding by the CYFD, against the federal government. And the first reports were after my first filed complaints of August 26 of 2009 and also October 1st which are found abandoned with additional information. After, there was a [inaudible] on approximately September 10th of all their funding, and now you will find the State of New Mexico going bankrupt because of these funds being cut off from the Native Americans to the State of New Mexico and you will find all the other findings.

You can find a section in there as to part of what the tribe was, so I am the maker of universal medicine that heals all diseases, and this was the cause of the unlawful kidnapping of my own children. Like I’ve said, it heals all diseases including SARS which they dropped on us by biological warfare, and they are injecting into the children along with the Swine flu, along with Legionnaires’ disease. Along with all the other respiratory [issues], brain cancer, bone cancer. A lot of people are not aware. I will give additional information if I am ever allowed the chance of the talking stick once again, but this is my short presentation for today. It was nice to meet all of you for the first time.

MARIETTA: Thank you for sharing. I have been privileged to be working with Dr. Theresa Dale, a practitioner that is a wonderful homeopath. We just had an hour with her before we began and it is possible with homeopathics to totally take out all of the vaccinations and eliminate those so that they don’t morph into anything else. There is a lot of good information that is available and I will be glad to share it with people if they want to see their layout. I will tell you where to find it, but the Europeans have been using homeopathics to get rid of their vaccinations, and also there is a product called [inaudible] Flu that is a homeopathic that will take care of these as well. Right now, we can still purchase that. She has been warned that they are going to make it [illegal]. Only doctors will be able to sell it in the future and it is going to get clamped down on, so we are all stocking up on it ahead of time here so we will have it available for friends and family, but there is so much help out here. What she explained about all of the flu, where all the viruses come from, where all of this morphs into something else. The vaccinations, [this homeopathic] just allows it to change into another form in the body as well, so [by] taking the homeopathic you can rid yourself of all of this and get it out of the body. Whether you have the flu or whether you have just contracted this or whether you have had the vaccinations. Even the DPT and all of those as well, so there is help out here. We are a source of it and want to make it available to everybody. She is a busy person, but I am hoping to have her on here as well so we can all share the knowledge that she has.

BIGWILL/TX: Today was a very interesting day in Fort Hood, Texas. As you all know, we had 12 of our soldiers fallen and 31 injured/wounded at the base. I want to say that the Major or doctor who was involved in the shootings [major wind interference], he is a doctor of psychology and he is a part of what is known as a Black Ops operation, and more than likely he was [inaudible] from [inaudible] at the same time. It may be a strong possibility that he was being brainwashed for a [inaudible] and setup by the Black Ops.

DYANNA: It just came on the news. The shooter is not dead. He is wounded and he is in custody. They just announced it on MSNBC. The shooter did not die. He is alive and they are going to get all the truth out of him, so that just came across the news two seconds ago.

DONNATAYLOR: My son was the first boy shot at Columbine and I worked with Mark White Eagle. He has taken brain cancer out of my head, he has taken arthritis out of my hips, and he healed me from the flu. I just want you to know, he heals all diseases within seconds. It doesn’t take hours. Within seconds. If anyone is interested, they can contact him at (575) 910-0849. My brother got healed of arthritis within 20 minutes totally. It takes pain away instantly.

BILL/CO: I was wondering if Tara could repeat the confirmed arrests again.

TARA: Yes. It is the second look-alike of Hillary [who] was arrested, Bush Jr., Bush Sr., Tom Daschle, and Joseph Lieberman. And then Tony Blair and Berlusconi [sp?] were also arrested, and were confirmed across the pond in terms of bigger folks. Today, there was a whole bunch more.

BETH: I just wanted to ask you. I remembered that Barbara Bush was also on that list. Was she also confirmed?

TARA: Rama?

RAMA: Yes.

TARA: Okay, thank you for that. I stand to add to number 5, a number 6. Thank you Beth.

MARIETTA: I did not see the program last night, but I heard that Barbara Bush was on Jay Leno.

TARA: As they show up anywhere, they are in custody, and they are just like George Bush, Jr. on the 10th of October last year. He barely got himself out there to say what he needed to say and then he was taken back in custody after he got off the stage. I just wanted to let everybody know that whatever is happening from here on out has the highest good of all concerned, so that there is a continuity as to the charges against these characters. Remember it was said that the evidence would be so overwhelming it would be without question of a doubt, despite people being in absolute disbelief.

SHIRLEY: Just right now, Chris Story, you know, as we are talking released this new update, and he is saying that the Ford Hood [incident] is the recovery of the Chinese currency boxes. He says that Barack Obama plays hardball at long last. He says that George Bush, Sr. stored the stolen Chinese currency boxes at Texas Army Base. The Bush crime family’s money in the Caribbean has also been seized. These were his highlights. He says did Bush Sr. fly into Fort Hood? Was he arrested or horizontalized? The Fort Hood shootings, there is a cover story and a real story. But I haven’t read it all, but maybe Mother could touch on this, or maybe Rama if this is a possibility that there was gold that was recovered maybe from Fort Hood, and that this is all had to do with that. But he did say Barack Obama is finally playing hardball which to him is a good thing.

[Guest Speaker Dr. Dan Clark]


MARK: I just wanted to add a couple of items to what Rama said earlier on the Hard News portion of the call. Maybe just a drop more information on the subject of the Lisbon Treaty.

BETH: I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I didn’t get a chance to ask you earlier. The information we have to share is a little bit difficult because these, you know, big-name people are involved in this, and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind, can I share my information about the trip to Pluto first? Then maybe Tara wants to finish explaining what she was [saying] earlier because I know it is very confusing to people. Then if you would finish up by letting everyone know what the KOS had to say about everything. To me, I feel that is the best flow to help people understand everything that is going on.

MARK: Okay, go ahead.

BETH: Everybody, I want to share with you what happened when Mark and I went with Rama. We all went out of body the other night. What happened was, Mark and I were on the phone and we had just finished some work, some channeling we were doing together. We asked Mother Sekhmet and Metatron for guidance on what to do next. We were told the KOS was calling us to do an op, and this op was just the same kind we used to do last summer, when we went out and we gathered up the dragons and helped Ashtar and the other Galactics and they were cleared off the planet. This was done in the higher dimensions and we go out of body to do this. So I will tell you what I saw while we were gone.

So KOS started giving me instructions and giving me verbal descriptions where these dark hats were hiding on Pluto.  They had escaped to Pluto because they felt if they hid there, that they would fit into that place that sees a lot of inter-dimensional trading, there are a lot of travelers coming in from all over the place there. There are several different races of people there. It is a very busy hopping place and lots of places to hide, so these ones had gone there to hide because they knew that the end was near. They felt if they hid out there, they could get away with something, so KOS called us in and asked us to go help with Archangel Michael and Ashtar and gather them up.

So KOS was giving me these descriptions of where these ones were hiding, and I would tell Rama what he was saying, and Rama was saying I know where that is. We were in this shuttle craft and Rama drove us to these places. So this night, the first thing KOS was telling me was a description of the area where Hillary Clinton was hiding, and I told Rama, and he said, well I know where that is, and we went there and Archangel Michael and Ashtar were with us. I knocked on the door and Hillary came out, and she was screaming profanity, and I stood there and I was just surprised, and she was oblivious to the fact that Michael and Ashtar were standing there. I just watched her scream and we were all silent, and Michael just put a merkaba spacecraft around her, it formed around her, and he gave her to Ashtar.

Next they told me about another location, and we got back in the craft, and Rama knew where we were going so when we got there, we got out and we walked up to this place and I saw George W. Bush there, and he was in a containment device. It looked like a flat square cell, and I looked at him and I was talking to him and he was talking to me, but he didn’t realize that he was contained. I looked at Ashtar and I said, what happened to him? He is talking to me about, you know, every day chit chat and not noticing he is in this thing. Ashtar said, when he got to Pluto, he asked a guy who he had heard was good at hiding people to help him, but he didn’t realize the guy was a Magician and that, you know, he was working on the side of the Galactic Federation. He [the Magician] said, sure I’ll help you and he put him in this containment device and George W didn’t even realize he was in it. So Archangel Michael just picked him up and handed him to Ashtar [who] took him away.

After that, I asked them about the next place we were going, and KOS said that George Sr. and Barbara were having a meal at an establishment there. I talked to Rama and we got in and we went to where they were. They saw us come up and they were surprised, but they understood what was happening. They understood that was Ashtar, they didn’t resist, they got up from their table and came with us. I asked the KOS who we were going to see next and he said Tom Daschle, and he said, well, he will be implicated on war crimes for 9/11 and I said okay. So we gathered him up. The final one we gave to Ashtar was Joe Lieberman and that was the end of the ops and the whole experience was very surreal.

The next day, I called and I talked to Rama and Mark on the phone, and Mark and I asked Rama, please confirm the names which were contacts. That was my part of the sharing because I was seeing everything that was happening while we were there, and so then I know Tara was giving a really good explanation of…. What I was told last summer about these ops, these happen in higher dimensions and in time it comes into the physical. I have seen that happen since last summer. Over and over again where we go out and we do these ops, we see these changes happening out there, and then we turn around and a little while later, we see the results of it coming into the physical. So thank you for letting me share that part tonight and hopefully Rama or Tara can give us more information about these clones and these holograms and how this is all working. Thank you.

TARA: I will go ahead. Do you want me to do that now?

MARK: Yes.

BETH: I would love that, thank you.

TARA: All right, good. I would like Lord Rama to assist me. Are you still around here, Commander? Oh we’ve got  Mother here already. Okay well, I will just say this. This has been in the last stages of a 30-year operation and it was as we’ve been describing in the past, in the secret societies, it was by a blood oath and that was done by the light and the dark. In the sense that there was nothing, no Mr. in between. In other words, there is no sitting on the fence, and this is a serious walk that the most important part of it was to not put the cart before the horse. That the people had the opportunity that they asked for, to come to assist one another and help one another to, you might say, slay the beast, and that is the true jist of the story of Beauty and the Beast. You love the beast as you let him know that that part of himself that turned into that beastly behavior was no longer in charge.

Everything had to be done and finished before we could actually do the enactment, since 1999 when the NESARA bill, 250 pages, which took 6 years to write by 14 members of our Congress. Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul wrote it in its final form. He was the Thomas Jefferson finishing touches, yet the contributors of all have [included] Paul Wellstone who is no longer here for what his contributions represent. Bob Graham, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, John Conyers, Barbara Boxer. Okay we are up to 13 and we got one more. Oh well, we will bless that one we don’t remember at the moment. Yet I will just say that this has been [more] dangerous than at [any]  time our founding fathers could ever have imagined. They never considered this a failure in the past. What Thomas Jefferson actually considered was that he knew that the job would be done in the future by our posterity.

That wasn’t much different than what Martin Luther King said. He said, I may not get there with you, yet I have seen the mountain top and my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. What has happened here is that we had to complete already the removals before anything could take its final step. All of these removals. That’s why we are saying that Tony Blair is arrested which means that the takeover by Britain of the European Union (EU), 27 countries, is also arrested. Angela Merkel, the daughter of Hitler, has been able to successfully stay alive through her original body throughout all these G20 Reptilian characters that are now killing their own people, which was exemplified with 103 dead so they wouldn’t be able to talk. Yet a thousand more were all arrested, and we now learn as Dyanna was saying that the gentlemen who did the shooting is still alive, which means that there is a good chance that the buck will completely stop here now.

We heard that some people are on 24-hour suicide watch who are in the jail cell. We were told about this a long time ago. Karl Rove would be like that when they got him arrested. Okay, all these people have already been taken out. Over 100 million of them. There would be no way in heaven to do this on Earth without the cloning operations, without the holograms, without stages of protocol, without the tests being given both in the light and in the dark every step of the way. That was the idea, that we would not intervene. In other words, the higher beings would only be there for guidance. They would not intervene. They even said, the Gurus are gone. In the sense there was a teaching that came through, then it was up to us to pick up the gauntlet to teach the teachers we were going to be teaching. That is how the teachers, teachers, teachers, arrived.

They are all arriving from the message of the prophet, and there are very special beings who took responsibility of their ascension seriously and came to help, and that is all of us right now. Every last one of us. So yes, cloning for 30 years, everybody, and in more than one stage. Especially the larger the culprits of horrific activity, the more clones of them and phases of the process of those clones and what those programs were going to accomplish. Shut down that one and get the next one. This is the way that Hillary, for the lady that asked that question was saying, well, which Hillary? How many times does Hillary need to be arrested? Yes, she was arrested originally. Christopher Story reports the scene, even though he is hired by the Queen to do the dirty work of keeping the Queen looking lily white through this whole thing. Which means we have to love that one too because he is not just the messenger, he is a traitor who made an assignment to himself of selling his soul for money. Yet, we love that one because there is certain information that has been able to be gleaned by him reporting it outside those of us who already know, and everybody thinks we swallow the, was it the red pill or the blue pill? I don’t even remember.

Yet this has really been going on, so that the Trustees for instance of the big trusts, the world trusts. The Rothschilds. They were taken out in 2003 and it was a five-week period all the way across the top. Not just the Rothschilds, every big fatty at the top of all the 13 families were completely removed from the planet. Not a trace of their DNA. What they left were what needed to be there, in whatever form it needed to be in, and look- alikes started to come in when the final days [came]. A look alike of Saddam Hussein was showing up and Saddam Hussein has been in the brig on a starship, and this is the biggest thing. You know, everybody is saying well what do you mean, because this has been a Galactic operation, and because that has been so secret and has produced so much fear because of the dark Black Ops and the movies, the Visitor V and all of the rest of that.

Guess what? The people have finally woken up and they aren’t buying it. The ones that are screaming the loudest are the smallest grouping now, and yet they are screaming like the description that Beth gave, even in the face of knowing for quite some time now that the day would come and the day has come. Look what they did, they put her in a containment field. They put him, Bush Jr,. in a containment field and whatever needs to show up with Hillary shows up in each. It is a hologram. These are the days where there will be no one that feels a lesson, for the whole world has decided how they are going to do this. With the heart. This was going to be done with flowers. The flower children have won! Cynthia said that in my ear 2 visits, 3 visits ago. She said the flower children have won, so I hope this is enough for everybody to understand that yes, we are truly in days of which the awakening for the whole world is coming about.

MARK: Okay Tara, thank you. We hope that this gives the person that asked the question and anyone else that has that question, because it is quite [not] understandable unless you have been reading or listening to these conference calls for a long time to appreciate the subtleties that are involved. And everybody [who] thinks it doesn’t exist has kicked the tires of 3Dness and nothing could be further from the truth. 3D is a hologram. It is a holodeck.

ANGELSUE: I just want to [get] clear. I got just a tiny bit more. I need more information. I thought that we were told these ones were not allowed to go off the planet the last few years and how could they go to Pluto in that circumstance? Thank you.

MARK: Mother, do you want to answer that one? Why don’t we save that question. Mother will be here shortly as soon as we finish this part of the news and then…..

ANGELSUE: [inaudible] with Tara’s information, so thank you.

TARA: Okay, I’ll answer some parts of it. Beth, will you repeat what happened in terms of the Pluto visit?

BETH: I was just saying that we went out of body. We went through this other dimension and that’s where they were making a description of these ones were hiding. We went and rounded them up and gave them to Ashtar.

TARA: Okay so….

MARK: We actually went out of body to the Mid East where the Ziggurats are, the step pyramids, and Rama and we had been there separately just a couple of days before, and there are no coincidences.

TARA: I know what happened. These guys were in a holodeck program and they thought they went to Pluto and you went to round them up in their holodeck illusion. That is really what happened. There is an answer for this, and this has been so layered that even those of us that have the nuances are still taking some moments. So thank you, Mark. This is what teamwork is all about, everybody. Remember energies follow thought and it is very real. This inter-dimensional time-traveling that we are all doing together. Come and join us. We love you. Thank you.

MARK: Okay, well, just a little more because this kind of question has tentacles that go in several directions.

TARA: Yes, and I also want to say thank you for asking those questions like Angel Sue, like you did, because that means you are getting to the subtleties too. Very good. Thank you, Miss Angel.

MARK: While we were up there and this happened and you heard the facts of what happened. What you did not hear was what happened afterwards. When we came back and talked to the KOS the next morning early, Beth was up and he called her and showed her some headlines internally, telepathically. Showed her some headlines and had her scan those and said, don’t you think it is interesting that the German Chancellor, the daughter of Hitler, is going to address both houses of Congress, and even the cover story, the lame cover story of the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, wasn’t even appropriate because that wasn’t for another 6 days. So he says, hmmm, we can ask some interesting questions here. Did some alarms go off in their networks when these ones weren’t detected anymore, and the answer was yes, indeed there was. A matter of fact, they all went to, you might say, general quarters and panicked because here they had all these plans….

TARA: Who is “they” that got lost?

MARK: Illuminati, the network. The 13 families’ networks. They had operations planned to disrupt things.

TARA: Of the light plans?

MARK: To disrupt, yes.

TARA: Okay.

MARK: But the thing is, those plans only work because it is a highly regimented network. When you cut off the head of the snake, all the heads of the snakes, then you get a lot of movement, but it is not intelligent. It is thrashing around and there is no way they were going to put those plans into operation unless their leader said okay.

TARA: Cut off the head of the Medusa. That is what this is.

MARK: So well, sticks of their top people had just been removed from circulation. Let’s put it that way. Even though there were film versions of these ones kept in place. Sometimes you have a hologram inside a holodeck and I will let Mother tell more jokes on that subject, but that’s enough. I just want to [say], the KOS was trying to tell us what will happen next. Okay, she is coming there and what this really is, she is the spokesman for all 13 families. That is why she was addressing Congress. That is why she was there. She was the head now of the 13 families. The spokesperson and that is why she flew all night to get there after the alarm went off and changed all the venues, so that they could have secret private meetings with Obama and others there because they knew the jig was up. There was no way that they were going to be able, in other words, the heads had [been]  taken off and that means the 13 families’ plans were no good any more.

TARA: That’s right, abortion.

MARK: Right. So that is why she was really there and it was so symbolic…..Angela Merkel. So what we were talking about was what Nancy, okay what they are determining now in the closed door meetings with their own agents here in the U.S., was how they were going to play this story out to the public, because obviously they still wanted to control the story even though they knew the ending would mean they were leaving. They still wanted to control the process and that is what the negotiations were about. Okay, the reason we go into this is because what happened now even yesterday and today, with the CIA agents being arrested and convicted. Not one of them, 23, 24. The point is, why is one guy taken to Gitmo? Why does one man take 24 agents to go to several countries not even directly involved? What the real story and the answer was, that Italy and Germany were by [?] these ones being arrested, that means the [cover] was blown and that they can be charged with war crimes, and it is only the tip of the iceberg because, guess what? All the other agencies have dark agents or had, in them, [so] some more snakes have to be removed out of the terrain that they are in which is all the ABC agencies.

TARA: And what is interesting, is you see Angela Merkel is not arrested. That Berlusconi is arrested and you see that [Tony] Blair is arrested and that is big.

MARK: Well, that is a nice big way. Thank you Tara, because the other story is about this Lisbon Treaty meeting, a summit of the European Union. Now up until now, they have had a rotating president but they wanted…. They thought they had it all locked in. so now they wanted a permanent president and they are going to have this little summit meeting. You know, in the U.S., you hardly even saw a line, a single line, and here are the leaders of all the big leaders of Europe [who] were going to be there and they were talking about, you know, health and climate. In other words, ridiculous things. Leaders don’t get together and do that until all the men below them for years worked out the grids and they just come in and sign the papers and make a little speech. So obviously something big was going on when that meeting was declared, and it was a decreed permanent dictatorship, and the two top candidates for the Cabal were Berlusconi and Tony Blair. Well, the KOS told us at this meeting we had then, he said, but neither one of them is going to be available so….

TARA: It would be just like putting the Italian Mafia together with MI6 running around controlling 27 countries.

MARK: So we asked him, so who will be the president and will it be good news or bad news? He said, well, depends on who you are. The man who is actually going to take the position is Heinz Fischer, the president of Austria.

TARA: Now that is interesting too, and if I understand it correctly, the Queen of England was the one that was from Austria, of the Templars. So this guy is a double agent which means he is taking the Queen’s place. Wow.

MARK: He is a double agent according to the KOS. He is a double agent that is turning his hat from black to white and is going to represent all of the light.

TARA: And this is why they are comparing Barack Obama to Hitler, everybody, because they are the ones who did that, and they are the same ones over here still doing the 4th Reich over here.

MARK: Okay, but there was one more thing that needed to happen for this to go into effect and that was the Lisbon Treaty had failed by one vote. As you remember, that happened when Ireland had their Plebiscites and their referendum on it and the people actually got to vote. The people turned it cold down, overwhelmingly and of course their own Irish president was in terrible trouble because he had promised to deliver the votes and then the whole EU was going to collapse.

TARA: That was Czechoslovakia, right?

MARK: One of the other countries that had held out, not agreeing to that, to sign on, was Czechoslovakia. What were they looking for? They were looking, because this is an operation, they were looking for the right moment. Make them think that they are totally in charge, they got it all worked out, and they got their own man permanently in charge. So a double whammy took place here. Blair and Berlusconi arrested, and now while they were down and their own people were out, suddenly Czechoslovakia springs their affirmation of the treaty, and the next thing you know, not only is it passed, but they got the[ir] opposition in charge permanently by their own device. So here is a double agent for the light, Heinz Fischer, that is now going to be the permanent president (for as long as that lasts), but anyway, they have lost control of their own takeover of Europe. So this is a very interesting story.

Now let’s go to today. There is one more story out there. I’ll read you just a very short story. The headline was about a Saudi Arabian Czechoslovakian. The Saudi Air force has attacked rebels in Northern Yemen, which is on their southern border, following Wednesday’s killing of a Saudi Security Officer in a border area, reports have said. Now the KOS came in this morning and said that’s what they said, but now here is the real story. The bombing is happening as a diversion. They made a couple of token raids just for window dressing, because they had to have a reason to explain why so many jets were scrambled flying through the area. This is a diversion. They are actually wanting to use all of those planes flying out where they don’t normally fly to cover up the massive amounts of activities in guess where? The Gulf of Aden Stargate, where they have been noticing a large, a very large, number of starships coming into or exiting that Stargate, and not knowing what it is about and what to do about it, so they were scrambling these jets the last 24 hours. In particular, to see if they could get a closer look and figure out what is going on and what if anything could be done about it. ‘Cause of course to the public, they have never heard of the Stargate unless they have been on these conference calls. So that is the operation. So you might ask yourself, why a sudden influx of starships. They gate has been there for quite a long time now, but now it is all happening.

Well, the other story of today was the one about the CIA operatives and even a story from Lady Master Nada and the King of Egypt on that subject. So here we have all of these events seemingly unrelated, yet very closely related. The KOS told us today, that what is happening here is that the leaders are put out of commission. There are no orders in the field. Merkel comes from Germany to give out the way they are going to work the public story on this. Now, you see the handwriting on the wall with the first agency, CIA, and of course that will implicate other agencies and all of this is in the midst of things going on. More stories about 9/11 and all of these ones are invited. 9/11 has always been the story. This is the one that they all co-conspired to produce, and now the KOS said this morning that the heads or the snakes inside all these agencies will be removed. And as soon as that happens, decloakings, which would explain (if you are going to have decloakings) [that] you might need a lot more ships. That is what is coming through the Gulf of Aden Stargate. Now the ships are going to participate, and the mass decloakings are about to happen when the last of the rats are removed, and they are in these agencies and that is what we are waiting for now. To complete the removal of the rascals left loose so they cannot impact things. So of course with NESARA, we all know, all the agencies bite the dust.

TARA: Also I just wanted to say, this case of Bernie [Bernard] Kerik, the head of police in New York City, in jail for the last 2 weeks, has been squealing on Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg and…

MARK: He also admitted to taking a $250,000 bribe and he is going to plead guilty because that….

TARA: On 14 counts.

MARK: That is a plea bargaining thing to save his life.

TARA: And he could get 90 years, what he was saying for the crimes he was admitting he was guilty [of], yet I’m sure that he’s telling about bigger fish right now.

MARK: Oh yeah, that is the other part about what’s the first thing you want to do if you want to spring a story, is that you introduce it with a single character or two, and then they squeal on their mates to try to get a lesser sentence, maybe save their life, and so then they all get involved. We know they are all connected. So that is what is coming next. It is the same thing we’ve being talking about for years, 9/11, the whistleblowers on all of those operations. You have Sibel Edmonds’ testimony on the record with depositioners working around the clock to get depositions for everyone named from her material. So all of that happened. So these other ones are taken out now, so it is just down to the agencies, so when they are clean we can have decloakings, we can have announcement of arrests. Whatever way that Mother and Ashtar and the rest of them decide that is best done. But the point is, we are there now. This is in process. The removals of the agency dark hats is underway. It has begun. We don’t know the exact length [of time] that it will take to do that, but we know it can’t be too long with the evidence of the ships entering. And also, we have learned this week that all the portals in Afghanistan are now cleared. In other words, they are good to go. The ships can come out of those portals throughout that area with no problems, so decloakings are definitely a go, and it is just a matter of finishing a last couple of details.

TARA: Yes. I was going to say one more thing and that is Bernie Kerik is directly related to the 24 CIA agents in the sense that the CIA did 9/11 and Berlusconi did 9/11 and the Vatican did 9/11. It ties all of that and the British did 9/11 also. So this is about a decloaking of all of the agencies across the planet literally. Most clearly though, the CIA, and the CIA and then the [inaudible] etc. and then you have to include the Mossad when you talk about everything that Israel is involved in, and that means next thing is Netanyahu and what they did to the Palestinians. It is really strong now. It is time for all of us to come back to love together.

MARK: I think we have a visitor here.

[Invocation of Mother Sekhmet]

TARA: And we ask at this time for quantitative copious divine grace to be bestowed upon all sentient life at this time, so we can be calm through the most important pivot point in our history to bring the balance now of her story. Together we can walk, together we can talk, together we can share and listen to the song of the heart of all life. And Mother, you are the source of creation, in terms of you providing us with your divine mothering of all of us every week. Thank you so much for coming and joining us.

MS: Greetings, Children of Ra. These energies of which you speak, the great cycle coming to conclusion here of this Calyuga. Already in Satyuga, yet there is a bit of a closing of this book for continuity and how we thread the stories together. Her story, his story and how we sing our songs in order to share how did it go so far to the place where it is at this point? The story is more like something you would see on the SciFi channel rather than real life, yet maybe more of what you see on SciFi channel [is] a little more of what is going on. They are saying on the news in the sense it is time the Galactic story be told by your news agencies and the powers that be. How it fits in with the little story of how a group of light forms that think they own a planet and can get away with it with a massive plan to cloak the truth in other forms of enchantments. It is all unraveling. Their enchantments have turned to sand. It is time to pay the piper.

This is why all these banksters, all these hedge fund managers, hmm, all the gold turning to lead under the hands of the banksters, because they have not used St. Germain’s formula according to the plan to help WE THE PEOPLE. They have helped themselves to line their coffins as it were and their coffins are well-lined. So therefore, take it with you if you can. Don’t think they are going to be able to go through the Scorpie Black Hole. It is in this place in which right now, everybody exponentially waking up to the fact that our wayward children came and invaded/occupied this planet. Changed her story to fit the order of the day and wipe the slate from the people’s minds, and feed them a lie about other forms of how things came about. They wrote the books in the sense, even changed the dates, so you know not what time it is. Whether 2012, or now, or not?

We have to say, it is the time in which all of the pieces of how we came together as Galactic Civilizations within the diversity of peace, to help propagate life throughout all super universes and dimensions of time and space. If life forms were taking the measure, time or space, or how to do that. Quite a quandary of how we all came about knowing every inch of how we were going to do this and come out the other side. It has come full circle now and it is quite worrisome on their part, meaning the dark hats, that our craft coming through the Gulf of Aden have them so concerned. Very soon now, there will be what you would call, the Great Conclave of how we share with all of you and we get to meet with our tail intact. In that sense, it is time for the 3 cups of tea to talk about peace. Not with Michele Bachmann, mind you. We are talking about sitting with the people of Earth sharing the 3 cups of tea. How we create peace. Nothing to do with tea baggers. All of these dogs and very ragged tails, dog-eared to the point we would not want to insult the dogs.

How to tell a story that is a passion play, that encompasses quite a few eons of time, that rivals the second coming of Christ. Since we are all 144,000 Avatars plus ten hundred thousand plus ten hundred thousand, we all rise to the occasion. The Admiral and the Captain making that so as we speak. The Sirian Commander moving forward as he has said. This is about change. Change in me, change in you and how we change our reality from one of war to one of peace, and how we do this through the grace and the beauty and dignity of a different kind of revolution. Peaceful solutions leading to peaceful revolutions. It is happening and this little signal you could say, sitting on Mars, it is a-winking and blinking, waking up. No accident today, Lady Master Nada telling us about the Monolith on Mars. Has everything to do with each one of your planets has Stargates, throughout the solar system, entire galaxy. What this is, is a great episode of Stargate SG1, and your military has been hiding this story from you telling you something different about the Black Gold needed for putting fuel in your tank. What a joke!

It has everything to do with the Stargates and how they wanted to control the planet. She [Mother Gaia] has her own designs for herself and her children. No one gets in her way as she moves into her ascension and these fleas are fleeing indeed, for she has rumbled and there is a bit more to come, yet we are not speaking about what was talked about called world evacuation project. Not going there. We are talking about the fact in which as these ones that have perpetrated their own Black Holes, that energy in and of itself is taking them out as they continue to watch their plans turn to sand in their hands. It is quite tragic to watch, yet it is a victory for the Light. Love them even more in their epileptic fits of grandeur. It is in that sense, they know not their own actions because they are in that sense so apoplectic about what they want, and they can’t have it, and they would take you with them, and we have said NO, it is time for you to leave NOW.


MARIETTA: Okay. Well, we do have some questions that have been sent in. I’ll just start down through the list. It was reported today that Glen Beck is in the hospital because of an attempted assassination. In the news video, the mainstream media is saying that he had an attack. Is the assassination attempt true? Who is behind it? Can you make some comments?

MS: Oh we will just say he has angered quite a few of his Reptilian friends that do not like the fact that he has talked about the Lost Symbol and the other pieces to the story. In the sense of the great unraveling about the secrets of DC and the cat out of the bag. That is why. He is a bit of a charlatan with the 3 shells.

TARA: And Mother, did he get to someone of his own dark kind try to take him out?

MS: Yes.

TARA: So he is in the hospital recuperating or something else?

MS: We will just say that they are receiving the spoonful of bitter sugar that they have asked for you to swallow.

TARA: It is all coming back.

MS: Yes. It is all the Acid Reflux.

TARA: Recycling, huh Mother?

MS: Yes.

TARA: Oh please.

MARIETTA: There was a report about a week ago that residents around the village of Pil-Egor in Russia’s Komi Republic witnessed a fiery object that came crashing to the ground. The glow was so strong that it lit up the sky and the noise could be heard for hundreds of miles. So do you know anything about this? There is a whole long article about it, but they also had some pictures of these huge, looks like stone monoliths, that were there. You know, the story was that it was missiles or other things, but they want to know if it really was a UFO crash or what was it?

MS: We will say that it was a probe of some sort that has released different receptacles that are receiving/sending information.

TARA: So are you saying that Mother, there wasn’t a crash at all?

MS: A mainly simulated crash, yet probe was released.

MARK: As a cover story.

TARA: Another cover story. I mean, you know, the amount of ships that were coming out of that Gulf of Aden Stargate, they didn’t say how many, but they were saying it was such an enormous sight that…

MS: You could call it a swarm.

TARA: A swarm? [Laughter] They are going to be doing stuff.

MARIETTA: Okay. Well, we have run out of time here. Are there any final questions that any of you want to ask Mother before we ask her to give her closing remarks for the evening?

TARA: I have one question. In England, King of Egypt, what is going on to really focus on arresting some more folks in England?

MS: What is happening quietly that is not being discussed, not even Chris Story talking about this. The Queen, Charlie, other members of the Royals are selling off certain areas of the city.

TARA: Oh my gosh. That is good.

MS: Because they cannot pay their bills.

TARA: That’s right.

MARK: What city was it?

MS: City of London in hock.

TARA: Where that other obelisk is sitting.

MS: Maybe they can hock the obelisk on Pluto.

TARA: Oh yeah and all those other…..was that on Pluto? That monument, the mile.

MS: That was the Monolith on Mars. That is a Stargate. Nothing to do with selling London.

TARA: But there is a Monolith in the city on the ground so there is a communication thing possible.

MS: There are beacons, yes.

TARA: And you know the Vatican has been shipping people to Mars for 10,000 years. I mean the same Reptiles that represent that whole dog and pony show.

MS: Yes.

MARK: Wouldn’t the shipping fees be rather large? The shipping to Mars to Devry?

MS: We don’t want to go there.

TARA: What about all of the slavery on all the other planets? Are they all simulcast getting their release and freedom there too?

MS: All of what you speak of is occurring, and in a sense all are witnessing the final release of the stranglehold that the 13 families had on your planet and she becoming free. In closing, what we would just say in these moments of what you are witnessing. Today, Thursday, how many days ago, your new moon? A full moon excuse us.

TARA: Sunday, Monday.

MS: The ramifications rippling out across your planet with this full moon and all of your ABC agencies getting busted with their pants down for doing dirty deeds done dirt cheap. America does not torture. Only the Cabals torture because they are not from America. They are from Dracos. Therefore, they got to go home.

TARA: Just one final thing Mother, on Sunday everybody, don’t forget. 9:00pm Eastern, there is going to be a special 2 hours with David Wilcock. I believe it is called Whale Dreamer. This is going to be good everybody and it is on the SciFi channel.

MS: Talking about the leading up to 2012, yet we have heard the actual date is October 28, 2011.

TARA: That’s right.

MS: Mr. Carl Calleman.

MARK: Mother, the KOS has said that David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland, Pete Peterson, whistleblowers you might call them of a sort, each one of them in a different category, have been given permission by the KOS to tell what they know. My question is on Sunday when David Wilcock has this program on SciFi channel, is there a chance that he may be incidentally mentioning some other evidence that he has available?

MS: You are going to have to watch and see.

TARA: Oh gosh Mother. [Laughter]

MS: We cannot say. We would not want to violate the Galactic protocols from all the various ones.

TARA: I will just say Mother, that Stephen Bassett and Dr. Greer and Richard Hoagland, they are just doing a dance. They can’t wait for this to come out. They have been working at this for their whole lives.

MARK: Yes.

MS: As this occurs, we truly have peace and the flower children have won. It is not about communism, socialism, or fascism, it is truly about a planet achieving ascension frequency and you can become what you have always been….

MARK: Fighting for.

MS: Yes, what you have been shown in your visions and dreams. Not just empty pipe dreams. It is reality that we are immortal beings that last for millions of years, and that this planet is the Garden of Eden, and we are moving into a place in which as you think it, therefore you are. So wherever you want to go, there you are. Hmm, what a concept. They wanted to hide that from you, that you are limitless, and that you were confined to the small box called the matrix. It is over. We say go in peace and go with the Force and may the Force be with you in Shamballa.

MARIETTA: Well, we thank you for your insights and sharing and everyone who has contributed to the calls. Your questions and answers. We ask all of you to return next Thursday, same time, same place. Is there anything else we need to announce as upcoming events?

BETH: Next Wednesday, there is going to be a Healing with the Galactics call and I have the number for that. It is the same number (218) 486-8700 and the call ID is 454545#.

MARIETTA: Okay, thank you for reminding us of that. Thank you all for being here. We look forward to seeing you next time.

Transcribed by Shirley Cull and edited by Mary Sherritt

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  1. paradoxman says:

    Please get your facts straight…

    Joe LIeberman was not a Republican but a Democrat before running the last time as an Independent. He is one of the most corrupt of all US Senators.

    Here’s the scoop on Czechoslovakia. On Jan. 1, 1993, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic became independent states and Czechoslovakia ceased to exist. They could not have been voting as such in regard to the EU.

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