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Lady Diana – October 31, 2009

BRITAIN TESTINOMark has written in earlier posts, note dates, about Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed:

“Rama received a phone call from a female…”Nameless One”… [in another post, Mark has identified the Nameless Ones as “Diana and Dodi”] who was enroute to a monastery somewhere between Nepal and the Takla Makan in Tibet. She told us that she is going there to study and read the Canon of O:N:E: and the Manichean Texts, which go back to the original teachings of Yeshua and Marian (from Syria), who belonged to an Essene sect.

Mani was so successful that followers spread the teachings around the region and world and outnumbered the Pauline Christians/Catholics. The location to which she was enroute has those original scrolls and sits over a vortex being raised in frequency in the coming days. [The Nameless One’s] reason for calling was to say that it is all coming down now, as the old economic order is in complete disintegration, and must be replaced with NESARA, which will move us towards a Wisdom-based economy that will support our Ascension unification progress.

(Feb. 19, 2009.) The “King of Swords” … is assisted by the “King of Egypt” who is the owner of Harrod’s [i.e., Mohammed Al Fayed] and so is well informed about the operation to ‘neutralize Diana and Dodi’ [Fayed]. The galactics advised them of the intention to take them out and they agreed to allow clones to be substituted for them. They have been in a ‘witness protection plan’ and were relocated to a safe area before the ‘neutralization’ operation.

They have two children, 8 & 10 yrs of age and will be back after our announcement of NESARA to testify and complete their mission. (Feb. 19, 2009.) An interesting sidebar on that is that Diana and Dodi are the new generation of higher lighted ones who have seeded the solutions that replace the Queen and unite the house of Saud with the Merovingian blood lines and bring peace to both those peoples…and will set a shining example of what is possible.

That prospect was so feared by QE/Philip that they set in motion the takeout plan that ‘removed’ them from the line of succession. Except that clones were substituted by the galactics before the ‘accident’ occurred. They will be back with their 8 and 10 year old kids[Current ages 10 and 12] born after the clones ‘accident’ in 1997…who are–not surprisingly–indigo and crystal kids.” (Feb. 9, 2009.)

Tara has explained that Princess Diana, in an earlier incarnation was Sarah, daughter of Jeshua and Miryam. Mark and I asked to talk with Lady Diana and speak to her about recent developments and the possibility of her and her husband, Dodi, and their two children, returning after Arrests. The following is what she shared with us.

Today October 31, 2009 Interview:

Lady Di,

I remember last summer I joined you and we placed a new core into Excalibur. I was shown how it related to the Ships.

Today me and Mark are happy to see you again.

Please tell us how you are and tell us more about being the daughter of Jeshua and Miryam.

ladydiana~Lady Diana

It was during the time after the crucifiction when Mary made her way, with her Guardians, to France. Here we lived when I was a young girl, as Sarah. She spent the early years training me in the mystery schools. When I was a bit older we would travel. We spent much time with friends in India and Tibet. We always stayed with wealthy families and were off the beaten path.

Now, as Diana, I had an unhappy marriage. For the time when I was very young and a new bride, I did not understand history. Then, after living in the Palace, with HM I came to understand the full story. I knew I was to be the Queen. When my ex-husband did not stand up to her, I became very upset and life was unhappy. My ex-husband felt that he had no way for happiness in his life, so he bucked everything and took up with his lover as an escape from the rigidity of his Mother. This made me very unhappy, but I can see it now.

When I met Dodi, ahhh, relief, Bliss, My Twin Flame explained to me about the Galactics and our role in this. My full memory came back. I have been to see my two eldest sons since we disappeared. They were brought to me on the Ships. I was not going to allow HM to get to them. I knew their lives were in danger and they know about everything. After me, they are the heirs to the throne and needed to know their responsibilities until a time when we could be together again. Knowing that these changes are so near has us very excited. This will be a world of peace. I have been fortunate enough to work for this issue and I am looking forward to an end of the madness.

Excalibur is something of a calibration unit. It works with energy. It does not cut those and have them bleed, no, that is vile. It reverses their energies so that they are made immobile. SO this is calibrated to the New Jerusalem and works in conjunction with its computers. When Michael, or another, uses it, it is something no man on Earth can escape-no android or any other thing. Why we secreted it away to do this, was symbolic. We did not want the 13 families to know the new timeline brought a new excalibur and they have no defenses left.

Me and you and Mark and our mutual friends will work on projects together in the future.

With Love,

We understand, from Mother Sekhmet, that on Terra Nova, many of the First Couples will be Co-Reagents, and Twin Flames, and these will include; Barack and Michelle Obama, Japan’s Prime Minister YukioHatoyama and his wife Miyuki, and new Queen of England, Diana and her husband, son of King of Egypt, Dodi Al Fayed.


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