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Master Hilarion: November 22-29, 2009

hilarionpic2November 22-29, 2009

Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I want to speak with you about connecting with your Higher Selves. Now this is something that has been happening more frequently to more and more of you. How do you know that you are connecting with your Higher Self? More and more you, the outer self, become more loving and compassionate, more inclined to focus only upon that which is for your highest good and the highest good of all around you. You cease the lower ego’s insistence on being right, you recognize that all are part of the Whole of All That Is and that each Soul has chosen to walk their Path as an aspect of the One. You also recognize that it is only yourself that requires changing, that One cannot change another. You feel and see in your every day life, that life is easier and more harmonious, your thoughts are clear and in harmony with the World around you.

It is when you go forth into the World around you that you find yourselves coming back to your sanctuary filled with thoughts that you did not carry before. This is when you realize that you have picked up thoughts and feelings that are not rightfully yours to carry. It is very important, we stress again, to KNOW YOURSELF. When you know yourself, you can peacefully stay in your center and will not be moved from this by any external forces. You will know that you truly are walking YOUR Path and not following the agenda of another. It always comes back to your daily disciplines, Beloved Ones. You may say, “Well, I am now at a higher frequency level and no longer need to be so diligent” but if you cease your daily disciplines, what happens is that you then begin to flounder in your centeredness within yourselves and find that you are being swayed by the agendas and intentions of others, rather than following your own truth, and so, then it requires a re-dedication once again to your Self and your own chosen Path, so if you adhere to the daily disciplines and align with your Highest truth and your Great I AM Presence, your way is always in clarity.

As one gains and radiates more Light, others become attracted to your Light. It is important for this reason, to know your Self, so that you may discern when others want only to take some of your Light from you for their own reasons and purposes. I say to you, if there are question marks within you in regards to requests that are made of you, or confusion or lack of clarity, then it is time to take a step back and release the situation until clarity is regained. There is no danger to you by following your own inner counsel, you are always in the right place and space at exactly the right time. Each of you have your own personal rhythm of greater expansion when you are processing more of the energies than at other times, so it is important to discover when that is, so that you are aware of this and can put it to the use of greater potential for yourself and the World in which you live. It is during this time period when you are contributing more to maintaining the stability of the Earth and all its grids and fulfilling your own Soul’s purpose for being here at this time.

If you find that your personal rhythm of greater expansion occurs during your sleep times, set the intention that you will be working and contributing your Light and energies for the Highest good of all before bedtime. If your energies are flowing through you at a higher, more noticeable level during the daylight hours, then this is your time where you can work in unison with your Higher Selves to bring in and anchor more Light. This is another aspect of knowing yourselves. There are many others such as being aware of any self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that may surface within you after you have spent time and energy visualizing, affirming or decreeing for manifesting that which you desire in your experience, or having thoughts of limitation and giving up. There are many ways in which these old programs can surface and it is very important for this reason to become totally aware of Self. If you start your day in clarity of Self, that is the gauge that you can use when interacting with others.

Most of you understand the need to take full ownership of all that occurs for you in your daily lives and that you are the creator of all that comes to you. This is a difficult concept for many to fathom as the World in which you live does not manifest your thoughts and intentions as quickly as happens in the higher dimensions. It does not happen instantly and so the connection between your thoughts, feelings and intentions is not apparent unless one is aware that this occurs. As each of you are regaining your Mastery, these awareness’s become easier to grasp. Do spend time each day to observe your outer self in your actions, thoughts and deeds and correlate these with the events that transpire at later times. This is where keeping a journal each day would be most helpful to you, for just by recording your thoughts and feelings each day, you would be able to look back and say “Aha, I created that!” Becoming the Master of your life can be a most exhilarating experience and journey, make it an adventure!

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff



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