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KOS Message – November 16, 2009



Diplomatic Peace. World Peace. President Obama has been having behind the door face to face talks with dozens of World Leaders in a few days. he is letting everyone know, it will not be long and the Fat Lady will sing. The weighing has been done. The verdicts are in. We will all join together for World Peace and anyone who is still not on board will not be staying on Terra Nova. It is indeed, time to move forward. They are reporting that the President has “requested” Burma to release Suu Kyi. That is not exactly true. Suu Kyi will be released and her captors will be removed. The President told them in closed door meetings their services will no longer be required.

Everyone wants to know “When?” This is understandable. Understand every step of the plan has been choreographed to happen in a way where it looks seamless. When is Now. The problem is, it is not being reported to the public in linear fashion. By the time the public Announcements come out “When?” will have already happened. It is happening Now. If the Galactics revealed step by step what was happening behind the scene, innocent ones would be harmed and those destined to leave would have too many advantages. We are hearing from all corners of the Globe that the waiting is tough. Know that everything is progressing and all that has been hoped for has come to pass. Take these unprecedented meetings as a sign there is change in the air. When the complete news is revealed about what happened these past few days, there will be triumphant jubilation and an appreciation as to why it was not revealed sooner.

Arrests? Yes. There have been countless arrests of World Leaders in the past 4 days, more in the last 4 days than the last month. We will not publish names for now. We will give full details, with video, at the time of disclosure. We wait for the necessary Ops to complete and look forward to disclosure. The Master Plan proceeds and everything is in place.




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