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Metatron: Obama’s Trip on 11/11, Will be Disclosure…Now



Tomorrow, President Obama will be leaving for a trip to China. There will be talk about the World Bank.

The old timeline is coming to an end.

In order for the old timeline to dissolve, all institutions, including banks and the stock market, must dissolve.

Once torn down, a new system may be introduced.

You have seen many messages about 11:11 being a portal, a place to get your individual house in order.

Globally, it is a portal to call it quits to deals written on bad paper.

Real Estate sales, Stock Market Futures, Taxes, Currency with no base, Utilities, False imprisonment, are a few examples where bad paper has been used for illegal scams.

When the Chinese call in the loans, they have given around the world, it will shift everything.

It will resemble a house of cards falling quickly.

There may appear to be chaos for a short time.  One of the reasons for the wait in decloakings, is so every single minute detail can happen as fairly as is possible.

Timing is everything. There is no reason to have one group or another in a hardship. It is better to wait and allow all issues to be handled in a fluid manner.

Arrests, Decloakings, Announcements, NESARA, Mass Landings, in that order.

The trip to China has been planned for at least a month. The Dalai Lama visited a Chinese border town a few days ago. China holds an important part of the puzzle piece. There are many needs in China for everything. The Communist regime has made life difficult for her citizens for far too long. The relief these Souls seek is here now.

Not only is this meeting about dissolving the old financial system, it is also a signal to a large group of Earth Citizens.

The President of the United States will be attending life changing meetings. He will be organizing the Plan for including the new leaders who will take over when the Chinese Heads of State are arrested and new ones will be put in place.

This is all about Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure.

The last bit of the Master Plan is coming into play.

The Time For Peace Is Now.



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  1. adrianIII says:

    I read that the trip will be next week, not today 11/11. May the light prevail.

    BEIJING, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) — U.S. President Barack Obama will embark on his first Asian trip next week, with analysts saying Asia is weighing increasingly heavily on U.S. foreign policy.

    The tour will start in Tokyo and conclude in Seoul, with stops in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore. While in Singapore, the U.S. president is scheduled to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, as well as his first ever meeting with leaders of the 10 Southeast Asian nations that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

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