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Mark on Galactic Federation Lightship, Oct. 14, 2008


Hi Mark, very good topics and answers, very good job. Can you tell me something about 2008 oct 14? I mean is it true that a lightship nearly appeared in order to make move forward ascension and it was suddenly cancelled because of great threats, can you tell us details how it would happen. Or was it a sort of test only and nothing was really planned but to see zhe reaction of many people. If it was a very staright plan then what went wrong? Thank you and we get so much from this website, so keep on moving, great job really. Thanks.



This was a GF Test. When Ashtar saw what the darkhats were planning they put that in the computers and determined that the dark hats have to go first to make it save for civilians.

So that was a success…to that degree.

Now we are in a very different place with most of the darkhats arrested or about to be…along with the darkhats in the Alphabet agencies and most if not all of the Royals/13 families to boot.

We are ready to Rock and Roll whenever the signal is given. A few more hats have to change to make this seamless. A few dark ships are still out there and they too will be neutralized.

Thanks for this question. Many others are asking similar questions.



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