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Mark on Twin Flames


Re: Twin Flames.  Tara and Rama are Twin Flames, as I understand it.

My question is this:  Is it possible that our Twin Flames can be here amongst us right now, and that we might even know our Twin Flames… or are they definitely on the ships and have yet to be in communication with us?

I ask this because I think many believe they know, and some are with, their Twin Flames now, here on Earth.

How does one know if they are NOT currently with their Twin Flame?


Twin Flames are usually NOT on the planet together at the same time. One remains on the ship to monitor and–within the protocols–not interfere, while the other ‘ground unit’ struggles with the incredible challenges of density.

So, while I can not answer your question in specific terms, I can say that that is pretty rare. I know of one other one who was here and died and they are now merging on an inner level prior to landings. It is poignant as he died 2 yrs ago tomorrow.

There are so many types of ‘close’ relationships that are possible with members of our soul family: soul mates, first affinities,etc that hundreds of choices exist that are still not twin flames.

That in no way diminishes their importance.

Even brothers and sisters; parents and children or friends could be twin flames, although usually not. Twin Flames are unique in that they constitute one indivisible soul that is forever that one.

This is not about romantic love; it is far more than that and is so powerful that it is reserved for the most stimulative of lifetimes, where a major catalytic boost is needed.

When the ships land will be one of those moments. Millions of such partners are on the ships assisting and preparing their roles.

The ‘First Physical’ meeting is a unique and sacred moment. Millions of such meetings are now planned. It is therefore a joy that will have an enormous impact on everyone and significantly propel our reunification of balanced pairings of male/female which is so critical in the activation of Terra Nova and the New Original Lemurian TimeLine.

All is divinely orchestrated for maximum benefit to the whole.

I’ve asked many questions about this process and the timing involved as I was told more than 25 years ago that I would reunite with my own TF in this lifetime. Recently I have begun to work with my TF on the higher levels, during OOB missions. I was told that more telepathic contact would be possible at the time of decloakings. Beth is also in touch with her TF and we all work together now, on a daily basis even though we are not allowed to see their full physical face.

It is all about the work we do and will do together that requires a very high level of joy and love, due to the impact it will have on others. Everyone here has higher missions that will commence with decloakings.

Multidimensional expression requires far more consciousness and expanded integration than is now in evidence. The half-step increase in heart opening; intelligence and remembrance that will come to all of us with decloakings will be quite extraordinary and could take hundreds of lifetimes to accomplish in the normal process. That will be followed within a week by physical landings and reunion. The double whammy effects will combine and create a wave of upliftment throughout the whole planet that will provide a powerful boost to Ascension for all.

It is impossible to describe the magnitude of the effect on a lower density consciousness of this much super-boosting. Recently,Beth and I and our TFs were taken to a place out in the galaxy where it was full night time with dark skies punctuated by bright stars. Metatron then used his powers to ‘Unzip’ us. The sky was changed immediately to brilliant daylight of such magnitude that no stars could be seen.

We were then ‘zipped’ back into our ‘physical shells’ and sat around a table–for the first time–and communicated with our TFs.

In the past, such an event would have combusted our physical vehicles and removed us from physicality.

Since 9/9/9 when the crystalline core of the planet received a mighty activation pulse and 51% of all on the planet achieved critical mass, we have all now mostly completed our migration to our new crystalline 13 chakra system and are activating up to 24 strands of physical and 24 strands of etheric DNA which will allow further activations and integrations of both matter and antimatter vehicles and levels.

This divine dispensation is divinely decreed  to be available to all prepared ones upon this planet and the planetary consciousness itself.

We are all being divinely blessed beyond any level of our current comprehension. We have all been preparing for this for thousands of lifetimes. It requires willingness to cooperate with our soul’s plans and guidance and always to keep asking and allowing more cleansing and steps to stay up with the unprecedented changes underway.

Be assured that all these questions will be answered in very personal ways as decloakings and landings occur.

Then all wiill become consciously cooperating to restore and uplift all life within and upon our planet. The shock and awe of this internal Source Grace blessing is very, very imminent.

More information is available about TwinFlames on Beth’s website at and on our consolidated website



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