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Mark Huber Telecall – November 10, 2009


With Mark, Beth, Tara and Rama

MARK: Hi, Cynthia, Susan. Beth and I and Tara and Rama are here. Hi there everyone. Okay, we have quite a lot of information tonight and so I would like to get started, because we want to make sure we have time for some questions and answers and other material. So, as usual, we want to hear a little bit about the hard news because there is so much of it right now and it is all so timely. I am going to ask Rama to step up to the microphone and share a little bit.

RAMA: Okay, hi there. What I have been hearing is that on the larger scale across this planet ships are being seen every single day over Russia and they are not hiding – this at all. Major Russian newspapers are covering this, like [in] Russia today, Pravda.RU. There’s others out there, I think one’s called TAS.RU. And craft are being seen in many different places around the planet and it’s not being hidden. And, what I heard today in terms of the larger story dealing with all of this is [that] all of the shenanigans going on across the planet with the various unstable situations that, ah, that the only way I know how to describe it is these protracted wars that have been created in economic issues in the sense of creating situations that create unstable situations for people and all the kingdoms. And, Thom Hartmann talked about this today where he started in his first hour talking about the last hours of ancient Sumer and how does this story really begin. Did angelic hybridized humans actually come down here and mate with humans and change the DNA and actually alter it? This is brought up where stories about this are being discussed in many different circles, and it brings in the legends and myths about our Creator-God-Source-Of-All-That-Is, and it’s coming full circle where the stories that are being told about our galactic friends are coming out in these ways. And how this relates to right now in terms of 3D in the sense of Obama announcing [re] Copenhagen, the way the pressure is on, on the higher levels. Is China gonna do this? Is Russia gonna do this? Maybe Venezuela is gonna do this. And somebody might elbow Obama at a conference and say, “You gonna talk about ET or am I going to talk about it? What’s up Dude?” And, at that level, the pressure is on, and what I have to say about what was shown on 2012 on the SciFi channel from the King of Swords was Richard Hoagland had to do what he had to do in the sense of saying it within the mainstream context, and there were little bits and pieces that got out there.

TARA: Well he did say that we’re cooked and that the Atlanteans knew our goose was cooked. But for one thing, he said that this torsion physics, you know, would be the solution but we would have to accomplish it now. Which means he was indicating that the government of the powers that be, that are still controlling the government, in spite of the new president, he was making a remark about their status quo. Also, if you listen even more deeply to what he was saying, torsion physics and the presence of ET’s doesn’t have a problem at all having it done now. So that’s what I think.

MARK: I would just add that we’re going to be talking on our main subject tonight, Beth and I, are going to be talking about hyperdimensionality and torsion field physics. So this is part of the subject which also has to do with the 13th gateway and our new physical etheric structure. I just wanted to add that now. We will be going into this, so that’s ahead.

RAMA: I just wanted to say something that came up, ah, as I was recalling. Between the 11th and 14th there just might be some sort of issues going on with the economies on the planet because China, in a sense, has issued a deadline.

TARA: Well, it’s tomorrow.

MARK: Yes.

TARA: It’s not the 14th, it’s tomorrow.

MARK: No, but the things that are happening are suggested to happen during the 11th thru the 14th.

RAMA: And, what I am hearing out there is that they may just, you know, finally call it for what it is and end the Federal Reserve right now. I pass the talking stick.

TARA: Well I just wanted to say that, also Senator Dodd took the power away in his bill anyway, bank bill, from the supervision that the Federal Reserve has had. Now we all know the Federal Reserve has already defaulted. Yet, this is an interesting point because he’s exposing others by doing what he’s doing in terms of clamping down on the Regulations department. And then I wanted to say that’s not a mistake that today it’s been on Rael and Ann’s (sp?) report that Barack Obama and Michelle have already rescinded the[mselves], they’ve disbarred themselves. And, we got that confirmed that they had done that before the first of October last year – already done deal. So its very…

MARK: They could be citizens of the soil.

TARA: …they’re one of us, and when he joined the ……, and gave the memorial speech today, he was speaking with that already out on the news wires, that he was one of us and that he was NOT representing the corporations at all, zilch! He couldn’t be! [Because] they rescinded that. That means they denounced the corporations. And this is bringing citizens of the soil to the land and to their freedom. Because, by the enactments of NESARA law, the 13th Amendment in its original form will be reinstated. Remembering that these bad boys, back then, created a FIRE in this section of the Library of Congress, so they could delete that. Well, there was some research done and there are original documents that have been found. So it’s all over. This game is really over. I pass the talking stick.

MARK: So you can see we have some powerful topics and they all interact. They form a whole. And this is very important. We have talked before about portals and dates. But we want to say that for everyone in the world this particular portal that we are in, entering tomorrow, has so many aspects to it that are going to converge, that it really is important to listen and to connect the dots. To aid with that, we, Beth and I, went to St. Germain and asked him to comment on the meaning of the 11-11 portal. And, so, we’re going to start with this before we get into the main thing, because we wanted as many perspectives as possible to assist in this. So, here is our statement to St. Germain:

MARK reads:

St Germain will you share with us what you know about the next three days and also the interval through the end of this year?  The last time we heard you speak, almost a week ago,on Ashtar-0n-the-Road, you spoke about the Bank of St Germain for the first time.  Could you tell us more?

stgermainST. GERMAIN answers on 11/09/2009:
It is I, St. Germain. Greetings to you two. There is magic afoot.  You are about to see your world magically dissolve.

There will be reports of decloaked craft all over the world. There will not be a lot of news about arrests, (and here’s why) that part will be down played.  People will focus on the joy of decloakings and the sensations of a half-step increase in consciousness, and heart openings. It will be easy, it will be gentle, it will be compassionate, and it will be loving. It will be a song, a warm breeze, relief where there has been none.

Shortly after decloakings there will be Announcements. This long, televised briefing of 36 hours or more will include information about the arrests. Now at this time, everyone will have an open heart and a half step increase in intelligence and in conscious awareness. Everyone will have a better capability of understanding the significance of the arrests and the other factors that [are] coming forth. So that’s why it’s being done this way.

There are many new to your group, that are on line tonight, on the phone who have questions; and with a half-step increase, they will grok all they do not now quite understand. These ones will then help the other newer ones coming after this. (So pay attention if you are on and you’re new because you’re going to hear things you won’t fully understand right now. But, they will be in there and with this half-step increase that’s coming, you will connect your own dots. And you will understand and your heart will open and your mind will open and you will remember. So that’s what he’s saying, it’s your job to not only open yourselves but to share this with other ones just awakening).

Everyone is simply throwing off societies’ lies. Everyone is throwing off their upbringing and the dogma placed on them (by their parents and society). All is as it should be. Each person is developing and increasing their Ascension, at the perfect rate, for your own Plans, your own Mission. (Each of us has our own plans, our own mission).

There are things that can hold a person back. The portal opening of 11/11/09 is the time to shed off the old timeline. (You’re going to hear this repeated again so that’s what he’s saying. This is the end of the shedding of the old timeline).

This is the time to look inside and reflect on anything within yourself that needs changing. To begin, look at your physical body, are you treating it well? Do you eat well? Do you get out in nature? Do you have loving relationships? Do you love your work; is your work your passion?

Are there any of these things that need corrections or revisions? How about your personal finances? Are there promises you have made and have not kept? Do you have correspondence piling up? Are you procrastinating on business which needs your attention? Are there emails you should send? What about your personal space and your vehicle? Have you kept your area clean, kept up with maintenance? Are you in a safe environment? Are your children taken care of? Are all your priorities in order, as you would wish them? (Most of us have a few dry swallows in our throat … chuckles)

11/11 is about ironing out all the wrinkles. It is about being honest with yourself, and about applying the necessary polish to the surface of You that is needed.

Now, soon the Bank of St. Germain will be open for business. (There he goes again with that title. The Bank of St. Germain will be open for business.)

Does it make sense to take anything from the Old Timeline into a brand new space where problems are wiped away? There will be lingering issues, of any of these things that have NOT been handled before now.  Take these last few seconds, look around. Be honest with yourself, not judgmental, just honest. Change what can be changed. Accept – and Love – that which cannot be changed.  Be wise and know the difference.

The portal will open tomorrow. Will you be clear when you walk through it?

St Germain

MARK: He was not missing words there at all. And you’ll see that later on as we go through the rest of the material, you’ll see that Ashtar comes in and has more information along the same line. Right now I’d like to ask Beth to introduce this very important subject that we have tonight. Beth….

BETH: Hi everybody, I’m very happy to be with you tonight. On November 1st, Mark and I received a message from Metatron. We were asking him if he would explain more to us about hyperdimensional physics and torsion field physics. The answers that he gave us are highly technical, so I apologize ahead of time. Uhm, what I want to say before we begin is that all of us are very excited because David Wilcock’s Special was coming on, and they were going to be talking about these things, and other things related to 2012. And I saw that many people had comments that they were very disappointed in the Special. I did watch the Special when it was on, and I wanted to share my perspective, my personal opinion. David came out on his blog the following day and he said that editors came behind and changed what was put out after he saw the final cut. And it was not what he was expecting. And, there was much to-do about doom and gloom and he said that wasn’t the original, what we were putting out. What I want to share is what I noticed when Richard Hoagland was talking about the Teotihuacan site and the Tikall site. And he did these scientific measurements there. And he was saying that at these points on the earth, these special pyramid sites, have a higher energy than any other place in the world on the earth. And there was a reason for that. When I was listening between the lines, like when I read the news, I know that the news article sometimes has a bit of misinformation in it, but some of it’s completely true. Or when we read Ben Fulford, we know he is protecting himself. He puts in some very good information and separates it with misinformation to protect himself. And there’s other examples of that we’ve seen. When I heard the science of [what] Richard Hoagland was presenting, it was exactly what Metatron had explained to us in this message. It matched exactly. And, so, if you get a chance to listen to it, everything he projected was right on. And I did not believe, when I was listening to him, that he believed what he was saying about the cataclysms of Hollow. So I know there was disappointment in this Special but I believe there was a lot of good information there, so I would say if you get a chance to see it, don’t skip over the good information. Take it for what it’s worth and eventually we’ll be able to see the real version that they had planned to put out.

So now, knowing that that Special was coming forward, Mark and I asked Metatron, who is an expert in these things, if he wouldn’t mind, could he explain them more to us. These scientific ideas are very important as we learn how to use our monatomic crystalline bodies and connect with the 13th gateway and get our higher gifts. So bear with me as I read through this technical explanation from Metatron.

BETH reads:

Mark wrote an introduction. Introduction:
As the moment of Arrests, Mass Decloakings and Announcements is upon us, Mark/Beth discuss some aspects of our new Ionic Electromagnetic, Etheric-Positronic-Crystalline system from a more Cosmic Interactive Big-Picture perspective. On Nov 8th David Wilcock will discuss his views on these subjects, so we thought you might like to look at how we now function, energetically.

Beth and Mark first discuss some contextual views and then ask Metatron to assist us in understanding how we might see how all these Formless Form through Physical matter interactions bring formless ideas into manifestation. We hope you enjoy grokking this interesting subject.

*Through the 13th Gateway;
*Matter and Antimatter;
*Torsion Field Physics;

There are NOT 11 Dimensions as Einstein said. They were intuiting nothing exists outside the physical. Every limitation is in matter because it only contains a portion of the consciousness.

God, Nature, and the Universe limit nothing.

Only Man limits the consciousness. Once you allow 352nd Dimensions, and above, you can use the positronic-etheric-crystalline unity. We have to relate all of these to see how we can flip from matter to antimatter.
(When we say matter and antimatter, we are talking about our physical bodies and our light bodies. It is in our light bodies that we do this traveling. That is what we are interested in finding out [more about].)

We then get in touch with the reflecting Force. There is a place of interaction and it does not come from here. Now we are both this and that, we are equalizing the partnership right up through the Human/Galactic Angelic/Source connection. When you add the Holographic Universe to that, everything is connected:  male and female, matter and spirit, inner and outer. We need to look at new ways of working with everything. “The Great Attractor” [means] what you suppress is attracted; where you place your attention, and hold dear, grows; what you free-up flows. One is a fixed aspect, one reflects a clear unity. Any time there is Unity in our life, [it is] because all is frequency or vibrational waves. (So in other words, everything in the physical world is a reflection from antimatter world.) Sanat Kumara and St Germain brought the three-fold flame and the violet flame.
______________________ ______________________
(And now we ask the questions to Metatron.)
Question to Metatron:
How can we show how all of those principles interact? One must see them as interrelated, interactive, in a field of One, operating together. Everything is integral.
———————— ——————————-
(So we were saying to Metatron, we want to know how in these new bodies, how do we go from our physical bodies to our light bodies? What is the secret? We want to know scientifically, how does it work?)

“This is a very big field of knowledge to tackle.

Hyperdimensional Physics (HyperD Physics) is a science that looks at not only height, breadth, and width, but also Dimension. Most scientists before now, including Einstein, have noted 11 Dimensions. In fact the dimensions are essentially unlimited. Some dimensions contain physical matter and others contain formless form (antimatter). Let’s rename matter and antimatter in relation to the human body. This we may call the physical body (3D) or the physical-etheric body (5D). Know that the physical-etheric body can go out to the 13th dimension and experience antimatter, but only for brief periods, an hour or a little more. There are some adepts who can do more than this. The numbers of Ones experiencing this will increase substantially in a short period of time. More and More Ones are preparing for this, and a large number of them will be youths. (He is talking about kids. A lot of kids will start doing this. They’ll just know how.)

Zero Point is an energy flux running through space and that is where interdimensional and multidimensional travel begins. Anyone traveling out of body [OOB] must find zero point before they will go out.  In fact, this is true for space craft traveling multidimensionally. Zero Point is what is found in portals, Star Gates, vortices, wormholes, black holes and is what makes multidimensional travel possible…… including levitation and teleportation. We must also figure in the Harmony of the Spheres, within which our Planets and Suns operate. (These are all scientific concepts he is bringing in to explain them.)

These force fields run through Hollow Earth, and overlap the Planet. These are not only electromagnetic and ionic, but also crystalline. Every Planet in our Solar System has a crystalline core, which is anchored energetically into its Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Multiversal and Cosmic Grid.

Mother Sekhmet calls this energy ‘The Force’.

The Force = Source Energy+Love. Source Energy comes from Creation. Source Energy cannot be much on its own, but when combined with love, has unlimited potential. The crystalline core inside the Planets are all two tetrahedrons placed opposite each other. Imagine the Great Pyramid as one tetrahedron. Imagine a second same size tetrahedron, upside down, and connect the two at their base.

Every Planet and Sun has this, made of crystal, at its core.

Different Planets have different types of crystalline tetrahedrons. What are the size of these tetrahedrons? Imagine the first tetrahedron with the apex point at the North Pole. Now this tetrahedron has a 120 degree angle at the base. With this, you will see the points of the base land at approximately 19.5 degrees latitude.
(Now when Richard Hoagland was explaining his scientific concept on that Special, he was showing the earth flow with two tetrahedrons spinning inside of it. Everything he mentioned about torsion field physics that is in this, he mentions on that Special the other night. I found that very exciting.)

This is zero point, and zoom! Off to other dimensions. At this point on a Planet, One becomes HyperD. On Earth, some things at 19.5 latitude are: Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl volcanoes near Mexico City.  In addition, The Great Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

On the Moon’s far side, at 19.5 degrees we have the absolutely huge Mare Orientale (but near the edge of the Earth-side/far-side interface).

On Mars we have Olympus Mons (the solar system’s largest volcano) near 19.5.

On Jupiter we have the Great Red Spot near 19.5.

On Neptune, the Great Blue Spot, all located at or very near to 19.5 degrees latitude.”

MARK: Well Beth, that’s a lot of information there and it describes how not only we operate but how planets and stars and galaxies operate. So we, as in our higher dimensional true identity, have to follow the same laws. We have to follow the same physics and that makes us thereby, unlimited. So what we are returning to is an understanding, not just externally, not just in our heads. We are returning to our whole identity as this combination now of electromagnetic and crystalline etheric. So we have our internal systems and our external systems, or subtle bodies, if you want to call it that. So I just wanted to go into just a little more here to show you some of the things we have been talking about, that this is now converging and bringing together.
Now that we have our Crystalline form activated in a diamond form (that’s the two opposing tetrahedrons that form a diamond shape), we are affecting resonances through all similar structures.

This is why the ZPMs’ energy generators tap into this flow, this resonance, at a critical degree. In algebra, when you have two values, you may determine the third. Now that the crystalline core has been activated, when the golden crystal was brought out from the left paw of the sphinx, under the guardianship of Serapis Bay, which happened on 8/8/09, and was then anchored by Metatron into the Earth Grid, we took, if you’ll recall, representatives of many kingdoms back through the golden crystal return conduit to bring them back to alignment with Source. The crystalline core was reprogrammed with new codes on 9/22/09 when the Andromedan Team brought a starship through that portal and into the crystalline heart of the Planet.

Now we have a positronic-etheric plus crystalline structure and functional relationship, which actually holds more light. Now we have some other mechanisms, or aspects of The Force, that deal with celestial bodies, such as torsion physics. Whenever you put a twist on something, it must react to that compression and expansion. That is how HyperD and Torsion Physics are affected by matter and antimatter.

We will be able to explore multidimensions with the HyperD model, knowing that we go out of matter through the 13th Dimensional Gateway. That’s the key. The 13th Gateway is the connection from matter to antimatter. Everything from antimatter (formless form) is reflected into matter. It doesn’t originate here. Everything is reflected from antimatter. Electromagnetic is 3D, and 5D is physical-etheric-crystalline. Now as you begin to let those terms go in, you can see that one determines the physical structure, and the physical structure interfaces with the subtle or etheric, and together they form that wholeness which we need to flip back and forth between dimensions.

The origin of energetic communications is in antimatter, and is reflected into and through the matter dimensions. How the origin of ideas from antimatter, how the flow through the 13th Gateway [takes place], [then] there are dynamics, mass, rotation, gravity, and critical degrees: (19.5 degrees of North/South Latitude, separated by 120 degrees). There is a very powerful energetic reaction at that point, or Zero Point. This is a circulating spiral motion, which interpenetrates the crystalline core. The secret government operation at Deigo Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, is an example. Here they have a platform from which they can send heavy equipment into moon orbit, almost instantaneously, at no cost. [These platforms are warp shields and can transport physical things and light forms.] There is another anomaly in Bermuda. When energy fluctuations occur they take advantage of it. They can’t just do this whenever they want to. They have to have an isthmus to detect when there are anomalies and load them up. It is instantaneous transport from here to the moon. It is extremely efficient in time, money, and security.

TARA: Warp shields, that’s what they are.

RAMA: And they can transport equipment or life forms.

MARK: Right, so what they do is they have these platforms, very heavy, which would take such humongous super-boosting rockets to lift it into orbit, and they just put this heavy equipment, like tanks and humongous construction equipment, on these platforms and it immediately appears in orbit around the moon.

TARA: It translates.

MARK: Yeah. Right, because you don’t see any movement at all. One minute it’s here, the next minute it’s there. Then, they can simply transfer locally and very easily into position there on the planet where they want it. But that’s only when there are these energy fluctuations or anomalies. The whole Bermuda Triangle is a portion and is affected by those. And there are others, in other parts of the world.

TARA: You know there’s going to be another thing that throws the monkey wrench into this because there’s a, we’re going to play it on Friday, it’s an article, it’s called, I mean a video, it’s called From Mind to Matter and it states that “matter does not really exist.” Now contemplate that one after everything we are talking about. [laughter…]

MARK: When we are thinking about these portals, we have to understand the interdimensional portals are very large. And, so are multidimensional ones. So you can send huge ships as we are seeing at the Gulf of Eden right now.

RAMA: Stargate SG-1!

MARK: Right, ships are coming through that particular star gate in regular numbers around the clock. All of us here that have been listening and reading know that that has to do with the mass de-cloakings that are going to happen very soon. The Earth Firmament is made up of an ionic electromagnetic layer. Just think of one hand around the other hand around the planet. And there is that crystalline layer above the electromagnetic layer. That’s what the firmament is. It goes inside the planet as well as outside and around it. The Platinum-Gold grid, which Metatron activated during the special ops that we did, uh, that grid goes along the bed of the ocean to the top of the highest mountain. Soon it will go from the inner planetary bed to above the planet in a continuous dynamic flux-and-flow, and that will form a planetary shield that will reject anything lower than 5D, either coming in or going out.

As part of the information/energy flow, from antimatter into matter, this is what happens. How does it flow? We want to include torsion field physics in that.

When our human physical Adam Kadmon template became crystalline, it became a mirror reflected from the cosmic level. We appear to see inner bodies reflected as outer bodies. As above, so below:  reflected hyperdimensionally, or hyper D, down through the 13th Gateway at our crown chakra. The Positronic-Etheric-Crystalline template allows both input and output through the crown chakra to positronic brain, there, to the high-heart-mind connection, vertically down and up through the central conduit. Our crown chakra is now receiving new energy codes (and this is especially strong and clear during the first hour of sunrise and last hour of sunset) since our planetary crystalline critical mass occurred. As everyone here on this broadcast knows through our sharing on both Stargate Roundtable and Galactic Roundtable, that this happened on 9/09/09.

Everything in the lower 12 dimensions gets its info through the 13th Dimensional Gateway from antimatter levels above. Celestial bodies (Suns, Planets, and Stars) are affecting the energy flows from the Higher Levels that we cannot see. The casual, causal, level is in antimatter. That is reflected into form through the 13th Gateway.
Through harmonic resonance the formless form interacts with form when we are in alignment. (Also known as Sololuminescence) Everything in the physical world comes from antimatter. You don’t see that out there in physics books. We are getting this from the Great Central Sun, Helios and Vesta and our local sun, Sol, Cosmic Rays which enter our crystalline crown chakra and thence move down energetic conduits in the brain and into our high heart. This is also true of the Earth. Remember on 08/08/08, Ashtar gifted every one of us. Just above our physical heart, a Christed or Crystalline Golden Seed packet [was placed]. Everyone on the planet has one. And that is what we are reflecting down into. Seed packet or seeds. These are based on our soul attainment, the whole soul record, so that we can each have our own Ascension as part of the total Ascension. They are exactly calibrated for each one of us. We are talking about a multidimensional/interdimensional architecture. If not for this we wouldn’t have a Unified Field. A diffuse layer of energy, like a mist, but without form, reflects through the 13th Gateway, where we have a positronic-etheric-crystalline template. Now we want to include Torsion Field Physics in our understanding so we ask Metatron to speak on that. Beth, would you share what Metatron said?

BETH: Right, thank you. [In] The first portion Metatron was explaining to us what hyperdimensional physics was and now he goes into an explanation about torsion field physics. This is Metatron:


The energy which makes matter is consciousness. This consciousness does not come from the 3rd Dimensional world.

When we explain about physics, we are looking for height, breadth, and width. Building on that, we explained HyperD physics in which we added dimensions to height, breadth, and width.

Next we talk about torsion physics.  To explain this we look at a basic mathematic equation in classical mechanics and electrodynamics, for four elements;
1) which is the initiation upon a system of a force (be it mechanical, electromagnetic, or otherwise — i.e. an “initiating action”),
(2) position (and the tendency to return to that position; as in a pendulum or spring),
(3) resistance to motion (said motion being velocity or speed related), and
(4) mass (or inertia), which is associated with acceleration.

Torsion Field physics adds in Rate of Delay.  This is known as the Fifth Element.

The Sixth Element is Sonoluminescence. This means Co-Creation at the 13th Gateway. The antimatter consciousness (The Force, or Source Energy+Love) comes into the 13th Gateway from the Formless Form Dimensions and reflects into the Matter World all of the force, position, resistance and mass it contains AND it does it in its own timing. We call this timing “Divine Right Timing” or “Ripe Time”. All of these influences are potential possibilities.  The Sixth Element is the harmonics and light contained in this particular equation and that is determined by consciousness.

The Fifth Element is what makes it possible for the physical-etheric-crystalline Human-Galactic to be a conduit for Universal energy flow, known as The Force.  (The Force=Source Energy+Love).
It is through consciousness, or thought that creates on the antimatter dimensions, and either instantly, or [by] some rate of delay, it makes its way across the 13th Gateway into the matter realm, or manifests into physical.
By learning to open the thirteen chakras, one opens their own 13th Gateway. This is when it is possible to cycle between matter and antimatter, as is done with levitation or teleportation.

In Co-Creation the three parts of the unity, the creator, the act of creation, and the result of the creation, became, in the universe and in life today, Be, Do, and Have.

Be = the source or creator, Do = the act of creation, and Have = the result of the creation. Everything that has taken place since then, every moment of Life’s existence, throughout the entirety of the billions of years of this universe, can be classified as either Be, Do, or Have. There is a part of your brain which brings in the Source Energy into the local mind, in through the energy portals in the brain, including the pineal gland, and processes this energy and pulses out through the body and into the higher heart.

That is the Source of The Creator, and that is you and me. The Act of Creation is combining this in the higher heart with the consciousness of love. The next part of Co-Creation is crossing the etheric, into the channel or body, with Source Energy, and combining it in the higher heart with love, and then waiting the delay, for when it comes into manifestation on the physical.

The more joy which is contained in the thought (velocity or speed), the amount you desire said result (mass), the amount you have placed this into the priorities of manifestation (position), and the initial thought itself (initiating action) directly affects whether this is an instant manifestation or a delayed manifestation.

Knowing that the Source Energy is a constant, the Love you understand and are able to infuse through your Higher Heart is the one key factor involved in experiencing things on higher and higher and higher dimensions.

To go out of body [OOB] to experience the energies of the 352nd Dimension, takes setting a higher intention, (initiating action), a great desire-you must BELIEVE it can be done (mass), you must spark your joy at the mere idea you may achieve it (velocity), and it must be a priority in your life (position). If these align, indeed, your meditation will take you to the Higher Realms. You may see, hear, taste, touch and smell all that is there through the senses of consciousness.

Everything that is happening on every dimension and every parallel, interdimensionally and multidimensionally is possible to experience by crossing the 13th Gateway.

Now that the physical-etheric crystalline bodies with 12 Physical +12 Etheric = 24 strands of DNA activating in concert [exist], this is open to anyone desiring to pursue it.  All it takes is setting an intention, making it a priority, being fully in joy, having a high perspective of love, the belief that it is so.

MARK: Thank you, Beth. You can also see that this is weighty material. You can also see it speaks to each of us in non-theological terms, non-dogmatic terms. This is a form of a mathematical precision. When everything balances, it happens.

TARA: And SoLaRa also put in her report there are all these waves of convergent energy. Yet it is very choppy right now because the waves are just coming. And it’s time’s up in those departments, you might say, and so the only thing left to do is surrender to that love. Be that vortex of that unconditional love and it will transmute and transcend and transform.

MARK: And we will be dealing [with this] tomorrow, in Beth’s call, her old call, because it deals with more internal processes that actually build on what we’ve just shared today. That will be pretty much what that conference call is about and that is exceptionally exciting. Because it really goes into the different internal structures, and you can see how this works and functions in what we would call “our new life in the new timeline.”

And right now I think this is a good time to share with you Ashtar’s message about tomorrow, the 11-11 portal opening. Beth and I asked Ashtar to share some more insights about this. Here is what came through and I would really like, ask, you to pay attention because he is saying it like he has not said it before. Here is Ashtar:

As the Earth shifts its alignment in the heavens, it opens a portal of energy. This is a transformative energy.
As the prepared ones–who have spent many years–clearing and cleansing, continue on their path, they are in alignment for Twin Flame Reunions.

There is a sequential flow for all of the events happening which will change the Earth, and it will never be the same again.

With Mass Decloakings, we will receive a full half-step increase in consciousness. This means that there will be a heart and mind opening and a deeper understanding of love.

Some Lightworkers have never given up believing that everything will change for the better. They have studied, done their inner work, participated in spiritual service, and continued on the path of Ascension for 20 to 30 years or more. These are the prepared ones. They will not have to wait any longer to see their Twin Flames. Millions of Twin Flames have been working, on the starships, awaiting this moment.

We are ready. We are coming to Earth to be with you now. Your Twin Flame partner has been supporting your work in the Ground Crew all this time, from the ships.

The veils drop Now!

After arrests, come decloakings. This will involve the removal of the dark and brings forth a World of Peace. Peace for every man, woman and child on Earth.

The next step is Announcements, including the Bank of St Germain and NESARA and Common Law. This is the end of forced slavery and the beginning of sovereignty.

The sequential flow continues with waves of mass landings.

This will be the time for Twin Flame Reunions as the ships land.

Many of you should know, that this is happening now. Be ready to see your love, and begin your new joint-mission assignments.


MARK: Well, Cynthia, Susan, this probably a good time to take that 5 minute break…


[after a Break]


BRENDA: I was wondering about my Twin Flame. For some reason it has been on my heart for the last 2 years of my life. That’s all I think about. You know, I told God, I told him I do not want to be hurt anymore. And I want him to send the right one in my life. I am not looking for anyone. I am letting love find me.

MARK: Well, that is a very good approach and very shortly you are going to know your answer. When the ships decloak, if you have not heard anything prior to that, it is after the ships decloak, not when they land, when they decloak, you are going to know a lot more than you know right now. So this is coming very quickly so be ready.

BETH: I would like to add something, Mark please.


BETH: Sometimes we have a tendency when we are thinking about romantic love we think thoughts like ‘I don’t want to be hurt anymore.’ That is a very human, normal idea that each and every one of us has dealt with. If a person is putting out the thought ‘I don’t want to be hurt anymore’ that is just what they are going to attract into their lives. So it is very, very important that we BE love. Number 1, BE Love. So a path of attracting your Twin Flame is to be loving to your boss, your co-workers, your spouse, your parents, children, the neighbors, the criminals out there, when you are reading the news. Everything and anything you come in contact with every day. Act with love towards it, and you will attract love into your life. So shift your thinking here. That is part of your Ascension work. That part about attracting your Twin Flame. And if you want to do more work with this, listen to the Twin Flame Meditation because that may help you focus and center each day on attracting this into your life. Thank you. Next question.

CRYSTAL: I wanted to know this big opening on the portals on the 11th: Is that going to cause us Lightworkers to have to purge a whole bunch of stuff and go through an emotional rollercoaster? Is that what we have to look forward to? Or is it going to be gentle? I just want to be prepared.

BETH: Hi Crystal. This is a highly individual thing and the best way to look at it is to know that this energy is available to make it easier to be more of what you want to be. Each one of us is going on our own Ascension path, each one of us has either done a lot of work or not as much as we should [have]. It is only just a time to request in your heart with your honest true self. Where am I on my Ascension path? Show me my guides, my angels, give me obvious signs of what I need to work on now as I continue on my Ascension path. It is not an end date, it is not anything to worry about. For some people, it may be gentle, for some people it may be rough. I know several people right now going through some very challenging times. This portal energy means it gives you a chance to tune in where you are right at this moment and use that energy the best way to get to the next step on your Ascension path. The best way. There is no promise it will be easy, there is no promise it will be hard. It is not to be thought of that way. It is just an energy flow to work through to get you to your higher place. Does that help Crystal?

CRYSTAL: I have already been going through such heavy duty releasing and purging, I really can’t take much more.

BETH: I understand.

CRYSTAL: I do it consciously, I am clearing and releasing every day and night and I just don’t think I can take much more, you know?

BETH: Crystal, I have heard from several Lightworkers who have been working for 20, 30 years and more and they are going through the biggest test of their life right now. Some of them are fighting for their lives right now.

CRYSTAL: I know, I have been going through this for well over 30 years and it is just, I don’t know, I have no energy left, I don’t know if I can go through any more of this.

MARK: Crystal, I’d just like to say that no one is going to be taken off the planet because they are trying to do what they need to do. Everyone who has been working in this matter diligently, not perfectly, but diligently, is going to get the support they need. This is all about helping you. It is not about punishing you or anything of the sort. It is strictly about helping you walk through this gateway as easily, as seamlessly and as joyfully as possible. Nobody has to be perfect. All you have to be is 51% positively oriented and asking and allowing. They are going to help you. Everybody, everybody is part of this one process. Because we are a part of the wholeness that surrounds and nurtures us all. As we accept that, then our higher dimensional family and our inner dimensional family, our inner team, if you want to call them that, they’re always there, but they have to allow us to ask. They have to allow us to receive.

So, if we are only talking about receiving more help, more loving assistance, not punishment, not drill sergeant this is boot camp and you have to go through that. That is a total misunderstanding. Do not believe for one instant that you are being taken to the thrashing floor when you are there already. Just be grateful that you are experiencing what you are because it means that is how much you want it. Therefore, you are going to be rewarded. I will look forward to this portal opening as a fulfillment of your dreams, your yearnings and your joy. Coming to join with YOU in celebration.

BETH: Remember, everybody, AAngel[?], the Ascended Masters, and the Galactics are there for you, and they are wanting you to ask. Talk to Michael. Talk to Quan Yin. Talk to St. Germain. Talk to the ones that speak to your heart. Speak to them in the still silence inside of you and listen to that still, small voice that replies. You will receive the guidance you need. Be gentle with yourself. Be in joy and take an extra 20 minutes tomorrow before you leave, when you get up in the morning and spend 20 minutes just with yourself inside your heart. Be gentle on yourself and you will get that guidance. You can ask for an easy path and be shown the path of least resistance.

?:  If we ascend with our 3D bodies, will we go back and forth from the other dimensions from our current spouse to our Twin Flame in 5D, etc.

BETH: That is not exactly the way it works. First of all, we have moved away from our 3rd dimensional bodies; we have moved into our 5th dimensional bodies. We are there. Anyone who is currently married and they think they are not with their Twin Flame, there are different ways that that can happen. We have gone over that before. Mother Sekhmet said on a call to a lady who had been married more than 20 years, ‘You may end up leaving this spouse. He is not your Twin Flame, and you are not happy in the relationship.’ For some people that may turn out to be how it comes out. For others who are married and they are looking to be with their Twin Flame, they can come in other ways. They can come in the higher aspect of who you are with. There are still other ways it can happen as well. It is not important to understand, or know, or have an explanation as an individual how it is going to happen for you. Because you will discover that in time. As time has told us, he will not show us that moment when we come together with our Twin Flames. I have not seen that moment for myself. What he has said is, it is such a sacred moment, that it is understood that everyone will experience in their own way. We are not going to be shown that beforehand. The other thing he has told me is that it is an absolute guarantee that it will happen in the best, right, highest way for each person. So we do not have to worry about how it will happen. Just know that when one is prepared, and when it is at the right timing it will happen for you.

?: Jeremy Scahill On Rachel Maddow’s show tonight stated Blackwater [is the] most corrupted [and has] the contractors to protect Hillary Clinton. So why is Obama keeping Blackwater on?

MARK: I am going to let Rama answer that one. [Laughter.]

RAMA: I’ll just say that Obama is allowing Blackwater to totally expose themselves with Erik Prince because he is already an indicted war criminal. It is just a matter of moments before the entire Blackwater group is picked up for war crimes. By the Provost Marshal General.

TARA: Including Hillary. Really that was the cart before the horse because Hillary is the one who has to be extricated. Along with all the other ones of the old guards who are still holding tight to the reign.

MARK: We just want to say even though there are film stars present, these are photographic versions of the originals. Copies. Holographic copies.

TARA: What film stars? Oh you mean the bad guys. Oh.

MARK: Most, if not all, of the arrests have already been made. This is just to allow everything to fall into sequence, so that everything is seamless. They cannot have any discontinuity in the politics end, in the economics end of it, or in the Star Ships, or decloaking until everything is exactly, sequentially correct. That moment is very, very close. Yes, there will be some arrests. But that will not be initially the big deal. The big deal will be the decloakings. See these arrests are happening.  You will notice. Beth has been keeping track of it. Almost every single day a big former leader who is guilty of war crimes is being arrested.

TARA: Somewhere in the world.

MARK: Right. Somewhere in the world. The point is this, is so you can get used to that idea of these names showing up and be reported as going to the Hague, or ICC, or one of the other binges. Understand that we have the experience of continuity of life until the moment where everything changes. Which we are right on that threshold right now. The new timeline is fully ready to come in big time. The old timeline, called the 13 Families, is ready to leave big time.There is a moment in there. There is just a moment where there might appear to be a little bit of chaos. Say for instance if the banks all fail on one day, and Wall Street has to be shut down before it can even open. Which is a very high probability.

This week Obama is going, is leaving, to be in China, Japan, Singapore, and these places and it is all about disclosure of these various scenarios and the plans Obama has, which he is going to be in high, high level meetings. Dealing with how we proceed here, he also has to honor the other person’s rights, for instance the Chinese, to say their position. Then the sequence will be agreed on and it will take place the way it is decided. These are not unimportant meetings that are taking place. It is only about how this is perceived. The carpet governments of the world are bankrupt. It is not coming. They already are. It has just been hidden and it cannot be hidden anymore.


MARK: All the talkers are about that. Blackwater is as good as dead because it, and the dark hats, and the alphabet agencies that have been controlling and harassing you, and me, and all of us…That cannot continue. There is no support for it. The juice is draining out of that turkey. Very, very fast. It is going to be awfully dry and powdery very shortly. Nonetheless, do not expect [them] to capitulate. It is better just to see the place they are, between a rock and a hard place. They are being squeezed and yet they do not know how to change their program. It is a survival thing that they cannot survive the way they have it set up. That is where the compassion comes in. We have to understand so much has pushed everyone to the place that everyone is. [We have since been subject of many, many long years ago and decades ago, [and it] is to see any such one with the child spirit that is within…?] Remember, also if we have not walked a mile in their moccasins we do not know what they were subjected to. We do not know what pressures have been applied to them from inside themselves, and their family, from organizations that they sign contracts with. Blood contracts have been [normal]. So we are not letting anybody off the hook. We are only saying be neutral about it. And to, if in doubt, send them even more love, only asking for the highest best. You are not telling them to get off scott free. Nobody is getting off scott free. The answer is we will have these conflicts resolved. We will have adjudication. We will have closure.

BETH: Mark, I need to talk a little about the news. Thank you. What we are seeing right now in the United States is a form of blackouts. On certain issues they are not reporting the news. For instance, The President of the United States is leaving for Asia in the morning. Was that mentioned on Wall Street Journal? Was that mentioned in Washington Post? Was it mentioned in New York Times? No. Was not mentioned on TV either. All we had all day was Fort Hood. Understand there is a blackout on certain news items not only in the U.S. but in Canada. In the U.K. there is a blackout. It is not easy to find news out there. It is not even easy to understand the truth. So when we heard news that the President was going to Asia I started skimming looking for the A-Team news out there. I posted a lot of articles on Yahoo Group tonight. For over a year Tara, Rama, and Mark have been saying when it is time for decloakings the arrests will happen. What I have been doing is I have been finding the arrest articles out there in mainstream news and putting it on Yahoo Groups. I do that because all of us are looking, looking, looking to see if this is happening. Everyone wants to ask “Is it true? Is it true? Is it true?” I have a dozen Presidents, Prime Ministers, a dozen since the beginning of October. A dozen countries’ heads of state have been arrested, taken to The Hague. I posted one yesterday. The Liberian Prime Minister taken to The Hague for war crimes. These articles are posted. It mentions 2.5 billion people that died. These guys are up for genocide. It is exactly what was predicted a year ago that would happen when it was time for decloakings.

So if you are asking about a certain aspect of the news, “why is Obama still allowing it?” That is not the truth of what is happening. Obama is not still allowing it. What is happening is the news is not being reported the way things are happening. Be patient and read between the lines. Check the Yahoo Group because the real news is being put out there. Continue to use your discernment and know that all these things are happening behind the scenes, but the ones that are carrying out these arrests have their reasons for keeping these news blackouts continuing. When you start to see the real news reported you will know that things really have swung around. That may be very soon. Thank you for letting me add my two cents.

TARA: I was also going to add my two cents, if I may. The question that Benjamin Fulford put up that, what happens when tomorrow Barack Obama shows up when China is wanting him to answer? We want him to put [inaudible] in the place of the dollar. And what we have always been told by the King is that it will not be like that. In the beginning there will be a basket of currencies and those will be determined. They are already determined and I do not really know the whole story. But there will be a basket of currencies where there will not be any more of this polarization, because the actuality of how we have had genocide to that amount of 2.4 billion people in the last hundred years.  It didn’t happen tit for tat. This was like a ricochet where the wealthy…… It was described in detail on Amy this morning that the wealth of the north is not what is going on really except for the corporations that have collected all the wealth. The north is actually being funded by the southern countries. They are doing all the work, all the production, and they are paying, for instance, South Africa is paying $25,000 a MINUTE in the interest on their debt to the corporate dicks that have invested in their natural resources that they work, for $2 a day!. They pay $25,000 a minute back to these characters? That is what we mean by the south is funding the wealth of the north. It is not benefiting anybody except the wealthy.

RAMA: The South will rise again. [Laughter] But it is not the South that I am dissing.

TARA: In other words, it is a global deal. Nobody gets to pout. Everybody comes to common ground and we heal everyone. It is one planet.

MARK: That brings up one more little point on the subject of the funding. Everybody is going to be on the level playing field. Just because you are a billionaire now in today’s fiat money cycle, you have a gated community that you own. When this is over everybody will have more than they need, but nobody will have that amount of money. Everything is going to be for the good of all. And if you have a lot then you will be responsible for sharing a lot, so that everybody gets the chance to come up. At nobody else’s expense. It is strictly a matter that the true wealth is in our hearts. That cannot be put a price on because it is forever, it is the Christed Essence of who and all that we are.

?:  I’m going to try to say this word so you might laugh. CODEX-ALIMENTARIUS is coded to be activated in December. Will this occur?

MARK: This has been proposed many times. It has come up over and over again. It has been, shall we say, slowed down. But throughout Europe, it has already pretty much infected the whole of Europe. This also has to do with our supplements, needing to have a prescription in order to use [them].

TARA: What is it, though?

MARK: This is the Codex.

TARA: Oh, you mean where they are going to make it illegal unless you have a prescription for everything and its dog?

MARK: Understand that the organizations out there like Life Extension Foundation and all of the other very active, proactive health organizations are all onto this and it is more than likely that it will be close, but that once again it will get put off. This will be the last time. All of that stuff is going bye-bye.

ALLEN: Hi everybody, this is Allen, for Beth or Mark. Again thanks for this meeting tonight, Mark. We all appreciate it. My question is regarding these Metatonic Crystalline Bodies and I understand that last week you mentioned from the Lighted Ones, from the Masters, that both you, Mark and Beth, are 100% Crystalline? Is that accurate? If so can you explain, are you seeing a difference in how you eat, how you drink, how much sleep do you have, and how much energy do you have?

BETH: [Laughs] I guess I have to be perfectly honest here. I would say about being 100% Crystalline, Mark and I have both experienced an increase in our abilities to go out of body to experience anti-matter for longer periods of time. We both have a greater resonance in telepathy, we both have greater vision, we are able to see more. More memories brought back when we experience things. So that is the sort of thing that we are both experiencing. Elevated levels of those things. It has been gradual and it has been what I would consider my youth. We are both anticipating when decloakings happen there will be more of that, not only for ourselves but for everybody. I would say we have had noticeable differences but they are nothing like what we desire. We want more, more, more. Regarding my eating habits, they have changed. I started taking a supplement which is a micro-algae or a kind of seaweed. It is the only supplement I have been taking. I have gotten to where I eat about a meal a day. That has happened over years and years of preparation. So that is going to be individual for each person. I cannot comment on Mark and his nutrition, but I think he is experiencing something kind of similar to that. So yes, I have seen some subtle changes like that.

MARK: I would say also in addition to that, that the biggest change is for everyone. Remember, we already have a critical mass of people on the planet who are 51% or more Crystalline now. Lightworkers, it is 80% or above. So it is a very rapid change that is taking place. The thing that will really kick it into orbit is the decloakings. A full half-step rise in consciousness and in heart expansion.

TARA: For everybody!

MARK: For everybody. Dark, light, everyone. You have to understand, just like the sun shines on the weeds and the flowers alike. The universal [truth] is WE ARE ALL ONE. This has to be allowed to happen so that people can have choice. When that happens you are going to find that what you do have is going to really work well. When that half-step takes place, because you have a prepared structure now, almost all of the Lightworkers now are so far along that it is almost as if they were done with that initial phase of that. Remember that we have other bodies. In tonight’s, you might say, content section we are dealing with Hyper D and Torsion Field Physics. The initial introduction to the Crystalline vehicle and its etheric interface and how that works. From flipping through the 13th gateway to matter/anti-matter. All of this requires 24 [physical] and etheric chakras combined. However, now in this past week we were told that now it has preceded so far that many are working with 24 and 24. This is a possibility. Right now opening to everyone who has done the work.

TARA: What do you mean 24 and 24?

MARK: 24 strands of etheric and 24 strands of physical. That automatically puts the reach of the 13th Gateway into everybody’s hands [who] are going to be here. It is no longer the Yogis that train for 50 years or whatever. That is no longer. All of that is by the wayside. Yeah, everything we did up to this moment prepared us to be here at this moment. Yeah, we have our own ambitions and all of that, but this is not like an [inaudible]. This is gradual because the more light you hold, the more clearing you will be doing. Detoxing if you want to call it that. Finer and finer, the more light you hold, even small particles show up more brilliantly. It is a constant process until it is done. Yet it is being done at such a rate, we are determining the rate at which this happens.

TARA: Something really, really I loved hearing this morning. The gentleman on Amy who was talking about solutions of what I was saying that the South is funding the North. He said the only solution is for the North, first of all, to work less. He suggested no more than five hours a day, maybe four days a week, and to use less. That would be the only consumption solution because the Northern economy consumes more than they produce. Every single day. That is why more and more people are dying of poverty in the South. So that is the only solution. Pretty smart.

MARK: Right now everyone here who’s been listening for a while knows that as soon as NESARA is announced this oil economy is kaput. The toxic stuff. Within 30 days we are going to have clean air, clean water. Well, the only way that can persist is if we get rid of the polluting elements. With its consciousness, you know, heavy emotions, or whatever. In order to sustain and make that grow, and that means 90% or more of things as the ways we are now doing them, with the big ocean liners, the jets, strange spraying fuel, oil everywhere. All this has to end. It will end so fast you will not believe it. There are better solutions and they have been here but they have not been allowed to be discussed. Economically, that is pretty much understood how we are going to do this. First of all, everybody is going to have all they need and more.

TARA: Yes. The redistribution of the wealth has to break that cycle right now.

MARK: Right. When we are no longer producing garbage, toxic garbage, in the way of food, clothing, housing, or any other thing, when we are no longer requiring that or allowing it because we have much better solutions that are clean and do not require to be taken from China to the U.S. every single day so that Wal-Mart can schlep it to you.

TARA: Oh gosh, not only that but 20,000 children alone are dying every single day. At the rate it is going, exponentially. We have to turn this around and we have to do it.

MARK: That is why this is happening NOW. This is the ONLY way to stop that cascade of events and toxicities that are taking away our health, our wealth, our well being, and the joy of our children of future generations and the planet itself. The planet has already decided. Has no more decisions. It is going into the higher dimensions and no new ones are coming in that are not going to be on 5D or higher level of consciousness. It is all over. It is a matter of us having the opportunity to be told the truth in such a clear way that we will see that we are giving up nothing. NO THING is consciousness. Consciousness is BEING. And that is the creator. What we have is so valuable, if you accumulated all the worth of 100,000 planets it still would be nothing compared to what you already have inside of you. Now that is wakening up.

RAMA: Consciousness creates matter. [Laughter]

TARA: Wealth accumulation ceases and desists with the fall of the empire and the empire has already fallen.

MARK: The emperor is without clothes and the Crystalline Body is perceived.  First of all, it was discussed that the Crystalline Body, what that first stage was. The second stage of that, it is like taking your cells, and you do one thing as a physical. Then that moves into the other aspects of the anatomy. For instance, your joints. The next stage, it goes into micro……these are nanite levels. Billions [interference] size. These will be like diamonds that go into your joints. They will never wear out. These are the progression of this through and into the subtle body, and through on up and just continues, and continues, and continues. We will just keep expanding because we are going back, not to 5D. Yes, that is the beginning point. We are already there. We are not fully there because we have too many here who are not yet fully ready to do that, and out of compassion it has been delayed in that part of it so that more can participate. Now that is happening. It will happen exponentially and that will catch up. There is a critical mass that has already happened now. As soon as you take it up to 80%, just the general public, [having] Crystalline Structure, that is the Christed Structure. The rest, with the decloakings, the combination of those two alone will superglue [?] this into our sending orbit and shoot us way ahead of where we are at this moment. You have to reach a certain point before you can do that. We are there now. This is a progressive thing. It is not just a single shot and you become Crystalline. It is that going into finer and finer structures until it becomes our first our dominant structure and then our complete structure. It is a very beautiful thing because when you see how spirit and matter interface; you could not possibly imagine something more beautifully, seamlessly planned, programmed, and occurring.

BETH: Mark, I need to add two other things to that answer, please. Some of the ones listening on our call are already 100% Crystalline. Others are everyday on their Ascension path, working more and more to that. Nobody is too far away from it. It is happening more each day; it is not out of place for anyone. Also, regarding activating more and more DNA: When you are going to bed at night be sure to ask. All you have to do. You can ask Ashtar, you can ask Lord Arcturus. Ask them to bring the ones to you, the Galactic Healers, the ones who work with DNA and ask them to activate the highest levels of DNA in your body that you can handle at this moment. Do that as often as you would like. The other thing I want to say is of all the things that are important to the human body, you know, eating, water, and all of that, there is one thing I have not cut corners on. I think it is the most important thing to stress; you have to allow your light into your body every single day. What do I mean by that? Anybody who is not now meditating every single day…..… That is not something you can cut corners on. That will bring light into your body and that affects all of the rest of it. I recommend daily meditation strongly. I just wanted to share that with you.

TARA: And to add to that, as you are able, take yourself outside – sunrise, sunset. Even if you just put your eyes with your eyelids closed directly into the sun it will still go into those eyes. You must do that, everybody. As much as you can possibly get on your skin. I mean that is a False Evidence Appearing Real that we do not need to embrace the sun onto our skin.

MARK: Right now the cosmic codes are coming in through our sun. Everyday, every morning, and every night new codes come in. Yes we are also getting in energy directly from the Great Central Sun. That is true, especially with Crystalline Structure. That is the way it works. It comes in through the [inaudible] of the 13th Gateway and then reflects down through the inter-structures and so on and so forth through the body. However, that simple looking at the sun at dawn or at dusk alone will give you the new codes. All the rest will come through to you through all of that because it is highly compressed knowledge and information that is there to do that.

DEJA: On Friday, October the 16th I got out of the shower and a triangle appeared in my third eye area that has never been there before, and has not disappeared since. I was wondering what Mark and Beth, or Tara and Rama have to add about this or any guidance they could give me.

TARA: I can say that when you get a triangulation, I used to do a color, sound, and vibrational meditation process. I would teach people from the heart chakra up to place a triangulation that is an upright pyramid. Be over each chakra and then you can emulate the tone. Also, from the heart down… I mean below the heart, third, second, and first. You take the triangulation and you place it over the chakras facing towards the Earth so that you have the “as above so below” flow of the energy from the heavens of the [inaudible] integrating at the heart chakra. It actually forms the infinity sign in the way the chakras flow through your heart. I just got that right away when you said that. That is absolutely a good way to do it. Three-fold flame. Bring in the energy through every chakra.

BETH: Yes Tara, you are right. That is exactly what we are going to be talking about on the call tomorrow. We are going to spend the whole time talking about that tomorrow. Please join us and we will go into a great deal about that. I agree with Tara completely. Thank you.

ANNOYED111: I was just curious because at the beginning of the call you mentioned a certain sequence and I think at the beginning you said decloakings would happen first. But then the message from Ashtar, unless I heard it…maybe I misunderstood, but it seemed like the sequence is different. I’m just curious how the sequence is supposed to happen because between the sci-fi thing, you know, basically the whole thing with Richard Hoagland and all of those people on that show, you know, what David Wilcock said, was that he felt that it was just a setup for this movie that is coming out, 2012, that I think opened up on Friday or this coming week. I’m not sure when. There is this series on television, on ABC called ‘V’, and I am concerned what the sequence is because I think with what the media is putting out there, a lot of people who are not in tune with what all of us are, are going to be really, really confused because the media, of course, is painting the picture a certain way. So I just wanted to be clear about… Or maybe it does not even matter.

MARK: We have been talking for several years now about a certain sequence. That hasn’t changed. The first thing is arrests.

TARA: Yeah, arrests is first.

MARK: and the second thing is decloakings.

TARA: No, it is a [interference]. It is a simulcast going on where we do not know what comes first. We do know that the second slot is a simulcast between the enactment of NESARA and the presence of the Galactics being on the stage somehow. So I want to just make that clear.

MARK: Well the KOS, the last time we asked him again about this question, and Ashtar, Metatron, and St. Germain all spoke about it. They all said essentially the same thing, and that is when the decloakings happened, you know the arrests have happened. They may not talk about them initially. So do not let that confuse you. The arrests do come first and the reason for that is very simple. If any thing else happens without that, they will still be in power. They would still be able to try to make mischief.

TARA: Manipulate the news.

MARK: Right, right. With this happening in this sequence, then the positive forces will have the authority and have command of the situation. And none of that will be allowed to happen. The next issue came up about the decloakings. The reasons that they were coming before the arrests were going to be announced, in a big way, was so that the heart would be open, which will happen with the decloakings. That was just explained very carefully by St. Germain.

TARA: Now the other thing is, is that that little fly in the ointment, called the news will also be arrested. That means, arrests mean that FOX News will be arrested and all the rest of the fake news guys will be arrested as well. So you will not have that [inaudible] and confusion coming from fake news at all!

MARK: Yeah. And in any case, it is very logical once you see to it, they want to ensure above all else that your safety and any funds that you would be coming into would be safe also. The sequence, it makes perfect sense when you think about it. First you have to take away the bad guys that want to take away your right to freedom, financial or otherwise. Personal, financial, or otherwise. Right to associate with your neighbors. Any of these kinds of things. Homeland Security has got to go. Troops all have to come home. We have to have feasts. All of these things are perfectly sensible and logical. And an open heart is the best of all possible means. As you and I and all of us remember who we are, and have the remembrance of how awareness expanded enough to accept and have heart open and flowing enough to seed the positive nature of everything that is occurring. See, that would never happen in the present system. So this sequence is a very simple and logical one, and is foolproof. This way you have no violence. You have everything in place before the next thing happens. Yes, they may appear to happen simultaneously. Some of the minor details about that are not that important. The key is that this sequence of arrests, decloaking and announcements will all happen within a very short time as Tara was just saying. And then we have about 7-10 days after that before we will have any landings, which gives us a chance to listen, to get used to that new place of awareness that is inside of us, and to process everything that is being shared with us about the way things will work.

TARA: And remember in that period of 7-10 days, nobody is going to get fake news. Nobody. It is all going to be all truth, [MARK: Truth.] and the whole world, and the people. And you have to realize what this is going to mean, because there are a lot of people that are not going to want to take this at face value, but there will be such overwhelming evidence that they will not have the choice. And the only thing to disarm them is love everybody. More love! More, more, more! [inaudible]

MARK: That is why all of us standing in the light of our own I AM presence and being that one with the broad enough vision and a broad enough love and heart opening, that we understand how difficult it is for our own families to accept the magnitude of changes. With that we should stand firm, we should BE present. We do not have to do anything specific. It is just our presence. BE there as a solid rock when the storm appears to be flowing over everything else. A time of change. So it is all perfect, and it will work out so easily that you will be amazed at how well it has been planned.

?:  What is the 13th Gateway?

MARK: Well, I could be a bit funny here and say just come to the Beth lecture tomorrow night, and we will go over that whole thing in a very detailed manner showing the way energy flows within the physical and etheric structures and how that interfaces with matter and anti-matter at the 13th Gateway. And so I think that is enough on that. Please ask tomorrow night.

EARL: Hi. My question is, I have cerebral palsy, and I cannot wait for the Crystalline Body. My question is after…[inaudible]. Did you say 72 degree weather all year would be in two years time or three years, Mark?

MARK: Well, this has to do with several things. One of them is the terraforming and the upgrades to the moon. First of all, it takes away negative equipment and that has already been done. But we have to then put the correct equipment in to help do this. Then we have to have a gravity correction, a magnetic gravity correction, so that the balance……it takes two moons to be able to balance out a planetary field. They are going to terraform, this is one plan; there are several plans. But one of them is to take the debris from the asteroid field and to terraform it into a new celestial body. That will serve as a moon, then they would upgrade the current synthetic moon. They would upgrade that, and at that point you would have 72 degrees weather all year because the axial tilt of the Earth would be corrected to around 0. The magnetic field would be corrected and several other things that are now present would be no longer present in as little as a year and a half. But then from a year and a half to two and a half years is the point where the terraforming would occur. So there are many things going into this, but that will happen at that point anywhere from 18 months…

EARL: So there will be no going into the the inner Earth? Because at first I listened to some of the channelings when I first started getting into it. I heard a lot about……we are going to move everyone to Middle Earth while the Earth gets, you know, an extreme makeover.

MARK: I am very happy to say that is actually incorrect.

TARA: Yeah, that was an emergency thing that they thought they would have to implement.

MARK: Many years ago before even Harmonic Convergence. There was, and you still see some remnants of that, of those teachings that are channeled through. More recently it has just changed to going to the Earth rather than world evacuation. All of that is nonsense. Our conscious[ness] has been raised. We are actually determining our own fate in every moment. About every feeling we have, every thought we have, etc. I mean WE ARE the ones who are the units on the ground through which all of this occurs. I want to mention something else. You said you have cerebral palsy.

EARL: Yes, Mark.

MARK: I can appreciate that that is a difficult condition. I would simply say I do not know your situation personally, but I could tell you that Lord Arcturus has said anyone on the planet NOW can ask to go up. Anything that the soul has not determined you must experience for your own good, anything that is not of that nature can be helped and they will be happy to do this if you just ask. You have to ask. And when you go to sleep at night they will take you up to the ship; we have been up there many times. This is going on right now. Hundreds of people in our own group have utilized those services that have been on these calls. It is happening. You can ask for upgrades. You have to ask. Every single one of these things you have to ask and you have to say ‘continue them as fast and as much as I can handle until it is all done.’ And they will do it.

EARL: So in other words you are saying I should ask for the makeover package.

MARK: You can ask for whatever it is you want. And if it is in agreement with your soul pattern they will do everything they are allowed to do by Universal Law. And then when the ships land, and remember all of this is going to happen pretty quick, when the ships land they will bring their equipment that is on the ships onto the Earth. Still some will be left on the ships in orbit, and you can go back and forth and get treatments at night or in the day, whatever is the best way to do it. What I am saying is you do not have to wait for that to happen. That is what Beth was referring to.

EARL: Someone that I have talked to in the chat on GRT, he was saying that if I did wait that would be some trouble for me down the line.

MARK: Oh. No. No, no, no. That is a misunderstanding. I do not know who that was but let’s say it this way: everything that was possible has been cognate [?]. Things that were not, we were not able to…… Ok, here is the way it was said to me. Up until now many things were possible. Now ALL things are possible. That is always though, always subject to the wisdom of the soul. The soul has a perfect plan for everyone’s Ascension. And when the embodied soul says ‘Well, this is what I need, this is what I need, this is what I need to perfect this plan,’ you would not want to interfere with that. That is the highest best plan that could possibly be brought forth. That is a divine choice and the soul always loves you absolutely unconditionally beyond any case whatsoever. And its decision is the most loving one possible, and if you have only a couple of more things and you do not know what they are, they have to be walked through, then that will happen in that sequence. Again, it is a sequential flow. But it is a grand and divine plan. And everybody is included; all we have to do is get out of our own way. There is no exact moment for anything, but there is a sequence. When one thing starts to flow, that is when the dominoes fall. It could happen, but you have the right to ask. Right now. Expect to, for that to receive attention. And it will. Then when the ships land they will bring equipment off the ship and we will get on very, very quickly with atmospheric water, soil, and all the other changes that will restore pristine quality to this planet. Very, very quickly.

BIG WILL: Mark, if the ZPM are at 100% why are there still Wingmakers at the north, south, at the equator, Wingmaker ships still there? What is the status?

MARK: Well, there are several aspects to this, Big Will. The ZPMs are at 100%. And the actions within the…… When you look inside the planet you will see that firmament, that field, is there. That field has to extend around the whole planet. But guess what? Until the go signal is given the 13 families are still here in one form or another and so are many of their minions. Which simply means that there is a right second or moment for that firmament to extend around the planet. And part of it requires our quickening which is coming with decloakings and the Crystalline structure around our bodies. We are part of it.

TARA: Yes, we are. And I will just say that when Mark said that the 13 families are still here, their physicality is gone yet they are still here in the minds of people who are not yet accelerated enough. In other words, they have not embraced enough of the higher frequencies to realize that their thought forms are of the old guard which keeps that old guard illusion in place. And that is the only thing that is between us and the real us is that illusion.

MARK: I think that you will see, Big Will, all of us will, when the ships decloak, that takes a last vestige of what is leaving. MS said……

TARA: The ships are not leaving, period.

MARK: No, they are coming to stay.

TARA: Yeah, it does not have anything to do with [the idea that] because we are at zero point, they are just going to take off. No way.


RAMA: He’s coming home.

TARA: Not only is it at zero point, it is not going anywhere from zero point and it stays. This is just an anchor point now, so that when the people see the ships they can actually receive more, more, more! Like Beth said, I want more! [Laughter]

MARK: More and more everyday. Right. And also, the whole thing with the population on this last full moon, I believe it was, that MS said on that full moon you might say the records were going to be pretty much closed. All the souls have been given all the delays, extensions, and time. And whoever does not want to be here, which means they have decided not to go through the changes, they will be excused.

RAMA: Last call!

MARK: That is not a judgment. It is giving them their free will choice.

TARA: Well, I also want everybody to know that there is no such thing as ‘can not.’ When you feel can not, that means you have reached a threshold where your butting up against your illusionary thought forms about your limitations. There is no such thing because you are unlimited beings and that means that there is more love and you are more loved than you even know at the moment. So when you feel that, surrender. Surrender is the key. I was told this 35 years ago, that the time when this would be ready to happen would be when the collective was totally ready to surrender to love and nothing else.

MARK: And they still have always said no matter how much we have [inaudible] gnashing at teeth that we do, that you are never given more than you can handle. Never.

TARA: Never ever.

MARK: Which is not a punishment. It is a gift. When we are given the opportunity to walk through a door, that is a humongous gift that we did not earn in one second. We have spent a lot of lifetimes building up the skills and abilities to do what now needs doing. As a matter of fact, on another level, they have told me that when we say ‘can not’ what they hear is ‘will not.’ Knows ‘I choose not to.’

TARA: Yeah, you can say ‘I will not’ and then you just take responsibility for saying that. There is no such thing ‘can not.’ That is an illusion and that is the part where surrender is an experience that we still are about to have more of. That is really the point.

MARK: The answer to every one of those ‘I can nots’ is ‘show me the way’. Show me the way.

TARA: Yeah, I am from Missouri. Show me the way.

MARK: As soon as you ask that, you have surrendered because now you are asking your higher self, who DOES know the way, to show it to you. And it will.

KENNY: I would like to know…I have been out of work for two years and I am computer literate. Is there anything and anybody else that is in my same deal, is there anything we could do to help you all?

BETH: Yes, send me an email please. I do have more jobs. I am doing too much right now and I need to delegate more work. And I would appreciate your help very much. And anybody is welcome to email me at *** So anyone who wants to volunteer time, please email me. I will find something for you to do. Thank you very much.

MARK: And it is suggested to put ‘Volunteer’ as the subject line. [Laughter]

BETH: Thank you. I get hundreds of emails. Thank you everybody.

ALLEN: I do have one quick question. And it is dealing with the sunrise and sunset and looking at the sun. How about those who are special areas of the country where it is cloudy most of the, you know, 6 months out of the year? Looking where the sun would be if the clouds were not there, is that successful enough?

BETH: I would like to answer this one please. First I want to say that Richard Hoagland brought this scientific truth forward on that 2012 Special. So if you were listening between the lines, good science was shared that night. The second thing I want to say is if you have access to GRT, the blog in the center of the page, the Roundtable blog, please click on the one that says ‘View All’ and bring up the blog and scroll through that. There is a sungazing article on there with a website link and it will answer any question you have about that. An expert is on that blog and you can link to him and go to that website and check out all that.

MARK: We will just give you…… I will choose to go ahead and say like I started to before: If you are facing the right direction and it is your intention, remember the formula we gave tonight from Metatron. When you focus your attention with high desire, and believe that it can be achieved, in the morning at sunrise or at sunset, whichever one or both preferably, but whenever you do that it does not matter. Remember the sun is always there. And the fact that it is not visible to the physical eye does not mean the inner eye can not see it. If you concentrate and do everything that Beth was just talking about, go to that reference and do that procedure and you will find you will get those codes. It can not be held from you. As long as that is your intention and you submit yourself to that with high desire and a belief that can happen, you have fulfilled the law. That is a mathematical equation that you will have completed all the requirements for to have the answer show up.

It has been going around that Obama is going to be on T.V. on the 27th. And supposedly a possible disclosure date. Do you know…..can you comment about that?

MARK: Well, this is a possible date that has been mentioned, but even David Wilcock and others have said, yes this date was put out there, and yes we may have been used to help circulate this to get the Dark Hats a little bit off balance, a little confused. The answer is you will see it when you see it. [Laughter] And you will probably see it in the sky before you see in on T.V.

TARA: Yes, sooner than later.

MARK: Yes. Do not wait until the 27th to look up.

TARA: Yeah, it really is a good idea for you to look up right now. Because you might see things you have not seen before.

MARK: Right. And if you happen to be in bed at night and it looks like it is daylight outside, it might be worthwhile to get up and take a look. [Laughter]

?: Has Dick Cheney been arrested yet?

MARK: Which number Dick Cheney?

TARA: Yeah. I mean the real Dick Cheney has been dead since 2000, everybody. The real Dick Cheney and the real Bush Jr. were killed and cloned on the 28th of October, 2000. Do not forget that.

MARK: And then they misbehaved so badly that they were reduced to film holographic presentations.

TARA: The proper arrest announcements of the individuals arrested in the proper order. It is all pre-arranged. Everybody.

MARK: Yeah. You notice that they do not even mention those ones lately. Especially Rumsfeld and Cheney. It is almost like they are already gone. And nobody even missed them. I am not saying that is true but I am not saying it is not true. Can neither confirm nor deny that. Now we’re dealing with second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth generations of those subjects.

TARA: Well, let us put it this way, their only presence has been in the power of the muscle of their money and their money is gone. And all the rest is just a figment of your imagination if you think they have anything called power, anyway. God bless us all and send that individual more love.

MARK: We hope their Duracell batteries last long enough for the announcements. [Laughter] Beth, do you have any more to say?

BETH: Yes, first of all I want to thank everyone who had patience with the mp3 recordings. We went for 10 or 12 days where they were not working on the site. We have been restored and they have been tested, and they are working. You should not be having any more trouble. We will continue to load recordings to the site within 24 hours of the calls. We had our transcriber who had a family emergency this week, and this week we have 4 new transcribers joining us and we are grateful to have them. And we may be behind on transcriptions for a little while, so continue to have patience with that. We will get the transcriptions out as we can. We are just going through a change right now. We send everyone who has volunteered or who is volunteering our love. We are very grateful for all the work that you do.

MARK: Beth, I don’t know if you have it handy with you because you weren’t expecting me to ask this. But if you have the Metatron message up that we will also share tomorrow, I think that would be a good idea to read that now.

BETH: I would like to share with everybody a message that Metatron gave Mark and me this afternoon.

metatronMETATRON: Tomorrow president Obama will be leaving for a trip to China. There will be talk about the world change.The old timeline is coming to an end. In order for the old timeline to dissolve, all institutions including the banks and the stock market must dissolve. Once torn down, a new system may be introduced. You have seen many messages about 11/11 being a portal, a place to get your individual house in order. Globally, it is a portal to call it quits. To seal the deals written on bad paper.  Real estate sales, stock market futures, taxes, currency with no base, utility, false imprisonments are a few examples where bad paper has been used for illegal scams.

When the Chinese call in the loans they have given around the world, it will shift everything. It will resemble a house of cards falling quickly. There may appear to be chaos for a short time. One of the reasons for the wait for decloakings is so every single minute detail is as [ready] as is possible. Timing is everything. There is no reason to have one group or another in a hardship. It is better to wait to allow all issues be handled in a fluid manner. Arrests, decloakings, announcements, NESARA, mass landings in that order.

The trip to China has been planned for at least a month. The Dalai Lama visited a Chinese border town a few days ago. China holds an important part of the puzzle piece. There are many needs in China for everything. The communist regime has made life difficult for her citizens for far too long. The release these souls seek is here now. Not only is this meeting about dissolving the old financial system. It is also a signal to a large group of Earth citizens. The President of the United States will be attending life-changing meetings. He will be organizing the plans for including new leaders who will take over when the Chinese heads of state are arrested and new ones will be put in place. This is all about disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. The last bit of the master plan is coming into play. The time for peace is NOW.

MARK: Thank you Beth. I purposely waited till the last minute because it was the most recent update. It is in operation until the next time we meet again for those of you who come to the conference call tomorrow night. Not only are you going to find important information that affects us all, but also Obama is going to be very heavily involved. There is no way for any of us here to predict what he is planning, what his strategy is. But you could be sure that Metatron, the KOS, Lady Master Nada, Ashtar, they are all in this together because, it is so seamlessly arranged and planned, that no matter what the answers are from anyone else the plans will go forward.

TARA: And it was not a mistake again that they said that Barack Obama and Michelle are completely free of the Bar. That is very, very important that everybody got that notification today as he goes about to all these meetings across the world. He is representing [every] one of us. Nor is he representing the corporate world at all, at any of these meetings. That is very critical.

MARK: Yes. He had to do this in order to become fully compliant under NESARA with his own responsibilities. Remember there may only be 50 congressmen left in the transition government that he will name after all the ones who are stepping aside do so. These changes…

BETH: Tonight we have posted on the Yahoo Groups where we post our news articles that commander Mark Kelly who is a Discovery Shuttle commander has attended a meeting in Tokyo and said there is, has been, life on Mars. This is about disclosure. This has just been stated recently in recent months. This has been brought up, but it has been hidden. I found this on Reuters. This is just more evidence that this is all happening now.

MARK: That is a very good example. Thank you for bringing that up. I am glad we did these last two things right at the conclusion of this. This should press in peoples’ minds.

BETH: I just want to remind everybody. The president is going to China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. That is his itinerary. Very….…no mistake about those locations. Thank you, Mark.

TARA: Yeah. Then in December there is a good chance that he is going to Copenhagen to deal with the environmental changes. It was just put out today too, that it looks like it is going to be a quantum change. Everybody, this is fantastic. Plus he is going to receive that Peace Prize and that is not going to be a small deal when we see what he does between now and then, everybody.

MARK: Thank you all for showing up. It has been a grand adventure and I hope you enjoy it. Goodnight all. Namaste.

TARA: Namaste

And everybody, we do have You do not have to be a member to go into the site. If you want to chat then you do need to become a member. It is a wonderful site to go to. We also have and we also have the Yahoo Group. That is MarkHuber_GRT_Intel. Plus

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