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Mark Huber Telecall – October 27, 2009


Apologies for the delay. Major tech and access issues, plus admin support illness. Please forgive. Mary
MARK HUBER TELECALL dated 10/27/09

MARK: Good evening, everyone. Rama can you go ahead with the Hard News?

RAMA: Greetings everyone. The latest news that’s going on out there has to do with Full Disclosure. It has to do with the fact that all the stories that are coming up as we approach that unknown date that is before Christmas, or whenever it is that we heard.

TARA: Well, that was only for the showing up of the Galactics.

RAMA: At the same time, the arrests are ongoing. Just in the last hour, the story that is coming out of The Hague has to do with the Saurian War Commander who refused to show up for his own trial today.

BETH: Karadzic.

RAMA: Yeah, you got it. Thank you. He did not show up for his trial. This is not so good because his trial went on without him, and they played it on NPR and also on the Rachel Maddows Show from 6pm-7pm on the radio, where the judge went ahead with his trial without him and said he has waived all his rights to defend himself. He is now in a sense, he has to answer to the prosecution, and he has waived his rights if you will, so he has to let the chips fall where he may. As it is playing out, what the folks at NPR and the Rachel Maddows’ Show said, it is Bush and Cheney next on the docket in The Hague for war crimes. All of this is leading up to that final moment, and the other stories that are going on out there are [from] the ridiculous to the sublime. It has to do with everything going on except the real story that’s about our Galactic Friends showing up any minute. The ships are everywhere in the skies. That is what is being said out there. I spoke with the KOS today briefly and Lady Master Nada briefly and they both just said, steady as she goes. This is a good thing.

Yet the stories are being raised to the roof, whether Joe Lieberman is going to be the odd man out to say, oh, public option, I don’t think so. The way it’s being described, all of this, is cover for the fact the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, has to do with Star Gates. Nothing else. No oil, no weapons of mass deception or any ideologies. It is about Star Gates plain and simple. Eight U.S. soldiers died today. We saw this pretty gut- wrenching story about a soldier that killed himself on Democracy Now this morning. It is just at the point where I firmly believe that the Sirian Commander will take the proper steps and end this shenanigan now.

TARA: In the meantime, there are a lot of stories out there that are not true, and one of them is about being on NBC showing a place where supposedly Obama’s children went and got the vaccination. I mean, you are going to have to just hold your fire until this is completely sorted out. There was not one word about this story on Keith Obermann and that tells you something. You know, there’s going to be stuff in the news on the NBC/ABC/CBS and they are not going to be on Keith Obermann. There is going to be stuff on Keith that is not on there, even more strikingly. So just be calm, it is in hand. In the meantime, today a mystery stone was found at a church linked to the Knights Templar in Scotland. Remember on 11-11-11, the opening of the Rose Star Gate is going on and we are hearing about a Banking Holiday. Now that one makes sense. What we are doing between now and then, is we are exposing the corruption that was infused into the Merigovian line of Queens and Kings, and the Brutan Vault is going to be coming up here, so all roads lead Home everybody, and use discernment with everything that doesn’t.

MARK: Okay thank you Rama and Tara. Well, we have a special message tonight from Ashtar. He doesn’t often give special messages, and when he does, I recommend that everybody listen, and especially listen to the possibilities when he speaks of time. Okay, with that said, here is Lord Ashtar.

ashtar2ASHTAR: Greetings, This is Ashtar. One of these days soon there will be mass decloakings of our Ships, all over the World, simultaneously. New developments recently have made this possible. When this takes place, you will know arrests have taken place. [Mark: This means since the last time we spoke on this issue, there have been changes that have been reflected throughout the Commands.] We cannot make the Galactic presence known on a worldwide scale until everyone is safe from any threat of danger, including world leaders, news media, and military officials. [Mark: That tells you where the threat is coming from.]

[Mark: So let me just repeat that because it is such an important statement. When you see decloakings, it will mean that arrests have already happened. Very important.]

Many in the news media are prepared with specials already crafted that they will launch, which will explain what mass decloakings means. When Ted Kennedy passed, there were several video tributes ready to go. This will also be the case for mass decloakings. It will not be a surprise for the news media. KOS has talked to news media all over the world. [Mark: Since 2003, up to 6 weeks.] Those news media who are penciled in for removal, already know they are leaving.

[Mark: This tells you once again, this is serious matters, and there will be no ifs, ands or buts about it.]

Motherships, as you have already seen in China and Moscow film footage, will decloak in over 120 countries all at once. This will happen in different time zones, in day and at night. It will happen for millions of people at once. There will be film footage shot in all of these countries. This will go out over the internet as it is happening. [Mark: In real time, as it is happening. In other words, no chance of distortion here.] YouTube and servers will be supported by our technology during this time. [Mark: That is Galactic technology.] Not only will there be Motherships in a large number of places, but millions of smaller ships will fill the skies in a shock and awe experience. ALL of these ships will have their lights on. Some will show in their Higher Dimensional forms as Light Ships and some will show up as metal discs. Some will show as a display of lights. There is an elaborate plan in place for this.

Almost everyone who sees the mass decloakings, anywhere on Earth, will be completely filled with universal love. It will be so moving that no one will miss the meaning. No one will be questioning if this is Our Family. Children especially, will be interested in knowing what is going on. They will help the older crowd absorb and assimilate the information. Everyone will instinctually be aware that this is something they have waited for, for a very long time. There will be a raising of energy frequency when this happens. [Mark: As you know, we’ve told you this before, we’ve been telling you this for a long time. When the ships decloak massively, there will be a half step rise in the energy and consciousness on the planet. Everyone.] When the arrests happen, it will remove in one large action a great deal of negativity from the Earth. All programs in place to intimidate with fear will, in a blink of an eye, be wiped away. [Mark: It will simply go at the same time and the arrests will happen at the same time.] The change will be palpable. Immediately, those prepared to take their places will be put into place. [Mark: That means no delay, and you also heard Ashtar’s last special message on Sunday which he said, be prepared. Listen, listen, listen. When you get the command or order internally to go to work, that is what it means, no delay. Absolutely instantaneous, step out your door, look up and you will see it and you will also hear internally what you are to do.] They are waiting for a signal. The news reporting of mass decloakings will speak of the event from a place of TRUTH. They will also be commentating on recent arrests and explaining how the decloakings affect everything. There is no part of this scenario that will be a surprise to TV, radio and newspapers around the globe. There will be a mass dissemination of Truth following mass decloakings.

This is what is meant when we say there is an incremental increase of consciousness for everyone on Earth. This will be a half-step increase, a significant rise in intelligence as well as heart-opening happening at the same time. The heart/mind will work more effectively at once. This allows each person to fairly decide for themselves, through their own Guidance, what is taking place, and how they feel about it. [Mark: If you notice, all of this is internal, not external. There will be external events with the ships decloaking, but that’s not the most powerful thing. The most powerful thing is the awakening inside the heart/mind of each of us.] The religious types, who have been known to have some rigidity, of all religions, in all countries, will be surprised at how easily they accept the new information. [Mark: Now how’s that for a switch about? Very rigid personalities, very rigid indoctrination. However, because it is their own heart/mind that is opening and telling them the truth, they will get it.] They will be able to see how it fits into the story they now believe, an expanded view of their story, an expanded view of what they believe.

[Tara: There were 600 professionals like that at the University of California and they all were opened. They were.]

[Mark: So if you are worried about that or about your friends or family who were a little bit to the right of Genghis Khan, well, you can stop being worried because when their heart/mind opens, even they will be stupefied with awe and shock. But it will be a good thing.]

[Rama: Even Genghis Khan will take off his hat and say, let’s talk.]


[Mark: Are you going to play his part?]

[Rama: No, I’m just speaking for his folks first.]

[Mark: I see. Maybe you are speaking of Ashtar the Great?]

[Rama: Could be. Yes.]

[Mark: Well anyway, these ones will be able to see how it fits into the story they now believe. An expanded view of their story. An expanded view of what they believe. So in other words, they will build on the base that they know, but they will take it further than they have ever been allowed to know.]

There will be great relief from worry. [Mark: Again, everyone else is out there trying to tell you there will be panic and all that. No such thing. There will be great relief from worry.] This will happen as a result of an increase in heart awareness. Egos will shrink and have less power over the individual. This will quiet the mind chatter. The local mind [Mark: That is the personality ego] will reconnect with universal mind, and memories of the Truth will pour in. [Mark: Memories of truth. This is not a new teaching. This is what we had before, and that will pour in from our higher dimensional self, from the universal mind.]

With the criminals removed from the public, with the news broadcasting truth for a change, there will be an almost overnight shift in the fear-powered, senseless actions controlling the world at the moment of this transmission. The old timeline and the old way of thinking are, in simple terms, GONE. Nothing can change that and the result is about to be witnessed by all.

When the news media stop reporting lies [Mark: which they are pumping out now] about the need for war conflicts [Mark: vaccinations or any other mind control stuff], and the hearts and minds of all on Earth increase a half step, the result is a swift end to war and a breakout of World Peace. [Mark: Can you imagine the big dramatic announcement that World Peace has been declared?] The radio broadcasts of hate will be replaced by beautiful music and people will be in the mood to sway to the music. Everything will suddenly “make sense” to everyone.

All the bankers who have been running their bankrupt empires into the ground will be removed; all the corrupt attorneys and law officials as well as all corrupt doctors will be gone, arrested and taken away. Stock brokerages in New York, London, and Japan, as well as those all over the World, will see an end to the corruption as all of the deal-makers who are criminals will be arrested and gone. Stocks will be frozen as things are worked out.

Decloakings will be massive and they will happen for a sustained amount of time. Those awoken from sleep, due to bright lights in the sky, will not fear they are dreaming. This is not something that will be mistaken for a strange weather pattern.

In the American government, the government officials who are not telling the truth, and stealing funds as well as manipulating the system for their own gain, will be arrested and gone. There will only be a shadow government as things are worked out. The increase in love and understanding will have people celebrating the changes, instead of fearful. [Mark: They will not be fearful.]

There will be a striking and sudden lack of worry among all people everywhere. The jobless, homeless, sick and hungry, will suddenly feel good again. The almost instant remittance of fear will have a profound effect on the Earth. Imagine a World suddenly with nothing to worry about? The initial good cheer just after arrests and mass decloakings will shortly change to endless questions from all, about what is next?

The answer for what is next is the Announcement that we have been under NESARA Law since October 1, 2008. [Mark: Which we have been steadfastly reporting since that date.] There will be a great deal of education placed over the news media of what that means, but it will come directly from the Galactics, in every language, over the Earth, to all people who receive TV, radio or newspapers. [Mark: So there will be no misunderstandings due to language barriers.] People will feel a need to be at home and rest and absorb the news. There will be no urge to be out and about. Not at first. It will be a lot to take in. We of the Galactic Federation have been working on this with the other Star Nations in this Universe to present it to you in the most compassionate and loving way possible. We have worked a long time to formulate a plan that is the most fair to all involved. There will be much support in the changes and the times. No one will be left out. Be in joy with us, as the changes are seconds away.
PEACE. ~Ashtar.

MARK: You can understand why with this type of an announcement tonight, that we want everyone to be clear on what has been said. And that means, as of the moment that has been said, from this moment forward, be listening. Be awake and aware, and do not assume any negatives whatsoever because that will be the lie. There will be no negatives. There will be no panic, riots etc in the streets. All of that is the dark side trying to stave off the impossible, which means they are going. You are staying. The Corporation is bankrupt. The Republic is funded under NESARA with gold and precious metals, and everyone on the planet has everything to cheer about and to be hopeful because it’s already written in gold by St. Germain, by Lady Master Nada, by the KOS, by Ashtar and all the Forces. Everyone [who] is here and from the Galactic Federation is here to help. Now we have said there will be decloakings first, we have also said in the past, that within 7-10 days after the arrests, the decloakings, and our announcements, that there will be landings. These will happen in waves around the planet so that everyone will see it is true. The energy coming from the ships will leave no doubt whatsoever, and the beings that come forth from the ships [you will know] that you are in the presence of very elevated beings. There will be nothing whatsoever to fear. So, let me repeat again, when you see the ships in the sky, you will know the arrests have already been made and those ones will be removed to the Hague or wherever is appropriate. Then will come our announcements and within 72 hours of the announcements, NESARA distributions will begin to take place. Lady Master Nada set that schedule herself, and that will happen as appropriate and according to all of the things we have told you before. As we have told you before, it will happen in that manner all around the planet according to a specific schedule. So whatever you are seeing out there that says deliveries first or anything of that sort, it is all misinformation or disinformation and it is not innocent. So be discerning about these next moments of who you listen to. If you are listening to people who are just trying to cast doubt or confusion on the health of you, your family, the President, his children or anything else, you will smell it right away as negative disinformation. Please, please, please, do yourself a favor and feel what is true and compare it with what is not. You will know what is correct. You will know what to do. I think that I’ve emphasized that enough. Was there anything I missed Rama?

RAMA: No sir.

MARK: Tara?

TARA: Well, I can just say that in general, there [are] documentaries now that have only been on Amy’s, you know, you have to use the telephone, and now the documentaries that Amy’s been showing for years, are live- streaming and going consistently 24/7 on And also, the whole history of ethnic cleansing of the black race from the whole planet is being delved into right now. So get ready for bigger truths. Even people who think they know, don’t know. For instance, they have brought forth something that came out in 2005 about Bill Clinton’s bloodline background, and it was brought back again now along with some more in-depth explanations and even those don’t uncover it. You know that’s how many different layers [there are] because his father by Hitler’s seed bank is whose father it is, yet they placed it strategically. Who’s “they”? The Rothschild’s placed a Rothschild strategically into the Rockefeller bloodline. I’m just going to say that has implications of war that has been going on between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers all along.

RAMA: Hatfields and McCoys.

TARA: Yet you have to go even deeper, because even that is a dog and pony show for the larger New World Order plans, and now the veneer has been cracked and Ashtar has given the word, I believe. Thank you.

RAMA:  Now is the time for peace.

MARK:  What he is saying is, this can be seconds away.  That is not a metaphor.

TARA:  There were a bunch of arrests today.  Some more bankers.

RAMA:  Yes there were.

MARK:  And for those who are not up on all of the bankers: understand that thousands of them have been arrested and thousands of them have been given 25-year sentences in Europe.  Even though they were bankers here, they were internationally aligned.  [Major interference].

First of all, I would like to ask right now, if Kauila is on line.

CINDY:  Haven’t seen him.

MARK:  In that case, we can do 2 things.  I want to give a little warning here.  I will ask Beth to come on and give a little announcement, and we would like to see if we can talk Mother into coming forward and joining us in a little Q&A.

BETH:  Hi everybody.  I wanted to mention that we are going to have another conference call tomorrow night and it is going to be on Free Conference and the phone number is the regular phone that we always use for Tara and Rama’s call:  218-486-8700 and participant code is going to be 454545#.  I will post that information on if you missed it.  I wanted to let everyone know what we are talking about tomorrow night so you can start thinking about it.

CINDY:  What time is the call?

BETH:  Thank you.  The call is at 9:00 ET.

CINDY:  So that would be 8:00 CT, 7:00 MT, 6:00 PT everyone and I’m putting the information on the chat area.

BETH:  Thank you.  The topic of the call is Self Healing with the Galactics.  I will be on the call and Mark, Tara and Rama will also join me.  I was just saying that about last month some time, one of my best friends passed and they suffered with cancer for a very long time.  Tomorrow night, I would like to do a little bit of teaching at the beginning of the call and I want to talk about chronic illness.  Now that these world changes are imminent, all of the challenges that we are dealing with whether they be legal, financial, spiritual.  Any realm that you have challenges in.  Relationships, they will come up and you will have to deal with them.  There are a lot of people who are learning from health challenges so I would like us all to talk about chronic illness and I would like to focus on cancer especially.  I just want to do some talking about spiritual imbalances as well as other things that we have to use like the Galactic techniques, but we can also talk about in the question and answer time, other things like complimentary and alternative medicines.  But I think we all could use a refresher course on chronic illness because it is a huge problem.  There is no way to get away from balancing out these issues now.  So I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night and talking about these things more and we will end the call with a short meditation.  Thank you and I look forward to it very much.

[3 minute Break and Administrative]

[Invocation of Mother Sekhmet]

TARA:  We ask at this time in the midst of our excitement that is catchy, the “don’t worry, be happy” of all of this, as well as divine love, compassion and wisdom.  Let’s send that out and broadcast it so the world can see, and feel and know that healing and freedom is at hand along with peace.  Thank you Mother, and all of the Ascended Host and all of your cohorts in the diplomatic community in intervening in our civilization’s development at this time, with all of the light codes going off and with all of the portals opening up.  Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with all of us, each and every one of us.  Yes Mark?

MARK:  Mother, I would like to preface the introduction here with a special request to ask you if you would share with everyone on line who Enki and Enlil are and what that has to do with the Palestinian and Israeli Hatfields’ and McCoys’ issues.

sekhmetMS:  Oh my.  Greetings Children of Ra.  You want us to start at the beginning of the story.

MARK:  That’s right Mother, because not many people on line have heard that.

MS:  This is a bedtime story so I hope you are ready for bed.

MARK:  We have our jammies on.

MS:  Okay, very good.  The story begins 450 billion years ago and ends up now, and as Sara Conner put it, you make your own fate, do you?  That is what it is about.

MARK:  And who is she?

MS:  Sarah Conner, the story [re] John Conner of Cyberdyne.  Dismantling the matrix as we speak.

TARA:  Terminator II.

MS:  Yes.  We are just saying, in spite of the androids and life forms that are out there that still listen to that voice of the Borg collective, it is over.  Borg Queen gone a long time ago.  This story about our wayward children has to do with what is being fought over right now in your Middle East concerning the star gates.  Nothing about oil, nothing about drugs or weapons of mass deception. Only deception is what you have been fed by Fox.  Out- foxed and others that played along with the fact that Afghanistan never attacked USA.  Get over that one.  This was designed to blame that part of the world.  Your cabals did this and this is why this is not Obama’s war.  It is these war criminals who are about to be swinging up to dry any moment here with what is occurring as they move the docket along at the Hague at light speed.  We are just saying, all of it is occurring in these moments and you want us to talk about Enki and Enlil.  My, my, my.  This is a story of occupation invasion.  Occupation such as what is going on now, only a long time ago, maybe not so long ago.  Just saying how this story of what is occurring here because it is our wayward children that caused this chasm, this grand canyon of stories where you forgot your name, your address, where you live.  What planet, what system, and you bought the lies of worn identity to use that colorful metaphor, and now all of it is being erased.  How this story fits in with our wayward children a long time ago.

We were balls of light plasma energy interacting with each other in infinite grace, beauty and love.  It is where we began.  It is what you are evolving back into.  As plasma balls of light.  Suns.  Sons and daughters of the Most High.  We are talking about physical Suns.  Stars.  How do you go from this frail little Temple of the Living God to physical sun?  We are just saying, as you wake up to who you are and it is occurring right now in spite of the fact that they don’t want you to wake up.  They want you to buy the lies out there about anything other than your ascension and your awakening.  Not just 24 codons, maybe 64, maybe 144 thousand strands in these Living Temples, because you are Godmen/Godwomen.  Creator Gods.  This is where we began this story.  Enki and Enlil also creator Gods.  Lucifer, Lillith part of this story as well.  All of the names out there that have to do with something that is a bit of an uncomfortable subject.  Planet X, Nibiru?  Have to just say, what this is about, yes, Nibiru already back.  What you [are] witnessing as you are leading up to what we can say is the official disclosure where Dr. Hoagland and Steven Bassett, Dr. Greer, David Wilcock, all of the folks that have a piece to share about how you have been lied to since Day 1 about your born identity and the slave number that you received.  In the sense that “welcome to the machine” as Pink Floyd used to have in the song.  It is all over because at this time, with the stroke of a pen, the Sirian Commander can rescind everything.  Already the time has been slotted for your transmissions.  Nothing will stop this.  We are just saying, even now there are little puddles going on between Mr. Gates, Mr. Donahue, Mr. Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell.  Don’t know.  We are just saying, all of this interplaying with all of what you are wanting in the sense of waking up to who you are as the Children of Ra.  Our wayward children Enki and Enlil, Ninherzog, Anu, all of them.  Keamoc, another name for us.  All of the stories of how you went from physical suns.  That powerful.  Combined with the grace, the beauty of infinite love and wisdom and [inaudible] with the ones you have here.  It is a bit disconcerting.

TARA:  Isn’t it the main thing that the Annunaki did Enki and then Enlil is that they took a perfect design of human life that was created by all of us together, and Arty is an example of that 4.4 million years ago.  [Arty] was a divine template for the highest possible form of love in a body that was ever created, and they de-evolved the body by cutting out the 10 strands, and then by adding both Rheses Monkey, which is the only warring faction of the monkey kingdom, into the human body, and they also used dog DNA.  That’s what gave the canine into the body here.  The thing is, they noted that Arty, 4.4 million years ago, had no canine.  They were all for eating vegetables, fruits and stuff.  The males had a bit of the canine which comes from their DNA as Sirians because that is the Dog Star.  They were dog Anubis like beings only…..

MS:  Yes, we have some folks that look like Anubis.

TARA:  Right.  So there was something that was going on in the beginning of the evolutionary cycle.  The ascent of man to [his] greatest potential, and the female would only choose the males that wouldn’t fight over her.  Because what they [would] rather have, they wanted to choose the males that were interested in gathering the food for the baby and the mother, and that is very, very basic.  It is now being presented on the forum of the PBS, and the Discovery and History channels.

MS:  Also what Thom Hartmann talks about, ADD, HD, Edison Gene.  Read that book by Thom Hartmann.  It is an understanding about how you wake up from hunter-gatherers and how the DNA codons are waking up in themselves in the sense that you are becoming the heroes as we have been talking about.  Little children having the ability to be like Superman, stop the bullets and heal them, and transform living matter into living energy and back again.

TARA:  Mother, when you brought up the Edison word, it reminded me of another story today which is really big.  Barack Obama is going to overhaul the entire electric power system grid for the whole country, which means that he is going to bring in anti-gravity, and we are going to have free energy.  It’s not full-blown yet, but that was made as a statement today, everyone.  That is what we look for.  We look for the positive in this.

MS:  It is about frigging time!


TARA:  I don’t know if everybody heard that.  She said, it is about frigging time!

MS:  We want to keep it clean here.

TARA:  So Enki and then Enlil actually, you know, if you want to see this as good, it is what we asked for.  They put a big fly in the ointment, and they said, let’s see if they can figure it out, and let’s see if we can dump more garbage on top of the fly in the ointment and see if they can still figure it out.  They kept on doing that.  The polarity game turned into the war game big-time.  Now, people like the soldiers and the generals, what are we fighting about?  What am I doing here?

MS:  The mission is not about Enlil’s war.  The idea of Al-Qaida or Taliban or any other form of radical Islam.  Forget about it.  It is called the star gates.

TARA:  It’s about freedom because that is our gateway to really fulfilling our fullness of our original template.

MS:  When you were to see folks like Teal’c and the others with their energy weapons, you would understand how serious this is.

TARA:  Who is Teal’c?

MS:  Stargate SG1.

TARA:   Oh well, tell everybody because not everybody [knows].

MS:  It is the story on SciFi channel about the Stargate Universe.

TARA:  And who is Teal’c?

MS:  Teal’c was one of the Jaffa who at a certain point in time was a warrior who had a symbiotic life form in him called Goa’uld.  Yet, at a certain point, he overcame his master and became free of the Goa’uld.  In that sense, great uprising, up-wising throughout the galaxy.  Like what is happening right now.  Many of your soldiers, god bless their souls, they are choosing to leave not necessarily with their bodies.  Not a happy story that we would like to talk about.  Yet, in a sense, it is why we must end this yesterday with the fact that we tell the truth to our children, to everyone.  9/11 done by Bush and Cheney and company, not Afghanistan.  Never was, never will.  After that fact, we can come to an understanding, you have been hoodwinked by Enki and Enlil back to this original story of what you asked.  Who were these ones?  These folks were creator Gods that created this mess and they have already come back to love.  Yet what is happening is the tape is being played out and we are at the very last 5 seconds of the tape.

MARK:  Mother, would you care to explain for the people [who] don’t know because a lot of people have never heard those names before.  Who their parents were?

MS:  Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet were their parents.

TARA:   Enki and then Enlil were Lucifer and Jehovah.  Another experimental time in our evolution where Enki and then Enlil made a good stab at putting some more flies in the ointment, if you want to put it simply.

MS:  What is this story that used to be on TV?  Funny story about the craziness of a dysfunctional family.

MARK:  The Adams Family?

MS:  Al Bundy.  Married with Children.  First dysfunctional family in the universe, yet we chose this as a conscious choice to fall into, how far would the matter go down and then rise again?  Funny conscious choice, signed the agreement, read the fine print and said, piece of cake.  We’re back now, you’re back now.  Let’s finish this.

MARK:  So I would just like to say, I would like to ask one more thing so this is clear in people’s minds, because there is so much distortion out there and that has to do with Lucifer, Lillith, Isis, Enki and Enlil.  Would you say whether or not all of these have come back to love?

MS:  Yes, we can concur.

TARA:  Isis never fell from grace.  That was to be left out of that bunch.

MARK:  I know.  I was just talking about all the characters and the relationships that have now returned to love even if they never left it.

TARA:  Well, let’s put it this way, Isis and Lillith had a little engagement at the beginning, in the sense that Lillith as the first-born daughter of Father/Mother God was very much challenging the Divine Feminine principle, and as a result, there was a judgment made actually at the beginning that she was, you know, sympathetic.  Isis was sympathetic towards Lillith rather than understanding the difference that empathy would have been better.  Sympathy gets you a backlash and it took out my heart chakra, and as a result the divine feminine had to learn the difference between being a doormat, and also making a judgment that is negative, and remaining neutral.  In the masculine role, there was an instant, Rama had a flash of anger and he wanted to say, why do you think you can just go around and treat everybody like you are the dictator?  Basically, he was going to attempt to send the anger back, and again in the greatest wisdom of the first-born son of Father/Mother God, he knew exactly what he did.  He just remained neutral and he sent the energies back where they came from, and Rama blew out every last one of his chakras.  Metatron had to come to the rescue and reconstitute it from his etheric blueprint, so the divine male had his work cut out for him, because that means he had to learn how to heal all those 7 chakras and all the other 13 and all the others that we have.  That would have to start at the beginning of creation with being able to learn from the divine feminine.  Jenny Hayden, teach me how to love.  Remember Starman?  Mother, do you want to add to that?

MS:  We just want to say in these final last few moments of what is occurring now, as you are approaching the zero hour where you will get your short briefing orders before you get a tour of Star Fleet Academy.  We would just like to say that the understanding of how we got here was of the race to bend into matter, to see the limits of the perimeters of this divine plan of how we would go from being physical suns to being “frail humans” that with a scratch, you end up outside these Temples of the Living God, yet you have the ability within the Templar/template.  Yes, you are all part of the Templars, by the way.  Everybody here is of that who witnessed that story.  Sacred Holy Order of the Templars that helped with Yeshua and Magdalene to get this story right, and you have abilities of physical suns to shift matter and back again, yet it fell so far that if you break a bone you are out of commission.  Imagine living bone turned to living crystalline energy.  This is what is occurring.  The carbon-based units moving up in octave to silica infinite strength.  Will last forever until you want to shift forms.  It is what is occurring right now.

MARK:  Mother, is it true as we heard last week that all of the crystalline-based humans now have 12 physical strands of DNA and 10 strands of etheric DNA activated?

MS:  Yes.  This is why the crystalline children coming in now doing miraculous things, yet your would-be good human interest stories where your media to talk about the babies that are coming in that are living masters that can levitate living matter rather than talking about the 8 dead soldiers that died.  We are not saying that they should be forgotten, yet we need to talk more about positive stories rather than the war stories.  Enough war.

MARK:  One demonstration.  The crystalline children lifting themselves out of their crib and into their parent’s arms would be worth a thousand of these other stories.

MS:  And it is already occurring, yet your media is bound and gagged.  Just like Sarah Palin with the lies about the idea, oh got a book deal, we’re going to spread the word about the [inaudible].

MARK:  I would like to ask Beth if she has any questions on the subject we’ve been discussing with Mother?

BETH:  Hello Mother Sekhmet. This is Beth.

MS:  Greetings, Commander.

BETH:  I have a question, but it is completely off the topic.  But I think it is important for everybody listening.  I know about 7 years ago, I had a traumatic head injury, and I was a walk-in, and about a week ago Mark was asking me questions.  He was saying, don’t you remember that?  Don’t you remember who you were?  Don’t you remember this and that?   I said I really don’t.  My memory was wiped when I came in.  I had done healings on myself and pursued these things, and I talked to some of my higher guides about this and they said to me that as an act of compassionate love, I forgot everything, because we had to come into the matrix and live these lives not remembering.  For an example, I am a single parent with 3 kids and I deal with financial issues just like everyone else.  In other words, all of us had to come in and forget .  Then my higher guides told me that I personally had put this block in to forget, and all I had to do was give myself permission to remember, and I would, and that happened.  I did that, and I was wondering if you would please comment on that, because if that was true for me, it may be true for many out there.

MS:  We will just say to the collective energies within that form through which you communicate, divine child.  With your help, we had to do a full complete cleaning uninstall, reinstall.  Now you wish to reinstall?  We would like to say, you want the memories back, eh?  Is this what you want?

BETH:  Yes.

MS:  Think about it and ask the nanites and the strands if they concur, and we would say think about it.  It is in a sense, yes, we understand about what we had to do with your health to reboot you, so to speak.  We are just saying, we would bring back the memory, not all of it is so pretty.  It is about the understanding here of what has to be healed, as you are witnessing in paradox, we take your story to what is occurring in the news today, top USA official resigned from the war in Afghanistan because this is fake war, Congress never declared war in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Why are we calling it the WAR?  Invasion/occupation.  What we are saying, what is going on within you in which the memories of before that which is not so pretty, with what occurred in the timeline before we had to reboot you.

MARK:  Well, there is another question here and that has to do with all of us.  All of us that are part of ascension have already agreed to release the memories of suffering and pain and sorrow and grief forever, and to retain the wisdom, but to let go of the actual memories of the experiences themselves so we did not recreate those situations again.

MS:  We would concur.  That would be the wisest choice.

BETH:  I want to add something to that.  What I am saying is that it would be nice if we can put aside some of the thoughts we have of our personalities, of who we are in the matrix versus our higher selves.  You say that we are all creators, and if we have those memories, that may help us now as we come to a world of peace.  That is what I’m thinking.

TARA:  That’s absolutely right.

MS:  Yes, and if you need some help, speak up.

TARA:  We have all of creation here to talk to.

MS:  Shall we start the reinstall now?

MARK:  Abort, abort.

TARA:  I do want to say though, history is very important, and as long as we go over the history without the experiencing of it from a way of “okay, let’s plan the next war”, which is what they have been doing.  And that is only when I say, they have been doing it, it has kind of rubbed off on the whole civilization for a long time.  You know, they did it, so we’re going to do it.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Yeah, that’s the monkey DNA.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Monkey fight for all of the solutions, and that was the grist of the mill for us to transmute, transform and return to the transcendental of it all.  So when we go over the history with that kind of overview, and we just read a little bit about the Mushaba and that this energy has to do with the higher road to which we all came here to participate in.  I think Mother, you could call it in the future, coming present.  The order of Maat and maybe you could talk about that because that is what we are doing when we go together in a roundtable, and we evaluate the past and even future lifetimes before this one because this is for…..

MS:  The order of Maat is the energies of these principals that are in Moorish science of peace, freedom, justice.

TARA:  Oh, it starts with love, truth, peace, freedom, justice and then beauty.

MS:  Yes.  As this order of Maat is occurring, as you are moving into Satuga, it is what brings about the natural order of things, so that we can land and we can get on with helping you and your planet heal as fast as possible.  As this is occurring, it changes and erases all the timelines.  This is what is happening right now.  As what is occurring exponentially with all of humanity, this is the peace that what is being said as you are approaching the zero point 2012.  Not anything about Nibiru hitting your planet or waves the size of the Twin Towers or the other stories about Independence Day and V the Visitors coming to eat your children.  All of that is the fake right wing scheme machine who have nothing except frog march to The Hague for war crimes.  The only thing that is occurring here is peace being declared.  This planet moving already into Satuga infinite ecstatic orgasmic joy and that is where we are now, yet we have a little bit more of mildew to cleanup in the shower.

MARK:  A little peroxide would help.

MS:  Yes.

MARK:  And Mother, we know that our original celestial bodies, Moons as we call them, that they were destroyed and are part of the asteroid belt.

MS:  Yes.

MARK:  And aren’t the other planets Marduke and Maldek, isn’t Maldek being restored also as part of the terra-forming or is this not needed?

MS:  We would say as you step into new timelines, the restoration of what was known as Maldek/Marduke [will happen].  We would just say about the asteroid belt, that may be in the sense, it is like an abandoned mine field, and in that sense would be deactivated and cleaned up in the sense where there are no anomalies that are out of sync, and this story about what occurred in the history of malevolent throughout your story, herstory, as this timeline gets erased and we move into the new timeline with Terra Nova, already occurring.  That already getting healed where you will have more than one moon and the energies of that what was called the asteroid belt is no longer there.

MARK:  So they won’t hold the energies that they now hold from those traumatic events?

MS:  Yes.  We do have abilities to be able to clean up that particular mess called asteroid field.

MARK:  Right.

TARA:  It used to be a planet and then the asteroid field is what is left.  Are you saying, you are going to cleanup that whole orbit and there won’t be anything there?

MS:  What we will say, in a sense what you have witnessed of the folks going in and deactivating abandoned mines.  It would be that there would be teams of different Galactic poachers that would be using joint operations to either remove the asteroids in certain ways; they use graviton beams and other technologies so that the asteroids in and of themselves would be recycled into usable new energies or technologies where nothing is wasted.

MARK:  And there is none of that old energy of war and destruction and fear and everything that….

MS:  Correct.

TARA:  Because when things go from energy to matter, they don’t ever cease to exist.  That is the thing about trying to take whole away from whole, you still got whole left.

MARK:  Right, but you can demolecularize it and clean up the energy to face the trauma of it.

TARA:  You might as well do some of that.

MS:  You have heard the stories that have been talked about.  You take photons and you put them in a test tube or a vacuum tube.  Whatever, and you put the DNA in one tube and photons in the other tube.  The photons mimic the DNA.  When you take the DNA away, the photons will continue to manifest DNA strands.

TARA:  Self-propelling.

MARK:  Self-restoring.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Self-restoring, right.

MS:  It is part of the nature of the collective energy of All That Is.

TARA:  So all we got to do is reverse what they tried to change and start at that ground zero.

MARK:  Right.  With clean energy.

TARA:  With clean energy and keep it clean energy.

MS:  Energy based in the wisdom of the heart rather than the other energies.

TARA:  There won’t be any wish to do the experiment all over again.  Not in this universe.

MARK:  Well, that is why I brought up the question.  The point is, if you have a diseased organ and celestial debris as to these organ residues, then we would want to eliminate all the diseased organs from the memory pattern.

MS:   Fields of space junk as they call it.

TARA:  That too, Mother.  They say that it is permanent.

MARK:  That’s not true.  3D science says that and it is a good thing they didn’t know it could be removed or it would be even worse.

MS:  Yes.

MARK:  The reason we did this is because we are very close to some major events, and there is so much distortion out there about who is who in the zoo, and how this all started, that we felt it was important since we are bringing up this announcement from Ashtar both Sunday and today, this should tell anyone that things are very, very close, and we need to stay as much as possible with getting as much understanding to the people.  Now that has been accomplished and we appreciate everyone’s patience and attentiveness, because these are questions you cannot ask out there on the street and get anything other than some emotionally loaded, judgmental thing.  We were simply asking for “just the facts ma’m” and we had the opportunity to have the biggest ma’m of them all.

TARA:  Well, there is a question in this household here.

PAMELA:  I just had a question Mother, about the huge island of plastic that seems to be congealing in the Pacific.  It is about the size of the state of Texas as I understand.  If we’ll have help in healing the planet and if people’s whose hearts are dedicated to healing the planet, will [they] know what they can start doing?

MS:  We can tell you that many of our Galactic cultures are already stepping in.  Like the Altamarians for one that are removing these toxic technologies.

MARK:  Right, and part of that is also the same thing that hasn’t been talked about in the 3D crowd, is that the Altamarians and Galactics have been removing the nuclear wastes dumped in the Somali waters that have killed all the fish or have them be all mutations.  That’s been going on quietly so even though you have not seen this in the press, good things have been happening and this will be exponential now in cleaning up.  You know, we all know, air and water and soil and mutations have to be cleaned up.  We cannot start cleaning white linen with tar in the clothes or [tar in the] water.

CANADA:  Mother, is our Canadian Prime Minister a good guy or a bad guy?

MARK:  Yes.

MS:  We will just say that he is comprised and he has to face the reality in which he is complicit with the other officials of the planet with war crimes.

TARA:  9/11.  Canada did everything they could to do 9/11 right along with the United States.

MS:  Yes.  He has to answer for this just like Queenie.  Not you Queen, the other red Queen.

MARK:  The false Queen that sat upon the false stone?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  The false Queen has to come down along with [the] Vatican and that is happening rapidly now.

CINDY:  How will the people that operate above the law be arrested?

MS:  That is happening at the level in which we have to say, [in] the capable hands of Mr. Fitzgerald, Lady Master Nada and folks connected ICJ/ICC.  That is occurring now and we would just say, momentarily you will be hearing about the arrests [interference].  We can just say these folks are at the place in which the ax is already falling and in the next moment, they will be dragging them out for you to see.

MARK:  Even if they are holograms.

MS:  Yes.

CINDY:  Can our bodies take this high vibration by decloaking without being damaged?  I know how sensitive I get when my heart opens even a little bit.

MS:  We can say, as you step into the understanding of what is occurring, it is like meeting with the other half of you for the first time, and it will be done with the utmost of grace and beauty and gentle energy.  Nothing harsh here.

TARA:  That is why the Galactics have always said that we come in peace and that means it was up to us to create a climate of peace so they could come.  That’s why in Revelations they said the time would have to be shortened at the end time or there would be nothing left.  So this last 30 years was the answer of the people of the world to that knowledge that was disseminated in that revelation.

MARK:  One of the things that is not well understood, even though we talk about it all the time, and that is, what is peace?  One consideration here is that when you are at peace, you are not at war.

MS:  What is the science of peace?

MARK:  Yes.

MS:  This is the place in which you got to step in the realm of Rumi and Gandhi and Kabir….

TARA:  Zoroaster.

MS:  Yes.  Akhbar the Great.

TARA:  We got him in office right now.  We better learn what he did in his history.  His history is very exalted in terms of looking at we’ve got a pretty good idea of the mastery of darkness.  Now we are going to get a really good idea of how we master with light.  Just imagine.  If we can create this kind of scene and go in that direction, imagine the whole shift being reoriented and everybody on the same page going towards the light.  I mean, how fast is that going to happen Mother? You were saying that we were going to experience instantaneously.  Trying to comprehend that we are actually our orbit, and our spin on the Earth plane around the orbit is flowing down, right Mother?  It is literally going to, in a sense, stop at a certain point and start going in the opposite direction, which is unraveling, and then opening the heart of peace.  All of the energetics is in the happening right now, right?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  It is available to be complete as the completion of understanding is in the soul.  That is what it means to have a first, second and third wave.  So those who were able to experience that completion in 2004 can help the rest of us into 2008 and now the final into 2012.  Right?

MS:  Yes.  And we can say, as this is occurring, the bodies, the Temples of the Living God, will rise to the occasion, and the energies will get much easier to handle, and you will see the physical reality around you shifting, and like the message from Ashtar, it will be noticed by everyone.  Not going to be hidden by your media.  Everybody is going to have to start talking about the new way of how things are looking a lot more psychedelic.

TARA:  Also when the Earth is slowing down in its orbit, it feels like everything is speeding up, because it is catching up, because we are getting ready to go in the right direction.

MS:  You are getting ready to make the shift into warp speed you might say, or hyper drive, and in that sense, you are moving faster than the speed of light, yet at that point, everything, even though you are moving faster than the speed of light, everything seems to be normal, yet it is once you get past that moment, what you experience what may be one day in our time traveling at warp 10,800 hundred years have gone by in your normal timeline, yet it is just a moment.

MARK:  Mother, in that regard.  If I may beg a question here.  Last night or this morning in the dream state, I had a lucid dream and in that I was aboard a very fast warp drive craft, and we had been picking up people with visions and hopes and yearnings that were all positive, and we were transporting ourselves and them in a way that is hard to describe.  So that what you were just talking about was existing on this.  When we got to a certain point, that point you were talking about, just beyond there, everything changed to gold and was very, very beautiful.  What I was telepathically asking everyone who was there through this composite agreement, because we were all yearning for the same thing.  We were all burning for the same thing, peace, empowerment, vision, heart and mind working together as one.  Suddenly there was a planet below us that was bathed in golden light, and I was wanting to say to everybody, can we land here and bring all of those visions together to manifest whatever composite vision is of infinite perfect potential?

MS:  As you were approaching planet in geosequenence orbit, did you scan planet for suitable understanding it would support your form of life?

MARK:  Yes.  I believe it was the same planet we saw up on Saturn.

MS:  Oh well, then our calculations are, we concur.  We will shut mouth.

MARK:  At that point Mother, I had to go to the bathroom.  As I opened my eyes, right in my skylight was centered a light ship.

MS:  Oh, very good.

MARK:  I don’t know if I was up on that ship or which one it was.  It doesn’t matter I guess.  But it was very coincidental that it would be there and immediately acknowledge that my eyes were open.

CENTRAL FL:  My name is Denise Parker and I’ve been doing ascension meditation for a year.  I don’t even know how I put you guys on my phone.  It beeped me tonight saying hey, you know.  But I have resonated with everything you guys have been saying so far.  I feel like wow, this is where I need to be next.  But a couple of weekends ago, I know there is imagination and hallucination and things that you see, it was like I was playing with a bunch of old friends.  I don’t know if you know what the Djinn in the trees are.  They look like spirits and they talk to me.  It was pretty interesting.  They give me some trials and errors because they are jokesters.  I figured if anybody would know, you guys would.  I’m pretty sure they showed me a lot of different creatures and entities so when I do see them for real, it will be familiar, but I felt like I was playing with my friends.  They said we’ve got to stop tonight, but I said no, I didn’t want them to leave.  Only I could see these entities.  Does this sound strange or does that resonate at all?

MS:  It is perfect with the development of your Galactic awareness, Lady Master.  The Djinn are real.  All of what you witnessed are real and you are waking up to your God powers.  Keep on doing it.

JIMMYBOY:  This is Muriel from Houston and Jimmyboy.  Sometimes, and it happens out of the blue, something happens to my eyes and everything gets very golden and it lasts for about 15 minutes.  Do you have any idea of what that is?

MS:  You are stepping into the understanding that you are beginning to see with the third eye as well as physical eyes.  It is part of the third eye awakening.

TARA:  As long as you are not driving down the street and all of a sudden that is all you can see is gold.  I mean that is a long time, Mother.  Are there any physiological things that might account [for this]?  I mean you got to check on those.

JIMMYBOY:  I don’t think so.

TARA:  Okay, you are in good health otherwise.

JIMMYBOY:  I am in good health otherwise.

TARA:  Okay, just be careful if you are going to be seeing gold for 15 minutes, make sure you are not where you are in a place where you are not supposed to be doing that.

MS:  In the fast line on the major interstate.

JIMMYBOY:  Right.  Well, I would always pull over.

TARA:  Okay.  You just have to start working with it and see if you can focus that light.  That third eye is going to be very handy for you, Lady Master.

NE&NCPA:  This is Jenna.  My question is, the debris in the asteroid belt, Mother, is that going to be terra-formed into our new two moons?

MS:  We cannot say.  We would only speak of this in the sense one of the concepts is out there could be that, yet you will be receiving two other moons from other folks within your solar system that are letting you have them.

MARK:  Well, we are getting moons from the solar system?

MS:  You could say that.  Double moons.

MARK:  Double moons.

TARA:  So you are saying it is coming from where instead of there?

MS:  We are saying that one of the concepts that have been talked around by the architects of the local system, that yes, they may reconstitute fragments from the asteroid belt to create other moons, yet that energy of asteroid belt is old remnants of the…

MARK:  Original celestial bodies.

MS:  Yes, that was destruction of Maldek, and the memories that go with that are only in the sense very similar to the destruction on Kypton.  Don’t want to go there.  Why not start with a new moon instead of old energy, eh?

MARK:  Would that be the Master Builders on Uranus that would help to do that?

MS:  Could be.  Could also be the architects from Galactic Center.

MARK:  Okay, thank you.

MS:  Yes.

DSMIT:  If we have not united with our Twin Flame, will it happen at the ascension and will it be a member of the Federation?

MS:  Well, we would just say that as you are wanting this or experiencing that where you are drawing that energy to self, it will be made manifest as your thoughts are crystalline in nature.  What you bring in, you create.  Hope that answers it.

CINDY:  Will we see all the people like JFK and MJ when it all happens, coming back?

MS:  As things are occurring in the sense that all are righted in this dimensional construct, as timelines are erased and frequencies are realigned, that which was out of its alignment due to the fact that there were other extraneous energies that occurred, a disruption of the continuation, we would say yes, these folks will be back to tell their stories.  It has to do with the fact that there were interruptions in the timelines.  Yes.

CINDY:  Obama is waiting for the Afghan elections to be completed and he will announce what the Afghan policy is?  So the questions are, do you know what the policy will be, and will soldiers be sent to Afghan?

MS:  We will just say that is a delicate dance that is occurring right now.  Very delicate in the sense where there are many old war hawks within what you call your body of Congress that are chomping at the bit for resurgence.  Up the surge, and there are rumors across the, what you call your transmissions of the readable word news media.  Yet they would like the word told that yes, more folks wanting to say, up the ante and send more troops.  Yet at the same time, what we can say is that [interference].

TARA:  Mother, isn’t  the demonstration now that soldiers that are over there are resigning, showing that all of that is going to be preempted by our soldiers.  I mean that’s been in the wings for a long time.  Once it starts, many more are going to follow, and I think other things are going to upstage those kinds of things.  It was stated today that Barack Obama is holding steady and he’s not going to be pushed.

MS:  That’s right.

TARA:  And I don’t think he is going to be pushed at all.  I think it is going to be done, getting this back on track is going to be done and we are not going there.

MARK:  Mother, as we have decloakings all over the planet, that will preempt all of these discussions.

TARA:  All of them.

MS:  Correct.  As we would choose for that moment, we will leave that up to the Captain and the Admiral.  We won’t upstage them or the Lavender Lad as they are the ones orchestrating this.  We know the Fat Lady has to sing in the background at the end of the Passion Play, so we will leave the protocols to the Captain and the Admiral, yet we would just say, as all of these things are occurring, the physical decloakings across your planet in the event of all of this exponentially expanding out and the word being shared. Your soldiers, we would just say, drop the guns, time to talk about going home, boys.

MARK:  Mother, isn’t that why the KOS found that picture #27 of 54 on MSNBC for Afghanistan, and said the star gates and the conduits from other places inside the planet where they have entered are now clear, and they will shortly, no dates, no nukes, but they will shortly be coming up from within the Earth through those Afghanistan and other portals there, and the Galactics would be saying, time for peace, boys.  Put down your weapons and let’s go home and have some tea.

MS:  Yes.  Three cups of tea.

TARA:  Anybody need a shuttle ride back home?  They’ll all be getting in line.

MS:  Yes.

MARK:  They won’t need to get in line, will they Mother?

MS:  No.

TARA:  They will be beamed out of there.

MS:  As we can say, what you were speaking about earlier, the story about Enki and Enlil, the star gates.  This has to do with the lost ____ and right now Dome of the Rock.  The great dispute over this is, [is it] the land of the Hebrews or is it the land of the Palestinians?  We will clarify, it is one people.  We are one people.

MARK:  One planet.

MS:  One planet.  No borders.  We are part of a collective of awareness that is a, you might say, an energy field that is aware of itself, and that it is self-aware and it takes care of itself and if there is an itch, it is going to scratch.  Right now, this little itch called Israel is a bit base in the sense of the genocide and war crimes that it has perpetrated against its own relatives.  It has to do with the fact that the real story has to be told about this place which has the controls of the main star gates, and yes, it is true, there are Israeli archeologists tinkering underneath the Mosque trying to figure out how to make the star gates work.  Futile attempt, and we will just say, will not work without the balance of love.  Cannot fake love.  It is genuine.  It is the only way they will work.

CINDY:  You had mentioned earlier, when the decloaking comes, that people will feel their hearts opening up and love and joy so this is the way for them to know it is not a Project Bluebeam projection or hologram?

MS:  Yes.  As you would have your heart open up, not going to happen artificially, in the sense, can’t fake that kind of stuff that happens when frequency of such magnitude happens.  In the Adam Kadmon, this Temple, cannot fake that energy.  As that would occur with all of what is happening, it goes far beyond the energies that can be used to induce emotions or hallucinations or the rewiring of the brain matrix.  It is steps into the realm of the paranormal, in the sense you are in uncharted turf and you have only begun to use a small part of the brain as you learn how to use the whole thing, you are Gods, Creator Gods, like we said and you can manifest and unmanifest and end this story today.  How about it?

CINDY:  Will the humans join the Galactic Star Fleet and when?

TARA:  It is already done isn’t it?

MS:  We will just say what is occurring is that as physical landings happen and peace is declared, there will be a regrouping of how you go about your understandings of what you know about your groups of scientists that are in a sense, they have shared part of the story with you, not the whole story.  And in a sense, we are going to have James landing to share the whole story.  In that sense, all of what you understand about science, politics, religion, all of how you create the concepts of culture.  As we help you reintegrate your physical memories of the DNA of what you recall will help bring in the reality in which this will [loud interference].  We would just say, as the firmament and the frequencies of your planet rising in magnitude, all of what we are speaking about happening exponentially.  You will be taught the Galactic ways of life and it will be as smooth as silk.

DONBEGINNING:  I spent the last few days educating myself with Project Camelot and it was a great opening for me, and periodically I found myself having just rage come up, and the thing is, I don’t recall why, which is odd.  What I understand, we already got 50 species of ETs on the planet now, we have junkets that are functioning between here and Mars, between the United States and Australia and also up to the North Pole, and so the big thing that I understand is we’ve been prevented from knowing what is already here, and a lot of the talk tonight is about what’s coming as though it is not already here and being hidden.  Can you just say something about this please?  Also, if you could mention, if you have any idea, I’m sure I’m not the only one that has these bouts of rage.  I don’t know what the stories are or what is associated with them.  I will see something and then all of a sudden, I will be really angry.

MS:  Has to do with the memories that are coming up as you are recalling all of what has not been shared with the wisdom as your 24 codons of DNA awakening to that which maybe never has awakened before.  [Interference]  Realities, new concepts of how to do things.  It is about that in which everything is here.  You either haven’t discovered it yet or you forgot it.  It has always been here.  Always in the understanding, never left you.

TARA:  There is also those huge projects that have been going on to help dire emergency parts of the planet, and they have been going on by the wealthy visionaries that have already received their blessings.  Everybody is Galactic on this planet.  We are all the Galactic Eagles.  What has been going on is that there has been a temporary amnesia that came over the whole of humanity, and what really happened is like I said earlier, that they tried to de-evolve our, you know, slow down our evolution by inserting this monkey and other DNA.  In the more recent times, they’ve been inserting insect DNA in our food and basically turning us into insects and everything else.  In other words, they are in a fettered mess trying their very best to stop us from actually seeing them for who they are and that’s the difference.  You know, it has always been a Galactic planet and we have always had a Galactic nature.  In the beginning, we were wizards and spiritual adepts, the whole nine yards and we had it down.  This temporary amnesia and all of the attempts to really control this absolutely creative species have failed.

MS:  You used to play in the trees with the Djinn and the Fairies and the Elves and the Gnomes and the Hobbits.

TARA:  I think the rage is, I can talk about this myself, it comes up oftentimes when we are advanced in terms of understanding what has been going on, and you know, as the time goes by and the years go by, and you wonder if the denser vibrations have engulfed the human race to such an extent that it just enrages one to see one more program [that] goes to try to suppress.  We are trying to get to the end of this.  The pressure cooker is here.  It’s just like, you know, how it lets off steam.  It has to be balanced, you know.  That is the thing.  There is a lot of thinking going on that really needs to be “thunk” right now by people who haven’t been thinking for a long time.

MS:  And it’s not about right wing think tanks.

MARK:  No.

TARA:  Yet it has to be thinking with the heart, and that’s a shift, and we’ve been working on that for a while now as a collective, so the rage is to be expected.  Yet praise it, thank it, respect it, and love it and that will shed light on it.

MS:  Forgive it.

TARA:  Forgive it, right.

MARK:  The most important thing is not to judge it, because by it showing you where something exists whether you like it or don’t like it and prefer it not to be there.  By showing you where it is it can be cleared, but if you don’t know it’s there it is a land mine.  It could go off at any time.  So by going off now, it is actually clearing the mine field away and releasing that energy so that it cannot cause harm.  So it is easy when you see it that way, to do the Ho’oponopono and say thank you for reflecting to me something I did not know was still there.  It is mine, I embrace it and invite it up into the light and release it permanently in love.

TARA:  And when you go through a process like that with the rebalancing your whole system, make sure you also take time to praise, respect, thank and love all the joy that comes in.  That’s a good way to keep that valve from not continuously having to go off.  You know, give yourself the nurturing.  This is the first time on planet Earth where polarity ends for good, and we go into this place where we learn how to be in synchronicity, and synchronicity is showing up in the numbers if you are reading David’s [Wilcock] website.  He had a lot to say about that.  That literally the numbers, people look up and it says 1111.  That happened last night by the way.  I went in the kitchen and I looked on the stove and it just said 1111, and it’s not just one time, it is all the time.  This whole year is an 11 so that brings heaven and earth, parallel universes, together in harmony and synchronicity so the whole year has been about that.

MARK:  And Twin Flames and Twin Hearts.


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